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Guildford no water

November 30, 2022

Not content with dumping shit in our rivers, not dealing with leaks, Guildford today had no water.

Every business, every household will be entitled to compensation for lack of water. In addition businesses forced to close should claim for the loss of revenue. Other businesses that carried on using bottled water should claim for the water they were forced buy to remain open.

Why did Thames Water not have a truck in the High Street handing out water?

Why did the local Council and Experience Guildford do nothing?

A failure of privatisation, failure to invest.


November 30, 2022

Krema closed, no water. Guildford no water.

Guildford High Street empty shops revisited

November 30, 2022

A year ago I carried out a photo survey of the empty shops in Guildford High Street. I was shocked by what I found.

High Street Guildford early afternoon mid-week end of November

Today, one year on, I repeated the survey. It has got worse.

Retailers I spoke to confirmed what I was seeing, yes, it has got worse since last year.

This is not at the level of Aldershot, but no other town centre I have visited over the last year has this number of empty shops, with the exception of Retford and Market Rasen. It only serves to highlight the failure of Experience Guildford and why it must be wound up.

I only noted from just below Quarry Street to Jeffries Passage. Had I wandered further up the High Street where I rarely venture, I would have found many more empty shops.

Guildford has a local BID.

If this is what BID success looks like, I hate to think what failure looks like.

BIDs are destroying local businesses across the country, unaccountable Experience Guildford is no exception.

Giraffe Gatwick Airport

November 29, 2022

I usually avoid chains. Overpriced crap burger and chips at Giraffe South Terminal Gatwick Airport illustrated why.

Disgusting would be to be generous. A burger can be quality but this was not. Thevchios poor quality. An extortionate £14.50.

I had arrived early. I could cstch a train in was notvexoering to catch. I would usually grab sandwich and eat on the train. But no ticket office, I was likely to miss the train.

Feeling hungry I decided to catch the next train, stay and eat. A big big mistake.

Gatwick Airport a national disgrace

November 29, 2022

High failure rate e-passport gates. Quicker using people.

Lift down to baggage reclaim not working. No escalator.

Long wait until baggage arrives.

Gatwick Station no ticket office, forced to use a machine.

Ionos souvlaki

November 28, 2022

A cold wet day.

I had intended to get back late afternoon or at least not be late and not go out

news late, I decided to eat thenbnotbvgibbsvkboutm

Plaka deserted. I ate at Ionos,bthebonlyb cudyometmb

Cocona late lunch

November 28, 2022

Very late lunch at Cocona.

I was late going out, pouring down of rain. A cold wet day.

Very late lunch. As always excellent.

I was then offered Greek yoghurt and honey. Itvtoovwas excellent. Servedvjn actefrscotavfidh.

suggested servecascacdesdet.

I also suggested takevsdvatage of the nesoresdobBkack Friday scsn Shenvtgevcaosukes gone , buyvcsosukes from Tsressom

Nespresso flagship store Black Friday scam

November 28, 2022

Nespresso flagship store in Kolonaki Black Friday scam. Buy our crap coffee and get free machine only will pay more than the cost off the machine to get a free machine.

Black Friday scam lasts until end of November.

recommended to Cocona,then use capsules from nearby Taresso. Either offer free with lunch it charge one euro.

if asked from where can obtain direct to Taresso.

#Nespresso #Nestle #scam #Kolonaki #Athens

Benaki Museum roof top restaurant

November 28, 2022

Benaki Museum rooftop restaurant, contemporary art, rooftop terrace view over National Garden and Athens.

Not somewhere I would think of serving excellent coffee, but surprisingly otherwise.

I ordered a cappuccino.

It is possible to visit the restaurant without visiting the museum until midnight.

Benaki Museum

November 28, 2022

What was once a private collection in a family home, other private collections have been added.

From prehistory pottery and ceramics on the ground floor to contemporary art in the Benaki Museum restaurant with views over National Garden and Athens.

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