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Winds of Change

July 24, 2019

Very moving BBC Radio 4 documentary on Winds of Change how it came to be written, impact on people’s lives, interwoven with East Berlin and fall of Berlin Wall, and hopes of people in Soviet Union.

Meant a lot to me as at Checkpoint Charlie in May, walked along a stretch of the Berlin Wall, was in East Berlin.

Also Rudolf Schenker of Scorpions a friend.

Had me in tears.

A pity BBC did not play song in full, spine chilling.

For me chilling to walk along the Berlin Wall, to visit Checkpoint Charlie.

Inspiration for Winds of Change was a peace concert in Moscow, and Perestroika under Mikhail Gorbachev.

When the Berlin Wall fell, people across Europe had hope.

Now we have a thuggish state in Russia headed by Vladimir Putin, rise of Fascism across Europe, political show trials in Spain.

Berlin 70

May 13, 2019

Sunday 12 May, seventy years ago marked the end of the Berlin Airlift.

At the end of the war, Germany was occupied and divided by the Allies, British Sector, American Sector, French Sector and Russian Sector.

Berlin was similarly divided.

Soviet Union declared their sector as East Germany, Berlin was cut off within East German.

Berlin was then physically cut off, the Berlin Blockade.

The Allies airlifted food and fuel to Berlin, one plane landing every three minutes for nearly a year. The largest airlift in history.

The first Soviet Cold War confrontation with the West which led to the formation of NATO.

As part of the celebrations Taxi Charity took RAF Veterans to Berlin and ferried them around in London taxis.

Mama’s Kitchen

May 12, 2019

Vietnamese restaurant

Food to say the least not very good.

Bonanza Coffee Heroes

May 12, 2019

I have heard good things, was recommended, but arrived on the dot of six, and they close on the dot of six.

Why close so early? People sat outside other places enjoying a lovely sunny day, why close at six?

A guy apologised.

But a woman claimed no one wished for coffee after six. Er, why were they busy, why were they turning people away?

She claimed they wanted a life. Do not work in coffee.

Had I not visited No Fire No Glory or on the way visited a street food market and eaten, which I would not have found had I not, then yes, not only would I have arrived in time for a coffee, I may also have had time to return to The Barn Roastery. But then had I done these things, I would not have visited the park at the end of the street.

Street Food Market in Berlin

May 12, 2019

Located roughly halfway between between No Fire no Glory and Bonanza Coffee Heroes and I only stumbled across by walking between the two.

An excellent and varied choice of street food.

I settled on Korean, deep fried vegetables with deep fried chicken.

It was excellent. Contrast with the visiting street food circuses that visit Lincoln.


No Fire No Glory

May 12, 2019

No Fire No Glory something of a disappointment.

Gust coffee from Triple Coffee Roast in Bristol.

My cappuccino weak, insipid amd milky.

The Barn Roastery

May 12, 2019

The second coffee shop to open after what is now known as Little Barn. A wharehouse roaastery with associated coffee shop.

I was there Sunday afternoon. No coffee roasting on a Sunday. Had I been there earlier, there was coffee cupping in the morning.

I did not a have a coffee as earlier at The Barn Hackescher Markt, the fourth and latest to open, and wished to try coffee somewhere other than The Barn and maybe return later.

Larger than their other coffee shops, with more on offer, inclding Standart and The World Atlas of Coffee.

Latest copy of Standart which I had only seen in Berlin.

Yuzu signature drink

May 12, 2019

Having watched several being prepared, I decided to try Yuzu signature drink at The Barn Hackescher Markt.

To make

  • ice and 50g tonic water
  • add 10g marmalade
  • double shot espresso
  • 1.5g cardamon whole
  • sprig of mint added
  • shaken not stirred
  • pour over the ice and tonic water
  • sprig of mint for decoration
  • paper straw
  • serve in a jam jar

Yuzu jam from Japan, but try high quality marmalade from local producer.

If possible serve in the jar and recycle the jars.

For espresso, single origin from Tanzania.

The Barn is using Sambewe, from a farmer’s coffee collective, Q grade 89,  bourbon washed, espresso roast.

Yuzu signature drink designed by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue.

An unusual drink.

Yuzu signature drink would be very refreshing on a hot day.


May 12, 2019

Hidden within the same network of courtyards as Ben Rahim.

Roast their own coffee.

I was somewhat disappointed with my cappuccino.

Ben Rahim

May 12, 2019

Ben Rahim named after the Tunisian owner.

Not easy to find, hidden within a network of courtyards.

Coffee from Square Mile.

I tried a cappuccino with Red Brick.

Disappointment compared with the quality in England.

Also tried a V60.

I was originally going to have a V60 but was curious how Red Brick would compare with the best in England, settled on a cappuccino.

The owner Ben Rahim was not there. Had he been, maybe I would have written a different account. A pity he was not there, as from what I saw, a man who takes his coffee seriously.