Dubbed with a view

October 13, 2015

Overlooking the Bay at Crystal Springs.

Dinner at Vangelis

October 13, 2015

Last night, dinner at Vangelis.

Excellent tomato soup. Different to last time, no added potato. A big improvement.

Huge pork chop, and this  was small.  Succulent and tasty.

Greek salad. Not as good as Nicolas Tavern, but still good.

To drink water and a local beer from a microbrewery.

Complimentary sweet, a small cake.

I was later than usual. Before nine noise not too bad from rough bar Bell’s. After nine noisy and later very unpleasant. Loud moronic music, moronic DJ in love with his own voice shouting, drunks screaming and shouting. I would have sat in the garden out the back, but others had had the same idea.

There are two excellent traditional Greek-Cypriot tavernas in Protaras, Nicolas Tavern and Vangelis Taverna.

Vangelis Taverna is s long established family business. This summer first year in Protaras for the summer season. In a couple of weeks they will close and return to Paralimni.

Crystal Springs to Sirena Bay to marina at St Nicolas

October 12, 2015

Morning walk to Sirena Bay and onward to marina.

As far as the marina, but to have reached the church, I would have had to have walked around the marina.

Lizards scurrying across my path.

Hazy sun, hot and humid.

Crystal Springs to Ayias Triada

October 11, 2015

A morning walk along the coast from Crystal Springs heading northwards. A dusty track.

I thought walk for half an hour, turn around and walk back.

Not a walk for May or mid-summer, as would have been too hot.

I walked as far a small fishing harbour cum marina, with a small church. Ayias Triada.

What surprised me was how clear Famagusta in the distance.

I set off a little after eleven, I did not get back until a little after four. Not thinking I would be more than an hour, no water. My lips were cracked.

After a swim, I walked to Sirena Bay.

Champagne breakfast overlooking the sea

October 11, 2015

This morning champagne breakfast overlooking the sea

Dinner at Vangelis

October 10, 2015

Mushroom soup for starter.

Pork kebab, with pitta bread, grilled vegetables and chips.

To drink water and a small bottle of Leon.

My dinner shared with a cat and four kittens.

Tonight packed with Cypriots. I sat in the garden out the back.

Vangelis is one of many businesses being impacted by the noisy bars. Maybe when everywhere is closed the mayor and police will finally act.

Vangelis Tavern is a  long established family business. During the summer they close in Paralimni and open in Protaras. This is their first year in Protaras.

Champagne breakfast by the sea

October 10, 2015

This morning, champagne breakfast by the beach.

Dinner by the sea

October 9, 2015

This evening, dinner by the sea, at the restaurant of Vrissaki Beach Hotel.

For a buffet dinner, the quality was high. Had I eaten earlier, the quality would have been even higher.

A good choice, the leak and potato soup was excellent, the salads were well presented and fresh, the tortellini excellent.

Then sat by the coast path eating an apple and reading The Bat.

Is Biblio Globus heading into bankrupcy?

October 9, 2015

Last week, a Russian airline that is used by Biblio Globus went into bankrupcy, sending shock waves through the Cyprus tourist industry, already poised on the brink of collapse.

Would Russian tourists get home, would more Russian tourists come?

Thanks to the insanity of Vladimir Putin invading Ukraine, the Russian economy has collapsed, the rouble has collapsed.

Gas, a major Russian foreign currency earner, the markets for the gas are looking to alternatives, fracking, solar and other renewables. In Germany, the biggest market for Russian gas, several hundred community owned and controlled local grids have been created, supplied by renewable enegy. E.ON has stated it cannot compete with local grids.

The attacks on Syria, Putin opening a second front, caused the rouble to collapse by 50% in a single day.

Russian tourists pay Biblio Globus in roubles, Biblio Globus pays out in euros, euros which have to be bought with worthless roubles. Unless Biblio Globus has a cash mountain, or the banks will bail out Biblio Globus, how will it pay the hotels?

Already one hotel has not been paid. The hotel refused to serve breakfast, Biblio Globus bussed out its tourists, and is ironically suing the hotel. The hotel, with an exclusive contract with Biblio Globus, now sits empty.

A boat had not been paid for boat trips. Biblio Globus refused to pay. Biblio Globus was sued for the money owed.

How many hotels are owed money by Biblio Globus? How many will get paid?

What this highlights is the crass stupidity of dependency on a small number of tour companies, or even dependency on tour companies, when the internet makes direct booking so easy. Too many hotels are operating as though still in the 1960s.

Why are tourists booking trips through tour companies, not booking direct?

Boat trip on Napa King

October 9, 2015
boat trip on Napa King

boat trip on Napa King



Lovers Bridge

Lovers Bridge

Boat trip on Napa King, or strictly speaking Napa King II, to Famagusta, Cape Greco and Blue Lagoon to drop anchor and go swimming.

Famagusta is a ghost town, and has been since 1974 and the illegal invasion and occupation by Turkey.   Famagusta is viewed from afar. Boats can only go as far as the UN monitored Green Line which divides the island.

The Sunrise is an excellent fictional account of Famagusta c 1974.

Napa King was destroyed in a fire. It was then rebuilt. The story is told in a  book Cambridge University Press  teaching English as  a second language.

Aphrodite sails in the afternoon, yellow submarine morning and afternoon (passengers permitting).

There are occasional evening sailings.


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