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Warehouse Assemblage tea

November 28, 2022

I usually have cofee, Sunday night tea, no coffee after eight.

I looked in earlier on my way to dinner at Old Ithaki with the news Chris Loukakis had won the SCA Athens Barista Championship. The returned after dinner for tea.

Later I was offered a glass of wine to try. What did I think? Not bad. I was then told €80 A bottle. In England it would have been over £100 A bottle.

Old Ithaki

November 28, 2022

A cold windy night nevertheless I decided to walk to Old Ithaki for dinner.

Not happy widescreen. TV with football. Even worse, no musicians.

The vegetable soup was not as good as previous visit.

My t-bone steak was excellent but too big

I ended up leaving half of it. Terrible waste.

Then to Warehouse Assemblage for a pot of tea.

Barista competition SCA regional final for Athens held in a cold warehouse.

November 27, 2022

Criticism as for Brewers Cup on Saturday.

Speaking to a few people they will take on board my suggestions.

As yesterday I turned up late.

Several competitors no show. Only two for the afternoon.

The standard high. In another league to Brewers Cup the previous day. A reflection of the high standards of coffee culture in Athens.

Thanks to competitors, SCA and the drinks warehouse.

Thanks to everyone for making me welcome.

Brewers Cup SCA regional final Athens

November 26, 2022

Brewers Cup SCA regional final for Athens.

The three finalists go on to the Greek finals, the winner goes on to compete in the world championship

I was late. I woke up late very tired. After breakfast went back to bed. I left the Metro one stop too soon. I arrived four hours late.

The venue warehouse of a drinks company. It was like holding a meeting in a fridge.

What was happening?

I arrived to find one competitor had finished, then a long break . Maybe half time break.

Organisation left much to be desired.

No list of competitors, name affiliation, nor on the individual competitors , name, affiliation, coffee variety, farm, brewing method.

This information could have been projected onto the back screen. Or failing that, posters

A street food stall outside would have done a roaring trade. I could not have been the only hungry, having not eaten since breakfast.

Two teams of judges alternated. To avoid the risk or at least minimise unconscious bias, why not randomize?

Each competitor had eight minutes. Why not stay behind for a few minutes and chat whilst the next competitor is setting up?

A recent issue of Caffeine had a highly critical article on competitions, that they had lost their way. Important as it may be, it is not only about winning, it is about raising the bar, spreading knowledge.

Criticism aside, excellent presentation by the competitors, as many variants of pour over as competitors . V60 popular, a couple used origami, weird and wonderful processing of Panama Geisha by Ninety Plus. One competitor used Wush Wush from Columbia, two different kettles for different flow rates, courser grind finer grind to highlight flavour notes .

#coffee #SCA #Athens

seafood restaurant

November 25, 2022

i had visited Monday to find closed. I could not find. Tried again Thursday , no sea bream. Third time lucky. Though packed.

I learnt more than one variety of sea bream.

My sea bream was excellent. They weigh then earn how much it will cost.

Served on a slate. Served with nothing

Was warned of this and ordered a potato salad.

A fish restaurant and ouzerie. Unfirbyumste mix as was full of nlody drunks.

Avoid Friday.

My visit was something of a downer. My phone sylelm on the metro. As I discovered when I arrived. Lukily I had sufiicint cash (just) to pay may meal.

on leaving I slammed my finger in thev door. Painful.

restaurant in a cellar

November 25, 2022

I had visited earlier in the week, down the rabbit hole.

A very cold day. I decided to visit for a bowl of soup.

It was busy. Is it on some alternative travel guidebook places to visit whilst in Athens?

No sooner had they sat down, then many fifeentvdi


November 25, 2022

I had visited earlier in the week asked to return later in the week to try a coffee from El Salvador.

Today I return.

best coffee shop

November 25, 2022

A bold claim that serving best coffee when not.

A beautiful house, would make a lovely tea shop, but coffee shop, no.

Never claim to be serving best coffee when using cheap catering supply coffee and have not a clue as will make oneself look stupid.

The coffee, disgusting.

Warehouse CO2

November 24, 2022

After The Underdog, I was going to Kolor, but feeling tired I headed to Plaka.

I took a different route and ended up at Warehouse Assemblage. I asked of Warehouse CO2 and headed there.

Third Place is a coffee shop I can never find. I walk past when I get lost looking for Warehouse CO2.

I look in but do not stop. Very rude barista.

Warehouse CO2 small compared with their other coffee shops (one I have yet to encounter). Very attractive design.


November 20, 2022

I passed by walking through Exarchia and returned to later.

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