First Great Western

This morning 1057 North Camp to Gatwick train was cancelled.

Only no announcements to tell passengers it was cancelled, no announcements to catch the 1034 train to Redhill, and then change at Redhill for Gatwick.

Luckily the train for Redhill was running late, else that would not have been possible.

Welcome to First Great Western, only now not called First Great Western, today a name change to Great Western Railway, which is an insult to Brunel.

On Sunday Jeremy Corbyn announced the People’s Railway. As each franchise expires, will revert back to the state,

When does the First Great Western franchise expire?

Justine Greening has decried as ideological driven. No, privatization is.

It is claimed competition has improved the service. What competition? These are private monopolies.

East Coast Mainline was successfully run under public ownership. End of last year it was handed to Richard Branson and Stagecoach.

British railways are owned by foreign state-owned railways.

Rumour has it that come January, there will be three trains an hour running to Gatwick, the semi-fast, the slow to Redhill will continue to Gatwick, and a third train added. New rolling stock. And possibly run through the night.

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2 Responses to “First Great Western”

  1. George Says:

    A new footbridge is definitely coming to Farnborough North, due to misuse of the level crossing and the high daily student footfall going to/from the college. The specification of the footbridge is that it has to be high enough to fit overhead cables under, meaning the line may be electrified in the future.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Not sure of the relevance, and would have thought Network Rail, not First Great Western, but would agree need for a footbridge. This is also true of North Camp, and when a new road bridge was built, it would have been peanuts to have built a footbridge.

    It does beg the question why this short stretch is not electified when the rest of the line is electrified. It would not though be overhead, when the line is third rail.

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