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Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and thirty four

August 4, 2020

Cool morning. Afternoon warmed up as the sun came out.

New fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market. Quality, a novelty for Lincoln Central Market. Not to be confused with the outdoor stall that has relocated within the market.

Eat Out to Help Out an appalling waste of public money. It should be use to pay those who have yet to receive a penny then fund Basic Income and Green New Deal. And should we be encouraging Eat Out when covid-19 cases are rising?

We help indie coffee shops and restaurants close streets traffic free pedestrianise tables in the street.

Sickening Jeremy Hunt bragging he saved £50 on a hundred pound meal.

What of those dependent on food banks?

And did Eat Out to Help Out help Elite on the Bail? Maybe. I noticed more diners, it is never busy, but there were visitors in Bailgate and those dining were visitors. So maybe not.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.


Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and thirty one

August 1, 2020

A dozen passengers on bus into Lincoln luckily a double-decker and all went u on top deck.

Pleased to see 200 Degrees has finally arranged tables in the sterile space opposite. It has improved the ambience of Sincil Street.

Now we need to see streets closed, pedestrianised, traffic free, tables in the streets across the city.

Replacement fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market spot the customer.

Today the worst it has been in the city centre since Super Spreader Saturday. Too many people about.

No surprise covid-19 cases are now on the rise across the country.

Much as I like to walk up Steep Hill, today too lazy and to save time I hopped on the walk and ride bus and alighted at Lincoln Cathedral.

Instead of heading into Castle Hill where I see a craft market and into Bailgate, as a pleasant sunny day, I take a wander around the Cathedral.

The only interesting stall on the craft market, one with handmade soap. I suggested talk to the zero wastes tall on Lincoln Central Market.

One stall claimed artisan honey or maybe that was the name of the stall.

Artisan is a much abused term, but this is the worst example by far. Er, bees make honey. Artisan is applied to everything, artisan coffee, artisan bread, artisan cheese. It is an utterly meaningless term.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

I wished to buy craft beer in BeerHeadz. Crowded, noisy, loud music. I did not bother.

The Old Mouse House Cheese Shop, someone’s idea of a sick joke, award winning plastic wrapped fake Cheddar adulterated with zillions of additives

Walking back down Steep Hill I look in Bunty’s tea room. Never found open before. Cramped inside.

Back down in the High Street binge drinking bars packed, noisy.

The Worse by far Walkabout. Crowded, no social distancing, bellowing on midrophone.

Cappuccino Madame Waffle. Guest coffee from DT Coffee Roastery. Roasted last September, almost a year old, and yet still excellent.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty eight

July 29, 2020

A warm day.

Sincil Street trashed by dysfunctional local council in cahoots with local Coop, local family businesses destroyed. For what? Corporate chains can find anywhere and everywhere.

Laura Ashley clone Sea Salt empty. Lakeland purveyors of overpriced kitchenware empty.

I looked in Lakeland. Two ‘customers’ counting myself. I say ‘customers’ as we were not buying. I was looking for stove pot coffee maker. They did not have. Indeed complete lack of coffee equipment. No V60, no Chemex, no Aeropress, no swan-neck kettle, no digital scales.

Worthless jobsworths strike again. 200 Degrees had their tables spaced apart in the street, safe for every one, though should have been in the sterile space opposite the coffee shop not obstructing the thoroughfare. Now corralled into cramped tiny space beside the store frontage.

A couple of weeks ago council bully boys kicked a well run fruit and veg stall out of Lincoln Central Market. Always busy, generated at least 80% of market footfall. Remaining traders have seen business collapse.

Outside fruit and veg stall has relocated into the market. Deserted. One bored looking stallholder.

Haddock and chips at Elite on the Bail in Bailgate.

Walked back down Steep Hill.

Excellent cappuccino at Madame Waffle.

Unlike Lakeland, Madame Waffle has not only coffee making paraphenalia but also coffee beans on sale.

14-day quarantine UK arrivals from Spain

July 26, 2020

As of midnight last night, all arrivals into UK from Spain will have to go into 14-day quarantine.

Strictly speaking self-isolation, not quarantine.

For once the UK government has acted promptly.

14-day self-isolation for arrivals from Spain, FCO advice, do not travel to Spain (Balearic Islands and Canary Islands exempt).

