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Disgraceful behaviour of guard on 1234 Reading-Gatwick train

October 21, 2016

There is a problem  at North Camp Station, a known problem, barriers drop and passengers cannot cross the line to catch the train.

Today the  barriers dropped five minutes early.

When the 1257 (1255) train to  Guildford pulled in, the barriers did not open immediately.

The guard could see passengers waiting to cross the line, with at least one person waving to indicate they wished to catch the train.

As passengers crossed the line, hurried to catch the train, the guard signalled for the train to leave and waved and smiled at the stranded passengers.

Maybe he thought it a sick joke, to pull away deliberately leaving passengers stranded.

His action cost one passenger at least £20 in taxi fares to get to Guildford. She was starting a new job and could not afford to be late and lose her job.

This guard should be fired.

1334 (1332) train from North Camp, guard never came through the train to collect fares. This necessitated further delay at Guildford queuing to buy a  return ticket. The ticket office at North Camp was closed.

Train companies complain of fare dodging, but make no attempt to actually collect fares from passengers who wish to pay.

The display on the platform was indicating trains running two minutes earlier than shown on the timetable. There was no poster or other information to indicate there was an amended timetable in operation.


1204 First Great Western Reading-Guildford-Redhill train

August 26, 2016

1204 First Great Western Reading-Guildford-Redhill train, one toilet out of action, the other the toilet bowl full to overflowing. Disgusting.

And why do they cover the windows by the doors?

This is what we pay our extortionate rail fares for. And the profiteers, laugh all the way to the bank.

Reading-Gatwick train nightmare

February 13, 2016
overcrowded train

overcrowded train

0734 FGW Reading to Gatwick train yesterday a nightmare.

SouthWestTrains not running, problem with ice on the rail. The day before was a hard frost, yesterday was not, but SWT could not cope. It is winter, but SWT cannot cope with winter.

As a result the Gatwick train was ordered to stop to pick up additional passengers.

At least that was what was stated, although on checking timetable today, I see it stops there anyway.

But if it had not been timetabled to stop, it should not have stopped, as a slow train behind, and people are reliant upon the Gatwick train to catch flights. By the time North Camp reached, train running half an hour late, people packed in like sardines, and a platform full of passengers trying to get aboard the train.

It was then slow snail pace to Guildford.

The train was not even going to Gatwick, it was being turned around at Redhill to try and make up time.

Were they going to stop a passing train at Redhill? No.

A moot point, there were no passing trains.  Problem with the lines.  Eventually a slow stopping train. Slow to Gatwick.

Passengers were arriving at Gatwick, having given plenty of time, with half an hour to catch a flight, with a strong possibility of missing their flight.

Once it was known there was a problem at Redhill, taxis should have been laid on.

First Great Western

September 21, 2015

This morning 1057 North Camp to Gatwick train was cancelled.

Only no announcements to tell passengers it was cancelled, no announcements to catch the 1034 train to Redhill, and then change at Redhill for Gatwick.

Luckily the train for Redhill was running late, else that would not have been possible.

Welcome to First Great Western, only now not called First Great Western, today a name change to Great Western Railway, which is an insult to Brunel.

On Sunday Jeremy Corbyn announced the People’s Railway. As each franchise expires, will revert back to the state,

When does the First Great Western franchise expire?

Justine Greening has decried as ideological driven. No, privatization is.

It is claimed competition has improved the service. What competition? These are private monopolies.

East Coast Mainline was successfully run under public ownership. End of last year it was handed to Richard Branson and Stagecoach.

British railways are owned by foreign state-owned railways.

Rumour has it that come January, there will be three trains an hour running to Gatwick, the semi-fast, the slow to Redhill will continue to Gatwick, and a third train added. New rolling stock. And possibly run through the night.