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Sea bream at Spartiatis fish restaurant

May 24, 2019

Spartiatis is a fish restaurant overlooking Konnos Bay, not that can see anything at night.

Walk down an unlit road, passed a run down block that appears to be inhabited by gypsies.

I paid a visit last night.

I ordered sea bream, fresh caught every day, or so I was assured.

First I was brought bread in a basked, thinly sliced courgettes and what looked like chips.

Both tasted ok, but it seemed odd to bring vegetables first then wait until main dish arrived, or eat now?

It turned out was a starter, which I only realised when main dish was brought, sea bream with a small salad and a side plate of chips.

What I thought was chips was not. What it was I do not know.

Sea bream was excellent, the chips not so.

A quiet location, no music.

Only half a dozen tables, if that, the new norm with the tourist industry collapsing, made worse by all-inclusive hotels which attracts the dregs of the tourist industry, drives away the quality tourists and no money flows into the local economy.

As I was leaving, I queried the sad state of affairs, the lack of diners. They told me it was like this every night weekdays.

I was tempted to hop on a bus into Protaras for an ice cream at either Café Amárena or Patisserie Amelie, but decided on yoghurt from nearby shop, then too tired.

Try Papa’s fish and chips (a fish restaurant)  or Kamasias. Both are in Paralimni

Or during the day, Demetrion at Liopetri River.

The place to not eat, Ocean Basket, the McDonald’s or KFC of seafood, the fish not fresh.


Dinner at Vangelis

May 18, 2019

With the closure of Nicolas Tavern serving traditional Greek-Cypriot cuisine, Vangelis a very poor second choice.

Chicken soup weak, insipid and watery. Very poor compared with Nicolas Tavern.

Pork souvlaki, very poor compared with same dish in Athens.

Service also very poor.

Sitting outside, pollution from passing traffic, smoke blown in face from diners, and moronic noise from nearby bar.

Why serve water in plastic? It could and should be in a glass bottle the bottles then recycled, or at very least, the glass recycled.

Restaurants in Protaras are not busy, most are nearly empty, several have closed, they cannot compete will all-inclusive hotels and lowering quality is a race to the bottom.

Cappuccino and yoghurt Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies

May 16, 2019

Late lunch, cappuccino and Greek yoghurt with dried fruit, nuts and honey.

Dinner at Restaurant Plaka

May 13, 2019

Vegetable soup.

Followed by moussaka with an added side dish of salad.

Followed by a glass of red wine.

The moussaka was excellent.

I then visited nearby ice cream parlour.

Mama’s Kitchen

May 12, 2019

Vietnamese restaurant

Food to say the least not very good.

Street Food Market

May 12, 2019

Located roughly halfway between between No Fire no Glory and Bonanza Coffee Heroes and I only stumbed across by walking between the two.

An excellent and varied choice of street food.

I settled on Korean, deep fried vegetables with deep fried chicken.

It was excellent. Contrast with the visiting street food circuses that visit Lincoln.


May 9, 2019

Israeli restaurant

Israeli food not something I have tried before.

I chatted with the chef, and yes, although it was late, she would cook me something before they closed.

I asked what she was making. Fish within a dough.

I ordered a lamb dish, cooked in pitta bread served with a salad.

Whilst I was waiting, the chef brought me over what she had been preparing.

It was delicious, as was the main dish when served. The salad very fresh, the cauliflower crunchy.

Very delicate flavours.

I ate again a couple of times during my brief stay in Berlin. Not disappointed excellent food.

Lunch at Indonesian street food restaurant

May 8, 2019

Aldershot is a town most people avoid.

it is easy to see why, boarded-up shops, streets deserted, utter desolation. The result of decades of bad town centre planning by the local council.

There is though one reason to visit, lunch at Indonesian street food restaurant in Upper Union Street.

That was where I was heading.

Excellent Ayam Woku.

I was not the only one.

Three very attractive Indonesian women, who had travelled from Southampton, such the reputation the restaurant has.

I had one dish. When one dish arrived, |I thought that was their meal. No, more dishes arrived until their table resembled a mini-banquet.

