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Fresh Local & Wild scam CLOSED

April 29, 2022

Not a viable business but then was never intended to be, a scam. The only surprise, did not close sooner.

This scam has been running across the country for over fifteen years, all that changes is the name of the scam.

A couple of weeks ago, looked like a Closing Down Sale. The week before closed looked like final days of a Closing Down Sale.

Traders whose stock is within the building should contact St Mark’s to gain access to recover their stock. If they do not act promptly they run the risk of losing their tock if bailiffs are sent in and seize their stock for unpaid debts.

Weird note on the door, closed to refurnishing, whatever that means.

Fresh Local & Wild are claiming they will re-open in June with ‘experienced staff’. This is insulting to the staff who have not been paid, especially the two experienced baristas. The closure is not the fault of the staff, closure is because it was a scam. And from where would they find staff or stock? Any staff would be warned, will not get paid, find another job. Traders, remove your stock, you will not be paid. And no reputable roastery would touch with a bargepole.

There are a number of questions that remain unanswered.

Why did St Mark’s not carry out due diligence? Or do they lease out units to any passing Del Boy?

Why are Lincolnshire Police refusing to investigate the scam? Maybe they should ask their colleagues in Manchester why they arrested Ted Ward in 2012? And liaise with colleagues in Shropshire, Glasgow, Cardiff.

Afternoon in Lincoln

April 29, 2022

cool morning, later warm and sunny.

Detour to St Mark’s to confirm Fresh Local & Wild closed.

Thriughout the afternoon I am told The Lincolnite has reported the store has closed. They must have read my post earlier In the week.

Had The Lincolnite been around they would have caught barred company director Ted Ward sneaking out the back.

Look in Super Lincs, excellent shop.

Tetrace my steps though as now carrying shopping, hop on a bus back into the city centre.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

Cottage pie

April 27, 2022

Basic ingredients: minced beef, vegetables, mashed potatoes.

Each time I prepare cottage pie I vary slightly. This time I more or less followed Gordon Ramsey for Shepherd’s pie, except of course using beef not lamb.

A little rapeseed oil in a hot pan. Add mince beef, season with salt and pepper. Cook until brown.

Sliced onion, two small carrots, garlic clove, in pan. Season with salt and pepper.

Add red wine. Simmer.

Add stock. Simmer.

Add tomato puree.

Add a pinch of herbes de Provence.

Add peas.

Empty contents of pan into an oven proof dish.

Top with mashed potato. Fluff up the potato with a fork. Season with salt and pepper.

Cornish kern cheese added on top.

Fan oven 200C for 35 minutes. Remove lid last ten minutes to brown the potatoes.

Serve on a plate.

This was cooked last week. Delicious and very tasty.

Slight cheat, M&S mashed potato for the topping. Disadvantage fairly solid and difficult to fluff up with a fork. Almost have to slice it out of the pot.

  • cottage pie – beef
  • shepherd’s pie – lamb

What is left, allow to cool, then pop in the fridge. Re-heat a few days later, fan oven 175C for 35 minutes, remove lid last ten minutes.

Loosely based on Gordon Ramsey youtube video for shepherd’s pie.

Natura Well

April 26, 2022

A tiny, barely more than a kiosk, takeaway.

A classic Diet for a Small Planet: cornucopia of vegetables, fruits, seeds, pulses, grains, nuts.

Fake meat, ultra-processed crap, bad for health, bad for the planet.

Food for Thought in Covent Garden, sadly no more, would never have dreamt of insulting clientele with fake meat.

Superfood a meaningless claim.

Deliveroo, worker exploitation. Those who have taken the trouble to visit are treated as second class citizens. A long wait whilst Deliveroo serfs granted priority is not acceptable .

Staff trial half a day shift unpaid is one way of getting free labour.

When I visited, empty, a staff member emerged from the back, no customers. Contrast with common complaint, long wait for order.

Location not good. Ten minutes walk from city centre to Coffee Depot, a few more minutes down the road to the takeaway. A better location would have been a side street in the city centre.

If wish for a coffee, visit a coffee shop. If wish for vegetarian, try Bailgate Deli.

Afternoon in Lincoln

April 26, 2022

Cool sunny afternoon.

A detour to St Marks, Fresh Local & Wild closed, staff not paid. Chances of anyone getting the money owed NIL. Barred company director has been running this scam across the country for at least fifteen years, all that changes is the name. Shame on The Lincolnite for their gushing promotion of this scam.

