Afternoon at Crystal Springs

May 21, 2016


Friday, pleasant afternoon relaxing in the shade in the terraced gardens at Crystal Springs overlooking the bay.

Special thanks to manager Nicos and his staff for their hospitality.


May 20, 2016




Sunrise at 0554 this morning.

EU democracy-free zone

May 19, 2016
The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. -- Paul Mason

The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. — Paul Mason

The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. — Paul Mason

I assume Paul Mason meant leave EU, but otherwise, yes, it is as simple as that.

EU is not a democracy, it was never intended to be a democracy, it was not designed to be a democracy. It is a democracy-free zone.

When those say we have a pooling of sovereignty they are talking nonsense.

A pooling of sovereignty is when countries cooperate for a  common aim, for example a shared defence policy, an example of which we have with Nato.

Countries did not pool sovereignty, they handed sovereignty over to the EU dictatorship.

When in Greece in January last year, Greece elected a new government, they were told by the EU that democracy did not count. For daring to challenge the EU, Greece was destroyed to set an example to other countries.

EU was established as  a cartel for Big Business.

EU is pushing in secret TTIP which will remove even the fig leaf of democratic accountability, handing conrol to global corporations.

In how many countries were the citizens granted a referendum to ask if they wished to join the EU?  Few, if any.

The EU is on the point of breaking up.

When UK leaves, it will collapse.

In Czech Republic, they  watching closely, and will demand a referendum to leave.

Other countries will follow.

Let us replace the EU, with cooperating European countries.

And please do not confuse EU with Europe.

Live music at Sfinx

May 19, 2016


Lithos, four peice rock band, only they were three and on Sunday they are five.


Me too.

Sfinx was empty, but then so was every other bar, few people on the street, restaurants already closed, assuming they had even opened.

Ghetto Cocktail Bar that I had looked in earlier had live music. It too was empty.

Live music at Ghetto Cocktail Bar

May 19, 2016


The Dingleberry live acoustic at Ghetto Cocktail Bar.

Walking there, few on the street, bars almost empty, restaurants already closed.

Having looked in, crossed the road to Sfinx where there was also live music.

Dinner at Nicolas Tavern

May 18, 2016


As always, excellent dinner at Nicolas Tavern.

For starters, chicken soup and mushroom soup.

Main course,  kleftico, lamb cooked slowly, slowly, slowly in a wood-fired clay oven. Served  with potatoes and a side salad.

For sweet, walked to patisserie amelie and had their excellent ice cream and a cappuccino.

Nicolas Tavern was not busy. No reflection upon Nicolas or the food, a reflection on the dire state of the tourist industry.

Restaurants opposite Nicolas Tavern, one had a handful of people, the other had closed down. Walking to patisserie amelie, restaurants were not open, either had closed down or closed early for lack of business.  Those that were still open, all but empty (though by now late at night).

Live music at Q club

May 17, 2016

Q club live music

Excellent live music at Q club in Protaras in Cyprus.

A duo, female singer, guy on keyboard.

A pity Guru did  their best to drown out with their moronic noise.

I suggested they record an album, place on bandcamp, also that they played at Sirena Bay.

A pleasant change, real live music, not some fake Lady Gaga and other rubbish, or the moronic thud, thud, thud, from Guru.

Politiciens vs Nuit Debout

May 16, 2016

Night after night, the good people of France have taken to the streets to protest against austerity.

Nominally a protest against the French government. In reality a protest against the undemocratic EU.

A couple of nights ago, the state struck back with violence, many peaceful protesters beaten and badly injured. Others teargassed.

When the state has to use force to subjugate its own people, the state has lost.

This is a foretaste of things to come, EU stormtroopers.

This is the beginning of the end of the EU. EU Spring, people are finally rising up against the corrupt undemocratic EU.

Boris criticised for comparing EU with Adolf Hitler

May 16, 2016

Former Mayor of London Boris Johnson has been criticised for comparing the EU with Nazi Germany, and yet history supports him. Not for nothing is the EU known as the Fourth Reich.

The EU was a Nazi project. A project to be established by military might, a Third Reich to last a thouand years.

Joseph Goebbels speaking in 1940:

The people of Europe understand increasingly that the great issues dividing us, when compared with those which will emerge and will be resolved between continents, are nothing but trivial family feuds. … In fifty years Europeans will not be thinking in terms of separate countries.

Arthus Seyss-Inquart, Minister of Security and the Interior in the post-Anschluss Nazi government, 1938, and later Prefect of Occuppied Holland, addressing his Dutch subjects:

Above and beyond the concept of the nation-state, the idea of a new community will transform the living space given us all by history into a new spiritual realm… The new Europe of solidarity and cooperation among all its peoples, a Europe without unemployment, without monetary crises, … will find an assured foundation and rapidly increasing prosperity once national economic barriers are removed.

Walther Funk, Finance Minister in Hitler’s government, 1942:

There must be a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests in certain cases to that of the European Community.

Memorandum of the Reich Chancellery, 9 July 1940, signed by Hermann Göring:

The solution to economic problems… with the eventual object of a European customs union and a free European market, a European clearing system and stable exchange rates in Europe, looking towards a European currency union.

Alberto de Stefani, Finance Minister in Mussolini’s government, 1941:

The results of excessive nationalism and territorial dismemberment are within the experience of all. There is only hope for peace by means of a process which on the one hand respects the inalienable fundamental patrimony of every nation but, on the other, moderates these and subordinates them to a continental policy… A European Union could not be subject to the variations of internal policy that are characteristic of liberal regimes.

