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Cauliflower cheese and bacon on toasted sourdough bread

January 31, 2022

A use for cauliflower left over from cauliflower steaks a couple of days ago.

Cheese on toast to another level.

Cauliflower cheese to another level.

Two thick slices of sourdough bread under a grill.

Slice a rasher of bacon into thin strips.

A dash of olive oil. Hot pan, cook the slices of bacon.

Add cauliflower florets to the pan.

Season with salt and pepper.

Two knobs of butter.

Pinch of paprika.

Add cottage cheese. Add double cream.

Add Lincolnshire Poacher cheese.

Turn the heat down, then off.

Bring toasted sourdough bread out of the grill.

Empty contents of pan onto the toast.

Top with Lincolnshire Poacher cheese. Season with salt and pepper.

Pop back under the grill.

Pop on plates.

Top with sliced spring onions. Season with salt and pepper.

Not familiar with the grill I burnt the toast. This actually proved to be an advantage as crust hard and crunchy.

Different to when I made cauliflower cheese which was creamy and not as thick.

Cottage cheese contained onions and chives.

Adaption of recipe from Ramsey in 10 video. I did not add mustard. The book Ramsey in 10 differs slightly from the YouTube video.

— to be continued —

Digging the garden during Storm Corrie

January 31, 2022

Too cold. I have up after a few spadefuls.

Digging the garden interval between Storm Malik and Storm Corrie

January 30, 2022

The calm before the storm, or calm between the storms. Slight breeze, by early evening strong wind picking up, heavy rain.

Finished off the bed I was digging.

Cauliflower steaks con salsa verde

January 29, 2022

Cauliflower steaks con salsa verde served with new potatoes.

cauliflower steaks

Cauliflower too small, but do the best I can. It was really only large enough for one steak. Left over cauliflower will be used for cauliflower chees with bacon on toast.

Pan, hot oil, gently lower the cauliflower steaks.

Add crushed garlic cloves, satsuma segments, knob of butter.

Turn over when brown.

Add stock.

Allow to simmer.

Add another knob of butter.

Spoon thee juices over the cauliflower steaks.

Ready to serve.

salsa verde

Lacked a shallot and parsley. Improvise, texture colour taste, red onion, mint, sliced, a couple of cherry tomatoes sliced, a couple of silverskin onions sliced in half, a stick of cucumber sliced, a couple of spring onions sliced.

Add local honey (not sugar), red wine vinegar, olive oil, season with salt and pepper, a pinch of herbes de Provence.

Mix well.

When cauliflower steak removed from the hot pan, add salsa verde on top.

Served with new potatoes.

Digging the garden during Storm Malik

January 29, 2022

Nearly blown over nevertheless quite pleasant digging the garden.

Cut back the overhang over the compost heaps. These for new heap being prepared.

Fresh Local & Wild

January 28, 2022

The entrance belies the size of the interior.

On entering it is like stepping into an empty warehouse, lots of empty space, and rows of tables as though a works canteen.

My interest was piqued, what was this new venture, how was the coffee?

Very little local in terms of local produce, but yes local businesses, each has a stall, the stalls not manned.

Bananas on the fruit and veg stall rotten, everything else appeared fresh.

Zero waste stall, no one to ask of the various products and I’d be reluctant to use the chutes.

Bread from Vine’s bakery on another stall. What happens to the bread at the end of the day, half price, given away?

Wild? I saw nothing wild.

The coffee?

I was pleasantly surprised. I had an excellent cappuccino, baristas who know how to make coffee. An espresso blend The Lincoln Imp from Seven Districts a local roastery.

Apart from their roastery in the middle of nowhere, the only place worth visiting to try Second Districts coffee.

Lincoln now has three excellent coffee shops

  • Coffee Aroma
  • Madame Waffle
  • Fresh Local & Wild

In the near future, it is hoped to have bags of Seven Districts coffee on sale.

When buying coffee beans, only buy from a reputable roastery or an indie coffee shop where they are passionate about coffee.

St Mark’s closed and boarded up retail units, little footfall, no surprise Fresh Local & Wild empty.

St Mark’s is out of the way, a detour from the town centre, but if passing by, then pop in for the coffee.

The location is not good, not in the town centre, and although hosting local businesses, a chain.

The ideal location would be the Lincoln Central Market and were it not for the dysfunctional local council lacking in vision, they would have kicked the tat out of the market, much needed renovation, then created something akin to Fresh Local & Wild, local businesses, quality local business not rubbish, art and a specialty coffee shop.

