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Aggressive abusive behaviour by bus passenger

December 3, 2022

1815 No 1 Stagecoach bus Aldershot to Camberley via Farnborough, two stops into the journey, two passengers boarded the bus, ignored the driver, sat down in front seats on the left, refused to pay.

Driver ordered them off the bus, the bus would not move until they left the bus, called the police.

Man who female passenger called Dave became increasingly aggressive and abusive, swore and hurled racial abuse at the driver, threatened to smash in the face of a female passenger who was shouting at the pair to leave the bus.

Dave claimed he had a bus pass, though failed to produce one. Female companion admitted she had no bus pass.

Driver said the pair had pulled this stunt two days previous .

The altercation went on for around fifteen minutes. The pair got off the bus, but not before Dave shouted more abuse, threatened to smash in the face of a female passenger and to track her down to where she lived and beat her up.

When I alighted from the bus I asked the driver to call his depot to report the incident and to warn other drivers of the pair.

Lunch in Aldershot

October 3, 2022

Lunch at Caffe Macchiato. I did not enjoy. Nothing wrong with the lunch, other than portion size too large.

I was their only customer. But then no surprise, Aldershot dead, ghost town of derelict shops with no one on the streets.

Coffee shop closed . I walked past without noticing. Blacked out, looks as though closed duwnm

Cold December afternoon Aldershot and Farnham

December 4, 2021

A bitterly cold afternoon, low temperature made lower with a bitterly cold north wind.


A strange Christmas Tree Festival in Princess Garden.

Lunch at Indonesian street food restaurant, ayam woku. I learn lady is sister of who used to run it. Why the change I do not know. I also learn they were not closed for a year, only opened in the evening, now back to usual hours, open for lunch.


Luckily I catch The Coffee Can before leaves Gostrey Meadow. Far too cold for coffee on the street. I am frozen the brief time I am there.

Christmas cards from Phyllis Tuckwell charity shop. All their best stuff is in this shop. Not looked in for at least a year.

Pleased for warmth in Electric Cycle Cafe.

When I leave bitterly cold. Time to catch a bus, actually two, and go home.

Cold December afternoon Aldershot and Farnborough

December 2, 2021

A very cold day, only a few degrees above zero with a very cold wind blowing. It was sunny in the morning. I considered a trip to Winchester, but decided not, it is always colder in Winchester.

Ayam woku at Indonesian street food restaurant. I think it may have changed hands. I was the only one there.

Market day in Aldershot. A handful of stalls, including junk food.

Usually not a soul to be seen, deserted streets. A few more souls market day.

I passed by Karuna Coffee House, early afternoon almost empty. Costa was busier.

I pass by a hairdresser. Lady at a sewing machine with a chess set in front of her. I am intrigued.

Bus to Farnham.

Pay a visit to Coffee Gems. I should have picked up a bag of coffee. On the other hand, following recent trips, and tempted, I have more coffee than I know what to do with.

The Coffee Can not in Gostrey Meadow. Departed before I walked through. But then a cold day.

Excellent espresso in Electric Cycle Cafe. I try a little experiment. I stir, stir not swirl. I cannot believe the difference it makes.

Quick shop in Waitrose.

Passing through Aldershot early evening, town centre sealed off, flashing blue lights, road blocks, swarming with police.

Very cold November afternoon Aldershot and Farnham

November 25, 2021

Sunny and very cold, cold north wind blowing.

Early afternoon, over 40 minutes wait for a bus, service that should be every 10 minutes. Sometime before 1400 bus shown 3 minutes failed to turn up. 1406 bus cancelled. 1432 two buses, another bus a couple of minutes behind. Four, maybe five, buses in opposite direction.

Entire day screwed as no time left for what I wished to do.

Ayam woku at Indonesian street food restaurant in Aldershot. At least ten minutes before woman emerges from the back to take my order.

Just make bus for Farnham.

Traffic jam when hit Farnham. Hop off bus and walk along the River Wey.

Too late to visit Coffee Gems.

Cappuccino at The Coffee Can in Gostrey Meadow. Too cold for coffee on the street.

Get warm at Electric Cycle Cafe. Espresso and a flapjack.

Look in Robert Dyas, but no time for a proper look around.

Mince pies from Cook. My phone does not work. Card only. Lady kindly gives me the mince pies. These are the best mince pies anywhere. Nothing else compares.

Quick run round Waitrose.

Not long to wait for a bus, 1750 from The Borough.

Aldershot, bus driver jumps red light. He actually took no notice of red light. I at first thought car coming in from the right had jumped red lights until I look up and see it is the bus driver who had jumped the red lights. It was only quick action by the car driver that avoided an accident. Passengers shot out of their seats. It could have been worse, luckily no one hurt or injured. At the Bus Station I tell bus driver he must report himself for what happened.

