Cappuccino at Taf

October 22, 2018

From Coviar I try to find Mokka. I head off in the wrong direction and have to back track. I arrive to find closed.

I then head off to Taf.

Cappuccino then head over to Mr Bean.

It is now cold, dark and raining.


Roasting and cappuccino at Coviar

October 22, 2018

Through the National Garden, passed Taresso and on to Coviar.

A wild tortoise wandering in the National Garden. I found one in Hadrian’s Library yesterday.

It was fortunate I did not linger at Taresso, as caught Christos on his last roast of the day.

Watching, carefully sample the beans, then when satisfied, dropped to be rapidly cooled. If not rapidly cooled the beans will continue to roast as hot.

I was surprised to learn only rest the roasted beans for a day, as perceived wisdom is to leave to rest for a week.

A cappuccino for me.

A demonstration of latte art.

I then headed of to find Mokka. I had tried Saturday onply tp find closed. I headed off in the wrong direction, to arrive as they were closing.

On the way a bookshop with Hippie in window display, even a poster for Hippie on bookshop door.

I then headed to Taf.


October 21, 2018

I vised Warehouse last year. Service terrible, coffee awful.

I passed Taf on my way to an autonomous farmers market in Exarchia Square. I looked forward to a coffee on my return but sadly closed.

As Warehouse was nearby I decided to revisit.

Warehouse is more of a wine bar serving coffee than a coffee shop. In the cellar a couple of hundred different wines, wine by the bottle or glass, plus food.

Water was brought as soon as I found a table.  This is the norm in top coffee shops in Athens.

Curious, did they serve craft beer? Yes a choice of three, I chose one from northern Greece, one I had tried at Little Tree a few days earlier, the other from US I wasn’t interested in.

It is one of life’s ironies more likely to get a craft beer in a Greek coffee shop than a failing English pub.

What I had was excellent, reminiscent of Punk IPA.

What I did not like, strongly flavoured savories to accompany.

I then decided on a cappuccino. A choice of Ethiopian or Guatemalan. I chose the Guatemalan.

It was far better than what I had on my last visit. But not as good as the best coffee shops in Athens have to offer.

Service had improved since my last visit, but still not great.

I was there all afternoon until it got dark, chatting to a pleasant young English couple. Then,  and there is a first for everything, asked to vacate the table as booked.

We then walked in the direction of The Acropolis, through Monastiraki to Plaka.

Autonomous farmers market Exarchia Square

October 21, 2018

Autonomous farmers market held in Exarchia Square in Athens.

An informal market of local producers in the heart of the anarchist district of Athens.

Goats cheese, nuts, fruit and vegetables, honey, peanut butter, olive oil, wine, soap.

First and third Sunday of the month.

I bought excellent goats cheese, peanut butter and pistachio nuts.

Exarchia is a dangerous are of Athens. be wary.

I was informed faircoin in use on the market. I saw no evidence of this.

There was food, free food, but by the time I had looked around, all gone

I learnt of another market every day bar Sunday, in a squatted building, no prices, pay what you wish.

I then climbed a nearby hill.

On the way there, I passed Taf, which I thought I would visit later. Sadly closed.

Warehouse nearby, which I paid a visit.

Damaging impact of AirBnB on Athens

October 19, 2018

In Greece, it is a very Greek thing to do to sit and chat, and that is what I was doing all afternoon and evening whilst eating and having a beer or two whilst sat outside Little Tree, a bohemian bookshop cum coffee shop, a stone’s throw below The Acropolis.

We were talking about the destruction of Greece by the EU and turning Greece into a debtor’s prison, the money that flowed into Greece and straight back out to bail out French and German banks, the destruction of Greece to set an example to other vassal states that may think to challenge Greece.

The talk turned to AirBnB, money laundering, dirty Russian and Turkish and Chinese money being laundered to buy up whole neighbourhoods on the cheap, people being kicked out of their apartments, rents then being forced up.

Anther problem which is prevalent in Barcelona and Amsterdam, neighborhoods being turned into ghettos by bad tourists, apartments blocks, strangers wandering through.

