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Coffee advisor at Nespresso

May 31, 2022

Is this meant to be a joke? And not even the First of April.

Want to buy a machine? Internally all our machines are the same. All you are paying for is external appearance and attachment of gadgets and gizmos. Therefore if thinking of buying a machine, buy the cheapest at less than a hundred euros.

If thinking of buying a machine go for an Opal One, a superior machine at roughly double the price of the cheapest Nespresso machine. If want to splash out go for a Morning machine, roughly double the price again.

No, you are not joining an exclusive club with George Clooney.

If care about the environment, bear in mind that our capsules are composite materials, not easy to recycle, and will end up in landfill or incineration.

If you love coffee, and who doesn’t, there are independent roasteries with excellent coffee in capsules. An added bonus their capsules are aluminium or compostable, therefore not bad for the environment.  Compostable drop on the compost heap. Aluminium obtain a gadget to extract the spent coffee grounds, stack the empty capsules and drop in the recycling bin, the spent coffee grounds scatter on the garden or on the compost heap.

Our coffee advisor, yes he should be paid extra for working Sundays. But let us hope he provides worthwhile advice.

Nespresso is owned by Nestlé. Nestlé trading in Russia, complicit in Putin’s war crimes. Ukraine has asked boycott all companies trading in Russia.

Crushed potatoes with broad beans

May 29, 2022

I have been waiting for the first broad beans of the season to try this dish. From Summer Kitchens, a Ukrainian dish by Olia Hercules.

Broad beans need to be young and fresh. Too often neither.


  • Boston new potatoes
  • broad beans
  • small onion
  • spring onions
  • crème fraiche
  • knob of butter
  • fresh dill
  • season with salt and pepper


New potatoes, scrape, add to pan of cold salted water, bring to the boil. Simmer for around twenty minutes.

Broad beans, pod, cook in boiling water for a little over five minutes.

Thin strips of streaky bacon in a hot pan medium heat until turning brown. Add a little oil.

Add onions, cook a couple of minutes until soft.

Decant water from new potatoes and broad beans. Crush but not mash.

Add crushed potatoes and broad beans to bacon and sliced onions.

Add and stir in crème fraiche.

Add a knob of butter.

Add fresh dill. Season with salt and pepper.


Hot tip: When broad beans are not in season, use frozen broad beans. When new potatoes out of season, a couple of baked potatoes in the oven, scoop the cooked potatoes out of their skin. Personally I prefer to use what is in season.


A very tasty dish.

I tipped potatoes and broad beans into the frying pan with bacon and onions to crush. Maybe not a good idea as need to keep moving and started to burn. Maybe a better idea crush in the saucepan once water drained, then add to the bacon and onions. Crush not mash, to keep texture of the potatoes.

I lacked fresh dill. I was going to add dried dill but forgot.

i also forgot to season. Salt and pepper once on the plate.

Afternoon in Lincoln

May 28, 2022

i wiuld not usually go in to Lincoln two days in a row. Saturday a day to avoid. Nor would I after mowing the lawns. But needs must

i needed streaky bacon for a Ukrainian dish, crushed potaties and broad beans. I was going to have fir dinner today in having kicked up broad bra NH s yesterday but no streaky bacon.

i maje butcher as they are about to close.

Nanage to pick up a copy if Jamie’s Italy.

Moronic musuc from Cornhill CV I’ve thudding out. It is now attracting the dregs.

i maje Cheese Society before they close. Choice of three different Cheddar cheese. I pick one s year old.

Hirendius rackft in The Cheese Society. A group of drunk diners. Appalling behaviour.

Vert kate lunch at Slow Rise.

Mowing the lawns

May 28, 2022

i think I mowed the lawns in record time. Less than an hour and a half.

Earthed up the potatoes. I should have done a week ago. First spread compost.

Compost forked and lifted. Start to did out old compost. Coffee capsules have not even begun to decompose. Maybe ones I added end of season.

Little apples forming on the trees.

i would usually have a bath and a rest, but need to go into the city to pick up s few things.

Afternoon in Lincoln

May 27, 2022

Pleasant in the sun out of the wind, in the shade a cold wind blowing.

Two hours late setting off for Lincoln. Bus at least ten minutes late. Cold wind blowing.

Bus Station packed. Many angry people. No idea why . Maybe bus csncellations.

Walk & Ride failed to turn up. Next bus failed to turn up. Walked up Steep Hill. Hard work with heavy shopping.

Late lunch at Elite on the Bail.

i had hoped to pick up cheese at the Cheese Society but too late.

Coffee Aroma closed but tables and chairs not yet brought in. I join the guys for a chat.

Future Food Stars

May 26, 2022

series 1 episode 2

Chef Gordon Ramsay is willing to invest £150,000 in a food businesses, a future food star, but first they have to show they are worthy of his investment.

Watching twice, Gordon filleting a salmon I would still make a hash of it.

