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Afternoon in Lincoln

July 7, 2022

Morning warm and muggy. I thought it might rain. Weather forecast, no rain. Afternoon, sun came out, very warm.

City centre very quiet.

Cornhill Cove unsightly eyesore. Surrounding businesses not happy. Moronic music thudding out all day, stench of junk food. Asked to turn down the noise, it goes quieter for a while, then turned back up.

Cornhill Cove an example of how Lincoln BIG squanders money extorted from local businesses.

No fruit and vegetable stall. I had to do a double think. Was it Wednesday?

Once again Deliveroo serfs causing a nuisance in pedestrianised areas.  Why no enforcement?

The world has gone stark staring bonkers. Walk & Ride about to pull away early. I question why. A traffic warden had warned could not wait at a bus stop. Across the road cars parked on double yellow lines.

A nice day,  I  decided  to walk up Steep Hill.  Top of the the High Street, I take a detour to The Cheese Society.

The Cheese Society empty. Usually very busy. I decide to stay and eat. Their food usually very good, but the last time I ate it was not very good. Tartiflette au reblochon was excellent, new potatoes with cheese baked in an oven, hence the long wait.

I suggest it would work well with fresh pasta when new potatoes are not in season. But then it would not be tartiflette au reblochon.

I pick up a couple of cheeses.

As I leave I suggest to a lady looking at the menu, try what I had. She thanks me

Now climb the hill on a full stomach.

I could have given Bailgate a miss, but need to visit the greengrocer.

Walking back down, guest coffee Panama Geisha at Madame Waffle. Excellent last week as espresso. Try as Japanese iced coffee. Not so good.

Pop in Oxfam Bookshop and pick up two Paulo Coelho books I had spotted earlier.

tartiflette au reblochon

July 6, 2022

A while since I have eaten at The Cheese Society. Lunch usually excellent but last time I ate it was not good.

The Cheese Society empty. Usually very busy. I decide to stay and eat.

Their food usually very good, but the last time I ate it was not very good.

Menu has changed since my last visit.

I choose tartiflette au reblochon was excellent. New potatoes with cheese baked in an oven, hence the long wait.

I suggest it would work well with fresh pasta when new potatoes are not in season. But then it would not be tartiflette au reblochon.

I pick up a couple of cheeses.

The Cheese Society is the place for cheese in Lincoln. Do not even think of climbing Steep Hill to the cheese shop at the top, not unless wish to but shrink wrapped in plastic adulterated fake Cheddar cheese.

Beef and pork lasagne

July 3, 2022

I could make it from scratch with fresh ingredients. [see Gennaro Contaldo and Jamie Oliver below]

Or I could visit Nonna Juana Deli and pick up fresh made lasagne.

I decided to visit Nonna Juana Deli and pick up fresh made lasagne.

The lasagne is in a card box. Good for sustainability. Not so good if leaks through the box.

Advisable place in a tin, on a baking tray or on the lid, in a pre-heated oven, fan oven 180C forty minutes.


Price comparison with Pasta Evangelists.

  • Nonna Juana Deli – £8-00
  • Pasta Evangelists – £8-50

Similar price, but there the similarity ends. The main difference between the two,  Nonna Juana Deli using quality local ingredients, with Pasta le Disaster paying for the shipping, shipping box, ice blocks, with no guarantee what arrives will be fresh (assuming it actually arrives).  And note, Nonna Juana Deli fresh made on site, Pasta le Disaster is produced for Pasta Evangelists.

The price for Nonna Juana Deli is an estimate, price varies, ask for a quote.

700 grams in weight are currently from £8 to £8.50 depending on the prices of the cuts and suppliers. Veg is again 700grms And £7. Our menu doesn’t list prices as the market is constantly changing with the current situation.

Note: The box cannot be recycled due to grease contamination. Throw on compost heap. Or use for carrying kitchen waste to the compost heap. Then when used a few times and wet and soggy, throw onto the compost heap with contents.

Afternoon in Lincoln

July 1, 2022

I thought it would rain later. It did, but only a brief shower.

No 7 bus to the Museum of Lincolnshire Life.

Bus crowded. First time in weeks I have found the need to wear a mask. Coronavirus cases now rising rapidly. Only one other passenger wearing a mask.

Walked to Nonna Juana Deli. Picked up beef lasagne, cauliflower and coconut ravioli and cheesecake. Plus a can of tomatoes.

Passing by Burton Road Chippy tried haddock and chips. Not good, left half eaten.

If Nonna Juana Deli had seats outside I would have sat outside and had a sandwich. I think next time, buy a sandwich and eat in the castle grounds.

From greengrocer a couple of sweetcorn plants.

From Redhill farm shop Lincolnshire sausages. I will try in a casserole.

Walked back down Steep Hill.

Guest coffee Panama Geisha at Madame Waffle. This coffee from Ninety Plus roasted by Dark Woods incredible. Flavour was intense. Roasted for filter, we tried as espresso.

