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Shardcore on guerilla epistemology

October 31, 2014

Hell is other people. — Jean Paul Sartre

Art is the proper task of life. — Nietzsche

If you seek authenticity for authenticity’s sake you are no longer authentic. — Jean Paul Sartre

Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. — Marcus Aurelius

Shardcore at Silicon Beach 2014 discussing guerilla epistemology.

We devour, share, retweet everything we find on social media. But how do we know what is true, what is fake, what is a con or a hoax?

Three days ago, Shardcore released Algobola, a social media virus.

Temporary Area in Copenhagen

October 30, 2014
A Temporary Area in Copenhagen

A Temporary Area in Copenhagen

Temporary Area in Copenhagen a 30 minute piece recorded on 19 May 2009, plus a series of songs recorded on that same day, as well as during the Spot Festival in Aarhus, a few days later.

Temporary Copenhagen is the first experiment/instalment in a new series documenting local creative scenes around the world, part of the bigger Temporary Areas project created by Vincent Moon. Over a few hours or a few days, bringing local makers to one space, and creating an improvised piece, a unique recording, documenting their own space and society with a collaborative and experimental piece. Plus offering diverse elements on the works of those local and often unknown creators.

Vincent Moon:

This is a 30min piece we created on the spot. 9 local bands, only 3 i knew, 2 hours to organise something before the audience arrives, and the objective to create a unique sound piece, a collaborative concert which would be moving in an intimate space. Only one take, no cuts, loads of tension, maybe an interesting talk between cinema and music where each one feeds the other one. And a certain idea of a document on a city and its creative life.

Steve Reich – Nagoya Marimba (HNNY Edit)

October 30, 2014

One for Socos Duo.

Garden’s Heart

October 30, 2014

Excellent cinematography very poor sound quality.

Lunch and afternoon tea at Café Mila

October 28, 2014
pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup

Excellent lunch at Café Mila.

Pumpkin soup, followed by filo pastry tart stuffed with vegetables.

Pumpkin soup is usually an orangey-yellow. This was green. I do not know why. I meant to ask the chef, but forgot. Strictly speaking, it was spiced pumpkin soup.

A wander around Godalming, then afternoon tea and cake. Bakewell tart with a mug of tea.

Bad news, Café Mila will be closing at four o’clock, which is not good news. Indeed it is very bad news.

I would turn this around. In the winter stay open until five o’clock, in the summer stay open until at least six o’clock.

Today, and last Tuesday, it was still busy when I left a few minutes before 4-30.

When indy coffee shops close early, all they do is lose custom to the High Street chains, people then get into the habit and do not come back.

In Guildford in the summer Glutton & Glee are turning people way when they close at five o’clock. Their loss, Harris + Hoole gain.

Late October afternoon in Godalming

October 28, 2014
Godalming Parish Church

Godalming Parish Church

Church Street

Church Street

This morning the grass was very wet. Rain during the night, heavy dew, mist? I think one the latter two, as in the fields in the shade white with dew.

As yesterday, a lovely warm sunny day.

For several days, Reading-Guildford train (onwards to Redhill or Gatwick) has been running late on arrival at North Camp, then running slow en-route to Guildford, arriving in Guildford several minutes late. Why I do not know. No explanation or apology on train. Luckily I did not miss train to Godalming, as it too running late. Again no explanation or apology. I asked at Godalming Station. Did not know, but when I said Reading-Redhill train late, was told the London-Haslemere train held to let it pass. Useful to know as means I would not miss the train in future, not unless arriving train was very late.

In Godalming Parish Church rows of candles, all burnt half way down. No idea why.

swan on River Wey

swan on River Wey

Sitting balancing on a piece of wood on the banks of the River Wey, all peace and quiet between myself and a pair of swans, until an obnoxious woman with dirty dog and child in tow arrived. I pointed out swans were getting angry and if they did not leave, they would attack. Thankfully they took the hint.

Excellent lunch at Cafe Mila, pumpkin soup followed by a tart stuffed with vegetables.

New charity shop in Godalming, Dogs Trust. Unlike Oxfam and British Heart Foundation, not ripping people off. Water for dogs. Looks more like a boutique than a charity shop. But a pity they did not show more empathy for the building, where it was white, painted dark grey almost black and a horrible garish yellow sign. They could have left as is, and engaged a sign-writer to write Dogs Trust.

Afternoon tea at Cafe Mila. Bad news, they will be closing at four o’clock, which is not good news.

No 71 bus only a few minutes late. Previous two running half an hour late.

Occupy Democracy Current Demands List

October 28, 2014

Right of Recall lost

October 28, 2014

These objectionable people. — Lord Tebbitt commenting during a Lords debate on Occupy Democracy occupying Parliament Square

What is at stake now is a matter of principle – do we trust our voters to hold us to account or not? — Zac Goldsmith

I regard as a very damaging constitutional innovation. — Gerald Howarth who voted against Right of Recall

Shame on those Members of Parliament who last night voted against the Right of Recall. Once again showing their contempt for the people.

The Right of Recall (not the sham recall being pushed by the liar LibDems) was lost 166 to 340.

Their shoddy voting record:

  • Labour – 142
  • Conservative – 135
  • Liberal Democrat – 37
  • Labour Co-Op – 21
  • Democratic Unionist – 3

Holding parliamentarians to account is seen by Gerald Howarth (who voted against) ‘as a very damaging constitutional innovation’.

If your Member of Parliament was one of those who voted against the Right of Recall, you may wish to ask them why did you vote against the Right of Recall?

Once again our parliamentarians reinforce the public perception of snouts in the trough and contempt for the electorate.

Special thanks to Caroline Lucas, Zac Goldsmith and others who put in a lot of hard work to try and make the Right of Recall a reality.

What happens in the Gothic House of Horrors on the banks of the Thames is not democracy, it is sham democracy.

Or maybe, with their outrageous outfits suitable for a pantomime dame, it is merely pantomime. The House of Lords debate on the occupation of Parliament Square was pantomime farce at its best (and we are paying these clowns £300 pounds a day simply for signing in).

We saw real real democracy at work when Occupy Democracy occupied Parliament Square in solidarity with activists on the streets of Hong Kong. And surprise, surprise, thugs from the police acting on direct orders of London Mayor Boris were sent in the clear the square.

We are not going to see real democracy until we have mass mobilisation of ordinary people against our corrupt politicians, against political parties, against big business.

Taylor St Baristas Brighton

October 26, 2014


I had passed Taylor St Baristas on my way down to the seafront from Brighton Station. Useful to know where they were.

After lunch at Iydea in North Laine, I retraced my steps for a cappuccino and cookie.

Excellent coffee, as good as Harris + Hoole in Guildford.

I mentioned this. Same blend of hand roasted beans from Union.

Staff very pleasant and helpful.

Lunch at Iydea

October 26, 2014

lunch at Iydea

lunch at Iydea

Has Iydea changed hands?

Food still good, but not much else.

Internal décor has changed. Not an improvement.

Inside horrendous music thudding out. Lunch and as an added bonus, leave with a headache.

It used to be two plates, two portion sizes.

Now, pick what you wish to eat, two vegetable or salad choices.

Very unpleasant surly person serving. When asked, what the different dishes were, said read what it says on the counter. Same with the toppings.

I would fire him on the spot.

They used to have very charming and helpful staff.

I sat outside, it was far to unpleasant to sit inside. Though not too warm to sit outside.

They used to have cakes, a delicious choice. If they still have cakes, not apparent.

I walked to Taylor St Baristas and had a cappuccino and a cookie.

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