Cold afternoon in Aldershot

November 22, 2021

A cold day, temperature plummeted once the sun went down.

Saturday I passed by a coffee shop in Aldershot. It was closed, not that I had time to stay, I was on my way to Farnham.

Today, I thought check out the coffee shop, but first check was it open, I did not wish for a wasted trip. When I inquired, met with a diatribe. Apparently if wish to know if a coffee shop open, pay it a visit.

I decided to pay a visit to Aldershot. As always streets deserted.

Lunch at Macchiato. Only when I checked, did I find the diatribe from the coffee shop.

Leaving Macchiato, turned very very cold.

Not having received opening hours from the coffee shop, I wandered down and take a look. Open next day.

Now very very cold.

Bus pulls away at bus stop, even though I have my hand out for the bus.  Next bus late.

Later in the evening, coffee shop using their facebook account to post abuse and personal attacks. Someone hiding behind the coffee shop facebook account  has very serious personal issues that need to be addressed.

Karuna Coffee House closed

November 22, 2021

This world is full of idiots distributed strategically so you can meet at least one per day. — Paulo Coelho

I had passed by Karuna Coffee House on Saturday, found closed, a notice stating many days closed. Not that I had time for a coffee, as I was on my way to Farnham for a coffee.

Today, to save a wasted journey, I checked Facebook, no opening hours, no mention of the days closed.

I tried calling.

Next I posted a query on their Facebook page.

Coffee shop open today?

No opening hours on facebook page.

Nor mention of days closed.

I noticed passing by Saturday, closed and many days closed.

Their response a diatribe, when all required a simple answer to a simple question. Hours open, when open if closed.

As you point out in your post you saw on the door the notice letting you know when we are back to our regular working times. Detail is important, skipping it can create a biased posted.

Regular opening times can be found on the door. also a simple Google search will let you know too. Give it a go.

As an independent business we get to choose when we are open. As you would have seen the notice on the door states that we are taking annual leave. This is important to us, to ensure our team are at their best and that our regular customers get the service and quality they have grown to expect.

Furthermore, our regular customers knew weeks before when we were closing and when we reopen, we look forward to welcoming them.

My calm measured response to their diatribe.

Correct. When passing by noticed there were days when closed. Hence the question as could not find information in Facebook page. An obvious place to post, both opening hours and if additional days when closed.

A simple question requiring a simple answer. I had also tried calling.

The response an unbelievable diatribe.

Customer relations obviously not a strong point. Or how to make effective use of social media.

Maybe learn both, and more to the point answer a simple question on opening , not engage in a diatribe.

I have shown the response to where I am eating and they were incredulous.

I can only hope the coffee is not a reflection of the diatribe.

All that was required was their opening hours, when they are next open if days closed. Maybe having drawn to their attention, they post this information on their faceboook page for all to see.

Aldershot is somewhere to be avoided, boarded-up shops, rarely see anyone on the streets.

Not somewhere to open a coffee shop when no footfall on the street. Coffee shops open, serve undrinkable coffee, do not last long, then close.

Not therefore the way to treat an inquiry about opening hours.

They give their staff a holiday. What do they want, applause?

Do they pay their staff a real living wage? What are they paying the growers of the coffee, what premium above commodity price?

When think cannot get any worse, later in the evening using their facebook account to post abuse and personal attacks.

Something going very very wrong with this coffee shop.


Late night when think can get no worse, yet more attacks, this time with a name attached. Hard to believe all I did was ask when open.

Keith Parkins this is a very sad sad situation you have gotten yourself into here (AGAIN). At least we all know that you know the meaning of the word ‘diatribe’, except that perhaps you could learn were to direct it…. (yourself would be a good start).
Sorry you haven’t enjoyed our exchanges today. We have little patience (actually none) for you as we have gone around this mountain with you a few years ago, twice, and you simply don’t see the world the way most people do (not your fault). We’ll pass on you offering your opinion of us, we are doing just fine and our customers tell us so.
As mentioned before, your blogs/tweets/posts are something quite spiteful (but at least i’m reading them…. i mean, who else is???), when you see something you don’t like you just trash it publically (something you don’t like in return) without the business owner being given a choice or chance, although you do seem to be a hard man to please so i dare say it would be a wasted effort.
Although I am probably taking this way too far, Keith, I actually enjoy this, because no one else sees this the way you do. I have built this little coffee business up from the ground with my own hands, I have sweat, blood and tears invested into it and you taking issue with it really gets me going. Whats more, as a charity director, is that I don’t profit from this business, our community get coffee & cake of a good (to high) standard and reasonably priced. AND a community hub that is free to use, we simply try to be a force for good in the town that you have nothing good to say about (i know, it’s hard to believe i’m a good person after all this, i do try). On-top of that the profit that does come from our coffee and from the shop all goes to our charity that has provided education and healthcare to people all over the globe and we have done this for over 30 years. (WELL DONE US)
So, in closing, forgive me if the only words I ever utter to you in the future are not what you want to hear but my world is much bigger than your small opinions. And again please don’t come to our shop!! And have a nice day

Once again a reasonable measured response from myself.

