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Millstream Square Street Food and Artisan Market

September 4, 2021

The last of Street Food and Artisan Market at Millstream Square in Sleaford.

Walking from the station I was surprised how busy the town centre, Millstream Square was packed.

Three markets, this was the last. July I was not aware of, the August market was worth a visit.

Good weather makes all the difference. Today a pleasant warm sunny afternoon.

Stalls I saw last time were not there, many new stalls.

Missing the two wood-fired pizza stalls, but there was a wood-fired pizza truck. At a guess each decide two was one two many and pulled out.

Neither was the honey from Nottingham. Last market, three stalls selling honey Today only one, or I only noticed one.

I regret I did not buy any honey. I never buy from a supermarket, never cheap low quality imported honey, only English honey direct from the producer. It would though have been too much to carry. A couple of days later, I gave a stranger apples from the garden, windfalls, to thank me she gave me a jar of English honey from Washingborough, a village outside of Lincoln.

I was pleased to see the dosa stall. Highly recommended.

Not pleased to see a burger van. This is junk food.

Three Caribbean stalls: food, cakes and fruit juices.

Samples of juice, tiny flimsy paper cups. I suggested put on a compost heap. I came away with a bottle of juice.

I also bought a Caribbean ginger cake.

Craft beer stall and gin stall. From the craft beer stall four cans of beer.

What was the point of the horsebox bar? It was possible to have obtained a drink from Tablez. Or a can of craft beer from the craft beer stall.

I am bombarded with messages on social media, reduce beer tax. Why?. Beer tax is not whey pubs are failing. They are failing because badly run, not pleasant places to be. Cans of beer off the Castle Rock stall a fiver a can, some cans were six quid. But worth it for quality craft beer, something do do find in a pub.

What was needed, a coffee truck serving specialty coffee.

Last market, Jackalope Joe with coffee beans. No stall with coffee. I learnt from the tea stall, July three coffee stalls selling coffee beans.

A chocolate stall, at least had the honesty to admit all they did was bag the bought in chocolate. If a chocolate stall, invite a bean-to-bar craft craft chocolate maker, for example Luisa’s.

Spice stall, different mixes for different dishes. I wanted Sri Lankan for Sri Lankan golden masala.

Interesting discussion with one stall, Great Taste Award scam. Producers pay for this meaningless award. It lacks merit and is no guarantee of quality.

I noticed the stalls I talked to, packaging easy to recycle or compost. I do not know if this is a requirement of the market, cf South bank street food market in London, if yes excellent, if not it should be.

Natty Roots organic juices, Castle Rock craft beer, had plain card boxes to carry away their bottles and cans, easy to recycle or compost.

Pleased that complaints about the music had been heeded. People wish to talk. But better still, spin off the music as a separate summer event.

For each market publish a list of stalls

  • name – produce – twitter – web address

Why close at three? The market should be open until at least four.

I looked in the Thai restaurant. They were closed. Helpful young girl who I met in August shared with me her snack. It was excellent.

Cappuccino from Tablez was not good. A long time coming, they were not busy. I took one sip and left for the station. I missed the train. Well strictly speaking the train was cancelled. I walked back to Tablez. My awful cappuccino still sitting on the table. I took it back. Another long wait. Young server apologised for long wait and poor quality.

Looking at the menu Tablez take pride in the food they serve, quality, sourced locally, or so they claim. Why not therefore take the same pride in the coffee they serve, not insult with cheap crap catering supply coffee?

Ambiance pleasant, very pleasant to sit outside, quiet.

Luckily the next train not cancelled.

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