Louth farmers market

August 14, 2020

I was recommended visit the farmers market in Louth, the second Friday of the month.

It had to be better than the pathetic farmers market in Lincoln. It could not be worse, could it?

It was worse. One solitary stall., Yes there were other stalls, remnants of the Wednesday market.

It is aeasy to see why towns like Louth are failing when shops shut at three.

Seeing nothing wothwile on thre farers market, a qick skoot around before everything clsoed.

A buld suplly shop withsshovel at what one wants, clsoed at three. I got in befire three. A tiny shop, no social distancing when tow more cutomers walked in and stood by me, no doo open.

A chesse shop, I stood out side and wated and wated and waited. Tow cutomers pissing about. One of them could have ealked out, then I could have walked in. Three staff serving, well actually only one serving.

In the end I gave up.

Headed to Auction House, to be told kitchen clsoed, anywway we shut at theee.

Eralie I had passed by …, sopped an dlooked, to be told we are clsoed. It was  aliitle after two.

I had stopped na dhad an intresting chat ina wholefood coop. I commented on their latge selction of chocilate, a pity all from industraisl conglonerates and not quality chocilate. The man seeving I had a lone and intrtsing chat with.

Looked in a butcher, mental nore to op back later.

Down a side street,a little vegaratian trstauatns aboyt to clsoe, almiost thre. Very limited chice, I counted maybe four choises disdoalyed on a wall. I thought maybe specauils, looked in he medu that had bene brought to the table. No, menu listed sandwtaches, And nit soeating I woukd wusg to handel at thre best of times, and crtainly not during covid-19 pansdemci.

Mu conatact details were not taken. Nor were tehy vhen Iate at Aucutiaon Hosue a couple of weeks ago.

I aordere quiche new poataes an slad.

Lady aoplogised she closed at threem said she use dto be open until four but no buisinesses.

I guess catch 22. Poor choise, no customers, no custoners not feasibe to offer wider choice.

Now around 3-15, I thought pop back to chsse shop, I maye be in lick. but no. The shop with sthe loose nust etsct hawa sakredy closed.

Louth has nany intereing little shops but to what ened if clsoe at three?

I manyed to find the butcehr I had passsed early.

— to be continuewed —

Relocated fruit and vegetable stall barely lasted a couple of weeks

August 14, 2020

Useless Lincoln City Council jobsworth kicked out a market trader from Lincoln Central Market who had been trading in the city centre for 35 years, who with his daughter continued to trade throughout the covid-19 pandemic, who set up a veg box scheme for the housebound.

S Sharpe and daughter accounted for at least 80% of market football. The few remaining  traders who were already struggling saw business collapse overnight.

Good news, said the useless jobsworth responsible for mismanagement of the market, we will relocate the outdoor fruit and vegetable stall into the market.

Lo and behold, a stall relocated by a few feet from outside the entrance to the market to inside the market.

And not a jot of difference to footfall.

At the relocated stall it was a game of spot the customer, that is when they were not arguing with customers.

Monday the stall was there, Friday it had gone, leaving behind an empty space.

Reported rusness, short-cahnge of customers, racist behavior.

Does the Council not vet traders? Appalling lack of due diligence by the usless jobswogh repoinsble for mismanment of the market.

This farce  another colossal fail by the useless jobsworth who mismanages the market.

One could not make up this shit if tried. Meanwhile the remaining traders suffer loss of business.

When will the useless jobsorth mismanaging Lincoln Central Market be fired? Why the detaky silince from local councillors?


— to be continued —-

lunch at Gino’s

August 10, 2020

After a wasted trip to Heighington for lunch, one pub closed the other so grim a lucky escape no food, I decide try Gino’s in Bailgate.

There are many Italian restaurants, depressing that few are worth a visit.

Gino’s lunchtime is usually empty, last week busier, today busier still. Whether summer visitors in Bailgate or the silly Eat Out to Help Out I do not know. Had it been busier, I would not have walked in, as reluctant to eat anywhere that is busy.

