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Afternoon in Nottingham

August 31, 2022

One of those days when do not know what to wear. Cool turned warm.

Ticket office Lincoln Central once again not open. Train to Nottingham was crowded.

Cappuccino at Cartwheel. I always used to see the same guys, now I never see the same staff twice. Today a couple of girls. Usually busy lunchtime. Today empty. Still closing at four.

I learn later, several staff have walked out. No surprise when baristas only paid minimum wage which is disgusting.

They will not let me take away a couple of copies of Caffeine magazine. Idd, as that is the whole point of Caffeine magazine. Maybe they only have a couple of copies left, which is fair enough.

Pass by Barista Lab. Deserted. Only opened a few weeks ago, coffee undrinkable, clueless barista.

Look in Coco Tang. I wished to see head barista and Coffee roaster Caitlin but her day off.

Walk to Sneinton Market.Luisa’s not open, Neon Raptor will not sell me any beer.

Excellent lunch at Ugly Bread Bakery.

Cappuccino at Kigali. They now have guest coffee. Last visit, no guest coffee.

Train Nottingham to Lincoln packed, standing room only.

… to be continued …

Olé Olé lunch

August 29, 2022

Very busy, no outside seating today.

Too hot to sit inside, too cold to sit outside.

Fillet solomillo al Cabrales con patatas. Excellente.

Welcome to the Asylum Steam Punk Festival

August 29, 2022

Cool day, eating earlier.

Walking up Steep Hill there was not the crowds of the previous day.

… to I be concerned. .

A walk around the walls of Lincoln Castle

August 28, 2022

A pleasant day for a walk around the castle walls.

It is easy to see why the Normans chose this location for their castle, stunning views if the surrounding countryside.

Welcome to the Asylum Steampunk Festival day three

August 28, 2022

Walking up Steep Hill almost a carnival atmosphere

Castle Hill packed.

Bailgate pedestrianised, though only as far as Elite on the Bail and only until six. It needs to be permanent.

Walk through the grounds of Lincoln Castle through to The Lawn, then retrace my steps, lunch at Dough LoCo.

A pleasant day for a walk around the castle walls.

Olé Olé lunch

August 27, 2022

Each visit, try a different dish.

Solomillo al la pimienta con patatas. Excellent b

… to be continued …

Welcome to the Asylum Steampunk Festival day two

August 27, 2022

A lovely warm sunny day.

Bailgate closed to traffic as far as Elite on The Bail. A pity not as far as Newport Arch and into the evening. Even better made permanent.

I thought lunch at Dough LoCo but short staffed.

Walked through the Castle grounds to Olé Olé. Excellent fillet solomillo al la pimienta con potatas.

I did think of a walk round the Castle grounds but late instead piped in the marquee to see Gary Nicholls.

A beer at Dough LoCo, a wander around Bailgate, then walk down Steep Hill.

… to be continued…

Olivares tapas restaurante

August 26, 2022

A pleasant sunny day, luckily managed to bag an empty table that had just been vacated.

Albondigas con salsa de tomate, excellent.

Welcome to the Asylum Steampunk Festival day one

August 26, 2022

A lovely warm sunny day.

A wander through the Castle grounds to The Lawn.

Back through the Castle grounds, lunch at Olivares, a tapas restaurant Castle Hill.

Back through the Castle grounds to the Lawn, half a pint at Victoria pub.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

Welcome to The Asylum Steampunk Festival food and drink guide

August 26, 2022

Steampunks food and drink guide.

Take a wander around and outside Lincoln Castle.

Avoid the corporate chains, support local independents.


  • Coffee Aroma
  • Madame Waffle
  • Stokes at The Lawn

wine and craft beer

  • Steep Hill Wines
  • Beer Headz
  • Lincoln Distillery


  • Slow Rise
  • Dough LoCo


  • The Cheese Society


  • Olé Olé
  • Olivares

fish n chips

  • Elite on the Bail


  • Pimento
  • Bailgate Deli

fresh pasta

  • Nonna Joana Deli

ice cream

  • Dennett’s ice cream parlour

tea shops

  • Bells
  • Bunty’s

sausage rolls

  • Redhill Farm Shop

Please support local independents.

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