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Cold afternoon Lincoln

January 21, 2022

Another cold frosty start to the day.

I did not pass through Lincoln Central Market, but learn most of the stalls have now gone.

Fruit and vegetable stall outside the market to be moved to another location. Inconvenient for everyone, but what does dysfunctional Lincoln City Council and the local Coop care? Another business to be added to the many local businesses they have destroyed. They may be gone by next week.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Looking at Lincoln Cathedral, the scaffolding has now gone, I learn what I thought were new stone carvings, now visible, are not. Copies are in a an exhibition somewhere in the Cathedral.

After lunch, I try to find martini glasses and a cocktail shaker. I try junk shops in Bailgate (rare day when open), wine shop on Steep Hill. Nada.

Espresso at Madame Waffle, guest coffee Colombian from The Underdog. Excellent. Slightly acidic, fruity. First attempt, too acidic. Second attempt, maybe slight adjustment to grind size.

I try top floor of House of Fraser. No one about, no customers, no staff. Limited stock, nothing priced. I find a box of four martin glasses, not priced, no one to ask. As I am leaving the store, bored staff wandering around aimlessness on the ground floor. Maybe ask next time as walk in the door. Too late to ask as leaving.

Can we compare a coffee capsule with a latte?

January 20, 2022

The simple and definitive answer is no.

I was going to say occasionally but sadly all too often I come across crass comments on coffee.

John Christophé Pearson (commenting on Impresso coffee capsules from Stokes on High Bridge):

Bought some of these alongside a latte from the high bridge cafe. Really impressed with the comparison! One of my favourite coffees ☕️👍🏻

The comment makes no sense, did he take in a Nespresso machine to make a comparison? Maybe Stokes have a Nespresso machine to try Impresso, try before you buy cf Nespresso stores.

When questioned, became defensive, read the comment (no matter how often read makes no sense), then goes on the explain bought capsules and tried later at home.

This raises even more questions? Does he have incredible sensory memory, most people lack sensory skills?

To make a comparison, it would have to be a side by side comparison.

There is though another objection, this is like comparing apples with oranges. We are not comparing like with like.

And that aside, there is a more fundamental problem, as Scott Bentley founder of Caffeine magazine empasises in an Adventures in Coffee podcast (and with which I fully agree) a Nespresso machine does not produce espresso, even Nestle do not make that claim (though are happy to let consumers labour under that false impression. [see Coffee Pods: The Espresso Killer?]

Impresso, coffee capsules from Stokes on High Bridge, a long established tea and coffee company.

Dismal farmers market mid-January Castle Hill

January 15, 2022

Frost overnight, morning wet and foggy.

City centre surprisingly busy, as was Steep Hill and Bailgate. During the week, city centre deserted.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Lincoln farmers market a dismal affair. Never good in the winter, but having been pleasantly surprised by the number of stalls for the December market, and critical of packing up early, a pity have not kept up the momentum, as today very few stalls.

Beer and gin stalls were not there. No vegetables. The only stall worth visiting Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, and the only reason I was there.

Yes, Redhill Farm stall worth a visit, but, with their shop in Bailgate, I always visit their shop where there is a larger choice.

Fish stall does not make up for the loss of the fishmonger from Lincoln Central Market. Most maybe all of the fish smoked.

Lincoln Central Market at 131,318 views the most viewed photo of 2021.

Off cheese stall, Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese, Cornish Yarg, unpasteurised milk, and oat biscuits.

Secret ingredient for cottage pie, thin strips Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese on top of the mashed potato.

From Redhill Farm shop, ham, Lincolnshire sausages, and a bottle of milk. A real glass bottle of milk, return the glass bottle.

From greengrocer back of Bailgate, three different types of mushrooms (for mushroom stroganoff).

Elite on the Bail packed.

Looked at glassware in junk shop.

Walked back down Steep Hill.

Top end of High Street binge drinking bars packed with drunken scum spilling into the streets, doing their best to spread coronavirus.

Cappuccino at Madame Waffle. A mistake. Excellent as espresso, a disappointment as a cappuccino.

Just make bus before it leaves.

Lincoln New Year’s Eve

December 31, 2021

Lunchtime pleasantly warm and sunny, more like a spring day than last day of the year. 15C nearby Conningsby. Bodies ill for the planet.

Luckily I find local butcher open, he had warned me yesterday would close early afternoon.

Walking through Lincoln Central Market butcher, fishmonger and zero waste store have gone.

