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Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and eighteen

May 12, 2021

Pleasant afternoon in Lincoln, it did not rain.

Bus was almost empty, only two passengers.

Not acceptable, a public space only recently created off Sincil Street hijacked by the Botanist, a corporate chain.

Passing by Stokes on High Bridge, opening next week, Grand Opening on Tuesday

I hopped on the Walk and Ride bus to save time walking up Steep Hill. A larger bus. Why, when rarely any passengers?

Bailgate Deli revamped inside. I learn from the girl serving, Mindful Chef has a bad reputation. She did not know owned by Nestle.

I had fish n chips sat in the little square at Bailgate. Square deserted. Elite on the Bail open next week their restaurant.

I had looked in the greengrocer, but as no queue for fish n chips, I say I will pop back later. I pop back later to find closed.

Double check in Redhill Farm shop, yes there will be a famers market on Caste Hlll on Saturday, the third Saturday of the month.

I learn the little Post Office in Bailgate had changed hands. I thought maybe it has as the man I usually see no longer there. Those who have taken it over, useless.

TGI Friday, has either opened or about to open. Another crap corporate chain for Lincoln.

More or less opposite, another binge drinking bar to open.

A coffee outside Coffee Aroma. Unlike last week, I was not frozen.

Service in M&S Food Hall, the usual piss poor service, no tills open. This is the third visit no tills open. The first time, I complained to a suit, to be told it was my fault for not doing his job and finding a member of staff to open a till. Second time I found a member of staff to open a till. Today, no staff to be seen. A lady beckoned me over the the automated tills. I refused to use, a lady behind me also refused to use.

At the weekend, all Debenhams stores will close. Many already have closed. How long before failing M&S goes the same way as Debenhams?

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and seventeen

May 5, 2021

Last couple of days cold, heavy rain.

Today, cold, heavy rain later.

Cold sat outside Coffee Aroma.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

April 18, 2021

Saturday a lovely sunny day, lockdown day ninety-nine.

Tuesday I expected the bus to be busy, two passengers. Saturday I expected the bus to be busy, two passengers.

As last week, very little traffic into Lincoln. But, as Tuesday, a lot of traffic within the town centre.

Tuesday I expected the town to be busy, it was but not as bad as I had feared.

Saturday it was horrendous far worse than I expected. The town centre packed with people, worse than anything since August, apart from when the dysfunctional city council decided to hold a junk food festival in the middle of a pandemic. Far too many people.

I was pleased to find PC Coaches now running the Walk and Ride. I hopped on, saved time, I was on my way to the farmers market.

Fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market told me there was a famers market. The last three months there has been no farmers market, nor was there one in November.

Lots of tourists milling around, long queue outside the ice cream shop. Even the Tourist Information Office was open.

Chat with some of the stall holders. Cheese stall I asked why the milk was semi-skilled. I was told it was not, straight out of the cow. Vegans, is the cheese vegan, no it is real milk from a grass-grazed vegan cow.

Crass stupidity of environmental health officer, objecting to the sanitiser wipes on the stall.

Long chat with man selling soap. He said too many are melt and pour. Sums up many selling what is claimed to be artisan chocolate.

A new charity shop in Bailgate, or so I thought, except not, has a board outside saying a charity shop.

Excellent haddock and chips from Elite on the Bail. And yet quiet, no queue, and in the little square where I sit, not busy.

The Snake and Lion not as bad as I expected.

I kept looking a my, watch had it stopped, why the wrong time? No, it was the tolling of a bell from Lincoln Cathedral for the funeral of Prince Philip.

Three o’clock, a minute’s silence for the funeral of Prince Philip. Not respected by the drunken scum at The Lion and Snake.

Walking past The Lion and Snake after eating my lunch, noisy, drunken scum shouting, no social distancing. Why is this pub not shut down and landlord stripped of licence? Last year, fights in the street, urinating up the wall. Saturday I saw no portaloos. I was told Friday night was bad. At a guess, far worse Saturday night.

Walking sown Steep Hill, surprised to find the shop selling Lincolnshire produce not open.

I looked in Imperial Teas. I wished to tell the owner, green bens from Cameroon had arrived. But now only there on a Monday. I left a message

The young lady, always helpful, has done an excellent job on their displays. But a customer wished to enter. I pop back out then another customer wished to come in.

I wanted a French Press. I wanted to look at several, luckily on display. Too much to carry. I will try another day.

Glassware for tea and coffee I have never seen before. Simple Lab a Hong Kong based company.

I tried to remember, of course, I forgot. I did take photos, but could not read.

I looked up on their website. No name, other than the name of any individual piece. Check out their website, stunning photos. Imperial Teas must have the largest collection of tea and coffee making paraphernalia of any site.

I worked backwards, and found the company, Hong Kong based Simple Lab, the name I could not remember. I found through the name of a range of products Micro.

Long queue outside ice cream parlour on The Strait. I would not recommend.

I looked in the art shop on The Strait, opposite the ice cream parlour. I often pass by and look in their window, but have never in the past ventured inside. Upstairs a a small gallery. Very steep and narrow stairs to climb.

Sit outside Coffee Aroma with a coffee. Now too cold.

Whilst sat outside Coffee Aroma, an idiot drives through the pedestrianised street the wrong way, turns around, parks outside the bank, then goes for a walk.

Walking through Sincil Street heading to the Bus Station, an idiot drives through, turns around, parks outside Everyman Cinema.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty-three

April 1, 2021

Tuesday a hot sunny day, warm air blowing in from the south.

Today two days later, winter has returned, no sun, cold, a cold northerly wind blowing.

Lincoln City Council seem determined to destroy Lincoln Central Market. A stall has opened selling disgusting Greek junk food.

