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Sea bream Demetrion

June 13, 2019

Demetrion is somewhere I usually look forward to eating. This evening a grave disappointment.

The quality of food and service poor.

We arrived a little after seven in the evening. A Long wait for our order to be taken, even longer wait for the food to arrive.

After an hour, I’d had enough and was on the point of leaving.

Sea bream was very dry. Either was cooked too long or been left and not delivered to the table.

The view has been spoilt by the ugly development at Ayia Napa Marina.

Hotels occupy beach at Protaras

June 8, 2019

Hoteliers occupying the beach is totally unacceptable. These are public beaches, they cannot and must not be privatised.

Neither Tsokkos nor anyone else has the right to colonise and occupy the beach. As bad as Turks occupying northern Cyprus.

Government subsidies to hotels to stick extra floor on top, ie paid for by Cypriot taxpayers, to bail out then failing construction industry.

Those staying at hotels packed in like sardines in the hotel grounds.

As can be seen if walk by grounds of Silver Sands, a Tsokkos hotel. At nearby Sunrise, not only less room in the grounds, long queue for meals.

Having crammed in extra guests courtesy of subsidies and no thought of facilities for their guests, hotels then grab the beach.

The same hotels, all-inclusive, are destroying the Cyprus tourist industry, the dregs of the tourist industry they attract are driving away quality tourists, little if any money is flowing into the local economy, restaurants are dumbing down in a race to the bottom, restaurants are going bankrupt.

Now not a double whammy, a multiple whammy for ordinary Cypriots.

Are they going to take this lying down, forgive the pun, as they did when EU stole their money, or are Cypriots going to say enough is enough and retake their beaches for the benefit of everyone?

It is not only locals who are angry, tourists are angry too.

It is worse though than at first appears.

Tsokkos has occupied two locations on Protaras beach, that by XS Watersports is blocking access for the boats when they haul their boats out of the water.

The beds Capo Bay has put on the beach are chained together and locked with a padlock.

Hotel beds on the beach is not the only act of idiocy by Mayor of Paralimni who single-handed is doing his best to destroy the local tourist industry.

Major problem at night with noise from the bars. What does the Mayor do, reduces the noise, silence after midnight?

Er, no. Instead of having noise stop at one in the morning to which a blind eye turned and no effective enforcement, now two in the morning, which in practice means goes on until at least 2-30, with drunks screaming and shouting in the street for a further half an hour.

Further acts of idiocy.

Hotels to be allowed to hawk food and drink on the beach. Harassment for those on the beach, more rubbish on the beach, more plastic in the sea.

Trying to close down the water sports and remove from the beach.

Where was the public consultation?

What we are seeing is enclosure of the commons which must be resisted, short-term corporate greed destroying long term future.

This is the man who when asked to discuss the collapsing tourist industry lacked even the courtesy to respond, such is his concern for the collapsing tourist industry.

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

June 7, 2019

Ten minutes whilst wait between local bus and InterCity bus to Larnaca, time for a brief walk through the Sculpture Park.

Each time I visit I notice new pieces.

Cappuccino Café Amárena

June 3, 2019

Late night cappuccino at Café Amárena.

OK but not great.

Problem is neither barista nor espresso machine, the problem is poor quality coffee used. Ideally also need better grinders, Mythos One for espresso, EK 43 for pour over and cold brew.

No excuse when these days spoilt for choose, many excellent coffee roasteries to choose from, both for beans for espresso and single origin for filter coffee, though not in Cyprus. (see below)

Having said that, far better than anything will get in Protaras.

Earlier in the evening, had passed by Starbucks, as always when pass by, empty. Sunday as an act of desperation, Starbucks illegally hawking their drinks Fig Tree Bay.

Whilst at Café Amárena a cold drip tower on the counter slowly brewing, one dip a second.

As a foot note a few suggestions from where to source coffee.

  • England
    • Hasbean
    • Square Mile
    • Horsham Coffee Roasters
    • Dark Woods
    • Caravan
    • Origin
    • Alchemy
    • Girls Who Grind
    • Cartwheel Coffee
    • Pharmacie
  • Athens
    • Taf
    • The Underdog
    • Taresso
    • Mind the Cup
  • Berlin
    • The Barn
    • Five Elephant
    • Bonanza

Moussaka at No 1 restaurant

June 3, 2019

With the closure of Nicolas Tavern, a poor choice to eat in Protaras.