Feast in the Woods, another shambolic performance. Why cook what have no experience of?

I was reminded of stalls in Prague! Food over flames. It was not cooked. The flames licking at the meat for show.

The set up in the woods looked like something a local boy scout troop would set up.

A degree in event management sounds like something out of a Monty Python sketch. But to fair to the guy, he stepped up and had good organisation skills.

I have only recently been aware vegans will not touch honey. Completely bonkers. But then it is ludicrous the claim vegans are good for the environment.

No way would I pay fifty pounds for this experience. I would be reluctant to spend ten pounds

Back in London, assessment by Gordon Ramsay of their shambolic performance.

One team, only seven out of twelve guests were satisfied. The rival team, eleven out of twelve, the team looked relieved, then Gordon finished his sentence, would not pay.

I agreed with the choice of who was kicked off. She was arrogant, did not listen and failed in her role, added to which her business idea naff, bottled cocktails.

Steep Hill, a cocktail shop, never open, a front for another business selling bottled cocktails. Claimed to be cocktail kits only they are not. A kit would be all that is necessary, together with instructions to make cocktails cf a recipe box from Riverford. This is more akin to a ready meal that pop into an oven. No skill required. Is not part of the fun the making of the cocktail? One can visit M&S for a poor quality cocktail to pour out of a bottle.

Afternoon in Lincoln

May 24, 2022

Very heavy rain last night. Fortunate I mowed the lawns yesterday. I was not expecting to go into Lincoln today, I was expecting rain. No rain. I decided to risk it. Headed into Lincoln late.

A trip down to Super Lincs. I wanted a bottle of red wine from Moldova. I always pick up other things. I decided to try a different bottle of red wine from Moldova. I leave with a heavy bagof shopping.

Walking back up the High street enormous bang of thunder. Big black cloud heading my way. Am I in for a soaking.

I miss the Walk & Ride. At least I think I have. No one at the bus stop. I decide to catch the next bus.

Very wet at Bailgate. I am told the loud thunder I heard shook the buildings.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

I thought as last week craft beer at Slow Ride Very disappointed now Brew Dog.

Luckily i miss the rain.

Sainsbury’s proposed destruction of Ferry Lane and herbivore-grazed unspoilt pasture

May 23, 2022

Planning application Washingborough Ref – 22/0362/FUL

Ferry Lane a tree-lined country lane in the Lincolnshire village of Washingborough leading down to the River Witham where once there was a a ferry, hence the name. Bounded on either side by cattle-grazed pastures. From the main road, views across the fields, across the river, to the fields and hillside the other side of the river. Very popular with walkers and cyclists.

Sainsbury’s are wishing to destroy one of these fields with a a large supermarket, with car parking for 80 plus cars. The site is on a flood plain, an important carbon sink, important for wildlife. The supermarket will be a major traffic generator, the location suits Sainsbury’s due to its proximity to a recently opened bypass. It will draw traffic in off the bypass, plus through the village from more distance villages.

This planning application must be REJECTED.

The grounds for REJECTION are outlined below. Any single one is more than sufficient grounds for REJECTION.

destruction of Ferry Lane

A popular destination for walkers and cyclists, who then walk or ride along the old railway line, now part of a National Cycle Route.


A view across cattle-grazed pasture, across the river to green fields and a hillside will be destroyed by an ugly eyesore Sainsbury’s supermarket.

carbon sink

Rising sea levels, rising sea temperature, melting polar ice caps, record high global temperatures, record high carbon levels in the atmosphere, Arctic 20-30C above average, forest fires, floods, droughts.

In the last week, Spain hit 40C (a record for May), the Indian subcontinent temperatures have reached 49C. Humans and wildlife cannot survive in these high temperatures.

UK is signature to international treaty to keep temperature rise within 1.5 degrees, to limit the carbon in the atmosphere. We also have UK legalisation to limit the carbon in the atmosphere.

We limit carbon in the atmosphere through:

– drastically reducing our carbon emissions
– safeguarding and enhancing carbon sinks

The traffic generated by the supermarket would increase carbon emissions.

The field is an important carbon sink.

– herbivore grazed grass an important carbon sink
– the soil an important carbon sink

Sainsbury’s would not only increase the traffic, they would destroy a vital carbon sink.

Sainsbury’s claim to be offsetting carbon by sticking solar panels on the roof, using green electricity, charging points for electric vehicles.

Setting to one side the carbon offset scam, a market for spivs speculators and bankers, it does not counter the destruction of a carbon sink for the creation of a massive traffic generator.

If Sainsbury’s wish to stick solar panels on their stores, add charging points, that is fine, but are they, or is it simply greenwash to obtain planning consent? The charging points would be a requirement of any new development.

local wildlife

Unlike a field of crops, unspoilt pasture is teeming with wildlife. An important site for wildlife.

The development of the site would lead to destruction of an important wildlife site. The lighting would be detrimental to wildlife.