Looked in Wilkinson’s. curious how much a French press. Cheap and tacky no thanks. On leaving a long queue at the checkout no social distancing.

Excellent coffee from Coffee Aroma.

— to b econtinued —

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty-one

March 30, 2021

Second day of another relaxation of lockdown.

I expected many people in town. Outside Bus Station busy but elsewhere not

A hot day. Hottest day of the year, 25C in Kew Gardens.

Back way up Steep Hill.

Fish n chips from Elite and the Bail.

Back down Steep Hill.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty

March 25, 2021

A lovely warm sunny spring day, though in the shade, in the wind, cool.

Lincoln Central Bus Station deserted.

Back way up Steep Hill.

I look in Bookstop Cafe. Cafe was closed on Tuesday. Thanked for directing a delivery on Tuesday to Imperial Teas. I ask why do not have some of the items from Imperial Teas on sale. Good idea. Do not know. But hopefully will be open within a couple of weeks.

Shop selling Lincolnshire produce not open. Last time I passed by said open Thursday Friday and Saturday,

Look in Lincoln Eco Pantry. I recommend from where to obtain pasta. Also suggest jute bags from Stokes at the Lawn, make into tote bags.

I learn from Redhill Farm Shop that a farmers market did not take place last weekend. This is the third month no farmers market.

Fish n chips from Elite on the Bail.

Excellent cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Surprised to find specialty coffee on sale in M&S. Though they have started selling single origin chocolate. Out of curiosity I pick up a bag, Rwanda Sholi.

I have missed the bus, I take my time, have a wander around.

Peanut butter. Bulked out with sunflower oil and palm oil. Coconut milk, additives. That from Riverford coconut milk, nothing else.

No till manned, not a single till manned. A lady beckons me over to the self-service and check through the shopping.

I raise with a suit. I am told I am at fault for not getting a member of staff to man the tills. Easy to see why M&S a failing retailer service an alien concept.

— to be continued —

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy-four

March 19, 2021

Damp wet drizzly morning, cool.

Main display at Lincoln Central Bus Station still not working.

XZro waste tsall in Lincoln Cdentral Markedt now back to normal openeing hours. One raeson tey were closing early, apart from lack of customers, lack of heating in thne market too cold.

Have in stock coffee from Kingswoda Lincolnshire raostery no one has heard of, including me. Many many poblesm with thsi coffee: beans shopied loose in plasatic tubds to b escooped out and baggrd idaeal for oxidisng the ebnas, shipped in rasnapremt palstic bags, sunlih will danage the banasm the bafs haet selaed and cannot be reasled once opened, the ben as overstasted.

I take a sampkel of 100g. Beans are brewed as V60. Undrinakable. I pur down the drain. A targedy, what coudl hbave been excelelnt beans dsiyoted by lack of knowldge of roasting.

Cappuccino a Coffee Aroma.

At bus stations, tow gangs of kids hanging around, one gan smoking. Comaplete lack of socaol dtsancing.

— to be continued —-

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy-one

March 16, 2021

A cool damp start in the morning, afternoon turned lovely and warm and sunny.

I have lost track, how many weeks the main display at Lincoln Central Bus Station not working. It displays train times but not bus times.

I looked in Curtis, no ready meals. Girl asks what I am looking for Ready meals. She says she has frozen. This is new.

No sign in the street to say zero waste shop open. I cannot be bothered to see if open. I cannot see it remaining, not if can not be certain to find open.

Back way up Steep Hill. Sunny, warm, I look up and see black sky, very black. I am going to climb to the top and get soaked. Luckily not, it does not rain.

Shop selling Lincolnshire produce open. Lady tells me, not open today, popped in to do a few jobs but will be open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Another chat in Lincoln Eco Pantry. Sounds counter-intuitive, I suggest capsules for a Nespresso machine, but high quality from Colonna or Kiss the Hippo, aluminium or compostable, and recommend an Opal One, not a Nespresso machine, and need spring water or filtered water.

From Redhill Farm Shop, cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil. I learn from Eco Pantry, they can refill the bottles, with the same rapeseed oil. .

A long chat with visitor from Newark. He is looking at the menu in the window of a Thai restaurant. I tell him not open, there is another Thai restaurant around the back, but it is not open either. I suggest another day, when open, he try an excellent Thai restaurant in Nottingham, Paste. Also for coffee, Cartwheel Coffee, Outpost Coffee (though has changed its name), The Speciality Coffee Shop. In Lincoln, eat at Elite on the Bail (fish n chips), for coffee Madame Waffle and Coffee Aroma.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

Passing by Madame Waffle, a notice in the window, they will be opening 17 May, which is excellent news, even though two months hence. Two locations from which to obtain coffee, Madame Waffle and Coffee Aroma, though still two months away.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day sixty-one

March 6, 2021

A dull cold grey day.

Not a day for hanging around. A quick shop.

Minced pork from butcher, a red chilli from the market, to make meat balls with added miso paste.

Two women serving in the butcher on the market neither wearing face masks.

Zero waste stall not busy. I cannot see how any businesses can survive lack of customers.

A shallow bowl, cf flowers floating in, but no, a cup for serving coffee, coffee brewed with a Japanese syphon, served this way in Bali. Not something I have encountered before. Why? I asked in Coffee Aroma, but not come across.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day fifty-eight

March 3, 2021

What a difference a week makes, cold, grey, misty, 4C. A week ago, sunny, 18C.

Not many people about. Miserable day, woken up to cases rising?

There are still too many stupid people about.

Butcher in Central Market, roast pork in a bap, I feel hungry. As I am waiting, a moron in my face, mask hanging around face, woman serving food, no mask. I walk away in disgust. What action local council?

Excellent cappuccino Coffee Aroma. A sample espresso grind to calibrate hand grinder.

From M&S bottled spring water in a glass bottle.

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