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Protaras nighttime end of season

October 30, 2022

Streets deserted, many places, bars, restaurants closed.

Andama, one of the few restaurants open, not busy.

When I left Andama, it was not long after ten, but the deserted streets felt like early hours of the morning.

Spartiatis sea bream

October 28, 2022

Public holiday, Spartiatis packed.

Sea bream, sat outside.

When I finish, I move inside. Too cold to sit outside.

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

October 28, 2022

For the first time on many trips, local bus stopped at the top bus stop, giving me time not to explore but at least to walk through the sculpture park then pick up the InterCity Bus for Larnaca at the bottom entrance.

Coffee Lab Paralimni

October 27, 2022

Coffee Lab a Greek coffee chain. New to Paralimni. Located in the main square, opposite the bus station, overlooking the church.

Pleasant design, which immediately ruined with wide-screen TVs. Yes, sadly Cyprus, village mentality.

Allegedly specialty coffee, but would not know this from the mediocre cappuccino served.

Two bedroom apartment scam

October 27, 2022

Two bedroom apartment. On arrival, one bedroom apartment, sleep on a sofa in the lounge.

Even height of season, illegal overbooked, not possible to relocate, not acceptable. This is the end of season.

The owner of the apartment’ should have offered an alternative accommodation and paid compensation.

Three women, one child, arrived to find they did not have the two room apartment they had had booked.

But no, refused to act, here are worthless food vouchers, catch a bus to a restaurant. At scguess, their family restaurant.

The group sought my advice.

Take photos. Collect evidence.

Claim against whoever booked through.

File a complaint with Abta.

Post pictures on social media with relevant hash tags.

One-star review on Google maps, with description and pictures.

Tourism ministry must act to clean up the industry. Fine, drive cowboys out of the industry.

Tourism ministry must act on my advice a couple of years ago. Follow the example of Spain, every establishment, bar, restaurant, hotel and apartment, a complaints book, with prominent notice. Fill out a complaint, copy to client, to establishment, and government.

I have not named and shamed. I do not wish to on hearsay.

Protaras nighttime

October 18, 2022

Happy Days packed,and I was late.

Dreadful noise from Rockafellas across the street.

I wanted t-bone steak. Too big, far too big. I settled for sirloin steak. A disappointment. Mushroom soup excellent.

Midnight, street deserted apart from drunken scum.

Bus packed, Blacks and tourist.

A Black underclass, not seen except late at night when catching a bus after work.

Konnos Bay attacked whilst swimming

October 18, 2022

Swimming Konnos Beach, sharp pain in my leg. Happened a few times. First time I brushed something away from my leg.

When I came out of the water, blood streaming down my leg from whatever had attacked me. What, I have no idea.

Royal Thai Massage

October 17, 2022

Unreliable. Sadly very unreliable.

I passed by, closed, sign on the door  closed until 8-15 pm for massage.

I could have called the telephone number displayed, which did not show international code, but thought no, I’d disturb a massage.

I returned later, to be told we are closed.

I asked why then did the sign on the door not say closed, if closed, not open at 8-15?

Woman shouted at me, we are closed at nine, and did I not understand English? This from a Thai  (?) or Nepalese who is challenging someone with excellent English on their lack of understanding of English.  It was 8-20.

She then started shouting at me, why did I not telephone?

I once again referred her to her own sign, and added I did not wish to disturb whilst in the middle of a massage.

Woman very rude, lacking any comprehension of what constitutes consumer service.

I walked out.

Last week I had a massage. It was extremely painful.  Best described as torture. Two massage sessions elsewhere to recover. And I have still not fully recovered.

Why return? Curiousity. Could it be as bad as last week?

Ayia Napa Medieval Festival

October 12, 2022

Intercity Bus from Larnaca could not pass through to the main square (where I needed to change to local bus) road closed for Medieval Festival. I decided I would stay for the Medieval Festival.

Procession was quite short. A wander around the Medieval Market, then took my seat for the concert.

First half of the concert was spoilt by idiots standing in the aisle. When people asked them to move, they turned agressive and abusive. Where were the stewards.

I left part way through the second half of the concert.

A wander around the Medieval Market. Free red wine, a bottle of zivania.

It was then to eat, but first a massage.

Happy Days pork chop

October 10, 2022

I had wished for moussaka, Moussaka Monday included free wine, no moussaka.

I stayed and had pork chip with salad and chips plus free wine , preceded by excellent soup.

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