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Afternoon in Lincoln

July 7, 2022

Morning warm and muggy. I thought it might rain. Weather forecast, no rain. Afternoon, sun came out, very warm.

City centre very quiet.

Cornhill Cove unsightly eyesore. Surrounding businesses not happy. Moronic music thudding out all day, stench of junk food. Asked to turn down the noise, it goes quieter for a while, then turned back up.

Cornhill Cove an example of how Lincoln BIG squanders money extorted from local businesses.

No fruit and vegetable stall. I had to do a double think. Was it Wednesday?

Once again Deliveroo serfs causing a nuisance in pedestrianised areas.  Why no enforcement?

The world has gone stark staring bonkers. Walk & Ride about to pull away early. I question why. A traffic warden had warned could not wait at a bus stop. Across the road cars parked on double yellow lines.

A nice day,  I  decided  to walk up Steep Hill.  Top of the the High Street, I take a detour to The Cheese Society.

The Cheese Society empty. Usually very busy. I decide to stay and eat. Their food usually very good, but the last time I ate it was not very good. Tartiflette au reblochon was excellent, new potatoes with cheese baked in an oven, hence the long wait.

I suggest it would work well with fresh pasta when new potatoes are not in season. But then it would not be tartiflette au reblochon.

I pick up a couple of cheeses.

As I leave I suggest to a lady looking at the menu, try what I had. She thanks me

Now climb the hill on a full stomach.

I could have given Bailgate a miss, but need to visit the greengrocer.

Walking back down, guest coffee Panama Geisha at Madame Waffle. Excellent last week as espresso. Try as Japanese iced coffee. Not so good.

Pop in Oxfam Bookshop and pick up two Paulo Coelho books I had spotted earlier.

Burton Road Chippy

July 1, 2022

Burton Road Chippy used to be a restaurant. They have downsized and relocated.

Tuesday when I passed by closed. Today Friday open. Tables and chairs outside. A pleasant day, I decided to stop, sit outside with haddock and chips.

A big mistake. It was not good. I left half eaten. They were never good when a restaurant, now far worse.

The only good point, the staff pleasant and helpful.

I wish I had had a sandwich from Nonna Juana Deli. They need tables and chairs outside. Or failing that, a sandwich and eat in the castle grounds.

Nonna Juana Deli revisited

July 1, 2022

My second visit in a week to Nonna Juana Deli.

As earlier in the week, a steady stream of customers, mainly sandwiches, occasionally pasta.

The mushroom ravioli and cheesecake I picked up earlier in the week were amazing.

Today I am after beef lasagne (ordered the day before). I had not intended too, but I add cauliflower and coconut ravioli and cheesecake. I also add a can of cherry tomatoes.

I am curious, empanada. Argentinian version of Cornish pasty? Sort of, but lacks potatoes. They cook a beef empanada for me to try. Excellent. Until I realize it contains egg. They take it away in case I am sick. Had I thought at the time, I could have fished out the egg.

I suggest they prepare a version without egg.

They need tables and chairs outside.

Next visit, lacking tables and chairs, if a nice day, I will take a beef brisket sandwich and eat in the castle grounds.

Afternoon in Lincoln

July 1, 2022

I thought it would rain later. It did, but only a brief shower.

No 7 bus to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life.

Bus crowded. First time in weeks I have found the need to wear a mask. Coronavirus cases now rising rapidly. Only one other passenger wearing a mask.

Walked to Nonna Juana Deli. Picked up beef lasagne, cauliflower and coconut ravioli and cheesecake. Plus a can of tomatoes.

Passing by Burton Road Chippy tried haddock and chips. Not good, left half eaten.

If Nonna Juana Deli had seats outside I would have sat outside and had a sandwich. I think next time, buy a sandwich and eat in the castle grounds.

From greengrocer a couple of sweetcorn plants.

From Redhill farm shop Lincolnshire sausages. I will try in a casserole.

Walked back down Steep Hill.

