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Nia Boutique

May 31, 2016


Nia Boutique

Slow fashion is to fashion what slow food is to food, the opposite of fast food.

Slow fashion is low impact, sustainable, style.

Fast fashion is sweatshops, disposable, fashion.

Nia Boutique is slow fashion, ethical.

Located next to an excellent coffee shop, Miyu, it is in the open air, as one would find on a Greek island.

On hand is the designer herself, Sophie.

Nia Boutique is located overlooking Fig Tree Bay.

Cappuccino at Olympus

May 31, 2016


Interesting cappuccino Olympus Restaurant.

Sitting with the owner of Olympus Restaurant last week, discussing the dire state of the tourist industry.

Everyone knows the problems

  • attracting the dregs of the tourist industry
  • loss of quality tourists
  • falling tourist numbers
  • all-inclusive hotels
  • falling standards in hotels
  • emphasis on fast buck not long term
  • noise from bars
  • with a few rare exceptions lack of quality businesses
  • no money flowing into the local economy

but no-one is doing anything about it.


May 30, 2016


Sunrise Sunday morning.

Europe go glyphosate-free

May 30, 2016

Let’s make glyphosate history.

Glyphosate is a carcinogenic herbicide produced by Monsanto under the trade name of Roundup.

It is found everywhere,  including in our food.

6 June could be the day that European governments give in to pressure from the agrochemical lobby and approve glyphosate weedkiller for years more, despite warnings from the UN’s International Agency for Research on Cancer. Or it could be for Monsanto their worst Monday ever.

Let’s make Monday a nightmare for Monsanto.

We helped to deny Big Ag their victory twice already, when the European Commission failed to win enough support from governments in March and in May to give glyphosate a green light.

The Commission needs the approval of 16 European governments, representing at least 65% of the EU’s population. Even states with a massive agrochemical industry like Germany can be moved by people power, but other states will put agrochemical industry interests above public safety concerns. It’s down to the wire – so we need to raise a ruckus like never before:

Tell EU governments not to approve glyphosate weedkiller, when they meet in Brussels next Monday to consider the European Commission’s proposal.

Multinationals like Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow and DuPont have made fortunes selling glyphosate weedkiller and glyphosate-tolerant genetically engineered crops (GMOs) around the world. But glyphosate’s European license is set to expire at the end of June.

A spokesperson from the Commission said recently:

If no decision is taken before 30 June, glyphosate will be no longer authorised in the EU and member states will have to withdraw authorisations for all glyphosate based products.

We are so close!

Thanks to the massive efforts of environmentalists, activists, independent scientists and critical journalists, it looks like the tides might finally be turning against Monsanto and glyphosate. Two times in a row, European governments have refused to back the Commission’s reckless proposal to relicense glyphosate. It’s time for Brussels and the big chemicals corporations to understand that people want to detox our food system. Let’s make glyphosate history.

Please sign and share the petition to the 28 EU member states, asking them not to approve glyphosate weedkiller next Monday.

Pool of light

May 30, 2016


Thursday morning, pool of light across the sea from the rising sun

Destruction of tourist industry

May 25, 2016


Paralimni Town Council are so adept at destroying the environment and tourist industry that they have developed to a fine art.

All winter to carry out work to a car park overlooking Fig Tree Bay.

They start work at the beginning of the tourist season.

Dust is blowing everywhere.

The word ‘work’ is stretching English language to  breaking point.

Half an hour max constitutes a day’s work.

Today soil dumped in what maybe is a flower bed. Save for another day actual spreading of the soil.


May 25, 2016


Sunrise at 0550 this morning.

Afternoon at Crystal Springs

May 21, 2016


Friday, pleasant afternoon relaxing in the shade in the terraced gardens at Crystal Springs overlooking the bay.

Special thanks to manager Nicos and his staff for their hospitality.


May 20, 2016




Sunrise at 0554 this morning.

EU democracy-free zone

May 19, 2016
The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. -- Paul Mason

The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. — Paul Mason

The reason I want to leave Europe is because it is impossble for the EU to be a democracy. — Paul Mason

I assume Paul Mason meant leave EU, but otherwise, yes, it is as simple as that.

EU is not a democracy, it was never intended to be a democracy, it was not designed to be a democracy. It is a democracy-free zone.

When those say we have a pooling of sovereignty they are talking nonsense.

A pooling of sovereignty is when countries cooperate for a  common aim, for example a shared defence policy, an example of which we have with Nato.

Countries did not pool sovereignty, they handed sovereignty over to the EU dictatorship.

When in Greece in January last year, Greece elected a new government, they were told by the EU that democracy did not count. For daring to challenge the EU, Greece was destroyed to set an example to other countries.

EU was established as  a cartel for Big Business.

EU is pushing in secret TTIP which will remove even the fig leaf of democratic accountability, handing conrol to global corporations.

In how many countries were the citizens granted a referendum to ask if they wished to join the EU?  Few, if any.

The EU is on the point of breaking up.

When UK leaves, it will collapse.

In Czech Republic, they  watching closely, and will demand a referendum to leave.

Other countries will follow.

Let us replace the EU, with cooperating European countries.

And please do not confuse EU with Europe.

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