moussaka No 1 restaurant

October 19, 2020

It is strange moussaka one of the few dishes I had never eaten. Souvlaki, election, and more recently tsipira yes, moussakacnk. Not until a couple of years ago at a greasy spoon cafe run by Turks.

Moussaka us never the same, everyone has their own recipe never to be shared.

What u had today at No 1crestahranr excellent. Moussaka with salad and a small bottle of red wine.

Very few places open. I took a walk along the seafront then to number 1. Places that on avlrevios visit closed but stock inside now stopped of stock.

No 1crestuarant one of the few places open. I was their only customer, thecstreeta outside, the main street through Protaras, deserted.

— to be continued —

Svoulaki at Ithaki Garden

October 16, 2020

Earlier in the week I had eaten at Ithaki Garden, the service good, the food good. If not I would not have returned. I was therefore surprised the reviews commenting how bad the service. Tonight I learnt why. The service was appalling. Covid-19 biosecurity leaves much to be desired.

Ithaki Garden is hidden down an alley, somewhere to stumble upon. I have in the past used as a short cut, always empty.

This evening empty, only to be told every table reserved apart from the the one I was guided to.

More waiters than when I last visited and yet fewer customers, it was not even busy when I left.

A menu brought to my table, I was then ignored for ten minutes. I had not looked at the greasy menu, I knew what I wanted, souvlaki and could have taken my order ten minutes earlier. The greasy menu I did not touch.

Souvlaki reasonable, chips not. First visit I was given a choice. Noisy loud Germans at a nearby table were offered special of the day. I was not told of any specials. What constituted a salad a little bit of decoration on the side of my plate.

Red wine I ordered half way through my meal was reasonable.

At least one waitress wandering around with mask hanging around her mouth. This is the norm everywhere.

Covd-19 biosecurity left much to be desired. Waitress with mask hanging around her mouth, greasy menu, glass upturned on table. They did though have hand sanitiser.

Menu should be simplified, single printed sheet, which is then disposed of. Staff should at all times be wearing masks correctly covering nose and mouth.

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 16, 2020

Local bus to Ayia Napa then catch intercity bus to Larnaca.

Alight at sculpture park and walk through but take a different route.

Intercity Bus a minibus not a coach. Driver wearing nask dangling around moyh, same true of immigrant workers, kne not even wearing mssk shouting on phine.

Sal vack to marina then along seafront to case and short way along footpath

. Castle closed.

Lunch at Lazaris.

Koffea, we try coffee beans I have brought to try.

Quick visit to Paul’s Coffee Roaster and Nick’s Coffee Bike

Svoulaki at Ithaki Garden. After eating ealiervin the week, I checked reviews. Bad reviews for service

Tonight I learnt why. Terre service.

Intercity Bus from Larnaca a cod tag trap. Passengers not wearing masks correctly dangling around mouth.

— to be continued —

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

October 14, 2020

Yesterday, changing from local bus to Intercity Bus en route to Larnaca, I alighted at Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park and wandered through.

I noticed many new additions since my last visit a year ago.

Ithaki Garden

October 13, 2020

Cutting through an alley on my way from Paul’s Coffee Roaster to the seafront I pass through a square. Having found no bus at 1900 and the next bus the last bus 2045 I decide to eat at the restaurant that occupies the square.

Ithaki Garden a Greek restaurant.

I order souvlaki. It was excellent. I ordered red wine which was good.

A pleasant quiet place to eat of an evening.

On a par with Plaka. Far better than would find in Protaras.

— to be continued —


October 13, 2020

En route from Lazaris to Paul’s Coffee Roaster I pass by Kaffea# a little coffee bar o have not seen before. I see a sign had and decide to pop in and have a coffee.

— to be continued —

Lunch at Lazaris

October 13, 2020

Nothing to eat since breakfast I decided upon yoghurt and fresh fruit at Lazaris for lunch.

Sadly Lazaris gas gone downhill, once expert, still good but not as good as it was.

Fresh fruit in a bowl of Greek yoghurt with honey. The fresh fruit not freshly prepared, brown through oxidisation.

Loud music blasting out. No surprise everyone sat outside.

I sat outside but not pleasant due to noise and traffic pollution.

Back streets are being dug up and paved. A major disruption to local businesses. An appalling waste of money if do not pedestinise and close to traffic.

— to be continued —

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 13, 2020

Local bus to Ayia Napa to pick up InterCity bus to Larnaca.

Alight at Sculpture Park and wander through. I notice many new additions since my last visit a year ago.

Intercity Bus to Larnaca. Driver not wearing mask covering face, chatting and turning round to passenger entire journey.

Walk along seafront almost to Larnaca Castle then head to Church of St Lazarus and nearby Lazaris.

Lunch a bowl of Greek yoghurt with fruit at Lazaris.

Lazaris used to be excellent so long as avoid the undrinkable coffee. But sadly it has gone downhill. Still good but not as good. Loud music, no sruprise everyone sat outside, my yoghurt with fresh fruit the fruit not freshly prepared as going brown.

I sat outside where it it would be pleasant were it not for the traffic pollution.

The streets are being dug up and paved. Why are they then not pedestrianised as this would greatly improve the back streets of the old part of Larnaca?

I headed to Paul’s Coffee Roaster. The intention had been stop for a coffee and a chat then on to Nick’s Coffee Bike, but best laid plans and all that jazz.

En route I passed a little coffee bar, Kaffea, it was new. My eye caught by a sign saying taf. I decided to stop and have a coffee and that was as far as I got.

I was not going to make 1800 bus as i had intended.

I set off for Paul’s Coffee Roaster and used to get my bearings to head to Nick’s.

No time to stop. I head to sea front for 1900 bus, only to find not running. The next bus, the last bus, not until 2045.

Walking through an alley, itvpasses through a square. I decide to try and find as an open air restarant.

I find and decide to stay and eat. A Greek restaurant. I ask for svoulaki. It is excellent, far better than would get in Protaras.

I am in time to catch the last bus.

— to be continued —

Collapse of tourist industry in Protaras

October 10, 2020

Walking along the seafront Protaras brought home the scale of the collapse of the tourist industry. Closed and abandoned restaurants and hotels.

Restaurants empty shells.

Most of the hotels closed and abandoned, weeds growing in flower beds. Sunrise Beach Hotel pool drained but not secured or cordoned off.

Constantinos fake 5* hotel one of the few open, sunbeds jammed close to one another, not safe.

Early dinner at Nissiotis, a restaurant overlooking Protaras Pier.

Why printed menud of several shttest. Why not simplify the menu to one pronted sheetm which is then thriwn away?

Service iffy, but at keats staff were corredctkyh wearing gace maks, not dangling atroundtheir mouths. Generous portion size

Walking back a long the main road before reaching the main road hotels only opened last few years closed. Supermarkets bars closed. <

A couple of bars that are open not busy, loud music blasting out tables to close, high risk for covid-19.

The handful of restaurants that were open were busy, busy with Cypriots not tourists.


— to be continued —

Nick’s Coffee Bike

October 8, 2020

Once upon a time there was a bicycle strictly speaking a tricycle if wish to be pedantic parked outside Larnaca Marina serving coffee, the best coffee in Cyprus let alone Larnaca.

Alas no more, the bicycle has been retired. But all is not lost, the bicycle is parked up in a coffee shop of the same name. A coffee shop that sets new standards for Cyprus.

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