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Koile Valley

March 14, 2023

I had wished to walk along the Koile Valley on Sunday. Monday is even colder and windier, but once in the Koile Valley, out of the wind, the sun shining, pleasantly warm.

A tiny little track, barely visible, but more people must now walk the track, though rare to see anyone.

I had wanted to walk along the Koile Valley to see what it was like in the spring.

Ground flora green, higher than I see in the autumn.

Archaeological, ruins, sites of ancient houses cut into the rock, an ancient water channel.

The Koile Valley, a route connecting Athens to the coast.

Crossing The Alps

February 8, 2023

I have crossed The Alps in May, never before in February.


February 8, 2023

Sussex from the air a patchwork quilt of fields, hedges and woodlands.

North Downs cold frosty morning

February 8, 2023

Yesterday thick pea soup fog, hard frost, sunny.

Today, cold frosty morning on the North Downs.

Cold frosty day

January 17, 2023

Minus seven degrees last night. Cold frosty day.

Tonight forecast minus four degrees.

Washingborough frosty morning

December 16, 2022

Another cold morning, hard frost.

The last two nights minus seven degrees.

Washingborough hard frost

December 14, 2022

For several days sub zero temperatures, some days sunny, other days freezing fog.

Rainbow over The Acropolis

December 13, 2022

Tuesday morning two weeks ago, stunning rainbow over The Acropolis.

Koile Valley

November 24, 2022

National Garden

November 19, 2022

More of the National Garden has been enclosed off. Today, the lake enclosed off.

Not once have I found work taking place. Today, early Saturday afternoon, work taking place.

Today a hot sunny day. More like October than mid-November.

I took a rest in a shady grove.

I hear parrots, rarely seen.

Today, a parrot landed on a dead branch and started cutting through the branch. It then bent the branch to snap it off. Clever. The parrot flew off with the branch. I assume nest building but is this not the wrong time of year? Climate change?

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