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Happy Days moussaka

October 31, 2022

Moussaka Monday, free bottle of red wine.

Vegetable soup, followed by moussaka, accompanied by red wine.

A cool evening. I sat inside.

I was the only one.

Quiet. The nuisance bar opposite, closed.

Protaras nighttime end of season

October 31, 2022

Walking through Protaras this evening it was like a ghost town, streets deserted. Very little open n

Andama poor quality pork chop

October 30, 2022

End of season Not many people about. Many bars and restaurants closed.

Andama not busy.

Andama has a problem, at least their kitchen has a problem.

Food is tasty, well cooked, but is served at best luke warm.

Tonight the vegetables mostly cold, the pork chop tough and poor quality.

Very disappointed.

My coffee liqueur served in an attractive shot glass. Not how to serve.

They offered to serve me a new one. I said no, empty the shot glass into a martini glass with ice.

Surprising the difference this made.

Local coffee liqueur from a local distillery. I wanted to buy a bottle. But too bulky, and too heavy , to be practical. A pity as an excellent coffee liqueur.

Protaras nighttime end of season

October 30, 2022

Streets deserted, many places, bars, restaurants closed.

Andama, one of the few restaurants open, not busy.

When I left Andama, it was not long after ten, but the deserted streets felt like early hours of the morning.

Ravioli’s Italian restaurant

October 30, 2022

One visit a year is enough. I live in hope in vague hope it may have improved. Or maybe I am a glutton for punishment. At best mediocre.

Last night, the second time this month. More fool me.

My ravioli tonight was not good, tough and chewy.

I am choosy where I sit. If I cannot sit where I wish, I will usually walk out.

No, you cannot sit at the indicated table. Why? It is reserved.

The table sat empty all night. Two, three, four tables became free.

My table was dull and gloomy. I had to get up to find light to read the menu.

Very overpriced for very poor quality ravioli.

I can cook far better ravioli.

Complimentary ice-cream.

When I finished my meal, the nearby table smoking, smoke was blowing over my table.

Last straw. When I paid waitress demanded I left a tip.

Pizza I cannot comment on as I have never tried.

Risotto I have tried in the past. As with the ravioli, I can prepare and cook superior risotto.

The strange thing is Ravioli’s is owned by the hotel on the other side of the road. The hotel serves better pasta.

Spartiatis sea bream

October 28, 2022

Public holiday, Spartiatis packed.

Sea bream, sat outside.

When I finish, I move inside. Too cold to sit outside.

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 28, 2022

A public holiday. Would I find anything open? I would risk it.

Local bus to Ayia Napa, then Intercity Bus to Larnaca.

For the first time in many trips, local bus stops at the top entrance, enabling me to walk through the Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park (though no time to explore) and pick up the InterCity Bus to Larnaca from the bottom entrance.

Bus goes on a detour. Seafront closed. Driver says pick up bus here on return.

A market has been created inside the marina. I say market. Half a dozen sheds, most are for rent, those open, tat and junk food. I don’t see the point. Plenty of tat and junk food on the seafront.

A poorly attended concert. The marina a weird place for a concert.

Walk along the seafront almost to the castle. The one place I expect not to find open, shoe shop, closed Wednesday and Saturday, I am surprised to find open.

Lady is pleased to see me. She has the sandals I want. Though black not briwn.

Never Lazaris Saturday or a Public Holiday. Packed outside. I sit inside. I prefer outside.

Excellent yoghurt with fruit and nuts. Undrinkable cappuccino.

Koffea not open.

Paul’s coffee roasters open. No Paul.

I stay, have a coffee and a chat.

Head to catch the bus.

Nick’s Coffee Bike, as I expected. Not open.

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

October 28, 2022

For the first time on many trips, local bus stopped at the top bus stop, giving me time not to explore but at least to walk through the sculpture park then pick up the InterCity Bus for Larnaca at the bottom entrance.

Andama pork chop

October 27, 2022

Interesting menu. Greek alphabet, numbers, useful words and phrases.

Also a clever use of lateral thinking, as do not notice the wait until food arrives.

Tomato soup, pork chop, accompanied by red wine.

Later coffee liqueur courtesy of owner.

Early evening was very warm. Later cool.

Coffee Lab Paralimni

October 27, 2022

Coffee Lab a Greek coffee chain. New to Paralimni. Located in the main square, opposite the bus station, overlooking the church.

Pleasant design, which immediately ruined with wide-screen TVs. Yes, sadly Cyprus, village mentality.

Allegedly specialty coffee, but would not know this from the mediocre cappuccino served.

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