A new venture at St Mark’s local business and art. But a corporate chain, wrong location St Mark’s dead. Why no such venture for Lincoln Central Market once the tat kicked and and renovated as ideal location?

City centre busy.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Many people around and yet half the businesses closed. Many closed for several days over Christmas and New Year when lots of people milling about, then in January when dead will reopen. This happens every year, the same businesses then whinge lack of business.

Fish and chips Elite on the Bail. Packed. Each visit busier.

Walk down Steep Hill. As with Bailgate, large number of people milling around but many businesses closed.

Binge drinking bars quiet. Maybe too early, or maybe people acting sensibly.

I was tempted a coffee, but Madame Waffle closed and I did not know if Coffee Aroma closing early.

Annoyed, no extra virgin cold pressed olive oil in M&S.

— to be continued —

Pasta with Lincolnshire sausage

December 28, 2021

Adaption of ‘pasta with local sausage’ from Eating With Friends (Kennedy special edition no 13: 2021).


  • garlic clove
  • onion
  • 200g best sausage meat
  • 200g pasta
  • over ripe tomatoes
  • red wine
  • oregano
  • salt and pepper to season


Sausage meat in a pan with olive oil. Cook until brown. Remove for later.

Add one chopped opinion and garlic clove. When brown, return the sausage meat.

Slosh of red wine.

Sprinkle with dried oregano.

Add over ripe tomatoes.

Add a little tomato puree.

Leave to simmer.

In a pan of boiling water, pasta for five minutes.

Add pasta, a little of the pasta water. Simmer for one minute.


Eating With Friends

Eating With Friends was conceived as an idea during the most difficult months of the pandemic. — Chris Kontos

Eating With Friends a Kennedy special edition for when we were in lockdown, people eating at home, a selection of recipes, essays, drawings and photos.  Recipes from friends ad favourite restaurants.

In his editorial Chris Kontos (editor in chief Kennedy) mentions a favourite dish h e likes to cook, pasta with local sausage. Each island its own distinct sausage.

My adaption, keeping to the theme, Pasta with Lincolnshire sausages. I did not have to skin the sausages, I asked Redhill Farm for the sausage meat they use for their excellent Lincolnshire sausages.

On a Greek island, would pick oregano growing wild. I used dried dried oregano, sprinkling a little, not sure how much to use.

Kennedy Magazine is a biannual journal based in Athens, Greece. Its aim is to explore the views and ideas of certain individuals that have influenced our aesthetics and cultural wanderings in one way or another.

Kennedy Magazine on sale in Foyer Espresso Bar, one of several top end magazines including Standart.

Also found in Anana coffee shop.

On his Road Trip to Greece, Gordon Ramsey and friends visit a local sausage maker.

— to be continued–

Misty Christmas farmers market

December 18, 2021

In the distance, Lincoln shrouded in mist.

South Common very foggy.

Flotilla of Santas on paddle boards on the River Witham.

City centre very busy.

More stalls on the farmers market than I have previously seen in the winter. Talking to stall holders I learnt several had not turned up due to clash with a market in Brigg which had been brought forward by a week.

Late lunch haddock and chips at Elite on the Bail.

Leaving Elite on the Bail, dusk had descended, now dark.

Walking back down into city centre, binge drinking bars packed with drunken scum. Gangs of drunken yobs roaming the streets.

Easy to see why Omicron spreading so rapidly.

Espresso in Madame Waffle. I repeated experiment of a couple of weeks ago. Stir espresso. It makes an amazing difference. Note stir not swirl. Swirl and likely to spill, lose aroma.

–‘ to be continued —

Lincoln coronavirus free for all day forty

August 27, 2021

Cool, cloudy, autumnal day, cold north wind.

Walking through Central Market, fruit and vegatble stall low on stock, soon to pul out. The short-lived Greek junk food stall appears to have already pulled out.

Outside, the coffee truck apears to have given up, not seen all week.

Look in remainder book shop whilst wating for the Walk and Ride. 7 Ways already a remainder book. Maybe publishing too many, another about to be published. How many recipes can realistically  churn out, if publish overpriced cook books every year?

A few lost souls wandeirng around, Steampunk Festival canceled, not safe due to coronavirus.

Walking down Steep Hill, popped in Steep Hill Wine, a bottle of white wine.

V60 pour over guest coffee Mind the Cup at Madame  Waffle.

Early afternoon and late afternoon, corporate chains the allure already worn thin, not a single person outside seating. The same earlier in the week.

Bunty’s Tea Room cappuccino

August 21, 2021

I had found Bunty’s Tea Room open last Saturday, thought I would try today, first time I have ventured inside.