Sainsbury’s claim to be creating a wildlife habit at the rear of the store. This should be treated as a sick joke. They are creating ponds for runoff. These would be contaminated with oil from the parking. We have wetlands, the river and the drain, thus creating a couple of ponds no advantage, especially when polluted with runoff, and this does not mitigate destruction of unspoilt pasture.

In the vicinity otters and kingfishers.

Has an independent Environmental Impact Assessment been carried out? If not, why not?

mental health

There is a growing body of evidence of the importance of green space for our mental health and wellbeing.

When we destroy green space we not only destroy wildlife habitat and reduce biodiversity, we destabilise Gaia and damage our own mental health and wellbeing. 

food security

The one thing coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine, plus log jams at ports, has demonstrated, is the fragility of our food supply chains.

Global warming will make the fragility of our food supply chains worse.

We do not therefore destroy prime agricultural land for the profit motive of a greedy supermarket chain, especially when there are easily accessible alternatives to shop locally.


The recent opening of the bypass has led to a marked increase in traffic passing by Ferry Lane and through the village. Very noticeable when waiting at Ferry Lane Bus Stop for a bus into Lincoln. The level of traffic has more than doubled.

This development would lead to a substantial increase in traffic, as admitted by Sainsbury’s in their application for a pedestrian crossing.

Traffic lights at the railway bridge, slowed traffic will extend back to the roundabout on the bypass, then cause the bypass to back up.

Traffic will consist not only of cars, but also delivery lorries and vans.

Noise, pollution, CO2 emissions.

Locals will have difficulty getting in and out of their drives leading to inevitable accidents.

We should be reducing traffic, encouraging use of public transport, cycling walking, not generating more traffic.

job creation

The usual myth of job creation peddled.

Large supermarkets destroy jobs, they do not create jobs, if take account of jobs destroyed elsewhere in the retail sector.

If look at jobs per capital investment or jobs per square footage, it is lower than that in local small shops.

It is well documented large supermarkets do not create jobs, and yet they still peddle this myth.

local economy

Of no benefit to the local economy, whereas local businesses recycle money within the local economy, adding value to each and every pound spent. Large corporate stores drain money out of a local economy.

Sainsbury’s claim fresh bread, meat.

The dough is brought, in baked. We have a baker about to open in the village, Quality bread in Lincoln. Quality meat at the butcher in Heighington, and at Pepperdine’s and Redhill Farm shop in Lincoln.

Fruit and vegetables, street market in Lincoln High Street, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, greengrocer in Bailgate, farmers market once a month in Castle Hill in Lincoln.

The quality of produce from local businesses, and service, far higher than will find in Sainsbury’s.

And for those who wish to shop in supermarkets, no shortage in the locality. It could be argued there are too many, chasing a saturated market.

Lincoln or Heighington only a bus ride away.

Sainsbury’s claim to be reducing car trips (can use the bus), but clearly not the case else why a need for a car park for 80 plus cars?


A very dangerous president would be set.

Open season for commercial development all the way back to the bypass.

of no benefit to the village

This large store is not being proposed to benefit Washingborough, it is to add to the profit of Sainsbury’s to bring in customers from north and south of Lincoln via the bypass, and from surrounding villages further afield which will cause increased traffic through the narrow streets of Washingborough.

What would benefit Washingborough would be a small convenience store where currently located a pizza outlet. This would provide choice. Though I doubt sufficient demand in a village for two convenience stores when the village was not able to support three pubs.

No benefit, but large number of dis-benefits.


Shopped: The Shocking Power of British SupermarketsJoanna Blythman

Not On the Label: What Really Goes into the Food on Your PlateFelicity Lawrence
ReGenesisGeorge Monbiot

rev 1

Mowing the lawns

May 22, 2022

Mowing, a little hoeing.

Castle Hill farmers market

May 21, 2022

City centre busy, top of High Street packed.

Park & Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Castle Hill busy, Steep Hill busy.

Quick look around, will pop back after lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Three, market packs up. Crazy when busy.

Cheese and raw milk off cheese stall.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

No great fan of gin, cant stand the smell or taste. As a couple of customers wished to try in Steep Hill Wines, I thought I would try too.

The fist one looked black, jet black, take outside hold a glass in strong sunlight, and can see it is a very dark dirty green, Liquorice gin. No taste of gin, overwhelming liquorice.

Another had red apple and rhubarb. No smell or taste of gin. A fruity taste.

Another smelt of paint. No taste of gin, simply tasted absolutely disgusting.

No one drinks gin, they drink gin and tonic. I assume for the same reason syrups added to bad coffee, to take away the vile taste.

The Curiosity Shop, once a cocktail bar, has sat empty for weeks. Kicked out by a greedy landlord. Dysfunctional City Council has given the go ahead to an historic building to be gutted by a corporate chain.

City centre full of drunken scum.

Too late for a coffee.

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