Guest coffee Panama Geisha at Madame Waffle. This coffee from Ninety Plus roasted by Dark Woods incredible. Flavour was intense. Roasted for filter, we tried as espresso.

Cheesecake con dulce de leche

June 29, 2022

Excellent cheesecake, the best I have ever tasted.

Nonna Juana Deli has fresh made pasta made on site.

They also have the most amazing cheesecake.

It is worth a visit to Nonna Juana Deli for the cheesecake alone.

Nonna Juana Deli

June 28, 2022

My experience of Pasta le Disaster aka Pasta Evangelist was just that, a bloody disaster. Website not fit for purpose, order does not arrive, and the pasta when it arrives, I may as well get from Waitrose or M&S and save myself the hassle. Shipping fresh chilled pasta via a courier service is not viable. The only way is fresh made pasta, made locally, for a local market.

Last week I learnt of Nonna Juana Deli and decided to pay them a visit.

An attractive shop front and a very warm welcome when I walked in.

A lady taking orders and a chef. Our conversations switched between English and Spanish.

On sale fresh pasta, dried pasta, Argentina influenced savoury pastries, sandwiches and cakes.

They apologized for very little choice, closed Sunday and Monday, more choice later in the week.

I sampled lamb that was cooking. Excellent Also a couple of sauces.

I was offered home made pesto. Maybe another day.

I came away with mushroom ravioli (and verbal instructions on how to cook) and two slices of cheesecake.

I was tempted by lasagne, but for another day. Maybe beef lasagne.

Hopefully next visit they will be making the pasta in their open kitchen.

Use of WhatsApp not good. I recommended use Telegram.

I also recommended they were on Twitter.

Whilst I was there, a steady stream of customers.

Nonna Juana Deli will be at a food festival in the castle grounds next month. I walked through the castle grounds. No mention of the food festival.

I recommended a stall during the summer at the farmers market in Castle Hill and the Sleaford street food market.

We are sadly seeing more and more corporate chain eateries in Lincoln. By contrast, Nonna Juana Deli an independent local business where they care and are passionate about food, a breath of fresh air.

From the city centre, walk up Steep Hill to Castle Hill (or take Walk & Ride to Lincoln Cathedral), walk through the grounds of Lincoln Castle, head to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, walk along Burton Road, past a parade of shops and one of the last shops on the right. An alternative route, catch No 7 Ermine Bus from Central Bus Station, alight at the Museum of Lincolnshire life, then continue along Burton Road.

Afternoon in Lincoln

June 28, 2022

The morning cool to start. The afternoon warm and sunny.

Bus uphill from the bus station, to alight at Museum of Lincolnshire Life, then walk along Burton Road to find Nonna Juana Deli.

I passed Burton Road Chippy. It used to be a restaurant further up the road. Closed, now in a new location, fish n chip shop only. Not open.

i was looking for Nonna Juana Deli,. I thought I had passed it by, then there it was.

A long chat with the owners. Chef asked me to taste lamb he was cooking. It was excellent. I also tried a couple of sauces. I came away with mushroom ravioli and two slices of cheesecake. All the while I was there a steady stream of customers.

i walked a little further along Burton Road. What was Burton Road Chippy now Domino Pizza. They have turned what was the restaurant into an eyesore.

I walked back along Burton Road, through the grounds of Lincoln Castle’ into Bailgate.

I picked up sweetcorn plants from greengrocer at the back of Bailgate.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail. I was their one and only customer. I used to enjoy fish n chips at Elite in the Bail, not anymore.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

Look in Slow Rise. Recount my experience of Pasta le Disaster.

Lincoln BIG monkey business

June 13, 2022

Lincoln, a couple of months ago for a couple of weeks, animals covered in fake grass in the city centre.

An entirely pointless exercise, other than indicative of how Lincoln BIG squanders public money extorted from hard-stretched local businesses.

A poster encouraged download and install Loyal Free app to vote on which was the best animal. No option to say bloody waste of money. No mention, grant app access to personal data.

