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cappuccino patisserie Amelia

October 26, 2020

In Protaras impossible to obtain decent coffee. Though with rare exceptions also true for Cyprus.

Patisserie Amelie one of the few places open in Protaras.

Not somewhere I would recomend for coffee. Opened several yeard sgo. Until last year always empty.

I ordered a cappuccino. A mistake. I should have ordered freddo cappuccino.

What was served undrinkable. Froth and foam, between lukewarm and stone cold.

Never spoil a ship for a haporth of tar. variety offer. Top quality San Remo espresso machinev an Demi espresso, topbqualityvSan Remo grinfers, then cutvcorners wkth cheap crap low qualibkty coffee from LavAzza. The girl making The coffee clueless on making coffee.

— to be continued —

The ice cream a different story. Highly recommended.

moussaka and salad No 1 restaurant

October 26, 2020

Wandering through Protaras this evening the few businesses open a week ago now closed.

Walking along the seafront pleasantly warm, not a soul to be seen.

No 1 restaurant in the centre of Protaras one of the few businesses open.

The street outside deserted. Not a soul to be seen. Occasionally a few lost souls wander by.

Tomato soup followed by moussaka and salad accompanied by half a bottle of red wine. Excellent.

Last week I was the only diner. Tonight a couple of other tables.

Saturday will be their last night, then closed, end of season.

Covid-19 biosecurity good. Hand sanitiser on entry, tables marble tops easily kept clean, waitress wearing mask correctly, outside seating.

Note: Plain clothes police raiding bars and restaurants, on the spot €300 fine waiters not wearing masks correctly.

grilled pork chop Andama

October 23, 2020

A wander through Protaras. Many more businesses closed than a couple of weeks ago and there was little open then.

Very few people on the street.

Latest government edict which came into force today, masks to be worn in the street. About half the people are compliant. €300 fine for noncompliance.

Dinner at Andama, Greek-Cypriot taverna centre of Protaras overlooking Sunrise Pearl.

Grilled pork chop vegetables and chips, tomato soup for starter, half a bottle of red wine.

Food excellent.

Restaurant too noisy.

Covid-19 biosecurity good. Hand sanitiser at entrance which are asked to use as walk in. Too noisy, people smoking. Most but not all staff wearing masks correctly.

Black cat watching. Shared my dinner with. Eyes like saucers .

When meal finished I was brought a slice of melon. Ripe and very juicy.

I was then brought a coffee liqueur served in an interesting glass.

I was also brought the bottle but could not make out what it said.

But even if wished to buy a bottle not possible as not on sale. Restaurant sources direct from vineyard or winery from where they source their wine.

Andama is being hit by fake reviews, vegetables undercooked, overcooked, food not tasty, service poor. None of which is true. Ignore the fake reviews.

The Third Room

October 21, 2020

En route to Koffea from Lazaris I go on a little detour and encounter a coffee shop The Third Room. I stop and have a coffee. Coffee not good. Not bad, not undrinkable like Costa or Starbucks but not good either.

Design contemporary, part of a boutique hotel.

I ask is it third wave, as definitely not? Guy does not hear me due to awful moronic loud music. I say I will sit outside and can talk to me there.

When coffee arrives, with a glass of water and two tiny little biscuits, thus service good (unlike Athens in Cyprus water never brought without asking) I explain music too loud and must be turned down, 30x covid-19 ejected at high velocity across the room straight into his face. I am thanked and music turned down.

Coffee not good, I leave it cup half full.

Asked what I think of the coffee I say not good. A sour taste though I cannot pinpoint what is wrong. I suspect the beans and recommend source better quality beans.

Currently source coffee beans from Jasmine a local roastery. Sourcing locally, supporting local producers, the circular economy, is always to be commended, but not at the expense of quality.

I ask of the name. Not third wave, maybe third place, nether home nor office. No, coffee shop during the day, cocktail bar at night. Though that is two not three.

I am fascinated by what appears to be an avocado growing as very difficult to grow. I want to inquire more but distracted by our discussion and it slips my mind.

Guy asks can I return and discuss coffee. Not very likely as lack the time otherwise maybe yes.

Later I have a coffee at Paul’s Coffee Roasters. A world of difference good coffee and skilled barista makes.

Covid-19 biosecurity good, apart from loud music which was then turned down on request. Open and airy, open to the street, clean, outside seating, staff wearing masks correctly (which is more than can be said of most places).

Improve the coffee and this will be an excellent addition to the Larnaca coffee scene hidden in the back streets of Larnaca.

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 21, 2020

Local bus to Ayia Napa then catch Intercity Bus for Larnaca.

On local bus more passengers than previous weeks, lack of social distancing

Alight at sculpture park and walk through to catch an Intercity Bus for Larnaca.

Once again Intercity Bus driver not wearing mask correctly hanging around mouth chatting on phone.

In Larnaca I wanted to buy a pair of sandals from an old shop behind the mosque but find shop closed. Not knowing if closed for lunch I ask locally. I learn shops close at one, half day on Wednesday.