Monday night, moussaka at No 1 comes with free wine. I chose red wine, mushroom soup for starter.

Mushroom soup excellent. Moussaka reasonable, not as good as in Athens, but still good.

Warning: Please be aware if use the free wifi, without user permission or consent or even being aware, posts comment on facebook time line that at No 1 with live highlighted link. This is very serious breach of personal data and not acceptable, and illegal. Facebook steals and abuses personal data, including location data.

Starbucks Protaras touting for business

June 2, 2019

Whenever pass by, Starbucks Protaras always empty.

Now signs of desperation, Sunday illegally touting for business, handing out free drinks Fig Tree Bay.

It is easy to see why always empty. Two places to drink coffee in Protaras, Café Amárena and Miyu Coffee. Unlike Starbucks or any of the other corporate chains serving undrinkable coffee, these two indie coffee shops serve drinkable coffee.

Protaras Pier criminal negligence by pirate boat

June 1, 2019

Whenever the pirate boat sets sail they leave the gate at the end of Protaras Pier open.

In the past it has been possible to close the gate. Now they tie the gate open making it impossible to close the gate, not unless happen to have a knife to hand.

No other boat leaves their gate open, furthermore if they did, steps leading down, not a sheer drop. Though one of the other gates is open, hanging off its hinges.

This is an accident waiting to happen.

Why is Paralimni Town Hall, the local Mayor, the marine authorities, turning a blind eye?

Are they all waiting until some one falls to their death before they act?

And whilst they are at it, they may care to scrutinise the sea worthiness of this boat, that they are lighting a barbecue on the boat and its associated fire risk.

Sea bream Spartiatis fish restaurant

May 30, 2019

On my last visit, half a dozen tables, tonight busy, or relatively busy compared to near empty.

Previous visit, a starter, bread, not tonight, main dish sea bream only.

Sea bream good, but not as good as previous visit.

As I was finishing I was brought a dish of mussels and rice. I have no idea why.

On leaving I  asked were they now busier or only tonight?

The last four days businesses has improved.

As everywhere, business being killed by all-inclusive hotels.

Spartiatis fish restaurant overlooks Konnos Bay. Not that can see anything at night.

The place for fresh caught fish, Demetrion at Liopetri River.

The place to not eat, Ocean Basket, the McDonald’s or KFC of seafood, the fish not fresh.


Blue Spice

May 28, 2019

Blue Spice is acknowledged as one of the premier restaurants in Cyprus, dining in our restaurant is a gastronomic experience. – Blue Spice

Pernera is one of those places best avoided, all-inclusive hotels, which in turn attracts bottom end of tourist market. As with Protaras, bars and restaurants competing with all-inclusive, competing with each other in a race to the bottom.

But as I was passing through Pernera, decided to eat at Blue Spice, or at least a friend decided for me when she dropped me off saying it had good reviews

A big mistake.

A strange set up, a very large restaurant surrounding a swimming pool. Also as I discovered later, an art gallery. It also appeared to be part of a larger complex including accommodation.

Souvlaki, or as they insisted on calling it it kebab, was not good. Far worse than No 1 or Vangelis in Protaras and that was not good either.

Very poor quality compared with Plaka in Athens.

As I was thinking of leaving, musicians started to arrive.

It could only get worse I thought, live music.

I could not have been more wrong. Far better than the so-called entertainment in the bars and hotels in Protaras

A guy on electric violin, a guy on keyboards and a female vocalist.

They did not play, they improvised, at one point the violinist was looping.

I asked and learnt they play every Tuesday night.

No way would I recommend Blue Spice to eat, but worth turning up around 2130 for a drink and settling down for the music.

They played a solid two hour set if not longer until around midnight.

A premier restaurant it is not, a gastronomic experience it is not, not unless count gastronomic disaster as an experience, but worth a visit for the trio who play Tuesday night.

Two places worth trying. Demetrion fish restaurant at Liopetri River and Kamasias in Paralimni.

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

May 27, 2019

Fifteen minutes wait whilst change from local bus to InterCity bus.

Time for a brief walk through Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park.

A couple of brain-dead pig-ignorant Russian tourists who think OK to climb onto sculptures for selfies. When told to get off, they ask why. When they refused I offered to call the police.