Risotto con verdure di Primavera

June 29, 2022

Risotto Primavera, a classic Italian dish, quite literally spring risotto, using Arborio rice and seasonal spring vegetables.

A dish of two halves, start with stir fry, then simmer, a frying pan and a saucepan, vegetables and rice in the frying pan, vegetable stock in another pot.

Arborio rice named after the commune of Arborio in the northwestern Italian region of Piedmont, Arborio rice is high in amylopectin starch, which is what gives risotto its creamy texture. The oval grains are about a quarter of an inch long and typically white.

Traditionally the hard cheese would be Parmesan, but can use Cheddar or Lincolnshire Poacher.


  • onion
  • stick of celery
  • asparagus
  • fresh peas
  • Arborio rice half a mug
  • white wine
  • hard cheese
  • herbs (optional)
  • butter (optional)
  • bouillon powder (for vegetable stock)


Slice and dice celery, dice onion.

Pot of water for vegetable stock, stir half a tablespoon of bouillon powder in small amount of water in a mug, then empty into the vegetable stock pot.

Splash of olive oil in large frying pan, toss in the onionvand celery. Gently fry for ten minutes.

An Italian dish, olive oil, but I used cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. 

Pod peas, if pods are green and fresh, top and tail and drop in vegetable stock.

Bend in half asparagus stems. Woody stems that break off, crush, slice into short lengths drop into vegetable stock. Cut off the tips. What is left of the stems, cut into short lengths.

After ten to fifteen minutes of gentle frying of vegetables, drop in the rice and stir into the mix. This stage is critical, monitor, the rice will soak up the moisture, after only a couple of minutes, or sooner if drying out,  a slosh of white wine.

From now on for the next twenty minutes ladle in vegetable stock.

Sprinkle a little salt.

Ten minutes before dish cooked, drop in the asparagus stems.

Five minutes before complete, add the peas and asparagus tips.

Add a knob of butter, then add half of the grated cheese. Leave for a couple of minutes, stirring.

Dish now ready to serve

Sprinkle grated cheese on top of the served dishes. Add herbs if wish. 


A very tasty dish.

Ladling of vegetable stock to prevent drying out and burning. As the stock got low, I gently poured from the saucepan, with the lid preventing solids from passing through.  Timing of addition of  asparagus stems, followed by peas and asparagus tips, critical, for crunchy not overcooked. 

May not need all of the vegetable stock, if not, save for another day. If run low, add water. 

Afternoon in Lincoln

June 24, 2022


to start with then as weak sun came through very warm and muggy.

Bus cancelled, had to wait for the next bus.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral, lunch at Elite on the Bail, then walk back to down Steep Hill.

Excellent espresso at Madame Waffle.

Sit for a while and chat outside Coffee Aroma.

I learn of a fresh pasta outlet in Lincoln. I will have to check it out.

Spinach and ricotta quadrotti with sage butter

June 23, 2022

When i opened the box I found the pasta dusted with a white powder. Is this normal? If yes, should be warned. If not, what has gone wrong?

Cooking instructions

  • pot of boiling water simmer pasta 2-3 minutes
  • melt butter in a pan add a little pasta water
  • drain pasta toss with melted butter
  • sprinkle with grated cheese when served

This dish was not good. I threw out for the birds. Even the birds were not interested.

Not made by Pasta Evangelists. Produced by an anonymous company for Pasta Evangelists.

No, i would not recommend.

Pasta le Disaster.

Mowing the lawns

June 23, 2022

Hard to believe a week has passed since last mowed. Ok to be accurate, six days.

The last time mowed very little grass cut. Today even less.

Nasty tumble as walk out of the greenhouse. Luckily no harm done.

Gammon steak at The Auction House

June 22, 2022

Too hot to sit outside, no shade provided.

I sat upstairs, too hot and loud music.

The first time I had gammon steak it was good. Second Time not good. Today not good. Tasty but tough. Not fresh peas.

Expensive. Seven quid for a bowl of soup

No coffee. I have had before. Low quality from a local rosstery.

Everywhere offers cocktail, not because the are skilled at making, the high prices to be charged. Easy money. 8 for a cocktail.

I was going to ask how they made an espresso martini, what they used.

Louth Summer Solstice plus one

June 22, 2022

A very hot sunny day.

Once Lincoln left behind, a pleasant journey across the Lincolnshire Wolds to Louth

Wednesday, Market Day. Fewer stalls than my last visit.

Not many people though surrounding streets busy.

Lunch at The Auction House. Too hot to sit outside, no shade. Upstairs not only hot, but awful loud music. Gammon steak no tvery good. It was not good my last visit..

Louth Pale Ale at The Constitution.

On my way to the bus station, popped in an ice cream parlour and had a vanilla ice cream. Ice cream good, service terrible.

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