Afternoon in Reading

This morning rain. Weather forecast for today did not say rain.

Check weather forecast again. Dry all day, heavy rain all day Tuesday.

Very cold in Reading, cold wind.

Chicken noodle soup in Mum Mum Vietnamese restaurant. Unlike Pho, where food is lukewarm to cold, soup is piping hot. Unlike last week, at least contains chicken. Problem is owner cutting corners, tells staff to cut the amount of chicken.

Cappuccino in Anonymous Coffee. Coffee is sourced from Union. Not very good, weak and insipid, with an unpleasant taste. Problem is Union will supply anyone.

I found a large lounge on the first floor, learn food at weekend, occasional evenings, plus wine tasting sessions which have to be booked on advance.

Entire shelf of wine books. I suggest also have books on coffee. I recommend Real Fresh Coffee and The Wold Atlas of Coffee, and subscribe to or buy Standart and Drift. If wish to add excellent reading on food then also Ambrosia and Om Nom.

Only a couple of customers.

Phone alley off Broad Street to visit one of the phone shops. Man quite helpful, as he was last week.

It is then to CUP, hidden behind Reading Minster.

Always a pleasant atmosphere.

Owner suggests I have a cappuccino, as her barista recently came seventh in the UK latte art championship. I would have had V60, as already had had a cappuccino, but only polite not to refuse, also I wished to try a cappuccino as I have been told The Roasting Party has gone downhill, and what I had two weeks ago from CUP opposite Reading Town Hall was not geet.

No, not as good as The Roasting Party used to be, though what I had from The City was better, though Coffee Lab have their own blend.

I was going to catch a train around 4-30, as getting cold and to miss the rush hour crush.

Every location, far longer than intended. I will not make 4-30. Not even 6-30. I go for 1902 to find cancelled. Then the nightmare begins, no trains no announcements, no explanation, no apology.

Next train for Gatwick, showing twenty minutes late.

Next train an hour later, comes into wrong platform.

As by now frozen decide to catch this train, even if later, as appears to be on time, as at least I can sit on a warm train out of the cold.

During this time no announcements.

Train does not leave on time. Train does not leave, told to catch earlier train. It does not leave either. After a long delay, it pulls out of the station, to stop 100 m from the station, where its sits.

Arrive North Camp Station at 2125. If trains running normally, approximately 30 minutes from Reading depending upon fast or slow train.

On leaving CUP it was raining. I did not expect rain, but then I did nit check for evening.

I go on a detour to a fish and chip show as hungry.

—- to be continued —-


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