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Purple wheelie bin madness

September 30, 2021

North Kesteven a typical household has four wheelie bins.

  • black – general waste
  • green – recycling
  • brown – garden waste
  • purple – paper

The purple bin contents are sent direct to a paper mill.

But, pop paper in the recycling bin it will not be collected, drop shreded paper in the paper bin it will not be collected.

Make recycling difficult and people will not cooperate.


Lincoln a change in the weather

September 28, 2021

After a week or more of unseasonal warm sunny weather, autumn arrives cold wet and windy.

Morning sunny and pleasantly warm in the sun.

Currency exchange, had to phone the boss to get a code, to authorise transaction. Why are you using us? Er, I happen to be here. The world has gone mad.

Pino, a greasy spoon cafe. Changed owners not many months ago. Has changed hands again. I am asked to try a coffee. I try an espresso. My expectations low. I am pleasantly surprised.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail. As always deserted, though few people about. I do not understand how they survive. There fish n chips excellent. But an empty restaurant suggests otherwise.

On leaving Elite on the Bail it starts to rain. Now turning cold and wet.

Catch the Walk and Ride only fails to turn up. Walk down Steep Hill cold and wet

Pick up an umbrella from a charity shop.

Too late for a coffee at Coffee Aroma .

Mowing lawns before the rain

September 26, 2021

For several days,warm dry sunny weather, well above the seasonal norm with tempearures of 20-23C. With September heading for a record temprature high, although the new  week will see temperatures fall plus rain.

Lawns mowed, little grass cut.

Grass seed sowed.

Lincoln Autumn Equinix plus three

September 25, 2021

Dull and cloudy and yet pleasantly warm 21C afternoon.

Sunday forecast sunny 23C then downhill, cold and rainy.

City centre packed, Central Market deserted.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

lunch Elite on the Bail.

Walk down Steep Hill.

Exclent espresso at Madame Waffle.

First floor of M&S clothes, deserted, only two staff.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma I did not enjoy. My mistake. I should have had another espresso.

Strange, my coffee of choice was always a cappuccino or pour over or cold brew, now an espresso.

York Food Festival

September 24, 2021

The best that could be said, marginally better than the traveling junk food circus that periodically blights Lincoln High Street.

An interesting conversation with Riverford re deteriorating quality and poor service, though I hasten to add not as bad as Mindful Chef who are a fjdgrsce, claim to be ethical, something of an oxymoron when owned by castle.

Another recipe box company…. were a joke. There stall was quitewikfeittsrall bare, naxxda. When qjerjed, told to go on line.vtgen showed a few photos of produce. Why are they even there, is this not supposed to be a femebtayion of local produce.

A fish and chip, stomach churning stench claimed to be best in the country.

Chocolate wrapped in plastic. Bean-to-bar? Er, no, Belgium chocolate, bagged. Local, celebration official produce?

Why is plastic packaging permitted?

Gin, did k wish to try? No, I cannot stand gin.

Greek junk food.

A soup making machine. I discovered a taste

There are places to eat in York, excellent deli?

York Autumn Equinox plus two

September 24, 2021

A dull windy day, occasional sunny spells.

Unlike previous week, York Station not busy.

Along City Wall, descend to River Ouse at Barker Tower.

Linch at The Perky Peacock. I sat outside but eventually driven inside by noise from angle grinder on metal.

Looked in delightful deli in Lendal.

Found my way to Minster Gate Book Shop. Did not have The Foundation series as last week.

York Food Festival. The best to be said, not as bad as the traveling junk food circus that periodically blights Lincoln High Street.

As a result of my wasted detour to the food market, arrived to find Kiosk closing. No coffee.

Looked in at the Hairy Fig.

Takeaway espresso from Spring Espresso Lendal.

York Station with a few minutes to spare.

Train packed, very few wearing masks.

Salmon with slow roast tomatoes and potatoes

September 23, 2021

Two organic salmon steaks from Waitrose on Monday.

That evening Jamie Oliver on cooking salmon served with slow roast tomatoes.

Cherry tomatoes, some time done overripe some cut some not.

Potatoes cut into small chunks. Par boil for ten minutes.

Tomatoes and potatoes in a small tray, drizzle with olive oil, added salt.

Place in fan oven 180C for sixty minutes.

Salmon streaks drizzle with a little olive oil, sprinkle with a little salt.

Place in fan oven 180C for last twenty minutes.


Lincoln Autumn Equinox plus one

September 23, 2021

A little cooler today, strong wind blowing.

Not very busy in town centre.

Hopped on Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walked back down Steep Hill.

Guest coffee at Madame Waffle. Impressive aroma, especially as grinding beans. Espresso by contrast disappointing

… to be continued…

Nottingham Autumn Equinox

September 22, 2021

Autumn Equinox day and night equal. As we head into winter days get shorter nights get longer.

A lovely warm sunny afternoon in Nottingham.

Train to Nottingham, large number of passengers board at Newark, none are wearing masks.

At Nottingham, train pulls in way along the platform. Usually I head out the side entrance but would have had to walk back. I head out the front entrance

in station foyer, half a dozen Wise Owls. Last year they were in the streets. I have seen nothing. Lincoln Imp Trail, Sheffield Bears.

Looked in 200 Degrees. Empty, close at four.

Broadmarsh demolition in progress. Different route through to retail desolation on the other side.

The tacky hoardings outside Thea Caffea not acceptable.

Cappuccino at Cartwheel Coffee.

I learn there new bags are from recycled coffee cups.

interesting distribution tool. Needle like lins project down into the coffee, give it a whirl.

Cartwheel Coffee not busy.

Flower seller not around.

More retail desolation down a ride street.

I did not have what I had previously, fillings not to my liking.

Look in Kigali, head to Sneinton Market.b

I was pleased to find Yoke had not closed. A few weeks ago I found closed.

Look in Oxfam Shop. Raise issue of Tony’s Chocolonely, slave trade industrial low quality chocolate.

I comment on the cast iron columns holding up cast iron beams. I learn shop was there very first Boots store.

A plaque outside. So high up would never notice unless attention drawn to it, too jkghvup covered.

Head to Luisa’s. Try a new chocolate on which I can not comment as not yet launched.

I learn Bare Bones undercutting bean-to-bar chocolate makers to acquire market share. Not good behaviour.

Back to Kigali. Long chat about coffee. Did I pay last visit for Standart? I cannot recall. They cannot either but think I did. I guess if I did not they would remember.

I took along three bags of coffee from different roasteries, Mind the Cup, The Under Dog and Coffee Gems.

After an espresso, I head to the station. Makecrrainn with acfewcminutes to spare

train packed. Few wearing masks.

… to be continued …

Lincoln Autumn Equinox minus one

September 21, 2021

A lovely warm sunny day. 20C.

Claim by Lincolnshire Live litter in city centre not true.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

After lunch walk through Lincoln Castle to Stokes at The Lawn.

Lincoln Imps lined up. Removed last week from the streets, a week early due to vandalism At least three have been vandalised.

Tea at Stokes at The Lawn reasonable.

The Walk and Ride to town centre. I was about to walk through Lincoln Castle grounds when Walk and Rjdecturbed up. I hoped on.

Coffee at Coffee Aroma.

I learnt something interesting. Stokes, Imperial Teas, Coffee Aroma, all source their tea from same source.

Looked in Oxfam Bookshop. I raised how bad Saturday. Oxfam order their staff not to limit the number in the bookshop. This is appalling behaviour by Oxfam.

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