Yoghurt and fruit at Lazaris. Each time it is different.

As I am leaving girl tells me they have new coffee. I do not try as always bad and I have no time.

Heading to Koffea I see a sign for a restaurant. I go on a little detour and encounter The Third Room. Part of a modern boutique hotel. Clams to be slevislry coffee. I stop and have a coffee. Coffee not good. Definitely not specialty coffee. At the very least need to source better quality coffee beans. I never did find the restaurant.

Session at koffea Yuzu Signature Drink.

Make Paul’s Coffee Roaster in time for a cappuccino. In another league to The Third Room which makes my point need to source better quality coffee beans.

Make Nick’s Coffee Bike as closing to say hi.

Retrace steps, souvlaki at Ithaki Garden. I highlight service was bad on Friday. They thank me for drawing to their attention.

— to be continued —

— to be continued —

moussaka No 1 restaurant

October 19, 2020

It is strange, moussaka one of the few local dishes I had never tried.

Souvlaki, kleftico and more recently tsipira yes, moussaka no. Not until a couple of years ago at a greasy spoon café run by Turks.

Moussaka is never the same, everyone has their own recipe never to be shared.

The moussaka I had tonight at No 1 restaurant was excellent.

Moussaka with salad and a small bottle of red wine.

Very few places in Protaras open. I took a walk along the seafront, then cut through a dark alley up to Number 1. Places that on a previous visit to Protaras about ten days ago were then closed but with stock inside now stripped of stock.

No 1 restaurant one of the few places that are open. I was their only customer, the street outside, the main street through Protaras, deserted.

Covid-19 biosecurity good. Hand sanitiser as walked in, tables marble top easily kept clean, I cannot comment on menu as was not handed one, no loud music, waiter wearing mask correctly though not necessary outside though a government requirement. I suggested they implement track and trace, log date and time, contact details of diners to be notified if covid-19 outbreak.

No 1 restaurant will close end of the month end of season. The only reason still open, they own their own premises no rent to pay and government pays part of the wages of staff provided remain open until end of the season.

Svoulaki at Ithaki Garden

October 16, 2020

Earlier in the week I had eaten at Ithaki Garden, the service good, the food good. If not I would not have returned. I was therefore surprised the reviews commenting how bad the service. Tonight I learnt why. The service was appalling. Covid-19 biosecurity leaves much to be desired.

Ithaki Garden is hidden down an alley, somewhere to stumble upon. I have in the past used as a short cut, always empty.

This evening empty, only to be told every table reserved apart from the the one I was guided to.

More waiters than when I last visited and yet fewer customers, it was not even busy when I left.

A menu brought to my table, I was then ignored for ten minutes. I had not looked at the greasy menu, I knew what I wanted, souvlaki and could have taken my order ten minutes earlier. The greasy menu I did not touch.

Souvlaki reasonable, chips not. First visit I was given a choice. Noisy loud Germans at a nearby table were offered special of the day. I was not told of any specials. What constituted a salad a little bit of decoration on the side of my plate.

Red wine I ordered half way through my meal was reasonable.

At least one waitress wandering around with mask hanging around her mouth. This is the norm everywhere.

Covd-19 biosecurity left much to be desired. Waitress with mask hanging around her mouth, greasy menu, glass upturned on table. They did though have hand sanitiser.

Menu should be simplified, single printed sheet, which is then disposed of. Staff should at all times be wearing masks correctly covering nose and mouth.

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 16, 2020

Local bus to Ayia Napa then catch intercity bus to Larnaca.

Alight at sculpture park and walk through but take a different route.

Intercity Bus a minibus not a coach. Driver wearing nask dangling around moyh, same true of immigrant workers, kne not even wearing mssk shouting on phine.

Sal vack to marina then along seafront to case and short way along footpath

. Castle closed.

Lunch at Lazaris.

Koffea, we try coffee beans I have brought to try.

Quick visit to Paul’s Coffee Roaster and Nick’s Coffee Bike

Svoulaki at Ithaki Garden. After eating ealiervin the week, I checked reviews. Bad reviews for service

Tonight I learnt why. Terre service.

Intercity Bus from Larnaca a cod tag trap. Passengers not wearing masks correctly dangling around mouth.

— to be continued —

Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park

October 14, 2020

Yesterday, changing from local bus to Intercity Bus en route to Larnaca, I alighted at Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park and wandered through.

I noticed many new additions since my last visit a year ago.

Ithaki Garden

October 13, 2020

Cutting through an alley on my way from Paul’s Coffee Roaster to the seafront I pass through a square. Having found no bus at 1900 and the next bus the last bus 2045 I decide to eat at the restaurant that occupies the square.

Ithaki Garden a Greek restaurant.

I order souvlaki. It was excellent. I ordered red wine which was good.

A pleasant quiet place to eat of an evening.

On a par with Plaka. Far better than would find in Protaras.

— to be continued —

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