Service very very slow, bordering on terrible, though staff pleasant.

Whether normally this bad I do not know. Maybe staff on furlough, caught unawares by the sudden increase in numbers and not increased staffing levels.

I had to request the special lunchtime menu, which I had seen mentioned on the window. It was not brought to the table until I asked

It was not a lot different to the menu I was brought, the main difference the more expensive items missing and what was listed a lower price.

I had intended to order a pizza, and on the special menu significantly cheaper if chose a more expensive pizza. I changed my mind and decided to order one of the special dishes, pollo alla crema.

To say the least, pollo alla crema a grave disappointment. The sauce weak, insipid and watery, not as should be, the chips not good, and the salad limp not fresh.

I contrast with the same dish or at least similar pollo crema a fungi at Caffe Macchiato, the sauce thick and creamy, the salad always crisp and fresh.

I then made a mistake of ordering a coffee, a cappuccino. I would not usually order coffee in a restaurant and certainly not in an Italian restaurant as Italians are infamous for very bad coffee. But I was curious.

It was worse than I expected, all froth and foam. I dipped my spoon in delved deeper, froth and foam with a  slight brown stain. First sip, a mouthful of froth and foam, next try, a slight taste of the coffee, and it was vile, Italian cheap over-roasted commodity coffee.

Cappuccino left untouched.

On leaving I asked a lady at a table what she thought. She was not impressed, poor quality food, poor service, failed to mention 50% with East Out to Help Out.

Neither was it mentioned to me the 50% Eat Out to Help Out discount. At least not when menu was brought to the table nor when I ordered. If mentioned, maybe diners would do as I did and opt for a more expensive dish. It was only mentioned when the bill was brought to explain why a 50% discount on the bill.

If anyone does eat here, please do not order the coffee, walk through the grounds of Lincoln Castle or around the walls to Stokes at The Lawn, and if evening Thursday Friday or Saturday, can sit on the terrace in the evening.

I then went to the ice cream parlour in Bailgate.

After enjoying a coffee ice cream I walked down Steep Hill to take a coffee at Coffee Aroma.


Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and forty

August 10, 2020

After an abortive trip to Heighington for pub lunch, one pub closed the other so grim a lucky escape, it was head into Lincoln.

Stuck my head in Pepperdine’s to ask when were they closed? Four o’clock.

No one sat at the tables opposite 200 Degrees. Maybe lack of shade.

New fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market lacked half of what I wanted. But to be fair only opened last week and has yet to establish regular customers therefore stock control difficult.  And since to council bully boys evicted last month the one established fruit and veg stall locals have stopped going to the market, if can call it a market.


Was tempted whilst waiting for the Walk and Ride bus to save walking up Steep Hill to eat at the Caribbean restaurant near the bus stop. Very basic, no one around, and very loud music. Covid regulation bar loud music. But dysfunctional local council that could mot organise a piss up in a brewery fails to enforce.

As no pub lunch lunch at Heighington, I decided on a pizza at Gino’s in Bailgate. I had to ask for the special menu.  I decided instead on pollo alla crema. It was not good, the service was very poor.  I made the mistake of ordering a coffee. It was undrinkable and left untouched.

An ice cream from the ice cream parlour, if for no other reason than to take way the vile taste of the coffee.

It was then walk down Steep Hill.

A coffee at Coffee Aroma. A mistake, I should have had a cold beer. Why does no one do cold brew coffee?


Pub lunch Heighington

August 10, 2020

The intention was a detour into Heighington for a pub lunch only to find the pub was not open.

I was in two minds lunch at a pub as pubs not safe places to be with covid-19 on the rise, but if not crowded or maybe sit outside in the shade, only to find the Butcher and Beast was not open. Nothing to indicate why not open or when open, but the windows so cluttered with rubbish difficult to know. There is a board that says menu, with nothing.

