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The White Crow

February 22, 2021

Early life of Rudolf Nureyev, leading to his defection.

Film of Rudolf Nureyev as a boy and a young man leading to his defection to the West whilst touring in Paris with a group of Russian ballet dancers.

He was helped to defect by Clara Saint.

The film was inspired by the book Rudolf Nureyev: The Life by Julie Kavanagh. The title is a reference to his childhood nickname of white crow (similar meaning to “black sheep” in English), because he was unusual.

Ayia Napa Medieval Carnival

November 4, 2019

Following afternoon trip to Laranca, Intercity Bus could not go as far as the main square outside the Monastery where I would change for the local bus, roads closed for Ayia Napa Medieval Carnival.

A procession through the street, followed by a concert in the square in front of the monastery.

Flamenco Puro

November 23, 2016

March last year at a fiesta, Festa de San Xosé, in Santigo de Compostela I saw incredible flamenco.

Flamenco Puro at Teatro Timanfaya en Puerto de la Cruz had a very hard act to follow.

Flamenco Puro succeeded.  They were not better, they were different.

Well done Monica, theatre director, for once again putting on an excellent show.

Contrary to the name, this was not pure flamenco, more a musical performance. But then maybe flamenca is more than dance.

Started with a lone guitarist, followed by a singer, followed by another singer. They then provided the backing for the dancers who came on next.

Thrilling dancing, including stunning solo performances.

Dance went beyond classical flamenco. Was this modern flamenco?

Tonight was an extra performance.  Thursday night will be last night.

Near to Christmas there will be special performance.  Maybe February next year, a new season.

Este es el Rey

September 1, 2016

Solo Tango Orquesta with Javier Rodriguez and Fatima Vitale.

Tango Oblivion

September 1, 2016

Gracias Vanessa.


¿Astor Piazzolla?


Strictly Prom

July 24, 2016




Strictly Come Dancing comes to the Proms.

Or looked at another way, the dance, the music, without the crap.

Real dance, breath taking, sends shivers down the spine dance, not the dumbed-down garbage of Strictly Come Dancing, that does for dance what X-Factor and Britain Ain’t Got Talent does for music.

Indeed why even link to Strictly Come Dancing, as that gives the impression of dumbing down the Proms. Why not simple call Dance Night at the Proms?

To see full concert, watch on BBC Four, broadcast last Friday, or access via BBC iPlayer.

La Carnaval 2015

February 22, 2015
La Carnaval

La Carnaval

Last year was a shadow of former carnivals, this year a shadow of last year.

Few stalls, the only food stall Meson California in Plaza Charco. In the past, food cooked by the harbour. Disgusting junk food vans not food.



February 17, 2015

Nowness, a film by Tell No One.

A troupe of contemporary dancers from London’s Sadler’s Wells Theater engage in an elegant game of chase in Mine, a film by director duo Tell No One AKA Luke White and Remi Weekes. The filmmakers have created an interactive, motion-touch short where half a dozen underwear-clad performers are styled in shoppable pieces from labels including Louis Vuitton, Kenzo, La Perla, Maison Martin Margiela and Bottega Veneta. “I thought they should be dressed in clothing capable of expressing emotion,” explains stylist Agata Belcen. “���The film doesn’t straightforwardly distinguish between male and female roles, and so it was important in the styling that the clothing could also be understood in masculine and feminine terms.” Influenced by the naturalistic approach of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Tell No One enlisted Italian choreographer Paolo Mangiola to translate the frenzied desire of online gratification into an impassioned routine which features Madonna and Florence and the Machine collaborator Amber Doyle alongside dancer-turned-model Louis McMiller. “Luke and Remi’s film feels magical but still of this world,” adds Belcen. “It was important for the styling to support this mix of reality and oddity.”

Staycation Live Music 2014

August 2, 2014
Staycation Live 2014

Staycation Live 2014

The Box Hill Bedlam Morris Dancers

The Box Hill Bedlam Morris Dancers

Andy accompanying Jewelia

Andy accompanying Jewelia

Jewelia acoustic set

Jewelia acoustic set

Jewelia acoustic set

Jewelia acoustic set

New Rising

New Rising

Tree House Fire

Tree House Fire

Three factors determine a good music festival: the weather, the food and the music.