The people I was conversing with had direct experiences, of drunk tourists, noise, threats of violence.

Lack of planning, tax avoidance, no insurance, local taxes not paid.

— to be continued —-


Lunch and at Little Tree

October 19, 2018

Little Tree is a lovely little bookshop cum coffee shop.

Having been wandering around The Acropolis late morning and early afternoon, I decided I needed something to eat.

Little Tree  is behind Acropolis Museum. As nearby, I thought have something to eat, then a coffee at The Underdog, then visit the Ancient Agora.

Nothing though eve goes to plan. The Acropolis was crowded, a cruise ship or maybe more than one. The streets clogged, named word with tour guides.

I thought a short stay at Little Tree. Rather than a short stop, I was thee until evening.

Service appalling, though not true of food or drink.

Water brought to my table and a simple menu.

A long wait until me order taken. Maybe not table service,, maybe I have to go and order.

Eventually I am asked but does not understanding what I am asking. Anther long wait. An even longer wait before food is served.

It was good, toasted bread used for a sandwich.

By now, my afternoon ruined or at least what I had planned.

Craft beer? I am brought back the menu. But my question not answered. Eventually I learn, microbreweries on the Greek islands.

I order red beer. Red beer. It was not red, and had no added ingredients to make red.

I order another.

Then I decide on yogurt and a cappuccino. I double check, the coffee is Taf.

Yogurt with fruit and nuts excellent, with added Greek honey. In a ceramic pot. Far alrger portion than I except. On leaving, I ask be put in a takeaway cup.

I have yet to see anyone actually buy a book.

little girl say in a  corner reading a book.

Little Tree a coop. Whether an open coop I do not know. I suggest they use faircoin, but maybe start with a few leaflets, host a talk.

Sunday I will visit a market in … where they use faircoin. The information centre I visited will not be open util after Sunday.

In Greece, it is a very Greek thing to sit and chat, and that is what I we were doing all afternoon and evening.

EU destruction of Greece, the damaging impact of AirnBnB on Athens. Dirty money laundered  to buy whole neighborhoods, areas being turned into tourist ghettos, bad tourists.

On leaving, walking along the street below The Acropolis, a  lovely little food shop.

Green olive oil? I am shown , a beautiful green colour, first of the new crop, only just a arrived in store.  I mention faircoin.

— to be continued —-

Moussaka at Restaurant Plaka

October 16, 2018

Excellent moussaka at Restaurant Plaka in the heart of Plaka.

For starters vegetable soup.

Red wine to accompany the moussaka.

The best moussaka I have ever had.

I never look at the menu. I go to the kitchen and ask what they have.

I thought it would be too cold to sit outside, but no, pleasantly cool. But by eleven turning cold and cold walking through Plaka half past eleven.

Open air theatre had a film starting 22-15. Maybe tomorrow.

Lunch at Lazarís Bakery Bar

October 16, 2018

Lazarís Bakery Bar is a sensitive restoration of an old building, a bakery cum coffee shop.

Everything speaks quality, the bread, the cakes, sadly not the coffee which is a corporate brand coffee.

We decided on a quick lunch, for me yogurt with fresh fruit, honey and walnuts. It was excellent, as was what my friend’s choice.

It would have been pleasant to sit outside but not possible due to noise of building works and pollution from passing traffic.

Why oh why does Larnaca not pedestrianise this area around St Lazarus Church, the back streets and the seafront, and for good measure an electic shuttle bus running from the marina along the seafront to Mackenzie Beach? This would be a far better investment and value for money than redevelopment of Mackenzie Beach which is little more than a gravy train for contractors with no public benefit.

It was then to Nick’s Coffee Bike but sadly no time for a coffee.

Grecian Park to Konnos Beach

October 16, 2018

Grecian Park overlooks Konnos Bay. Steps and a path lead down to Konnos Beach.

Sea warm at this time of the year for swimming.

Konnos Beach to Cyclops Cave

October 15, 2018

Konnos Bay, walk from Konnos Beach and along the coast past Cyclops Cave.

Then back to Konnos Beach swimming.