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Pasta with Lincolnshire sausage

December 28, 2021

Adaption of ‘pasta with local sausage’ from Eating With Friends (Kennedy special edition no 13: 2021).


  • garlic clove
  • onion
  • 200g best sausage meat
  • 200g pasta
  • over ripe tomatoes
  • red wine
  • oregano
  • salt and pepper to season


Sausage meat in a pan with olive oil. Cook until brown. Remove for later.

Add one chopped opinion and garlic clove. When brown, return the sausage meat.

Slosh of red wine.

Sprinkle with dried oregano.

Add over ripe tomatoes.

Add a little tomato puree.

Leave to simmer.

In a pan of boiling water, pasta for five minutes.

Add pasta, a little of the pasta water. Simmer for one minute.


Eating With Friends

Eating With Friends was conceived as an idea during the most difficult months of the pandemic. — Chris Kontos

Eating With Friends a Kennedy special edition for when we were in lockdown, people eating at home, a selection of recipes, essays, drawings and photos.  Recipes from friends ad favourite restaurants.

In his editorial Chris Kontos (editor in chief Kennedy) mentions a favourite dish h e likes to cook, pasta with local sausage. Each island its own distinct sausage.

My adaption, keeping to the theme, Pasta with Lincolnshire sausages. I did not have to skin the sausages, I asked Redhill Farm for the sausage meat they use for their excellent Lincolnshire sausages.

On a Greek island, would pick oregano growing wild. I used dried dried oregano, sprinkling a little, not sure how much to use.

Kennedy Magazine is a biannual journal based in Athens, Greece. Its aim is to explore the views and ideas of certain individuals that have influenced our aesthetics and cultural wanderings in one way or another.

Kennedy Magazine on sale in Foyer Espresso Bar, one of several top end magazines including Standart.

Also found in Anana coffee shop.

On his Road Trip to Greece, Gordon Ramsey and friends visit a local sausage maker.

— to be continued–

The Roosters

November 11, 2021

A new contemporary design coffee shop and roastery in Peristeri, sister coffee shop of Mind the Cup.

Ethiopian served as espresso, complex flavour notes.

Beans and capsules on sale.

Capsules plastic which is not good. Only ok if biodegradable. Need to move to biodegradable or aluminioum capsules.

The capusles on sale in box of ten or presention box of twenty. One Christmas present solved.

On the counter three different pour over methods, gem, V60 or origami.

I was introduced to owner Christos, who owns Mind the Cup.

Roosters were at the Limassol Coffee Festival on the La Marzocco stand where the rotatad different roasteries every hour, though I did not see.

I learnt we have mtural aquantanticies in Nicosia. Brew Lab, Kollabortative,

I recommend coffee shops in Larnaca, The Third Room, Koffea, Paul’s Coffee Roasters and Nick’s Coffee Bike.

— to be continued —

Hermaphrodites Child

November 7, 2021

Three guys incredible musicians in their late teens early twenties, rock and roll band.

Authentic sound using instruments from the 1960s or as.

They looked the part, dressed the part, sounded the part.

A lot of pleasure to those watching or walking down the street, kids dancing.

Contrast with the moronic music too often found.

I was on my way somewhere, walking around The Acropolis, but stopped, sat on the wall and stayed.

They gathered quite a crowd.

Passers by would move to the music. Kids were captivated, would stop and dance

I usually give my loose change. No loose change. Well worth five euros.

When they finished and were packing up, I joined them and had a chat, thanked them for their excellent music. They are four, but one could not make it today.

Gordon Gino and Fred road trip to Greece

October 3, 2021

Gordon Ramsey and a couple of mates decide to sample the food of Greece, visiting a couple of Greek islands then onto Athens.

I thought it would be gimmicky, and yes it was, but somehow they got away with it.

I did not see when broadcast last Monday night, or the repeat a couple of nights later, but watched on-line tonight.

A two part series, the second Monday night.