Just my luck, a large group entered as I was about to walk in. A noisy group.

One table empty near the door. Ideal as I try to avoid crowded places during coronavirus pandemic and prefer to sit outside.

No outside seating.

WWII theme, pride of place on the wall, a large black and white photo of a Lancaster bomber flying past Lincoln Cathedral. Various WWII memorabilia dotted around. What was strange, I was the only one who appeared to notice.

My cappuccino was so-so, but what I expected, I was in a tea shop not a coffee shop. Too many mistakes, cup size too large, coffee not freshly ground, not precisely weighed.

I started to feel sick and left my coffee. The reason why, sometimes if I have had too many, fake milk. Not only fake milk, but a cheap low quality oat milk.

Please use real milk not pander to vegans with fake milk. If really must add fake milk to a cappuccino, then maybe try Rebel Kitchen Mylk for Baristas. Or if do not wish for milk, an espresso, or a filter pour over coffee.

Coffee from Seven Districts on sale. A wider range can be found in A Little Bit of Lincolnshire, shop selling local produce further up Steep Hill.

Tea served in a variety of fancy tea pots with bone china cups, as tea should be served.

The tea, a choice of tea, their own blends.

A chocolate sponge cake for later.

I will return another day and try the tea.

Located half way up Steep Hill.

If a visitor to Lincoln please do not take the tourist bus as a complete waste of money and adding to pollution and contributing to Climate Emergency. Walk up Steep Hill or if do not wish to climb Steep Hill, take the Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral, then walk back down Steep Hill.

Avoid Lincoln Cathedral Cafe, an outsourced operation, service poor, disgusting catering supply coffee brewed by clueless on coffee. Always support local businesses where they care about their reputation and money flows back into the local economy.

Contrast Bunty’s Tea Room with the appalling service at Lincoln Cathedral Cafe. But that is the difference between a local family owned business where they care about their reputation and an outsourced operation which does not.

For more on life during WWII, nearby Museum of Lincolnshire Life and International Bomber Command Centre overlooking Lincoln.

Lincoln farmers market

August 21, 2021

Lincoln farmers market third Saturday of the month.

A warm muggy afternoon, heavy rain forecast.

Walked through Lincoln Central Market en route to farmers market.

Fruit and vegetables stall appears to have pulled out before the end of the month.

Coffee truck is also leaving end of the month.

Useless jobsworth who mismanages the market has done an excellent job destroying the market.

Hopped on Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Farmers market is busy. But then Bailgate and Steep Hill very busy.

Stocked up from cheese stall, including Stichleton and unpasteurized milk.

A chat with Lincoln Gin. I recommend a stall at Sleaford Street Food and Artisan Market at Mlllstream Square. Will be there, first Saturday of September.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walk down Steep Hill, coffee at Bunty’s Tea Room. So-so but what I expected, a tea room not a coffee shop.

Down in the city centre, drunken scum. Even for a Saturday, bad.

Espresso at Madame Waffle.

Service in M&S Food Hall bad, even by their usual piss-poor standards. No tills manned, queue for self-service tills, angry customers.

Heavy rain was forecast. Luckily did not arrive.

Lincoln coronavirus free for all day twenty-five

August 12, 2021

A hot sunny day.

Police car races through pedestrianised High Street, screeching to a halt at railway barrier. Long wait, slow goods train passes through. Barrier does not open. Police car three point turn, races back down the pedestrianised High Street, pedestrians scattered like nine pins. Train from London passed through, barrier opens.

Why did police car even attempt this route?

Police car parked outside McDonald’s. Prior to its relocation, always thugs hanging outside McDonald’s of an evening.

Central Market fruit and veg stall I inquire, yes they are leaving, end of August. I learn stalls have been given four month’s notice to quit the market.

In the High Street or just off a stall handing out covid tests. PCR or later flow I do not know. I do not see any takers.

Lincoln tops the charts two weeks running coronavirus cases. Today knocked into second place by Hull which takes the No 1 spot.

Hop on Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral. Too hot to walk up Steep Hill.

Why do visitors waste money on a tourist bus? The only way to see historic Lincoln is to walk. If do not wish to walk up Steep Hill, then hop on the Walk and Ride. The tourist bus pollutes the streets.

Pick up fruit and vegetables form Fresh From The Fields, greengrocer behind Bailgate.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail. As always lack of customers.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

From where can I obtain oil for a wooden chopping board? I had tried Lakeland. No joy House of Fraser either.

Too late for a coffee.

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