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March 26, 2017

Unusual daffodils, very pale, growing at the roadside.


February 2, 2017

Sunset,  Church Hill, Washingborough, near Lincoln

Yesterday, as I walked up Church Hill, I caught a magnificent sunset.

I am pleased the same today.

Hard frost in the morning

December 29, 2016

Third day of hard frost in the morning.

Fallen leaves

December 11, 2016

Yesterday and today, raking up fallen leaves.

Last night it rained, making the leaves wet and heavy and much harder work.

But best time to rake up, as leaves are wet and sodden and rot down.

If dry, they blow all over in the wind.

Puesta de sol sobre Tenerife

December 11, 2016

Friday evening, sunset over Tenerife.

Un perro en ventana

November 27, 2016

A dog in a window.

Then when bored, the dog went in and closed the window.

Wild tortoise

October 14, 2016
wild tortoise

wild tortoise


Wild tortoise on Filopappou Hill.

Wild crocuses

October 14, 2016
wild crocuses

wild crocuses


Top of Filopappou Hill,  wild crocuses growing in rock crevices.

Horse riding at Moonshine Ranch

October 5, 2016

Six horses, numerous routes taken, including stunning views over Konnos Bay.

First time out taken on a lead to assess riding ability.

Moonshine Ranch is located off Protaras to Cape Greco Road at Melissonas Hill, not far from Konnos Bay, and on edge of Cape Greco National Park.


September 29, 2016

0750 Sunrise from Melissonas Hill.