A walk around Brayford to Coffee Depot. Not yet ditched cheap crap coffee from Lincoln Tea and Coffee. But are looking at getting in speciality coffee and a guest coffee.

I walk further down the road, Natura Well. Tiny, little more than a kiosk.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Late lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walk down Steep Hill. Look in Steep Hill Wines. .


April 25, 2022

A recipe for pampushky from Olia Hercules cooked by Jamie Oliver.

Pampushky Ukrainian bread traditionally served with borsch.

Pampushky served with borsch at Dinner for Ukraine hosted by Jamie Oliver at Jamie Oliver HQ, a fund-raising event for Cook for Ukraine.

Olia Hercules and Alissa Timoshkina co-founders of Cook for Ukraine.

Mamumshka impossible to find, other than as an e-book. Highly recommended Summer Kitchens, which has a recipe for pampushky using sourdough. Summer Kitchens also has a recipe for pampushky filled with slow-roast pork (and yes a recipe for slow-roast pork).

Special thanks to Jamie Oliver for Dinner for Ukraine, an amazing evening, excellent food, and to all his willing helpers, who volunteered their time for free.

Afternoon in Lincoln

April 22, 2022

Sunny, clear blue sky, cold north wind.

From where to obtain sauerkraut? I had been told rough end of High Street, over the railway line, past St Mark’s, find an international supermarket.

I find Super Lincs, an excellent supermarket, Romanian, Bulgarian and Asian aisles, a bakery, fresh fruit and vegetables. But all I could find was pickled vegetables, no sauerkraut. I inquired and was passed to the Polish owner. She was very helpful. I explained what I wanted, slow-roast belly pork from Summer Kitchens. Polish and Ukraine cuisines similar. She found for me sauerkraut but recommended with carrots.

Very rough and run down end of the High Street, dingy shops, closed takeaways and shops. Walking back I passed a community shop within a Methodist Church. Baffled how it worked. I asked. Have to pay a fiver annual membership fee, then limited to various items. Far too complicated , and the fee an obstacle for those with no money. Did I wish to join? No. I had picked up a couple of items. I asked could I make a donation. OK.

Looked in Fresh Local & Wild. A couple of weeks ago, it looked liked a closing down sale. Now it looks like the last few days of a closing down sale. Deserted, very little stock left. How long before it closes?

I walked along the side of the Brayford. I had intended to vist Depot Coffee, but now far too late.

Pop in zero waste shop, pick up coriander and caraway seeds, but no fennel seeds (no demand).

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral. Too late for greengrocer, only just make Redhill Farm shop.

I ask of Bailgate Deli. I do not not expect on sale, but maybe they use in cooking. Sorry, no fennel seeds, but they kindly give me fennel leaves. Again for my slow-roast belly pork. I suggest they host a Ukrainian meal under Cook for Ukraine. They will think about it.

Very very late lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

I probably should have eaten at Home Rise, tried their pizza.

Shop in M&S reluctantly, they are trading with Russia, complicit Putin’s war crimes. Shelves are nearly bare. I raise trading in Russia. They don’t care. Their attitude is one of: You don’t have to shop here.

Fresh Local & Wild final days closing down sale

April 22, 2022

The last couple of visits Fresh Local & Wild has looked like a closing down sale.

It now looks like last few days of a closing down sale, very little stock.

It never was a viable business but then was it ever intended to be? Or a scam, open a store, don’t pay rent, don’t pay staff, don’t pay suppliers then do a runner.

A scam that has been running for at least fifteen years. All that changes is the name and location

Super Lincs

April 22, 2022

Rough end of the High Street, large supermarket with excellent selection.

Ronanian, Bulgarian, Asian aisles, bakery, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Excellent supermarket in an otherwise run down area of the High Street.

I wanted sauerkraut. The only place I could find that stocked

Polish owner very helpful. I wanted for Ukraine recipe slow-roast belly pork from Summer Gardens by Olia Hercules. Helpful owner recommended with carrot.

Afternoon in Nottingham

April 20, 2022

Pleasant sunny afternoon, cold wind blowing, cool in the shade.

Effy, The Specialty Coffee Shop, Coco Tang, discuseef Mad Heads as guest coffee. Will they?i I dont know, but I hope so. Iftbeydk,they will have exclent guestcoffee and wl NH e helping Ukraine.

Espresso from Effy and The specialtyCoffee Shop.

Linch at The Ugly readNakery.

Vappucvioo o stMivslu. Again fiscussMad Heads as guest coffee

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