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Afghan Watan revisit

November 24, 2022

Victoria Square, do I eat Afghan Watan or seafood restaurant?

First I looked for the seafood restaurant. It was where I expected to find. I asked were they closed on a Monday? The reason they were closed, no fresh fish.

Today no sea bream, therefore to Afghan restaurant.

Greeted by Afghan waitress. A few days before shy. She later came to to tell me she was pleased I had returned.

Food on display not the same as befire. I asked did it change daily. Yes.
Asked what I wanted. I requested they  told me what everything was then I would choose. 

Food long time coming. I was disappointed. It was not as good as my first visit.

Makrigianni 3 lunch and cappuccino

November 23, 2022

Located outside Acropoli Metro, Makrigianni 3 ideally situated for lunch and a coffee.

Down the rabbit hole

November 22, 2022

A derelict building, fruit and vegetable market, Athens Central Market.

Last year, or maybe the year before, I had notified people emerging out a hilecfrom beneath the building.

I could glimpse barrels, large barrels. Around the corner, a wooden table.

I decided, down the rabbit hole, nothing ventured nothing gained.

Steep marble steps, very steep, led down into a cellar, stone flags on the floor.

A man dressed like an old fashioned waiter in an ancient French film, with large pots cooking, asked if he could help me. At least I thought that was what he asked me, as he only spoke Greek.

He lifted the lids, one bean soup, the other chick pea soup.

I asked could I have a bowl, half of each.

I sat at a rough wooden table. A white paper table cloth spread on the table. Two chunks of rough bread and two bowls of soup were brought to the table.

The soup tasty, but not very hot.

Afghan Watan

November 21, 2022

I was looking for a seafood restaurant near Victoria Square. Could I find, no? Maybe it had closed.

I tried an Afghan restaurant in Victoria Square, opposite the Metro Ststion.

I asked what everything was. Then said what I wanted. A little of everything. And a hot plate.

The food was delicious. Generous portion size.

On leaving I was offered tea, green tea.  Very much an acquired taste.

Κουτούκι Καλυψώ

November 18, 2022

Nightmare walking there.

Nearest Arcropoli Metro, Google maps says 49 minutes.

Google maps lies.  Well over an hour down a busy polluted main road, a rough area, the road lined with sex shops, strip clubs aka brothels,hotels and car dealerships.

A rough area to walk through.

Strip clubs try to drag you in. Offer sex with the girls.

I walk too far. I have to retrace my steps. I did not see, as in a side street, not visible from the main road.

Walking into the restaurant, widescreen TV not a good sign.

I ordered pork chop, a little salad on the plate, and a starter. 

Red wine brought in a large jug.

Large salad brought (not what I asked for).

Pork chop tasty but tough. Chips dried up and nearly cold.

I was then brought two desserts.

I have to go and ask for the bill. No bill arrives. I have to go and chase them.  I run the risk of missing the last bus.

I miss the last bus. A long walk back.

I see a guy waiting for a bus. I ask is there a bus? Guy says no. A bus turns up, I flag it down and hop on. No idea where it is going. Passengers tell me Syntagma. I watch the road, ring the bell where I wish to get off. Bus does not stop, continues to Syntagma.

To avoid the busy main road I walk through Plaka.

Evening, I was very tired, I could have eaten in Plaka. Instead I foolishly go on a long walk to a not very good restaurant.

Morning next day at breakfast, I can barely move.

Sugar Killer ice cream parlour

November 16, 2022

Sugar free, what is use? Agave syrup. Not sugar free then.

Vegan? No dairy products? I did not pursue it.

The ice cream was good.

Plaka Restaurant souvlaki

November 15, 2022

Excellent souvlaki with salad and chips.

Please, less red wine.

Waiter beings overflowing carafe of red wine. Pours a glass of red wine, sets down carafe to show not full.

I can’t win.

When dinner finished, I take wine to bar across the street where I am drinking until the early hours of the morning.

Plaka is lit at night, but lit by light spilling out of shops. Once shops close, dark, street lights candle power.

Danger fall in a hole. I fall in a hole and go flying. Injured, but not seriously injured.

A truck belching out fumes, parked in the road. I squeeze past, go CV lying, truck drives off. Two people come to my aid.

Only once I struggle to get up, do I need realise what had happened. I had fallen into a hole leading into a cellar.

Trousers ripped, leg cut, but it could have been a lot worse. Luckily nothing broken.

Plaka Taverna moussaka

November 15, 2022

Last night moussaka. It was not good. It was not good the week before either

Beef soup. More like broth. Very filling.

Moussaka cold. Previous week cold and not thoroughly cooked.

I sent it back to be popped in the microwave. It came back piping hot, but now dry.


November 15, 2022

I passed by Feyrouz yesterday evening and decided to stop and have soup.

Vegetable soup with a little chicken and slightly spicy was excellent.

A Lebanese restaurant.

Across the street a cake shop serving Greek coffee.

I suggested they checked out the ibrik coffee from Sapid in Just Made 33.

The last time I visited Feyrouz was last year during coronavirus lockdown (or was it the year before).

Athens Central Market

November 14, 2022

When I first encountered Athens Central Market a few years ago I thought it was a mainline railway station. That gives some idea of the size.

It is huge, a market for meat and fresh fish.

I have never before ventured in, let alone walked through.

Today, walking down a side street, I walked in a side entrance and through the market.

It is grim. But where was the fish? Only once outside, did I find fish and seafood a separate walled off area.

Outside, dried fruit and nuts, spices, Mokka (one of the best coffee shops in Athens), and across the busy main road a fruit and vegetable market.

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