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Koile Valley

November 24, 2022

National Garden

November 19, 2022

More of the National Garden has been enclosed off. Today, the lake enclosed off.

Not once have I found work taking place. Today, early Saturday afternoon, work taking place.

Today a hot sunny day. More like October than mid-November.

I took a rest in a shady grove.

I hear parrots, rarely seen.

Today, a parrot landed on a dead branch and started cutting through the branch. It then bent the branch to snap it off. Clever. The parrot flew off with the branch. I assume nest building but is this not the wrong time of year? Climate change?

Greening of a lawn

August 23, 2022

Weeks with no rain, lawns brown, soil like dust.

Several days ago a repeat of a few weeks before, a trowel dug into the ground. Soil like dust to the depth of the trowel.

All that is growing, plants I have watered. Water initially from a water butt, of late tap water.

Last Tuesday, very heavy torrential rain, from mid-afternoon and through the night until early hours of the morning.

A couple of days later, I repeated the exercise, stuck in a trowel. The soil moist to the depth of the trowel.

After a few days, the surface is already dry

Monday afternoon, heavy rain. Sufficient for the soil to be wet. By midday today, the surface was already dry.

I have noticed over the last week, since the heavy rain, localised flash flooding, the lawns slowly turning green.

I should have thought to do so sooner. From today a photographic record of the greening of the lawns.

Mowing the lawns Extreme Heat

August 14, 2022

Extreme Heat warning from Thursday until end of the day.

I should have mowed the lawns early. Late morning through midday, 30C.

Weeks since I last mowed the lawns. Somewhat pointless exercise.

A couple of hours, with rests in the shade.

Later dusk, planted out there pepper plants. What will become of them?

Digging holes, filled with compost, soil dry.

Thunderstorms forecast for Monday. Hit and miss. Either no rain or heavy downpour.


August 2, 2022

Walking up Church Hill, Washingborough, stunning sunset looking at to Lincoln Cathedral in the distance

Heavy rain

August 1, 2022

Early hours of Sunday morning, the last day of July, heavy rain.

There must have been a fair amount of rain, The soil was like dust, Sunday wet for a couple of inches down, but dry below.

A terracotta pot, the plate below, full of water. This usually only happens in the winter.

But still too dry to spread compost.

Today, the surface dry.

July 2022 driest July on record.

Two weeks ago, the hottest day on record, 40.3C.

Tonight, or at least early hours of the morning, more heavy rain forecast. But it is going to take a couple more nights of heavy rain for the water to penetrate deeper.

Sunday, a couple of Seven District takeaway cups tossed on the compost heap. Picked up from Picnic Social last week.

Walk along Church Hill and Cliff Lane

July 12, 2022

Starting at Washingborough Hall.

Before the railway line, the field that on Sunday was rows of hay, recently mowed,now hay bales.

In the past. , A grassy field, grazed.

Over the railway line, wheat, fields of gold

On Sunday as I crossed the railway line, I thought I was looking at a strange surface, such the uniformity of the wheat, all the same height.

Cliff Lane, more wheat.

Further on a feild for sale. Please no, not housing. The sign does not mention what the land is for. This is prime agricultural land. A pleasant walk aling a country lane.

Strange cloud formation

July 10, 2022

A very strange cloud formation this afternoon.

Many long thin lines.


July 10, 2022

Dawn at four o’clock this morning.

Plastic Free July

July 17, 2021

Those empty laundry detergent containers, empty shampoo containers, do not throw away, take to a zero waste shop and have them refilled.

That is what I did last week, laundry liquid from ecoleaf, the shampoo coconut from Faith in Nature (which matched the previous contents).

But please never put wrong liquid in mismatched container, it is not only the labelling, we have iconic shapes, ketchup bottles, coke bottles.

Classic, weed killer in a Coke bottle on the shelf in the garden shed.

A zero waste shop recently received a lot of stick when a foolish employee bragged she had found a use for an empty ketchup bottle, filling with cleaner.

If have an Nespresso machine do not not buy the disgusting coffee from Nespresso, and if thinking of buying choose an Opal One a superior machine, the capsules buy from reputable coffee roasteries.

  • Kiss the Hippo — compostable
  • Colonna — compostable and aluminium
  • April — compostable

Compostable, throw on the compost heap.

Aluminium, obtain a gadget from Colonna, Lakeland or Hotel Chocolat and use to extract the spent coffee grounds, scatter the extracted coffee on compost heap or garden, the emptied aluminium capsules, stack to increase their bulk, drop in a recycling bin.

If order from Riverford, veg box or recipe box, delivered in a card box which can be reused, recycled or composted, inside tins, maybe little plastic boxes, fruit and vegetables loose, strong paper bags or compostable plastic bags. The boxes are collected next delivery.

When we recycle, reuse, compost, we are not only reducing waste and closing the loop, we are also saving on embedded energy used to produce the products, thus helping to cut carbon emissions.

We face several global crisis

  • global warming
  • mass species extinction
  • pandemics
  • plastic pollution

When out and about, wishing for a coffee, never takeaway or offer a reusable cup, relax and enjoy coffee served in glass or ceramic. The only exception a kiosk or cart.

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