I agree with Gordon Ramsey, Greek food better than Italian.

To my Greek friends, watch with VPN set to UK.

Synchronicity: Earlier today, a friend has left Athens for Santorini to run a coffee shop on the island and invited me to visit her.

Each island takes a pride in their sausages. One butcher on Mykonos, one type of sausage, sells 700 kg a week.

In Eating With Friends, Chris Kontos in his introduction, a dish, pasta with local sausage.  I tried a variation on the same theme, pasta with Lincolnshire sausage.

Parody of the American tourist in Athens?

April 14, 2021

Is this meant to be a parody of American tourists in Athens? If yes, then at best mildly amusing.

Or is it meant to be taken seriously? If yes, then dire as displays an appalling lack of understanding of coffee culture in Athens.

Mokka is an excellent coffee shop, outside Athens Central Market. A wide variety of coffee on offer. One of the few coffee shops brewing Greek coffee on a bed of hot sand.

Mokka also has an adjacent shop selling coffee.

Across the road, the fruit and veg market worth exploring.

More usual to find Greek coffee over a flame, as will find at Just Made 33 (just off Ermou).

A few years ago then barista at Just Made 33 won the world championship for Ibrik coffee. The coffee used on sale at Just Made 33.

Coffee Island is the Greek Starbucks, to be avoided if care about coffee.

Spoilt for choice with excellent coffee shops in New York. Why therefore would anyone wish for Coffee Island in New York when already have Starbucks serving bad coffee? [see Drift Manhattan edition]

Frappé is not a Greek drink. It is an example of cultural colonisation by a global corporation. An unpleasant cold frothy coffee made with Nescafe.

And no, do not walk down the street drinking out of plastic, even worse bragging about it.

Coffee sit and relax outside a coffee shop with coffee served in glass or ceramic and watch the world go by.

Top Coffee Shops in Athens

April 11, 2021

I would hasten to add these four not my choice, nevertheless I agree, at least the three I know, o.kokkos I do not know and will have to try on my next visit to Athens post coronavirus pandemic.

Good to see my friends in two of the locations.

I was in Athens November of last year during lockdown, very little was open, restaurants were closed, a few coffee shops were open for takeaway and saw a slow but steady trickle of customers.


A coffee shop I have not visited, have not heard of. I will have to check it out.

dyo goulies & dyo boukies

Excellent coffee shop, though not easy to find, and impossible to find when closed and the shutters down.

Tania the coffee, Nikos the food, though if Tania not there, Nikos more than capable with the coffee.

Used to serve Taf coffee. Now changed to a better roastery, Roller Roasters.

Peak a Bloom

Hidden down an alley very difficult to find if do not know where it is.

Was not open during lockdown.

Peak a Bloom have sister coffee shop, Mind the Cup, a Metro ride away from the centre.

Opposite Mind the Cup, Manor House also worth a visit.

The Underdog

The Underdog an excellent coffee shop, one of my favourite coffee shops in Athens.

Gem Series Dripper

December 12, 2020

An alternative to V60 pour over designed by Stefanos Domatiotis.

Very negative comments attacking Gem, by people who probably have never seen let alone used and completely fail to understand why it has been developed.

I came across Gem series  a year ago in Taf, then again in November in Cultivos. But not once seen in use.

Stefanos Domatiotis developed a different method of pour over using a V60. Clean the filter, allow to bloom, then pour in a circular manner, leaving a bed of coffee as flat as a billiard table. The method developed by Stefanos Domatiotis the steps are the same apart from the last step,  hold the spout in the centre, a very fine stream of hot water.

When I first encountered this method, I queried the extraction, is not the whole purpose of the circular motion to ensure even extraction?

I was told no, by directing the water into the centre, even better extraction, the water flows down, then circulates up the side.

I tried and was not left with the classic flat bed. But, one difference I did not know, the grind is different either courser or finer, I cannot remember which.

