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March 11, 2023

Vinyl, books, jewelry.

Very very tempted by Coloured Music, but have I the room and weight?

Rock Choir

September 17, 2022

Rock Choir performing on Castle Hill outside Lincoln Castle .

A pleasant change from the usual noise nuisance in this area and down in the city centre.


June 17, 2022

Interstellar Hans Zimmer on Royal Albert Hall Organ

Watched drinking Tia Maria as the sun rose.

The successor to Vangelis.

Thoughts of 2001 and Foundation.

The Shadows at Sixty

December 6, 2021

Excellent BBC Four documentary on The Shadows.

Documentary includes archive footage, plus Pete Townsend, David Gilmour and Brian May talking about how they were influenced by The Shadows.

Also thoughts from Cliff Richard, for who The Shadows were a backing band.

A group of lads, went down to London as a skiffle group, they were finalists. They did not win. Two decided to stay on in London, they were aged 16 and 17. They played in a coffee bar. Heard Cliff Richard was looking for a backing group. He liked their sound.

In Athens I came across three lads playing on the street, usually four, but the day I found them, one could not make it. They looked the part, had the authentic sound. A crowd gathered.

Hermaphrodites Child

November 7, 2021

Three guys incredible musicians in their late teens early twenties, rock and roll band.

Authentic sound using instruments from the 1960s or as.

They looked the part, dressed the part, sounded the part.

A lot of pleasure to those watching or walking down the street, kids dancing.

Contrast with the moronic music too often found.

I was on my way somewhere, walking around The Acropolis, but stopped, sat on the wall and stayed.

They gathered quite a crowd.

Passers by would move to the music. Kids were captivated, would stop and dance

I usually give my loose change. No loose change. Well worth five euros.

When they finished and were packing up, I joined them and had a chat, thanked them for their excellent music. They are four, but one could not make it today.

Cyprus Bachata Festival

October 24, 2021

Bachata a dance that originated in Dominican Republic.

Cyprus Bachata Festival a four-day festival at Grecian Park Hotel overlooking Konnos Bay, tutorials and dance.

Ayia Napa Medieval Festival

October 16, 2021

The last night of week-long Ayia Napa Medieval Festival. My third night.

Leaving Limassol later than intended, I reached Ayia Napa later than intended, caught last hour of concert.

I sat for about twenty minutes, then wandered around the stalls.

I had no intention of buying anything, I ended up buying a jar of honey, two bottles of pomegranate juice. Each bottle, the size of a coke bottle, the juice of a kilogram of pomegranates. One good for health, but never more than one.

The honey eased the sickness of caffeine poisoning.

Tried local version of jamon serrano. Very tasty.

Soaps tempting but would have contaminated coffee.

I suggested bees wax paper for wrapping. Where to obtain from? I inquired of honey stall. They were not very helpful.

The Medieval stalls were far more interesting than any craft market in England, which tends to be overpriced tat.

I thought I would eat at a restaurant, further up, past the monastery. Too late, closed. A conversation with the owner, a large glass of brandy, invited to return another day.

GWR takes on the Jerusalema Dance Challenge

September 12, 2021

Incredible performance at Paddington Station.

The dance challenge originated with a group of kids in Angola, and Oh My God can they move.

This has has gone viral around the world.

Music written by South African DJ Master KG.

The original DJ Master KG video has racked up an astounding 444 million views.


May 4, 2021

Moving performance by Annie Lennox of Fragile to honour Sting at the Polar Music Prize Ceremony 2017 to honour Sting.

The style very reminiscent of Billie Holiday haunting rendition of Strange Fruit.

UK has the dire Brit Awards which should have been killed off years ago.

Sweden has the Polar Music Prize Ceremony where talent is recognised and honoured.

Christmas Eve Concert with Sangah Noona

December 25, 2020

Live streamed Christmas Eve Concert with Sangah Noona.

Early hours of Christmas Day, I stumbled across a live-streamed concert with Sangah Noona.

It was forty minutes into the concert.

I rewound to the beginning watched a little, then watched later on Christmas Day.

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