I thought hang around for a bus then thought try The Turks Head. Never set foot in before, never will again. A Punch Tavern, business model, find a mug to relieve of their life savings, then find next mug. Recently changed hands. Grim inside, grim outside, outside seating in the car park, no shade, no food.

I waited for the next bus into Lincoln.


Spot the customer

August 7, 2020

Louth has a thriving market. Hull has Trinity Market. Lincoln a shabby, run down, badly managed Central Market.

When think it could not get any worse, beginning of last month dysfunctional Lincoln City Council responsible for the appalling state of the market kicked out on a whim the fruit and vegetable stall that accounted for at least 80% of the market footfall. The few remaining traders saw what little business there was collapse overnight.

End of last month, the outside fruit and vegetable stall relocated to the vacated pitch. If it did not generate footfall for the market when located outside the doors to the market it was highly unlikely to generate footfall for the market when it moved by a few feet. But who can comprehend the perverse mindset of worthless jobsworths? And so it has proved to be, not a jot of difference. From empty space to a bored stallholder staring into space.

It is now a case of spot the customer.

The kicked out stall, always busy, exceptionally busy on a Saturday.

Mid-week, not a single customer at the relocated stall, Saturday a solitary customer looking lost.

The local community is angry at the treatment of their regular stall and will not buy from the relocated stall. Poor quality produce, rudeness, and reports of short-changing does not help.

What dirty little backroom deal was cooked up by the local council? When did discussions start? What rent is being paid? This scandal will not go away. Local media needs to do some digging, fire off Freedom of Information requests.  A Judicial Review would be more than justified.

A deafening silence from local councillors. Maybe they are more concerned not putting at risk their nice little earner from the local coop.

The local community has three options

If do not wish to walk up Steep Hill, pick up the Walk and Ride bus from The Stonebow and alight at Lincoln Cathedral or Bailgate.

Steve and Beth established their veg box scheme during the height of coronavirus pandemic for people who were housebound. They should have received a Civic Award. Instead kicked out by council bully boys for daring to criticise mismanagement and appalling state of Lincoln Central Market.

Please sign the on-line petition objecting to the eviction.

If live in Lincoln please contact your local councillors and local Member of Parliament Karl McCartney and ask them to investigate the eviction, and at the very least go and visit the farm and talk to the former stallholders, talk to customers and check for themselves the facts not rely on officials running a vindictive vendetta for criticism of a badly run market.

sausage pepper and pasta

August 7, 2020

Pasta with sausage and pepper, plus a few other ingredients thrown in for good measure.

A post with a Jamie Oliver dish, but no link to what they have made.

I have never understood why people do this, mention something, but lack the courtesy to provide a link.

A search on keywords, I could not find the dish, but settled on something similar in a youtube video.

I did not have the exact ingredients, decided to settle on Lincolnshire sausages and pasta from Redhill Farm shop, a pepper off new fruit and vegetable stall at Lincoln Central Market, then improvise with what I had to hand, but roughly follow what Jamie Oliver had outlined.

Redhill Farm shop has excellent Lincolnshire sausages, I chose their chipolata version they happily did the pinch and twist, leaving me with little chipolatas of the correct size.

When I have their Lincoln sausages I buy four, quite large and sufficient for two people. Therefore 300g of the chipolatas would be ideal.

Extra virgin cold pressed rape seed oil. I lacked olive oil. I would have extra virgin cold pressed from a  deli in Athens.

Into the pan the chipolatas sizzling away. A mistake I made, did not brown them enough.

Layered fresh from the garden and from local fruit and vegetable shops, runner beans, a couple of florets from a cauliflower, chopped and diced red onion, sliced red pepper, sliced stick of celery.  No herbs, I was not able to obtain fresh herbs. Maybe something to grow on the patio in terracotta pots.

Sizzled away for ten minutes.

Add red cherry tomatoes sliced in half, water, balsamic vinegar, a sprinkling of pepper.  Simmer for twenty minutes.

