Ideas on Paper

Located in Cobden ChambersIdeas on Paper is not as I had originally thought a print studio.

I was referred by Wired, a coffee shop opposite the alley leading into Cobden Chambers, as they thought I may find Drift.

Very much like Magazine Brighton, only stocks books as well as magazines.

And yes, I did find Drift, and more to the point Drift volume 3 Havana edition.

Not only did I find Drift, but a wonderful collection of books and magazines, clearly a labour of love, the type of bookshop hidden away that is a delight to find exists.

Ideas on Paper is one of those bookshops where all too easy to spend a lot of money. Books worth reading, not the latest hyped celebrity crap dumped on Waterstone’s by the publishers.

I had a long and interesting chat with the owner, opening with a question may I take a few photos?  A large sign on entering warning phones and cameras not to be used.

I questioned why Where to Drink Coffee as must be the most useless guide ever published. There are excellent books on coffee, not stocked by Waterstone’s, if they do stock a book on coffee,  it is this useless book.

For introduction, Real Fresh Coffee and The World Atlas of Coffee. For a more in depth look,  Where the Wild Coffee Grows,  from where coffee originated in the cloud forests of Ethiopia, its spread around the world, the risks it now faces from leaf rust and climate change.  The Devil’s Cup and God in a Cup are both very readable. As is The Monk of Mokha, a fascinating account of a Yemeni guy and his desire to bring coffee out of Yemen.  Coffee Style has stunning imagery of coffee.  For guides cannot go far wrong with London Coffee and The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide.

Coffee Shop North caught my eye, stunning imagery of twenty three coffee shops in six northern towns and one city.  The book was crowdfunded.  Only available in indie coffee shops and bookshops in the towns and city featured.

Very much an idea I have had, slowly slowly evolving. In the meantime check out The Little Bicycle Coffee Shop.

Postcapitalism caught my eye. I suggested compliment with The Global Minotaur, And The Weak Shall Suffer What They Must? and Adults in the Room.

My attention was drawn to Ambrosia, very much the style of Drift, only instead of coffee it covers food.


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