Windows computer scam

1105 GMT, Indian voice, calling to help you solve a problem with Windows, this is Windows technical support.

Oh, really, I am computer security specialist maybe you would like to give me more details, my next call is to the police.

Oh, no need to call the police, we are not an antivirus company trying to sell you something, we are Windows technical support.

Why do you think I am using Windows, I am using Linux.

Line went dead.

Probably should have played dumb, elicited more information.

Amazing, Caller ID not withheld, though it can be faked.

This call was made from

+44 1844 214 532

Which is a fake number, as is not recognised when called.

Please be aware these are scam calls, you will be asked to do things that enable the caller to seize control of your computer, it will then be used to hack other computers, possibly encrypted and held to ransom, personal information held on computer stolen.

If in England, call 101 for non-emergency call to police. They will probably refer you to Action Fraud.

Or you can simply contact direct.

They will then note the details, and grant a crime reference number.

Under no circumstances act upon the advice given.

Windows do not call to offer technical support.

One Response to “Windows computer scam”

  1. Peter Coulson Says:

    There are some good examples of scamming the scammers online.

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