The reaction of the public: Steal the monkeys and trash the jeep.

If foolishly downloaded and installed Loyal Free app, uninstall, and demand Loyal Free delete the data acquired.

Sainsbury’s proposed destruction of Ferry Lane and herbivore-grazed unspoilt pasture

May 23, 2022

Planning application Washingborough Ref – 22/0362/FUL

Ferry Lane a tree-lined country lane in the Lincolnshire village of Washingborough leading down to the River Witham where once there was a a ferry, hence the name. Bounded on either side by cattle-grazed pastures. From the main road, views across the fields, across the river, to the fields and hillside the other side of the river. Very popular with walkers and cyclists.

Sainsbury’s are wishing to destroy one of these fields with a a large supermarket, with car parking for 80 plus cars. The site is on a flood plain, an important carbon sink, important for wildlife. The supermarket will be a major traffic generator, the location suits Sainsbury’s due to its proximity to a recently opened bypass. It will draw traffic in off the bypass, plus through the village from more distance villages.

This planning application must be REJECTED.

The grounds for REJECTION are outlined below. Any single one is more than sufficient grounds for REJECTION.

destruction of Ferry Lane

A popular destination for walkers and cyclists, who then walk or ride along the old railway line, now part of a National Cycle Route.


A view across cattle-grazed pasture, across the river to green fields and a hillside will be destroyed by an ugly eyesore Sainsbury’s supermarket.

carbon sink

Rising sea levels, rising sea temperature, melting polar ice caps, record high global temperatures, record high carbon levels in the atmosphere, Arctic 20-30C above average, forest fires, floods, droughts.

In the last week, Spain hit 40C (a record for May), the Indian subcontinent temperatures have reached 49C. Humans and wildlife cannot survive in these high temperatures.

UK is signature to international treaty to keep temperature rise within 1.5 degrees, to limit the carbon in the atmosphere. We also have UK legalisation to limit the carbon in the atmosphere.

We limit carbon in the atmosphere through:

– drastically reducing our carbon emissions
– safeguarding and enhancing carbon sinks

The traffic generated by the supermarket would increase carbon emissions.

The field is an important carbon sink.

– herbivore grazed grass an important carbon sink
– the soil an important carbon sink

Sainsbury’s would not only increase the traffic, they would destroy a vital carbon sink.

Sainsbury’s claim to be offsetting carbon by sticking solar panels on the roof, using green electricity, charging points for electric vehicles.

Setting to one side the carbon offset scam, a market for spivs speculators and bankers, it does not counter the destruction of a carbon sink for the creation of a massive traffic generator.

If Sainsbury’s wish to stick solar panels on their stores, add charging points, that is fine, but are they, or is it simply greenwash to obtain planning consent? The charging points would be a requirement of any new development.

local wildlife

Unlike a field of crops, unspoilt pasture is teeming with wildlife. An important site for wildlife.

The development of the site would lead to destruction of an important wildlife site. The lighting would be detrimental to wildlife.

Sainsbury’s claim to be creating a wildlife habit at the rear of the store. This should be treated as a sick joke. They are creating ponds for runoff. These would be contaminated with oil from the parking. We have wetlands, the river and the drain, thus creating a couple of ponds no advantage, especially when polluted with runoff, and this does not mitigate destruction of unspoilt pasture.

In the vicinity otters and kingfishers.

Has an independent Environmental Impact Assessment been carried out? If not, why not?

mental health

There is a growing body of evidence of the importance of green space for our mental health and wellbeing.

When we destroy green space we not only destroy wildlife habitat and reduce biodiversity, we destabilise Gaia and damage our own mental health and wellbeing. 

food security

The one thing coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine, plus log jams at ports, has demonstrated, is the fragility of our food supply chains.

Global warming will make the fragility of our food supply chains worse.

We do not therefore destroy prime agricultural land for the profit motive of a greedy supermarket chain, especially when there are easily accessible alternatives to shop locally.


