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In Love Again cappuccino and pear in love

February 28, 2023

Contrast with the weekend when packed. Today I was their only customer.

I learnt what the caramelised pear is called, pear in love.

What a difference a barista makes.

On leaving I encountered a new coffee shop. Tailor Made. It had only opened today.

Name familiar. I will visit another day for a coffee.

Cocona spinach and feta cheese

February 28, 2023

I wanted lamb but no lamb. I tried spinach and feta cheese.

Walked up through the National Garden to Kolonaki.

It was then head down to Syntagma, walk though Ermou, then head direct to Assemblage CO2 in Plaka.

At least that was the plan.

I ended up at In Love Again.

Kite flying public holiday

February 27, 2023

I’ve never seen so many people.

A public holiday, a day for kite flying.

I had not intended to climb Hill of the Muses. But needs must, kite flying.

Hill of the Muses, not usually many people. Not today.

Sickening. At the top of the Hill of the Muses, a sacred site, a group of drunk girls, dancing to music they had blaring out.

Not content with one jill, I climbed two, Hill of the Pnyx.

On the same Hill, Orator’s Berm. Democracy in action. Located outside the city, the orator would address the crowd. I have ascended in the past, now roped off.

My intention has been, walk a little way, then head to Warehouse CO2 for a coffee.

But could not pass by The Underdog without dropping in. I was surprised how quiet. I expected it to be like a weekend. Everyone out walking or a picnic on the hills.

In Love Again

February 26, 2023

In Love Again never usually busy. Today packed.

An exquisite dessert and a cappuccino.

Αλεξανδρινό Κεμπάπ – Μοναστηράκι

February 26, 2023

A mistake to eat here, the food was disgusting.

I had not expected to find the restaurant hidden beneath a derelict building open, is tvess Sunday

The fish market was open (and very busy) but not where I was looking foreard to chick pea or bean soup.

I should have found somewhere better, maybe Just Made 33.

Athens Central Market fish market

February 26, 2023

I do not know if fish market usually open on a Sunday.

Today packed, people buying fish for public holiday on Monday

Fruit and vegetable market was also open.

Sadly not open the restaurant hidden in a cellar beneath a derelict mansion. I was hoping for chick pea or bean soup.

I made do with Αλεξανδρινό Κεμπάπ – Μοναστηράκι. A mistake, a big mistake. The food was disgusting. I should have carried on walking until I found somewhere better.

I could have found something to eat at Just Made 33.

St Catherine’s Church

February 26, 2023

11th century Byzantine church in Plaka.

A few minutes walk from Acropoli Metro Station.   

Makrianni 3 no coffee

February 25, 2023

Yesterday, after appalling service at Little Tree, I decided to walk to Makrianni 3 for a coffee.

A pleasant day, I sat on a wall outside The Acropolis reading The Murderess, which I had recently picked up from Little Tree. I must be e one of the rare clientele who buys a book.

I sat outside Makrianni 3. Several minutes passed by, no one came to take my order. I stood up to see what was happening. Almost empty, no staff to catch their attention.

Eventually a waitress came. But not to take my order. She ordered me to leave and sit at another table, as this was reserved for four people. Makrianni 3 was empty.

I got up and left.

Makrianni 3 is owned by the same guy who owns Just Made 33. One could not experience a wider difference. Just Made 33 I am always made welcome, the owner always pleased to see me.

Ukraine first anniversary of Russian invasion

February 24, 2023

One year ago today, Vladimir Putin launched a brutal attack on Ukraine.

Very sad.

One inoccent victim of Putin’s war criminals.

Little Tree cauliflower soup and yoghurt bowl

February 24, 2023

Little Tree, bookshop cum coffee shop behind the Acropolis Museum.

Service is always bad, but lazy waitress this aftenoon was in another league.

Long wait to order, long wait before soup arrived, then time stretched to infinity before I was able to order a yoghurt bowl.

I wished for a coffee, but could not face another long wait.

I thought she had gone on strike. Sat at a table smoking with friends, the smoke blowing in my face.  She got up,  I thought maybe taking a break. But no, serve one table, then sit and smoke with friends.

A pity the service so appalling as my cauliflower soup and yoghurt bowl with honey and nuts were excellent.

I then went to Makrianni 3 for a coffee where the service was bad, though not as bad. I got up and walked out. I never did get my coffee.

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