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Third Place

November 24, 2022

Always difficult to find.

Looking for Warehouse CO2 I walk past.

I look in. Barista rude. I walk out.

The Underdog

November 24, 2022

After a walk along the Koile Valley I looked in The Underdog.

I wasn’t going to stop but stayed and had a cappuccino.

Les Pepellones

November 23, 2022

For some perverse reason I thought I had to trek half way to the airport, then catch a bus. Wrong. One stop.

I went on a detour, then to Les Pepellones.

Too late for the bus, I was with a friend who whilst at Kudu had booked theater for seven.

We risked life and limb, crossed the road and hailed a taxi. 

Time to throw back an espresso, then leave.

But we both bought a bag of coffee.

Barista was surprised and pleased to see me. A former Greek champion barista.

The coffee shop a project of Create Athens, coffee roasted by a Greek World Champion barista.

Then flag down a taxi.

I would have liked to have stayed longer, but sadly no time.

Heavy rain

November 23, 2022

Heavy rain overnight, I got in early hours minutes before a torrential downpours, torrential rain during breakfast, rain forecast all day, black clouds swirling around the mountains, rain forecast all day, a cool day, a day for the Metro.

A day to visit

Lunch and a coffee at Makrigianni 3. I foolishly forgot to double check where I was going before descending into the Metro. For some reason I thought I had to travel half way to the Airport. Wrong. Only one stop. I could not check, until could ascend, and did not wish to leave the Metro as would have to osyvagsin and did not know how many trips I had left in my ticket.

A change of plan. Visit Kudu,

Head back on the Metro, twenty minutes walk from the Metro Station. Torrential rain when we arrived.

A cappuccino. Three boxes of capsules, an espresso cups (I regret not two) then back to Metro and on to …

Makrigianni 3 lunch and cappuccino

November 23, 2022

Located outside Acropoli Metro, Makrigianni 3 ideally situated for lunch and a coffee.


November 22, 2022

The previous day I had been recommended Kolor by Christos Loukatis, a former Greek world champion barista.

A cappuccino at Mokka I decided to try nearby Kolor.

The first thing I noted, Kolor busy, Taf empty.

The second thing I noticed, wonderful aroma from their espresso blend and the minimal information on the packaging.

The information too minimal.

Minimum requirement

– roast date

– variety
– processing
– origin

– alitutude

A discussion a few years ago with Stephen Leighton, founder and owner of Has Bean. How much information on a bag of coffee? Too much and it it will turn people off . My suggestion, add a qr code for more information.

A long chat with the owner of Kolor. He declined to serve me a coffee, he asked that I return the next day and he will have something special.

.. to be continued …

Foyer espresso bar cappuccino

November 22, 2022

Foyer espresso bar not far from Kolor. I decide to pay a visit.

I am disappointed to learn the excellent dried  fruit  and nut  shop, sister shop, has closed, redevelopment  A big loss.

My caoouccino a mistake. I should have ordered an espresso.

Foyer espresso, guest coffee from across Europe.

Used to stock Standart, but now only back copies. Crass stupidity of Standart. A few years back thetvset tii high minimum order, which meant few places will ing tivstick. Nowvthet have stabbed all reserkjers in the back and can Illy Ider inlunevdurext.

Foyer stocks other magazines including Kennedy (but sold out).

Onl leaving Foyer I pass by … Has it closed? I notice tables and chairs in the alley outside (new). Maybe it has not closed. I will have to visit during daytime. I hope it is still open. It was an excellent coffee shop.

I then pass by    … They used to have Kennedy. Easch time I pass by, they have exosbed. Not good for coffee, excellent soup.

Mokka cappuccino

November 22, 2022

I would have walked to Mokka around The Acropolis but it was windy, instead through Plaka, which was also a shorter route.

I cut through the Central Market.

Too cold to sit outside.

Mokka brews Greek coffee in an ibrik the traditional way, in a bed of hot and, not on a naked gksme.

Whilst the heavy industrial grinder used for Greek coffee was being cleaned, I learnt it uses two stones. The ground coffee is very fine, like talcom powder.

Dusk, I decided to take a walk around
the fruit and vegetable market, though most of the stalls had packed up.

At the back of the fruit and vegetable markets an old derelict building. Last year or the year before I’d see people emerging from beneath the building.

Then on to Kolor, near Taf.

The Place

November 21, 2022

Someone with a sense of irony.

A very rough area, I passed The Place on my way to Wisecup coffee roastery. Very much out of place.

Outside wooden bicycles. From a furniture shop, I used to see around Athens but have not seen lately They also have a wooden hotel (turn right out of Acropoli Metro and continue down the street).

I wandered in. A coffee shop and bar.

More parked wooden bicycles.

Further in, a garden.

I would have liked to linger, but no time to linger, I was on my way to Wisecup.

I had intended to return but got lost on leaving Wisecup. Seeing a Metro station I decided to take the Metro rather than risk being lost in the dark in a rough area. 

Wisecup coffee roasters

November 21, 2022

A choice of two routes, via Plaka or around The Acropolis.

I decided to take the scenic route around The Acropolis.

A rare occasion I literally walk past The Underdog and do not pop in for a coffee.

I have always been curious where the pedestrian street running past The Underdog goes. Curious but not curious enough to walk down the street and find out. I was about to find out.

The street lined with restaurants. Empty, closed or derelict.

Running down the street a pair of railway tracks. I have never been able to learn why. Eventually they end at an archeological site.

The nature of the street then changes, very rough, and becomes rougher the further I walk. I am in a very dodgy area.

Then to my surprise I encounter The Place, looking very out of place. Maybe someone had a sense of irony

I used to see around Athens wooden bicycles. They come from a furniture shop. I did once visit but I cannot remember where. They also have a wooden hotel (turn right out of Acropoli Metro, you will find further dien the street ).

Outside The Place, wooden bicycles, more inside. A bar, coffee shop and garden.

I continue. Eventually I find Wisecup. I almost walked past.

I walked in and are greeted by Christos Loukatis. He introduced me to George the owner and another guy their head roaster.

We have a long conversation about the coffee industry and more generally the hospitality industry. Difficulty of finding good staff.

Christos brews me an excellent espresso. We are unable to try any more coffee as they experience a power failure.

I gift Christos a bag of coffee from Plot.

He gifts me a bag of coffee and a box of capsules.

I am honoured to be invited to a coffee competition at the weekend. Christos is competing on Sunday, a mutual friend on Saturday. It should be an interesting experience.

On leaving, now dark, I realised I am lost. I head off in roughly the right direction. I hit the correct route at a Metro Station. I decide it will be wise to take the Metro. It is dark and I am in a bad area.

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