Reading-Gatwick train nightmare

overcrowded train

overcrowded train

0734 FGW Reading to Gatwick train yesterday a nightmare.

SouthWestTrains not running, problem with ice on the rail. The day before was a hard frost, yesterday was not, but SWT could not cope. It is winter, but SWT cannot cope with winter.

As a result the Gatwick train was ordered to stop to pick up additional passengers.

At least that was what was stated, although on checking timetable today, I see it stops there anyway.

But if it had not been timetabled to stop, it should not have stopped, as a slow train behind, and people are reliant upon the Gatwick train to catch flights. By the time North Camp reached, train running half an hour late, people packed in like sardines, and a platform full of passengers trying to get aboard the train.

It was then slow snail pace to Guildford.

The train was not even going to Gatwick, it was being turned around at Redhill to try and make up time.

Were they going to stop a passing train at Redhill? No.

A moot point, there were no passing trains.  Problem with the lines.  Eventually a slow stopping train. Slow to Gatwick.

Passengers were arriving at Gatwick, having given plenty of time, with half an hour to catch a flight, with a strong possibility of missing their flight.

Once it was known there was a problem at Redhill, taxis should have been laid on.

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3 Responses to “Reading-Gatwick train nightmare”

  1. Clive Ayling Says:

    If I recall correctly the train made extra stops at Earley,m Winnersh Triangle and Winnersh, which it doesnt nusually do and wouldnt show in the timetable keithy.

  2. keithpp Says:

    It should have not made any extra stops.

    There was a slow stopping train behind it.

    It was destined for Gatwick. Which should have had priority.

    When it was decided to turn it around at Redhill, the first available train through Redhill should have been stopped.

    As it turned out, there were no trains passing through Redhill. But even there had been, a decision had been taken not to stop them.

    Once it was known there was a problem at Redhill, taxis should have been laid on for passengers for Gatwick.

    I was very very lucky I caught my flight.

    The check-in was closed, but I had checked in on-line. My luggage had to be taken as priority to the plane.

    I arrived at the gate minutes before take off.

    I suspect many who were on the train missed their flights.

  3. keithpp Says:

    1204 First Great Western Reading-Guildford-Redhill train

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