In the summer it is hoped to have outside seating.


My initial thoughts, with reservations, 5*, but now 2* and that is being generous.

Seven Districts and guest coffee from Two Chimps, but for how long, the baristas have walked, the coffee is terrible, and giving the roasteries a bad name?

The fruit and veg stall, rotten produce, one visit half the produce rotten. My last visit, only three baskets of what I would not describe as fresh.

Vines Bakery pulled out?

The coffee was the only reason for a visit, now not worth a visit.

Only two coffee shops in Lincoln worth visiting for decent coffee:

  • Coffee Aroma
  • Madame Waffle

How long before Fresh Local & Wild closed down? There is virtually zero footfall at St Mark’s, the store must be haemorrhaging money to pay the rent for a unit this size, plus staff, plus heating and lighting, plus business rates.

Afternoon in Lincoln

January 28, 2022

An hour late in Lincoln, then a detour Tibet Marks.

— to be continued—

Digging the garden

January 27, 2022

Several days dry, no rain. Prior to dry period, too wet to dig. Ground dry enough to dig.

A couple of years ago large clods. I made the mistake of raking after a few weeks.

Following year, let soil weather down, then raked. No large clods.

Digging today, a fairly fine filth, no large clods.

Soil structure improving. Spreading compost helps. Spread compost after a period of heavy rain. Keeps moisture in and nutrients drain into the soil.

Forked to aerate top layer of compost heap. Coffee capsule impaled on fork, had not decomposed.

When I next dig out the compost heap I will be able to better establish have compostable capsules composted or not. Those that have not will either be thrown into a new compost heap or end up on the garden with the compost spread on the garden.

Shop Zero

January 27, 2022

When I last visited Nottingham a couple of weeks ago I noticed a zero waste shop. Yesterday I decided to pay it a visit.

Helpful young lady. Food range limited due to stocking other stuff.

I stocked up with muesli from Suma.

Next to (almost) The Specialty Coffee Shop.

Letty Bermudez

January 27, 2022

As (when we can) we label our coffees with the names of the producer, and that Diego’s name was already taken we actually reached out to Diego again if he would like to name this after someone special to him. Letty is the name of his youngest daughter. — Manhattan coffee roastery in Rotterdam

Letty Bermudez the name of the coffee, the name of the daughter of the grower Diego Bermudez.

A Geisha from Finca El Paraiso, grower Diego Bermudez in Colombia.

There is a trend with Geisha, to process in weird and wonderful ways, to push the boundaries, Letty Bermudez no exception, double fermentation thermal shock.

Rather than try to explain I will quote the roastery Manhattan based in Rotterdam.

Around 12 months ago we reached out to Diego Bermudez about commissioning a special lot of high end coffee specifically designed for us.

The conversation between Ben and Diego went something like this.

B – “…I don’t know if the numbers reflect the method but whatever it is, well done. I’d be curious to see what your absolute limit on a coffee would be, would it be possible to commission that?”

D – “Yes, I’ll send you the sample in two weeks”

Three weeks after that conversation we received a sample of one of the most insane geisha’s that has ever been on our cupping table at MCR. The processing is a combination of aerobic (60 hours in a pressurised tank), anaerobic (36 hours in mucilage at 18c with the addition of Leuconostoc bacteria), thermal shock and the Enigma dryer (a circular drying system) for 29 hours reaching a final humidity of 10%.

As (when we can) we label our coffees with the names of the producer, and that Diego’s name was already taken we actually reached out to Diego again if he would like to name this after someone special to him. Letty is the name of his youngest daughter and Diego said “Our desire is that the second generation of our family of coffee growers can transcend history and can generate a new evolution and passion for coffee.” With coffee like this we don’t doubt that this truly will become a reality.

Expect the definition of yellow fruit.

Our most prominent notes were haribo peach, milky oolong and mango.

A filter coffee, brewed at Effy (thanks to barista Mitch) using an Origami with Origami filter paper.

Tasting notes strange, I found it was as though I was drinking watered down fruit juice.

I think I am going to have to buy a bag, expensive €22, and have a play. Although roasted for filter I am curious, what is it like as espresso?

variety: Geisha

single origin: Finca El Paraiso, Cauca Piendamó, Colombia

altitude: 1960masl

processing: double fermentation thermal shock

tasting notes: Haribo peach, milky oolong and mango

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