Staycation Live manages all three: lovely sunny day, good food, excellent music.

River Wey

River Wey

But let’s add a couple more: lovely location in the park by the river and it is free.

It was forecast rain, early afternoon, dark clouds, a heavy downpour, then the sun came out.

I arrived around one o’clock, it started at midday, so I missed Spotlight Cannibal on the bandstand and Telephone Road in the cloisters. There were not a lot of people, but then it was threatening rain.

As I arrived, Morris Men, reason enough to wander into the town. The reason Morris Men, to keep the noise level down, so as to not disturb a wedding in the Parish Church. These were Morris Men with attitude, Dark Morris, The Box Hill Bedlam Morris Dancers. The music was good, as were they.

When people dress in traditional costume, play traditional music, I always find it dire. On the other hand, add a contemporary mix, and it is usually quite good, and that was true of The Box Hill Bedlam Morris Dancers.

I bumped into a friendly face from The Tumbledown Dick campaign. We both agreed, councillors in Aldershot and Farnborough retards. Godalming hosts a free music festival, wonderful atmosphere, good food. In Farnborough, councillors destroy c 1720s Tumbledown Dick for a drive-thru McDonald’s.

I wandered over to the cloisters which was an acoustic stage. Telephone Pole had just finished, and Jewelia was setting up. Jewelia was good, very good, backed by Andy on acoustic guitar. Mainly her own stuff, excellent rendition of You Know How I Feel, Nina Simone classic.

It was a pity the second half of her set was being drowned out by bells from the church. Then if that was not enough, the wedding party decided to muscle their way into the cloisters.

One has heard of people gate crashing a wedding, but a wedding gate crashing a music festival. They made themselves very unpopular. A pity they did not show the same consideration as had been shown to them.

Back to the bandstand where New Rising were playing. They did an excellent blues number.

Followed by an Argentinian group Silvestre y la Naranja. They were pretty dire. Time to to wander into the town.

afternoon tea at Café Mila

afternoon tea at Café Mila

Afternoon tea at Café Mila.

Sadly I missed whoever was splaying in the acoustic stage, and they had finished by five o’clock.

The timings between the two stages needed to have been better synched, ideally one is playing whist the other has change over.

Tree House Fire a rock-reggae fusion. At times brilliant, most of the time good, occasionally dire. They have a new album out, but not released until Monday. They played Staycation Live 2012.

The final act, Smoky Bastards, were unbelievably bad, it was almost as though a parody of a bad act.

Last year, everyone was selling CDs at a fiver. A fiver and people will part with their money and not think twice, make it a tenner and people will think twice. Last year bands were shifting their CDs, today those selling at a tenner were not.

Knowledge of bandcamp finally seems to be sinking into the conciousness of musicians, and yet perversely they are still not using. Announcing a new album on iTunes is crazy, anounce it on bandcamp. And to direct people to spotify it total insanity.

Two years ago, excellent food, then last year stainless steel burger vans, commercial tea and beer tents. Notice seem to have been taken, as no one was happy, this year back to local food and drink, Sail Bar with real ales, a hog roast, local Thai and vegetarian curries, and Dylan’s ice cream. A pity though the local butcher with his hog roast was not there.

Suggestions for next year:

  • local butcher with hog roast
  • Curries from Home
  • HoBo Co
  • Jimmy Bean
  • Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage in Guildford

Last act finished at 7-30, allowing daylight to clear up.

This is Godalming, no litter anywhere.

Staycation Live continues through the night in various pubs in the town, then back in the park on Sunday, midday until around eight o’clock.

My Sweet and Tender Beast

June 28, 2014

My Sweet and Tender Beast, a waltz by Eugen Doga.

Wonderful visual imagery.

The music sound like a film score, because it is a film score. It is from the Russian film A Hunting Accident (Мой ласковый и нежный зверь), based on the Anton Chekhov novel The Shooting Party (Драма на охоте).

Eugen Doga

Eugen Doga

Eugen Doga (1937- ) is a Romanian-Moldovan composer. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, he has lived in Moscow.

Thanks to Cristina.

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