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Andama pork chop

October 30, 2021

En route from Larnaca, I change from Intercity Bus to local bus at Ayia Napa Monastery.

An hour in Ayia Napa, restaurants full, though little open and streets deserted, I decide to eat at Andama in Protaras.

Luckily not busy. Although I had last night, I decide on pork cbop vegetables and chips, tomato soup as starter, accompanied by red wine.

I ask for a hot plate.

Pork chop arrives, served on a hot plate on a wooden board.

Complimentary coffee liquor. I am offered a bottle but sadly too much to carry.

Warm when I enter restaurant. I sit outside. Cold when I leave late night.

Late bus packed. Too many not wearing masks.

— to be continued….


October 30, 2021

Saturday, I expected Intercity Bus to Larnaca to be busy. Seemingly not. Problem with passengers not wearing masks.

Sea front more people around than weekdays.

Lazaris packed. Luckily I find an outside table.

Hair cut in an old-style barber shop.

The Third Room closed. Koffea closed. No one about.

Luckily Paul’s Coffee Roaster open.

I decide to head off to Nick’s Coffee Bike, return if closed.

Nick’s Coffee Bike closed, head back to Paul’s Coffee Roaster. Sit in back garden with a cold brew. Concentrate watered down. Not the way to make cold brew. Not good. Try a cookie and a cappuccino.

1800 Larnaca to Ayia Napa packed with passengers not wearing masks.

Waste an hour in Ayia Napa.

Look in Moroccan hammam. Fully booked for massage.

Local bus to Protaras.

Pork chop at Andama. I ask for hot plate. Very hot plate on a wooden tray. Tomato soup followed by pork chop accompanied by red wine. Round off with coffee liquor.

Now cold.

Late night local bus to Ayia Napa packed. Passengers not wearing masks.

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

October 30, 2021

Local bus stops at top of Sculpture Park. No idea why not on previous occasions.

— to be continued —

Cappuccino and ice cream patisserie amelie

October 29, 2021

Coffee shop and ice cream parlour centre of Protaras closed. No surprise, always empty and the coffee not good. I will be surprised if reopens.

Cappuccino from patisserie amelie. LavAzza , not good.

I have an ice cream.

Andama Taverna pork chop

October 29, 2021

I was already in Protaras and against better judgement decided to remain for the evening and eat out.

Very few places are open. I am surprised to find many closed. I expected to be open but at least the weekend.

Usually would be end of season but strange season. Until st least last week hotels have been close to full, not usual for October, but then we are not living in normal times.

Vladimir Putin has declared ten days stay at home. Not lock down. Russian tour companies are promoting, why spend ten days locked in your apartment when can be sat on a beach in sunny Cyprus?

I walked in Andama early, quiet. Half way through my meal packed.

Tomato soup followed by pork chop and vegetables accompanied by red wine.

Tomato soup excellent.

Pork chops in Cyprus tough. Why, I do not know.

Tonight my pork chop not tough. I would not go as far to say tender,but certainly not tough. Tasty. The vegetables cooked to perfection. Unfortunately quickly got cold.

I was pleased to sit one row in, and still cool.

A few weeks I was grateful to sit overlooking the street, very warm. Now too cold to sit outside, with a trong wind blowing.

About to leave, i ask for the bill, I am brought a drink. I thought brandy. Not brandy. Ice cold. An unusual aroma

Unusual taste. I cannot place. I ask.

I do not recommend pork souvlaki. Tasteless

— to be continued—

Afternoon and evening in Protaras

October 29, 2021

I visited a barber on Monday only to find closed. I had thought Thursday, but Public Holiday. Tried again today only to find closed early.

Surprised to find many businesses closed. I thought they would at least remain open until the weekend.

Not a normal season. Very busy for October. But this week has been quiet.

Feeling hungry. Decide to remain in Protaras for the evening and eat early.

Andama Taverna empty when I walk in, packed half way through my meal. Tomato soup followed by pork chop accompanied by red wine. For once pork chop not tough. A complimentary drink when I ask for my bill but no idea what it is and they will not tell.

Coffee shop middle of Protaras closed. No surprise, always empty and the coffee not good. I will be very surprised if reopens or at least not as a coffee shop. Probably reopen as a shop selling tourist tat, joining all the other shops selling tourist tat to a shrinking market.

Cappuccino at patisserie Amelia. LavAzza, not good. My ice cream ok.

… to be continued— .


October 26, 2021

1300 Intercity Bus to Larnaca coronavirus death trap only a tiny minority wearing masks correctly. Passengers board the bus then remove their masks.

Action has to be taken against the bus comany and the passengers

On the sea front film crew gathered around a pale blue Vesta. No idea why.

it looks as though to be a procession. No information what or when.

Linch at Lazaris. They are very accommodating. Tomato instead of cucumber with halloumi in sour dough pitta bread. Followed by their excellent yoghurt. Always different.

Before my order taken, even though sat outside, Safe Pass requested. Never been asked for

Film crew, same film crew, gathered at a mural.

Espresso at Koffea. Film crew then arrive at Koffea.

Cappuccino at Paul’s Coffee Roaster. I am pleased I find the Moscow coffee roastery in Standart issue 19.

Chat with Paul. No time to visit Nick.

Leave on 1800 Intercity Bus to Ayia Napa. Again passengers not wearing masks. But at least not as bad as Intercity Bus to Larnaca.

These Intercity Bus trips are coronavirus death traps. What use are strict rules if not complied with, not enforced?

… to be continued…

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

October 26, 2021

The fifth visit local bus fails to stop top of Sculpture Park. Twice last week and twice the week before.

Each visit I see something new or what I have seen before in a different light or from a different angle.

… to be continued…

Cyprus Bachata Festival

October 24, 2021

Bachata a dance that originated in Dominican Republic.

Cyprus Bachata Festival a four-day festival at Grecian Park Hotel overlooking Konnos Bay, tutorials and dance.

No 1 pork chop

October 23, 2021

Last Saturday, after Limassol Coffee Festival pork chop st Limehouse Taverna in Ayia Napa. It was not good.

Tonight pork chop at No 1.

For starters excellent vegetable soup.

Followed by pork chop, salad and chips on a side plate.

Pork choptough.

,,, to be continued

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