Camillo Pellizi, editor of Civilita Fascista, in an article entiled ‘The Idea of Europe’:

A new Europe: that is the point, and that is the task before us. It does not mean that Italians and Germans and all other nations of the European family are to change their spots and become unrecognizable to themselves or to one another, from one day or one year to the next. It will be a new Europe because of the new inspiration and determining principle that will spring up among all these peoples. … The problem of the hierarchy of states will no longer arise. At least in its usual form, once we have cut off the dragon’s head; that is, the notion of state sovereignty. Moreover, this does not have to be done outright, but can be achieved indirectly, e.g. by creating interstate European bodies to look after certain common interests (exchange rates, communications, foreign trade etc….).

Vidkun Quisling, Norwegian Nazi Collaborator, ‘Prime Minister’ of Occupied Norway, 1942:

We must create a Europe that does not squander its blood and strength on internecine conflict, but forms a compact unity. In this way it will become richer, stronger and more civilized, and will recover its old place in the world. … National tensions and petty jealousies will lose their meaning in a Europe freely organised on a federal basis. World political development consists inevitably in the formation of larger political and economic spheres.

Adolph Hitler, addressing the Reichstag, 1936:

It is not very intelligent to imagine that in such a crowded house like that of Europe, a community of peoples can maintain different legal systems and different concepts of law for long.

Joseph Goebbels, 1940:

In my view a nation’s conception of its own freedom must be harmonised with present-day facts and simple questions of efficiency and purpose… Our only requirement of European states is that they be sincere and enthusiastic members of Europe.

But EU lacks the cruelty of Adolf Hitler, say the critics of Boris Johnson.

Try telling that to the Greeks.

Greeks dared challenge the EU. Instead of using tanks, banks were used. The result the same, EU has laid waste to Greece. The people are starving, infant mortality has risen, suicide rates have risen, the economy resembles that of a war ravaged country.

If the EU had an army, and it keeps pushing for one, EU jackboots would be stamping on the face of every Greek, with Made in Germany imprinted on the sole.

The EU as constituted, is a democracy-free zone, it has contempt for democracy built into its mindset, the countries of southern Europe exist as vassal states of the EU, their elites the Quizling governments of the EU.

The Syriza government in Greece, the equivalent of the Vichy Regime in German occupied France during WWII.

We have been here before.

Ken Livingstone dared to say that Hitler was in negotiations with Zionists to ship Jews to Palestine. For daring to state historical fact, Ken Livingstone was castigated by the mainstream media and suspended frm the Labour Party.

Destruction of Farnborough town centre

May 13, 2016
not only Farnborough trashed in Aldershot board-up shops

not only Farnborough trashed in Aldershot board-up shops

Aldershot recently re-paved streets being dug up

Aldershot recently re-paved streets being dug up

More hypocrisy from Gareth Lyon, wringing of hands, shedding of crocodile tears that Farnborough town centre has been trashed by KPI/St Modwen.

Gareth Lyon is one of the local councillors responsible for the destruction of The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s.

Lyon met behind closed doors with McDonald’s and stitched up a dirty little deal to destroy the pub. He then, as chair of the planning committee, had the stupidity to brag that the planning committee had approved the deal he had struck with McDonald’s

The destruction of Farnborough town centre did not just happen. It happened because useless councillors like Gareth Lyon  gave it the go ahead.

They rubber-stamped demolition of half the town centre for a Sainsbury’s supermarket.

Many small businesses were destroyed. Not only loss of livelihood,  in many cases loss of house if used as collateral for the businesses.

When retailers refused to vacate their premises, they were threatened with Compulsory Purchase Orders.

Families living at Firgrove Court, social housing, saw their homes destroyed for a car park for the supermarket.

The supermarket faces out of the town centre, to discourage leakage into the rest of the town centre. It is a trolley shop, empty into the boot of the car, drive home.

The supermarket it replaced in Kingsmead, was a basket shop, little and often, wander around the town. When it closed, Kinsgmead emptied of shoppers and retailers.

No one is surprised at the destruction of the town centre. That is the track record of St Modwen, they destroy town centres.

Destruction of Farnborough town centre approved by local councillors and never once questioned by the sycophantic local press. Indeed the local press simply year on year regurgitated press releases from the local developer and councillor more or less verbatim, and applauded the regeneration that was taking place. Only there was no regeneration, what was taking place was the trashing of a town centre.

One million pounds squandered repaving Queensmead. Shoddy workmanship, shoddy materials, and  now Queensmead floods every time there is a downpour of rain. And it did not even need repaving. The runway lights that lined the street,  are now being drilled out and the holes plugged with a dollop of tarmac.

To put the £1 million in context, that is the cost of relaying the setts in Guildford High Street.

Why therefore the Queensmead job so expensive? Incompetence? Backhanders?

This time of year people would be enjoying the flowering cherry trees at Firgrove Green. Not any more. Now we have an eyesore Premier Inn hotel on what was green space.

The other area of green space behind the Library, the council wish to see developed. More profit for greedy developers, more money sloshing around, more opportunity for palms to be greased.

And it is not only Farnborough the local council has destroyed.  They have done an excellent job destroying Aldershot Boarded-up shops, disgusting fast food outlets, binge drinking bars, gambling joints. The remaining shops are one by one pulling out, even the charity shops. The expensive repaving of the streets which was supposed to pull people in (only it did not) is already being dug up.


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