This is how street food should be, not the rubbish served at Chow Down in Lincoln Castle or the travelling street food circus a few weeks earlier in the High Street.

Not only street food, this is how food should be street food or restaurant.

Simple food, tasty, no PR bullshit, no gimmicks, just quality ingredients, quality cooking.

Whilst I was there a man came in claiming to be from Google, or maybe giving the illusion he was from Google, he was wearing a Google jacket, claiming they needed to be on Google Maps.

They are already on Google Maps.

I suspected scam.

ShuJu Kitchen

May 1, 2019

Taiwanese pop up kitchen Union St

I was heading to Union St, a co-working space, coffee shop and pop up kitchen. Each day Monday to Friday different food. On Wednesday Taiwanese food being swerved by ShuJu Kitchen.

So far I had not had much luck. My first two attempts, no food left. My third attempt they were not there.

Fourth time lucky, Taiwanese food was being swerved by ShuJu Kitchen and it looked popular as people queuing, and even better looked good.

I tried stir-fried chicken, and better still tasted good. Generous portion size.

My only criticism the rice was nearly cold and brown rice is healthier than white rice. Otherwise excellent and I can see why popular.

There was a choice of four options, and when I had finished, only two options left.

I thanked the two Taiwanese girls and said it had been worth making the effort to find them. I asked of street food. Not currently as they lack the mobility, and Lincoln would be too far.

I was thanked for my compliments on their food, and given a tiny little origami figure in appreciation of my kind comments. I remarked the last time I had been given an origami figure was when travelled by train from Bassano del Grappapa to Venice with Japanese friends. I then learnt, Taiwan heavily influenced by Japanese culture as had been occupied by Japan for many years.

Pop up kitchen at Union St on Wednesday lunchtime and house parties.

They have a good deal with the coffee guy, he supplies the coffee, he gets in return a dish.

I learn that the coffee kiosk Motore Cafe had run a pop up coffee stall for several months, I had actually learnt from the coffee stall, when they left, such was the popularity of their coffee, Union St was requested to supply the same quality coffee, hence support from Dark Woods.

Union St, co-working space, coffee shop, pop up kitchen Monday to Friday.

Easter farmers market Castle Hill

April 20, 2019

Easter Saturday I passed through Castle Hill farmers market outside Lincoln Castle on my way to Chow Down travelling circus street food festival in the grounds of Lincoln Castle then returned.

The quality of the food on the farmers market was higher than that at the Chow Down street food festival which was a grave disappointment. A vegan stall, fish, cheese, fresh produce, meat, bread, cakes, pies, craft beer, mushrooms, honey, strawberries.

I picked up five tomato plants, different varieties off an organic stall, and a jar of local honey.

A long chat with a mushroom stall, also tried their excellent mushroom soup.

I was curious how the oyster mushrooms were grown.

in Brighton, coffee grounds are collected from Small Batch, mixed with straw, and used to grow oyster mushrooms, which are then supplied to the local restaurant trade, and mushroom growing kits to Small Batch.

I suggested the mushroom grower tried. He buys the straw already with the mushroom spores. He could try mixing the straw with coffee grounds.

A fresh produce stall, only the fresh produce sweating in plastic bags. An organic grower should know better. Even worse, salad leaves in plastic bags.

Off a cheese stall Lincolnshire Poacher made from unpasteurised milk and raw milk.

Anyone worried abut drinking raw milk, yes there is a risk, a very low risk, there is near zero risk cheese made from unpasteurised milk, but for those concerned about food risk, the risk is several hundred times higher eating from a bag of salad leaves. The leaves are broken and damaged, juices ooze about, a hot spot for dangerous microbes to flourish.

Raw milk is excellent with muesli.

I was pleased to find the strawberry guy. I first came across him two years ago. Excellent strawberries. I picked three boxes of strawberries.

Loaf of bread off the bread stall, off a different stall, a date slice, again excellent.

Redhill farm have a stall. Though I cannot quite see the point when they have a shop in Bailgate.

As I was leaving, two bottles of craft beer. One I saved for later, one I opened and enjoyed.