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March 26, 2017

Unusual daffodils, very pale, growing at the roadside.


Garden flowers

March 25, 2017

For about a week, spring flowers have been out in the garden.

Frost at six in the morning, a lovely warm sunny spring day, sat in the garden reading Standart issue 6.

Hard frost in the morning

December 29, 2016

Third day of hard frost in the morning.

Cold frosty day

December 29, 2016

Tuesday, frost all day, it never cleared.

Tuesday night, inky black sky, stars shining bright.

Wednesday morning a hard frost.

The sun was shining in the morning.

Fading light, since early afternoon fog rolling in, visibility dropping by the minute.

And yet only three days before, on Christmas Day, temperature was 15 C in Aberdeen, 14 C in Hull in Yorkshire.

Fallen leaves

December 11, 2016

Yesterday and today, raking up fallen leaves.

Last night it rained, making the leaves wet and heavy and much harder work.

But best time to rake up, as leaves are wet and sodden and rot down.

If dry, they blow all over in the wind.

Passion flower

September 13, 2016
passion flower

passion flower

passion flower

passion flower

On Sunday in Brighton, walking down from Brighton Station to Grocer and Grain on my way to the seafront, I came across passion flowers growing on a garden wall.

I only noticed them because a man was photographing them.

I asked was it his garden? He said no. He was passing by and they caught his eye.

He did not know what they were. I said passion flower. I used to see them growing in Neal’s yard in Covent Garden.

I said I was on my way to the seafront, but first Grocer and Grain. I recommended he too visited Grocer and Grain.

Relaxing in the shade

July 19, 2016
Bob the Cat relaxing in the shade

Bob the Cat relaxing in the shade

A very hot day, so far at 33.5C the hottest day of the year.

Bob the Cat wisely deiced to spend the day in the shade in the garden.

Bluebells in flower

March 29, 2016


Bluebells in the garden started to come into flower last week.

Daffodils still in flower.

In the garden

March 16, 2016




I was very surprised, several days on, to find daffodils still in flower in the garden.

Yesterday, a row of broad beans variety …, sowed.

Leaves tidied up.

Grass seed sowed.

Jardin de Aclimatación de la Orotava

March 6, 2016
Alpinia zerumbet

Alpinia zerumbet

Informally referred to as Jardines Botánicos (Botanical Gardens, the equivalent of Kew Gardens), but strictly speaking Jardin de Aclimatación de la Orotava.

The Conquistadores not only brought back gold (oro) they also brought back plants. These were not taken directly to Spain, they were first planted in the Orotava Valley.