Spanish holiday in Tenerife during the summer. Thus what is safe today may not remain safe.

The usual suspects are bleating, airlines, tour companies. They knew Spain was high risk, but happily transported tourists to Spain.

Reckless behaviour by Jet 2 encouraging tourists to ignore FCO advice and travel to Spain regardless. Those stupid enough to ignore FCO advice will invalidate their travel insurance.

Nothing surprises me cowboy Ryanair.

Countries across Europe are acting responsibly, restricting where visitors are from, who can enter the country.

More countries could be added at short notice to the UK quarantine list.

We can take the train. It will reduce CO2 emissions, but does nothing to halt the spread of covid-19. When we travel, we risk spreading covid-19.

Everyone entering UK should be scanned for high temperature, random testing of arrivals.

Those who travelled to Spain, should have known it was risky. Did travel companies like tui and Jet2 not warn them? I doubt it.

Only a couple of weeks ago, travel companies flew a plane load of willing lackeys who would write glowing reports it is safe.

If we look at affected regions in Spain, the numbers of covid-19 cases had shot up in the last few days.

The Spanish Foreign Minister who claims coronavirus under control, she also claims no political show trials in Catalonia, demonstrates her stupidity every time she opens her mouth.

If we look at USA, fast approaching 100,000 case per day.

Beaches packed, nightclubs and bars heaving. Only now has Barcelona shut down nightclubs, affected tourist areas shut down bars. In US very late in the day shut down bars.

Why were they ever open?

We should all be learning lessons.

We do not heed the whining from the tourist sector. They are not victims as they like to portray themselves, they are the perpetrators.

In England, why are pubs open? Why is The Lion and Snake and other pubs full of drunks, fights in the street, not closed, licence withdrawn?

Leicester in lockdown, why no roadblocks?

Bolton and other cities seeing sharp rise in cases, why no local lockdown?

Unless streets are closed traffic free tables in the street we are going to lose many local indie coffee shops and restaurants.

We must rethink tourism. In Venice they are rethinking tourism. It is ridiculous flying to a location for one week to sit in a bar full of drunken yobs from UK. We must encourage longer stay, direct bookings, end stranglehold of tour companies on the sector, quality tourists, fewer tourists, implement a post-pandemic doughnut economics recovery programme.

Few places are safe to travel to. It is not only the risk of quarantine on return, it is the risk of being stranded, of falling sick. Does your travel insurance even cover covid-19?

And those places that have had few cases, where unlike UK they acted quickly, will see cases rise if they permit visitors from countries like UK where covid-19 is not under control.

Those returning from Spain, or had their package holiday cancelled, will very soon discover the cover tui was offering not worth the paper it was written on.

Cancelled flights, refunds within seven days. Cancelled package holidays, refunds within fourteen days. But good luck with that as many are still waiting a refund.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty three

July 24, 2020

First day of mandatory face wearing in enclosed public space.

Miss a bus which turned up several minutes early. Took the opportunity for a walk along the River Witham.

Following bus no opening of door or turning off engine when bus waiting at bus stops. Bus hot, no air, made worse by wearing of face mask.

A hot day, feeling very unwell.

No one I speak to is happy wearing a face mask.

But if I visit indie businesses, in out within a few minutes, restrictions on numbers, doors open, risk minimal.

If we are to stay safe, social distance minimum 2m, avoid enclosed spaces, avoid crowded places, avoid supermarkets and shopping centres, avoid pubs, download and install German track and trace app and share with friends.

It puts the onus on the individual who will be blamed when the inevitable second wave breaks out.

Walking through Lincoln Central Market, dead. Well done dysfunctional Lincoln City Council, kick out a fruit and vegetable stall upon which people rely, destroy a local businesses, and destroy the other traders in the market who have seen business fall off the edge of a cliff. Contrast with Louth, where on a Wednesday a thriving market that brings folk into the town, what a market town should be like. But dysfunctional Lincoln City Council would rather bring in soulless chains and destroy local businesses.

As always, excellent haddock and chips at Elite on the Bail.

The Lion and Snake quiet but soon starts to kick of with rowdy drunks.

Noise in Castle Hill, horrendous noise from a busker.

Another example of dysfunctional Lincoln City Council. No action.

Same problem in High Street.