The recent opening of the bypass has led to a marked increase in traffic passing by Ferry Lane and through the village. Very noticeable when waiting at Ferry Lane Bus Stop for a bus into Lincoln. The level of traffic has more than doubled.

This development would lead to a substantial increase in traffic, as admitted by Sainsbury’s in their application for a pedestrian crossing.

Traffic lights at the railway bridge, slowed traffic will extend back to the roundabout on the bypass, then cause the bypass to back up.

Traffic will consist not only of cars, but also delivery lorries and vans.

Noise, pollution, CO2 emissions.

Locals will have difficulty getting in and out of their drives leading to inevitable accidents.

We should be reducing traffic, encouraging use of public transport, cycling walking, not generating more traffic.

job creation

The usual myth of job creation peddled.

Large supermarkets destroy jobs, they do not create jobs, if take account of jobs destroyed elsewhere in the retail sector.

If look at jobs per capital investment or jobs per square footage, it is lower than that in local small shops.

It is well documented large supermarkets do not create jobs, and yet they still peddle this myth.

local economy

Of no benefit to the local economy, whereas local businesses recycle money within the local economy, adding value to each and every pound spent. Large corporate stores drain money out of a local economy.

Sainsbury’s claim fresh bread, meat.

The dough is brought, in baked. We have a baker about to open in the village, Quality bread in Lincoln. Quality meat at the butcher in Heighington, and at Pepperdine’s and Redhill Farm shop in Lincoln.

Fruit and vegetables, street market in Lincoln High Street, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, greengrocer in Bailgate, farmers market once a month in Castle Hill in Lincoln.

The quality of produce from local businesses, and service, far higher than will find in Sainsbury’s.

And for those who wish to shop in supermarkets, no shortage in the locality. It could be argued there are too many, chasing a saturated market.

Lincoln or Heighington only a bus ride away.

Sainsbury’s claim to be reducing car trips (can use the bus), but clearly not the case else why a need for a car park for 80 plus cars?


A very dangerous president would be set.

Open season for commercial development all the way back to the bypass.

of no benefit to the village

This large store is not being proposed to benefit Washingborough, it is to add to the profit of Sainsbury’s to bring in customers from north and south of Lincoln via the bypass, and from surrounding villages further afield which will cause increased traffic through the narrow streets of Washingborough.

What would benefit Washingborough would be a small convenience store where currently located a pizza outlet. This would provide choice. Though I doubt sufficient demand in a village for two convenience stores when the village was not able to support three pubs.

No benefit, but large number of dis-benefits.


Shopped: The Shocking Power of British SupermarketsJoanna Blythman

Not On the Label: What Really Goes into the Food on Your PlateFelicity Lawrence
ReGenesisGeorge Monbiot

rev 1

Fresh Local & Wild scam CLOSED

April 29, 2022

Not a viable business but then was never intended to be, a scam. The only surprise, did not close sooner.

This scam has been running across the country for over fifteen years, all that changes is the name of the scam.

A couple of weeks ago, looked like a Closing Down Sale. The week before closed looked like final days of a Closing Down Sale.

Traders whose stock is within the building should contact St Mark’s to gain access to recover their stock. If they do not act promptly they run the risk of losing their tock if bailiffs are sent in and seize their stock for unpaid debts.

Weird note on the door, closed to refurnishing, whatever that means.

Fresh Local & Wild are claiming they will re-open in June with ‘experienced staff’. This is insulting to the staff who have not been paid, especially the two experienced baristas. The closure is not the fault of the staff, closure is because it was a scam. And from where would they find staff or stock? Any staff would be warned, will not get paid, find another job. Traders, remove your stock, you will not be paid. And no reputable roastery would touch with a bargepole.

There are a number of questions that remain unanswered.

Why did St Mark’s not carry out due diligence? Or do they lease out units to any passing Del Boy?

Why are Lincolnshire Police refusing to investigate the scam? Maybe they should ask their colleagues in Manchester why they arrested Ted Ward in 2012? And liaise with colleagues in Shropshire, Glasgow, Cardiff.

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