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The Cheese Shop Louth

July 15, 2021

The Cheese Shop is a tiny little shop on a street leading out of the centre of Louth.

I had passed by in the past on my way to the bus station, just out of the centre of Louth, made a mental note to visit.

My next visit, two people pissing about, who clearly thought it a joke. I waited twenty minutes, maybe longer, a queue formed. I gave up. A limit of two people in the shop, one could have left to give opportunity for another customer to enter.

Yesterday, a wander through the market and headed straight to The Cheese Shop. I thought I was once again out of luck, shop in darkness, door closed. I tried the door and it was open.

A big choice of cheese, which always makes choosing difficult, but I knew what I wanted, only problem was, I did not know the name.

A Caerphilly with a strange name, not made in Wales, I do not know the name but it’s from the West Country, maybe Somerset.

You want Gorwydd, said a voice from the bowels of the shop.

That’s right said I with confidence though in truth I did not know, though there could not be another Caephilly with a strange name produced in Somerst could there?

A slice was cut.

Old Amsterdam? No. I was offered a Gouda which I was assured was excellent. OK, a slice was cut. Or at least an attempt was made. The wire snapped.

Cornish Yarg, no, but I wished for another cheese from the same farm. I did not know the name and they not a clue what I was asking for.

Kirkham Lancashire, a slice of.

Cmpte a slice of.

Half a pork pie.

I would have liked a Cornish pasty. They buy in frozen, but would not sell to me frozen nor offer an explanation why not.

Excellent shop for cheese but completely clueless on coffee. Monmouth Coffee, pioneers in the 1970s, but sadly long lost their way. Coffee from Lincoln Tea and Coffee I would not touch with a barge pole.

Either stick to cheese and not sell coffee or seek advice of those who know coffee. The problem though is turnover not likely to be high and they would be selling old stale coffee.

Only buy coffee from a reputable coffee roastery or specialty coffee shop.

Very limited opening hours. Nine until three, Tuesday to Saturday.

I sampled the Caerphilly later. it as not Caerphilly it was not like, not if think Caerphilly dry and crumbly. Gorwydd moist and creamy.

Louth market day mid-July

July 14, 2021

A trip over the Lincolnshire Wolds to the market town of Louth.

My first visit anywhere this year apart from Market Rasen.

Once Wolds reached, cloudy, cooler, though sun did cone out later in the day.

Do not appreciate how high the Lincolnshire Wolds, until steep decent into Louth.

I alighted near the church, highest spire in England, then headed to the market.

First I look in Louth whole Food Coop. Why oh why so much stock from big commercial companies? Can but this crap anywhere. Muesli excellent.

Previous visits, Louth not busy, even on market days. Today very busy.

Check where I wish to eat, when stops serving, then head to Louth Cheese Shop, it close at three.

I buy twenty pounds worth of cheese, spoilt for choice with their selection of cheese (included half a pork pie).

They know their cheese, sadly not their coffee.

Excellent greengrocer in Louth or was. Today very disappointed with the quality.

Head back to the market and lunch.

I had fancied a bunch of carrots. too big a bunch.

A bakery stall with cakes. Everything on plastic trays, shrink wrapped in plastic.

I order gammon steak, now able to sit in the street. Earlier very busy.

I am pleased to find tables in the street. I had recommended they push for this, close the street, tables in the street.

Whilst waiting for my lunch, pop to a beer stall, pick a couple of bottles of beer.

Gammon steal ok, frozen peas, not quality chips.

I stay and have a cappuccino. Improved from my last visit. Cup size too big.

Whilst drinking coffee, market packs up, van pulls up, we sit looking at a van

it then get a worse. Another van pulls up, sits there, engine running, pollution bad, driver sat smoking.

I have now missed a bus.

I have a wander around, end up at a micro-pub that beer stall had told me of.

Head to bus station on the outskirts of town centre, I vaguely remember where it is.

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