I looked in Imperial Teas on my way back down Steep Hill. Excellent bean-to-bar craft chocolate in stock from Original Beans and firetree. But very disappointed to find firetree has additives. Imperial Teas is the only stockist of quality chocolate in Lincoln. Forage and Fill in Lincoln Central Market are looking to stock quality chocolate, but not yet as too warm in the summer to stock chocolate.

Cappuccino at Madame Waffle. Opened a week or so ago. Not open Monday and Tuesday. I sat outside.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty

July 21, 2020

Half a dozen passengers on double-decker bus into town. Driver failed to open door or turn off engine whilst waiting at bus st=ops.

Busker blasting out the High Street causing a blood nuisance.

As always excellent haddock and chips at Elite on the Bail. Now open on Tuesday.

The Lion and Snake attracts drunken yobs, fights in the street, lack of bio-security, barrier obstructing footpath, negative impact on neighbouring businesses. Action by dysfunctional Lincoln City Council, especially since last week granted additional powers. Er, do nothing, tell impacted local businesses to deal with the problem themselves.

Tourist Information Office now open.

Back down in the city centre, busker still causing noise nuisance in the High Street, no action by dysfunctional Lincoln City Council.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma. I am the only customer.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and fifteen

July 16, 2020

Maybe half a dozen passengers on bus into Lincoln. Double-decker when a single decker would suffice. Passengers fail to social distance. Driver fails to open door or turn off engine when sitting at bus stops.

There appears to be fewer people in town.

Lincoln Central Market is dead. Traders say business has died since dysfunctional local council kicked out the fruit and vegetables stall.

Excellent fish n chips at Elite on the Bail.

One way through Lincoln Castle a pain as cannot walk back through. Could drive a coach and horses through the gates. More than an inconvenience, impacts on local businesses either side of Lincoln Castle.

Cappuccino at Stokes at The Lawn.

Experimental, evening on the terrace at Stokes at The Lawn. Until nine in the evening. If weather is fine then far better option than sitting in a pub. But for coffee cocktails need high end single origin coffee and if serving beer top end craft beer.

Talking to indie restaurants they all want tables in the streets but have heard nothing from dysfunctional local council. Maybe Lincoln Big and Visit Lincoln need to step in. If no tables in the street, many of these businesses will die.

Legislation currently passing through Parliament will enable this. A few days ago was on Third Reading. Once passed, submit an application. Council has to respond within 15 days, if not, obtain by default.

A range of jam and marmalade in Redhill Farm shop. Unlike dysfunctional Lincoln City Council they support local businesses.

Two jars of marmalade. Next will try a coffee, but first will need an espresso machine, scales, grinder and of course coffee.

Excellent ice cream from ice cream shop in Bailgate. Often a long queue. I had a couple of weeks ago a pistachio ice cream which I did not like. Lady said she does not have, therefore no idea what I had. Explains why it did not taste like pistachio.

Over a dozen passengers on bus out of Lincoln. I made the mistake of catching the bus when everyone leaves work. No traffic.

The Lion and Snake toilets dragged past drinkers emptied in the street

July 14, 2020

Super Spreader Saturday, The Lion and Snake in Bailgate full of drunken yobs. It slowly got worse with urinating up the wall.

The following Saturday calmer, two portable toilets against the wall.

Tuesday the toilets padlocked.

No attempt to control drinkers. Not allowed to move from tables. One gets up, walks over to shout at a drinker in Prince of Wales Inn.

An open lorry pulled up in the street. Man in shorts wearing no gloves manhandled one of the toilets into the street, helped by two bar staff neither wearing gloves, both then go back into the pub, one picks up a pint glass from one of the benches, thumb inside the glass. None were wearing face masks.

Toilet dragged into the street is then emptied and cleaned in the street outside a restaurant and food shop. Stench unpleasant.

The same again with the second second toilet, though without help of bar staff.

Liquid from toilet cleaning flowing in the street.

Those who witnessed what happened were shocked and disgusted.

This should not have happened. Toilets should have not been dragged past customers, should not be handled by bar staff not wearing disposable gloves, should not be emptied and cleaned in the street, worse still in front of food retailers and restaurants.

Toilets should have been collected when pub closed, taken back to company to be emptied and cleaned.

This would be bad any time due to risk of disease spread. This at time of coronavirus.