What Stefanos Domatiotis has done in developing the Stefanos Domatiotis Gem series is to deskill the operation, less likely to produce a bad brew than if using a V60 with poor circular motion. By deskilling, we improve consistency and simplify the process of making great pour over coffee.

Wherever I was traveling… I couldn’t resist observing all sorts of people — coffee competitors, coffee professionals, baristas or consumers — making and drinking a brew. Pour-over has become increasingly popular, not only among coffee gurus, but also among consumers. People have fallen in love with brew and in all dimensions. The result hasn’t always been that good. Despite the fact that people were using great coffee beans, top class water, had amazing skills, enthusiasm and even some great devices that exist out there, the result was still a bit inconsistent. I was also seeing consumers who love brewing feel a bit intimidated from the result as they couldn’t have control over it.

And yes. could make a lid for a V60 with a hole in the middle. But would lack the vertical and horizonal ribs of Gem which help control the flow of water.

The 12 horizontal ribs are placed in the middle of the dripper to slow the water flow so it can contact the coffee for longer and carry away all its characteristics in a smooth way,. At the bottom part, you can find the vertical ribs. The deeper vertical ribs go down to the hole as now we need the water with the coffee to exit faster, preventing over-extraction that will end up in bitter flavours.

My criticism of European Coffee Trip they have not sufficiently explained the why of the design, had they done so maybe the critics would have understood better.

My other criticism, they should have brewed a V60 for comparison.

In Greek, but worth watching, the demonstration by Stefanos Domatiotis.

The white ceramic Gem series dripper has an optional extra of a matching diamond shaped glass carafe.

Takeaway coffee The Rabbit Punch

December 4, 2020

Three weeks ago Thursday, Athens lockdown day six, an afternoon walk to The Rabbit Punch.

An afternoon a walk to The Rabbit Punch, sister coffee shop of The Underdog.

Each time never again. This the third time. Is it worth the climb?

Google maps says 25 minutes. I take the side streets, don’t get lost, I manage a little over 30 minutes.

I sit outside with a takeaway coffee.

The Rabbit Punch is opposite a square with a church. It would be a pleasant location, except a busy junction and usually heavily polluted with traffic. At least not as polluted during lockdown with little traffic.

4 Seasons

December 4, 2020

4 Seasons greenwash writ large.

Three weeks ago Thursday, Athens lockdown day six, I passed by a small supermarket, 4 Seasons,  greenwash writ large. Proclaims environmentally friendly, the shelves tell a different story.

Everywhere in Athens, nuts and dried fruit, loose, high quality, pick what one  wants. Not in 4 Seasons. Everything packaged in plastic.  Height of plastic obscenity, coconut with shell hacked off, shrink-wrapped in plastic.

Products from Big Business, Whole Earth is not quality. Peanut butter bulked out with with palm oil. Why Whole Earth when there is local quality peanut butter?

For quality Greek food, the little deli tucked behind The Acropolis Museum, not far from Little Tree.

For cheese, a little cheesemonger around the corner from the nut and dried fruit stalls Athens Central Market. 

For quality loose nuts and dried fruits, spoilt for choice in Athens, but cannot go far wrong with the fruit and nut stalls outside Athens Central Market or the shop next to Foyer Espresso Bar (same owner).

And for freshly roasted coffee beans spoilt for choice with indy coffee shops, where a skilled baristas will advise. 

Do shoppers enter this little supermarket mesmerised by the greenwash bullshit on display then wander around with their eyes closed and not see the reality on the shelves?

Nuts and dried fruits Athens Central Market

December 3, 2020

The place for nuts and dried fruits in Athens the stalls outside Athens Central Market.

Spoilt for choice, not only between the different stalls, but also between different grades or different origin.

Nuts, dried fruits, chocolate coasted, yoghurt coated.

Quality is vastly superior to anything found in England.


Behind the stalls the Fish Market and Meat Market. Across the road fruit and vegetable stalls

Nearby Mokka for excellent coffee.

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