Protaras late afternoon and early evening

June 2, 2023

Protaras late afternoon.

Stopped for a coffee and a chat at Fig Tree Bay.

Illegal bars have popped up. Why no action by the useless Mayor of Paralimni? He can pick a fight with the boats for no reason, but fails to take action where action is needed.

We now have enormous lifeguard look out posts along the beach. An eyesore on the beach.

Do not make it as far as the pier. Stop and have a chat with the guys from the water sports. Another act of crass stupidity by the Mayor, moving the water sports from their locations equidistant sling the beach.

A very long wait for the bus.

A warm evening. Warmer than it has been of late.

Larnaca afternoon

June 1, 2023

I missed local bus to catch intercity bus to Larnaca. Then along came a stopping bus that went to Larnaca.

On arrival at Larnaca, bus took a different route, not to the sea front. Ibalihhtrdvand walked to Nick’s Coffee Bike.

Excellent Ethiopian espresso at Nick’s Coffee Bike.

Walked to Paul’s Coffee Roaster. Stayed for a chat, maybe return later for a coffee.

Caught Koffea before it closed. Cappuccino.

Walked back to Paul’s Coffee Roaster, not time to stop.

Head to sea front to catch 1830 intercity bus, though to pleasant to leave early.

I arrived to find no bus, seafront closed for a festival.

I decide to stay and eat at Ithaki Garden.

Dinner at Ithaki Garden was not good. It used to be good. I had forgotten, no longer good.

Walk along the sea front to catch bus from new location. No bus. I check, I had times wrong.

Catch the stopping bus.

Andama restaurant pork chop

May 31, 2023

Tomato soup, followed by grilled pork chop with grilled vegetables and chips. The pork chop was a little dry, not as succulent as usual, nevertheless tasty.

Followed by coffee liqueur.

Ghetto cocktail bar espresso martini

May 31, 2023

Ghetto cocktail bar espresso martini
I had not intended to, I stay and have an espresso martini.
I frown on the use of Absolut vanilla vodka. But fortunately not overwhelmed by vanilla. I am intrigued, vanilla syrup instead of simple sugar syrup. I use agave syrup, adjusting for that it is one and a half times sweeter.

Protaras afternoon and evening

May 31, 2023

It was only intended to be an afternoon visit. It turned into afternoon and evening.

A visit to the doctor. Conjunctivitis. Prescribed drops and ointment.

Barbershop busy. Was it being offered a cold beer? Maybe. But at a guess, excellent barbeshop.

Pop in Ghetto cocktail bar. I had not intended, I stay and have an espresso martini.

.I miss a bus. Do I wait 20 minutes for the next bus, or stay and eat at Andama?

I stay and eat, tomato soup followed by grilled pork chop,, grilled vegetables and chips, followed by a coffee liqueur. It seemed strange eating in the daylight, but soon got dark.

Pelicano takeaway cappuccino and Standart

May 30, 2023

Pelicano takeaway cappuccino and Standart
People sat outside enjoying the sun. No one inside. They have opened a garden out the back. No time to check it out.
Usually a display of mouth watering cakes. Not today. I query. Not the usual selection
I ordered a cappuccino, Takeaway, no time to sit and relax with a coffee. Excellent.
I also pick a copy of Standart. Back copy. I probably already have. Pelicano used to stock Standart and Drift. Maybe not anymore, as Standart did not sell. Standart also shot themselves in the foot. They increased the minimum order for a decent discount, leaving coffee shops with unsold copies, then stopped supplying.

Coffee at 33 lunch and cappuccino

May 30, 2023

Coffee at 33 lunch and cappuccino
I was looking forward to Coffee at 33, my reason for a detour to Brighton. I was disappointed.
Not very good choice. I chose least worst choice. I left half eaten.
Cappuccino was not much better.
Two bags of coffee. Was this a wise move?
I should have headed to the station. Instead I head in the opposite direction to Pelicano.

Brighton fleeting visit

May 30, 2023

EasyJet would not let me check in luggage, too earlier. Go for a coffee and come back. OK, I’ll go to Brighton for a coffee. I think they thought I was joking. I wasn’t.
Luggage at left luggage, train to Brighton, a very expensive coffee.
Queue to use ticket machines, no ticket office. UK’s second busiest airport, one of the busiest stations, no ticket office.
Trains running late, or cancelled. Announcement, catch next train, followed by ticket must not be used on trains where not valid.
Welcome to UK where nothing works.
Train to Brighton running ten minutes late. Stuck behind slow train, arrives in Brighton over 15 minutes late. Guard announces entitled to a refund. I retain my ticket passing through the barrier.
Nearest coffee shop, Coffee at 33. Food does not look good. I choose least worst option. Not good, I leave half eaten. A cappuccino, not great. A shame as food and coffee was always excellent at Coffee at 33. I pick up two bags of coffee. A wise move?
A head back to the station, change my mind, head to Pelicano. Maybe not a wise move.
I look in what was Brighton Books, now a barber shop. I am told closed a year ago, don’t think has relocated, check online. Sad news. Excellent for high quality magazines like Standart and Drift. The only other place I know is Ideas on Paper in Nottingham, and it sadly closed at the start of the Pandemic.
People sat outside Pelicano. No one inside. They have now opened a garden out the back. A cappuccino, sadly has to be takeaway. I also pick up a back copy of Standart (which I probably already have).
Now pushing it to get back to Gatwick.
I pick fastest train. It arrives Gatwick several minutes late. Interesting conversation with a young guy from Canada. He is flying to Santorini, three days in Athens. I recommend places to visit.
Make left luggage with seconds to spare. Otherwise I would have had to pay for a  day not three hours.
I was thinking, if I do this again, breakfast earlier, spend longer in Brighton. On the other hand, if cannot check in luggage early, either going to have to leave luggage for the day (expensive) or cart around Brighton (not practical). Slightly baffled, I am sure in the past have been able to baggage drop the night before (maybe a different airline).
I am surprised Gatwick not busy. No queues immigration or security. The only pain is having to wind way through a shopping mall, when all wish to do is find the gate and leave.
At the gate, easyJet offering four passengers £500 each if they skip the flight, take next flight, and all costs covered. I cannot see how this would work, as would then have to find their luggage.
Flight full, and yet loads of room in the overhead lockers. Unusual.

Thyme restaurant Premium Inn Gatwick

May 29, 2023

For the standard of Gatwick, quite reasonable.

Tomato soup sent back, lukewarm.

Rib-eye steak reasonable, chips awful, mushroom cold.

Tiramisu reasonable.

I thought I’d sit in the bar, quiet drink, drunken scum made impossible. .

St Pancras Station nightmare

May 29, 2023

Thirty minutes to change trains from King’s Cross to St Pancras. Doable?

Climb up steps to the entrance. Walk in. No information, no staff.

Take a lift to a lower level. None the wiser.

Take lift back up. No not working. Eventually it works.

Ask. Told go back down to lower level. Lift not working. Find another lift.

Platform I require, long walk, a lower level.

I arrive to find train departing.

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