I was using a large frying pan. Poured into a glassware casserole dish, which I had first warmed with hot water, then into an oven for 25 minutes at 180 C.

Pasta tortiglioni not ideal, dropped into a pan of boiling water, simmered for 12 minutes.

The dish was very tasty, no fresh herbs as not able to obtain.  The pasta though a grave disappointment.

Sacrilege, replace the pasta with new potatoes would improve the dish.



August 6, 2020

America performed by First Aid Kit to honour Polar Music Prize Laureate Paul Simon.

Very moving performance of Simon and Garfunkel class America by First Aid Kit (sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg) at Polar Music Prize 2012 to honour Laureate Paul Simon.

Paul Simon moved by their rendition of America.

The Polar Music Prize was founded in 1989, by the late Stig ”Stikkan” Anderson, publisher, lyricist and manager of ABBA, and he played a key role in their enormous success. The name of the prize stems from Anderson’s legendary record label, Polar Music.

The Polar Music Prize celebrates the power and importance of music and is awarded to individuals, groups or institutions in recognition of exceptional achievements.

The prestigious Polar Music Prize awards two Laureates in order to celebrate music in all its various forms and to emphasize the original intention of the Polar Music Prize: To break down musical boundaries by bringing together people from all the different worlds of music.

The board of the Polar Music Prize Foundation consists of representatives from the Stig Anderson family, SKAP (The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) and STIM (The Swedish Performing Rights Society). The task of scrutinizing nominations submitted and selecting the ultimate Laureates is empowered The Polar Music Award Committee comprising of internationally renowned artists and musicians as well as other key figures in the Swedish music industry.

New fruit and vegetable stall Lincoln Central Market

August 4, 2020

A new fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market.

This week, a new fruit and vegetable stall Nathan Willows Fresh Produce has opened within Lincoln Central Market.

Quality, a novelty for Lincoln Central Market.

Not to be confused with the outdoor stall that has relocated within the market.

It is still a great loss, the fruit and vegetable stall that has been kicked out by dysfunctional local council bully boys. Worthless jobsworths responsible should be fired, a public apology by the council and compensation to the stallholders. Remaining traders should be compensated for loss of business and receive a rent reduction. The evicted stall accounted for at least 80% of market footfall.

Those who miss Steve and Beth, subscribe to their veg box scheme, also visit when they have their farm shop up and running.

Quality is the norm Trinity Market in Hull, but a novelty for Lincoln where the dysfunctional council could not organise a piss up in a brewery and still lacks a viable market.

But the new stall is a step in the right direction and run by a pleasant and helpful young man.

All we now need to see is renovation, more quality stalls, and kick out the tat.

For those who can remember, the new fruit and veg stall is where there was once a short lived excellent spice stall.

The new fruit and vegetable stall is not only quality produce and excellent service, it is also zero waste plastic free, fresh produce is loose, buy as little or as much as want, pop in a brown paper bag and a strong brown paper carrier bag to carry it away.

The fruit and vegetable stall compliments Forage & Fill, the zero waste stall that opened a month ago, dried goods, soap, shampoo.


Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and thirty four

August 4, 2020

Cool morning. Afternoon warmed up as the sun came out.

New fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market. Quality, a novelty for Lincoln Central Market. Not to be confused with the outdoor stall that has relocated within the market.

Eat Out to Help Out an appalling waste of public money. It should be use to pay those who have yet to receive a penny then fund Basic Income and Green New Deal. And should we be encouraging Eat Out when covid-19 cases are rising?

We help indie coffee shops and restaurants close streets traffic free pedestrianise tables in the street.

Sickening Jeremy Hunt bragging he saved £50 on a hundred pound meal.

What of those dependent on food banks?

And did Eat Out to Help Out help Elite on the Bail? Maybe. I noticed more diners, it is never busy, but there were visitors in Bailgate and those dining were visitors. So maybe not.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.