Once again missing the point.
A simple question when open to save a wasted trip to Aldershot.
Easy enough to answer, but instead a diatribe.
I am not the one launching personal attacks, but at least we now have a name to the person launching the attacks.
I have said nothing about the coffee shop, I have not a view as was not open when I passed by.
I have highlighted your appalling lack of people skills, merely re-posted what you posted.
I am not sure how asking a perfectly reasonable question on opening hours is getting oneself into a situation. And it would not have even been necessary to ask, if posted on on facebook page, plus of course mention closed for several days for whatever reason.

This coffee shop claims to be a charity, though I have not seen a charity registration number listed as required.

If a charity, would require a board of trustees. The trustees need to be asking questions what is being posted in their name.

Each post more and more bizarre. And let us not lose sight that this is in response to a query when open.

Attacks on the business? None. I have not found open, I do not have a view. If they served bad coffee I would say so, if good coffee I would say so. I am merely highlighting the increasingly bizarre posts. If nothing else, highly unprofessional.

Damp cold November afternoon Aldershot and Farnham

November 20, 2021

A not very pleasant afternoon, cold and damp.


A Christmas market in Princess Gardens. Tat and junk food and a coffee stall with catering supply Italian coffee. I then found more stalls down Union Street.

Lunch at Indonesian street food restaurant.

I had learnt of a new coffee shop and headed down Union Street. Not open, though I did not have time to stop.

More stalls of tat. Another coffee stall. They refused to say the coffee they were using. Obviously not aware of transparency in coffee.


Christmas market in Gostrey Meadow packed, could not move, gave up trying to wind my way through Gostrey Meadow. In another league to the tacky Christmas market in Aldershot.

Found my way back to The Coffee Can, a coffee truck I had found on Thursday.

Now able to fight my way through the crowds.

Not what I expected to fund, a bakery stall.

Electric Cycle Cafe packed. I go in to warm up. Excellent espresso. Interesting conversation with young barista from Singapore. Owner tells me he has sold two bicycles in last two days.

— to be continued —-

Cold November afternoon Aldershot and Farnham

November 18, 2021

Slightly warmer than yesterday, but with no sun, felt as cold.

I thought the Indonesian restaurant in Aldershot had closed, as I have not found it open since lockdown last year. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find it open today. Has it changed hands, different people, menu has changed? I ordered Ayam Woku it was not good but not as as good as last time I ate there.

Not a soul to be seen in Aldershot.

Bus to Farnham.

Looked in Coffee Gems, then on the Electric Cycle Cafe but first the butcher before it closed.

Passing through Gostrey Meadow, The Coffee Can, a coffee truck serving excellent coffee.

Aldershot and Farnham

October 6, 2021

A lovely warm sunny day.

First Aldershot

I wished to eat at Indonesian street food restaurant. Closed. As far as I can tell, closed end of lockdown last year and has never re-opened. I inquired of a local massage parlour. They claimed it was opon. I let them know it was closed.

A sign welcoming to Aldershot does not make Aldershot any the more welcoming. Deserted streets, boarded up shops.

Lower part of the town centre demolished for an ugly development. I lacked the time to walk down and investigate further.

Lunch at Caffe Macchiato. It was not very good.

Ice cream parlour him coffee shop has closed. No surprise, the only surprise it lasted as long as it did. A pity as the ambience and decour was pleasant. The coffee was not good. The mood point if exceĺent coffee would have made a different where locals lack taste, a town centre infamous for disgusting junk food. Was only busy Saturday for ice cream. An owner who lacked people skills did not help.

For coffee, nowhere in Aldershot. Visit Farnham or Guildford.

On to Farnham

Called at Coffee Gems, the only coffee roastery worth knowing about in Surrey.

Then on to the coffee shop Electric Cycle Cafe that has taken over what was Krema.

Poorly named, as not a cafe, a coffee shop serving specialty coffee.

A speciality coffee shop selling electric cycles or a cycle shop serving speciality coffee. Take your pick.

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