Pub should be closed until further notice.

Action is need by local environmental health officers.

Reclaim the Streets Lincoln revisited

July 13, 2020

Tables in the streets.

This is the norm everywhere in Europe.

Walk through the streets in Athens in the evening, the streets are the restaurants.

In North Laine in Brighton, the tables are in the streets.

Friday night in Soho, restaurants and coffee shops in the street.

Meanwhile in Lincoln, nada, such is the nature of this backward dysfunctional council, lacking in vision and imagination.

Only now is the council thinking about it. They have had weeks to prepare.

Soho has been in discussion with Westminster City Council for weeks. The result, Soho and Covent Garden, roads closed to traffic, tables in the streets.

Little indie coffee shops, tea shops, restaurants will not survive unless tables in the streets.

Locally, indie businesses have been pushing for this and hit a brick wall of council intransigence.

Finally there is a scheme, how long will will it take to apply and get permission, will it be granted before the end of summer? What is the procedure?

Saturday, I talked with a few indie businesses, they were not even aware of the scheme, Council had failed to inform them, let alone of the procedure.

I suggested apply. They were were reluctant to apply due to past intransigence of the council, saw it as waste of time and effort. I said go ahead, apply, let’s see what happens.

I have been pushing for this for weeks, reclaim the streets, close streets, pedestrianise, tables in the streets, No Smoking. Win win for everyone. Revitalises the local economy, helps local businesses, improves the city centre ambience.

Super Spreader Saturday Lincoln

July 4, 2020

The first duty of government is to keep us safe. Boris Johnson is failing in this duty. — George Monbiot

An exercise in crass stupidity and greed, Saturday 4 July lockdown day one hundred and three the nation enters a mutual suicide pact.

If you want to push the reinfection rate above one, guarantee a second wave, then the best way to do so is to encourage drunks into pubs to drink themselves senseless.

Hospitality is not all the same – coffee shops, tea shops, restaurants, pubs, binge drinking bars and hotels – therefore should not be all lumped together.

With Leicester in lockdown, it should have served as a warning not to open pubs, not relax 2m social distancing.

Rishi Sunak encouraging people to get out and support hospitality. Not all the same – coffee shops, tea shops, restaurants, pubs, binge drinking bars, hotels – should not be lumped together.

Noticeable the lack of social distancing, be it a queue for Primark, coffee shops or drunks packed into binge drinking bars.

Central Coffee House have expanded their seating are outside Lincoln Central Bus Station which improves an otherwise sterile empty space.

200 Degrees not busy. No surprise when Coffee Aroma open and busy.

People who do not like coffee sat outside Caffe Nero.

Pre-lockdown, binge drinking bars top end of Lincoln High Street a major problem with drunks spilling out into the street.

Punters packed into binge drinking bars. People outside, the queues got longer as the afternoon grew longer, gangs of yobs going from one bar to the next.

Why a barricade outside The Snake and Lion in Bailgate forcing people into the road into the path of cars?

Outside, noise of the drunks audible into Westgate.

Excellent lunch at Elite on the Bail, haddock and chips. I was the only customer. Later a large family group luckily seated far away from myself.

Indie coffee shops and restaurants could have opened weeks ago if allowed tables in the streets, streets closed to traffic, pedestrianised.

As the afternoon wore on drunks getting worse and worse. Gangs of yobs roaming around, fights breaking out.

Marston forcing staff into work.

This is to overload police and A&E.

Misto coffee shop not open. Fourth visit not open. Word on the street shut down by local council for lack of planning consent for coffee shop.

The Strait and Narrow not open. Not all bars motivated by greed, some have consideration for staff and customers.

It did not have to be. Indie coffee shops and restaurants could have opened weeks ago if enabled to put tables well spread out in the street, streets closed to traffic. Pubs should not be open until covid-19 under control. And then only outside seating, No Smoking, no groups, no rowdy behaviour, limit drinks to one pint of beer or equivalent per customer.

One pub on Steep Hill was quiet. They made the point the drunken yobs were not welcome and would not be allowed in.

Not all the pubs were bad. Prince of Wales Inn and Magna Carta were not attracting the drunken yobs.

Pubs have to remain closed for the foreseeable future.

Earlier I had looked in on Forage & Fill a zero waste stall in Lincoln Central Market.