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24 Responses to “About”

  1. Peter Pavement Says:

    Dear Keith

    I’m currently setting up an online photo project called Snapshot Brighton – http://www.snapshotbrighton.co.uk

    It’s an arts project looking at how people can both submit to open art (or in this case photography) competitions and also how they can rate them too – “crowdsourced” judging if you like.

    What’s up so far is a “beta” version and I’m currently recruiting interesting photos to set the tone of the site before it launches in July. I saw your photos on the web and thought they’d really help, especially since most of our “guinea pig” photos are landscapes rather than people or objects.

    Would you consider submitting some of your work? Just got to the site and hit the “upload” tab.

    The project is mostly a side project for me (I’ve been doing an MA at the University of Brighton in Digital Media Arts) but it also helps my company research better ways to engage with cultural activities online.

    All the best

    Peter Pavement

    Surface Impression Ltd

    New address:
    40a Providence Place, Brighton, BN1 4GE

    New phone number:
    01273 683000

  2. Andrew Cort Says:


    I’ve just come upon your site and really enjoy it. We share a lot in common in terms of content and purpose, and I love the look and comprehensiveness of your terrific work.

    I’ve posted an anchored link to you on my site, Spirituality and Religion. (You can find it on the left side of each page, under “Some Other Great Sites”).

    I’d of course really appreciate it if you’d have a look at my site, and if you like it (I’m sure you will!) if you’d return the favor with a link to me (http://www.spirituality-and-religion.com) .

    Also: If you would like to post a Guest Blog on my site I’d be honored, and if you could ever use some extra content I’d be very happy to share a post with yours.


    Andrew Cort

    • keithpp Says:

      Very pleased you like. If I ever find the time I will take a look at your site.

      You are more than welcome to reproduce anything on your site. All I require is that you credit the source and provide a link to the original article.

  3. ALICIA Says:

    Buenas tardes, Keith.

    Mi nombre es Alicia y nos conocimos anoche en la actuación de “Ensamble dos orillas” en el Puerto de la Cruz.

    Ahora estaba visitado tu página y la de http://www.bandcamp.com

    Muchas gracias.

    Un saludo.

  4. Neeru Says:

    Hey Keith,

    loved your blog about Paulo, i wish to see him too. post me if you get to know is schedule

    Neeru 🙂

  5. Olga Primo Says:

    Olá Isadora, antes de tudo quero parabenizar você pela coragem e iniciativa tão cidadã de sua parte. Sou profissional da Educação e conheço vários problemas das Escolas, moro no E.S., um estado com uma educação bastante atrasada e preconceituosa. Nesta semana minha neta foi vítima de violência e de preconceito, violência de colegas de classe e preconceito por parte da escola. Gostaria de que você com sua influência abordasse esse assunto tão banalizado nas escolas, PRECONCEITOS, de raça, gênero e o mais sutil o machismo. Como as meninas, adolescentes e jovens em geral são alvo de machismo. Agradeço e peço que coloque essa questão tão importante em seu blog. Abraços. Olga

  6. Kiat Huang Says:

    Keith, I notice you write about Aldershot (where I live) and Brighton (where I lived a long time too). You sound very concerned about the heritage of Aldershot, as am I. There’s some stuff I’m working on with some folk here you might be interested in. Let me know if you have time to meet up in town.

    • Kiat Huang Says:

      Actually the invite also goes out to anyone looking at this blog in Aldershot too who has ideas about how to fix the town, letting off steam, etc…

  7. katherine Says:

    My name is Katherine, and I am emailing you with a couple questions regarding the Camino de Santiago. I am writing an article on the Camino for my school newspaper, and I am also doing the Camino de Santiago this summer. As well as information for this article, I am also doing this for information for me. Anyway, I would really appreciate your help and input!! Thanks!!

    How do you recommend someone trains for this?

    How heavy should your backpack be?

    What type of footwear do you recommend?

    What are the most important things to pack?

    Do you recommend hiking poles?

    What did you find to be the hardest part in hiking the Camino?

    What should people know about this particular trip?

    Any stories/comments/etc. you have would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thank you so much for your help!



  8. keithpp Says:

    I will try and be as helpful as I can.

    Walk as much as you can to get fit.

    Back pack as light as possible. Remember you have to carry it all day.

    To carry: Change of clothes, water, hat, something warm (it could get cold), sun cream, aloe vera (for being in sun all day), camera, charger.

    Shoes that you feel comfortable in. People often do a pair of heavy hiking boots. If this is something you do not normally wear, then you are going to feel very uncomfortable after a few miles.

    I have never used walking sticks.

    El Camino de Santiago is walked alone, then you meet folks en route. You walk it to bring something back, a changed person.






    Also read The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho.

  9. audiogoblog Says:

    Hi Keith,
    we have recently started selling this Radio 4 program, Honest Doubt: The History of an Epic Struggle on our website.

    Would you be interested in posting the news of its release or reviewing it for your site?


  10. FlourVonSponge Says:

    Hi Keith, I just read the comments you left me at my blog. Thank you very much. I’ll try to get round to replying to them later once the day is over.
    Have a good day and speak soon.

  11. Guildford Bloggers Says:

    Hi there

    I’d love to get in touch with you about a community website I am building after having the very first Bloggers meetup in Guildford – I hope it will be the start of something great and would love to talk to you about getting a guest post on our site? Talk soon

  12. Barnaby Says:

    Hi Keith,

    I have sent you an email on a subject of mutual interest, related to Rutherford College. Is you iberdata email still functional? If not, please can you let me have an alternative address so that I can resend? Regards, Barnaby

  13. Asha Says:

    Nice to meet you Keith. I was searching for a review of Coelho’s latest novel – Adultery and stumbled across your blog.

  14. keithpp Says:

    Hi Asha

    I have not yet reviewed Adultery, but have written on the difficulties of obtaining from WHSmith.

    The first chapter of Adultery can be read on-line (with links to reviews):

    View at Medium.com

    What little I have read, Adultery is excellent.

  15. Annabel Alford Says:

    Hi Keith
    We are launching a new restaurant in Guildford and would like to invite you to the launch. Please can you contact me with your email address.

  16. Nigel Killick Says:

    Hi Keith, I run a non profit podcast that is listened to 64 countries around the world for free and I am in the research stage of doing a radio program about George Abbott and was wounding if you would be willing to be interviewed for the program? Our podcaste is boardcast mostly through iTunes but can also checks us out at: http://www.people‘s.libsyn.com. My email is : nigel@jkillick.plus.com, please could you let me know if you would be willing to be part of the documentary? Regards Nigel Killick executive producer.

  17. John Says:

    Hi Keith, I’d like to send a quick proposal regarding walking routes around Guildford. please contact me john *at* voicemap *dot* me thanks

  18. Amber Says:

    Hi keith ..
    Just want to say I like the coffee from the be live hotel in Tenerife…..
    Nice to meet you kidda safe lad.

  19. keithpp Says:

    Amber ..

    Excelente coffee en Tenerife

    Café del Aguere en La Laguna



  20. keithpp Says:

    Amber ..

    Quality independent coffee shops in Manchester ad environs

    Ancoats Coffee Co

    Takk Coffee House

    Fig + Sparrow

    Tea Cup Kitchen

    Federal Cafe & Bar

    Grindsmith Pod

    Pot Kettle Black

    Caffeine and Co

    Coffee Fix

    Market House Coffee

  21. Tony Lea Says:

    Did you ever get a satisfactory answer from Lidl headquarters about the extremely poor attitude of the staff at the Aldershot store.

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