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Afternoon in Larnaca

October 13, 2019

Friday first week of October, hot and sunny day, 29C, but at least had dropped below 30C. When 30C and above too hot to visit Laranaca, at least too hot in burning sun in May and June, now shadows are longer.

En route a fleeting visit to Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park, where alight and change from local bus to Intercity Bus.

New exhibits since my last visit.

Disappointed to find no Nick’s Coffee Bike outside Larnaca Marina. A rare location in Cyprus where can obtain decent coffee. I ask security post at Larnaca Marina but they do no know, other than not seen today.

I decide to find a coffee shop hidden in the back streets.

I head into the back streets from the seafront. I have walked from coffee shop to seafront, but not the other way around, and even then I get lost. I cannot ask directions as cannot recall name of the coffee shop.

Amazing, I find without getting lost.

Paul’s Coffee Roasters but no Paul. A guy I do not know, makes me a coffee. I leave two bags of coffee for Nick.

  • – espresso blend from Origin
  • Ethiopian from The Missing Bean

The Origin made the best cappuccino at the Brighton Coffee Festival.

We tried the Ethiopian brewed with a a Gina as a pour over. It was excellent.

It was then head to the seafront the long way around via St Lazarus Church.

I made it in time for InterCity Bus at 1800. A bus not much bigger than a mini-bus. Peak time, too may people waiting for the bus. I decide to wait for the next bus at 1900, an hour to wait. Annoying as I could have gone for a walk.

I change to local bus at Ayia Napa.

Unbelievably stupid Russians on the bus. Instead of tipping up the folding seat in the allocated bay, they sit there and park a buggy blocking the aisle. When asked to stand, lift up the seats and park their buggy in the allocated bay, they refuse.

As late I thought of remaining on the bus, head into Protaras, walk along the seafront and eat in restaurant overlooking the sea, but as late decide not.


September 28, 2019

A cross between a greasy spoon cafe and a staff canteen, in other words grim, located within Elphiclk depat stor

— to be continued —

Afternoon in Farnham

September 28, 2019

I had hoped to be out and back before the heavy rain arrived.

I arrived later than I would wish. It wa sthe find somwhere to eats, not easy at the nbst of times.

Gail’s no food, Krema clsoed at four, Coffee Dime kitchen closed.

I then thought try Heidi. A cross between a graesy spoon cafe and a staff canteen within Elphick departemnt store in other woirsd gtim.

They have acqaured two of the coffee shops from banrupt Caracoli and kept the name, which bodes ill for Caralloi, on the other hand mzbe a reverse takeawa oabd Caracoli in=mproves Heide.

Sadly not the latter, food not ao a par with Caracoli and the coffee LavAzza.

Krema is the only lace will get a decent coffee.

Through Liion and Lamb Courtyard to Waitrose. Poot stock levels, but at keast had what I wanted.

I was goung ti miss a bus if a visted Wairose.

— to be continued —

Autumn Equinox in Oxford

September 23, 2019

I knew heavy rain was due, would arrive mid-afternoon, but hoped it may arrive later.

Raining in the morning as I walked to the station, train to Oxford, then Reading.

Sun came out and it turned warm.

I popped into Reading as neglected to bring a cable to connect power bank to phone.

Mobile phone shop offered me a cable in a box for over six pounds. I said no, do you not have ones loose? He sold me one for three pounds, all of six inches long. But needs must.

Walking along Oxford Canal I was accosted by a man and asked to do a survey. Begagrs belief walking along a canal and asked to do a survey.

As with all surveys, meaningless questions, mainly what I thought of the canal, but of what relevance age, income etc. A trawl for information? And at what cost to the Canal Trust?

But when I rasied no information on the canal en route, no contacts deatisl, no website, twitter account, website, he was not intetsted, nor when I rasied a major pollution incident on a recent visit. At the very elast would have expected to have taken notes.

I did wonder would I find 101 Coffee Espross Bar in Jerich open as previosul on a Monday closed, due to fetivals.

Was open but not their suual baartsas.

Then Braca Food for lunch, their deli reasonable palce to eat.

Then on to Café Society. Still no sign of tghei lastet maagzimne. Add as in thes ummer told out soon.

Had a cappuccino.

Then on to Columbian Coffee Rpasters. Very annoyed to find closed, closed for traing.

As a result, popped in Jericho Coffee TradersJericho Coffee Traders. Coffee ok not great. Not on a par with the best coffee shops. All the more surprising they claimed Colombia Coffee Roaster do not know how to roast coffee. I know this not to be true. When challenged on this, fed bullshit.

— to be continued —

Cappuccino and V60 Japanese iced filter coffee Canopy Coffee

September 22, 2019

Guildford somewhere I would not usually visit on a Saturday, too many people.

High Street noticeably not busy. Very few people compared with Lincoln on a Saturday, even compared with Lincoln on a weekday.

More empty retail units in the High Street. And not only the High Street.

Canopy Coffee not somewhere I would visit either, poor quality coffee, though I had heard had improved of late, so give it a try.

Therefore after excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots and excellent craft beer at Growlers & Cans i thought I would take a walk to Canopy Coffee.

Canopy Coffee is a changing variety of guest coffee. Usually a good selection. Today Nord and Square Mile.

Today a pleasant surprise. They have always had excellent guest coffee, the problem no one capable of making coffee.

Today a pleasant surprise. They have always had excellent guest coffee, the problem no one capable of making coffee.

Today excellent cappuccino.

Sadly I cannot say the same of the V60 Japanese iced filter, very weak and watery.

When I asked what I thought I said weak and watery. To be told will try better next time. But why not offer there and then.

The good news is the coffee has improved, at least for cappuccino.

Afternoon in Guildford

September 21, 2019

Midday when I set off for Guildford sunny but still a chill in the air. A lovely warm afternoon in Guildford.

High Street noticeably not busy. Very few people compared with Lincoln on a Saturday, even compared with Lincoln on a weekday.

More empty retail units in the High Street. And not only the High Street.

As always excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots.

As always excellent craft beer at Growlers & Cans.

Not been for a long time to Canopy Coffee. Out of the way and the coffee not good.

Today a pleasant surprise. They have always had excellent guest coffee, the problem no one capable of making coffee.

Today excellent cappuccino.

Sadly I cannot say the same of the V60 Japanese iced filter, very weak and watery.

Cappuccino at Krema followed by a cold brew.

Up North once the sun starts to go down has turned chilly. To be expected, it is autumn.

In Guildford stayed warm, until at least seven.

As leaving, sat by the River Wey a gathering of boats. No idea why.

Cappuccino and V60 at Maramadukes

September 17, 2019

Excellnt cappuccino at Marmadujkes which more tahn makes up for the weak and isnoeiod cappuccion at South Street Kitche.

That is the difference Origin coffee and a skilled basrta makes.

I have brought along Coffee Gems Kenyan will will is happy to try as a V60. It is excellnt.

I hav ea waonder usptatrs, until today I did not know there was an upstair, as never seen stairs.

— to b e continued —

Lunch and cappuccino at South Street Kitchen

September 17, 2019

I was going to have lunch at Maramadukes, but diced to have lunch at South Street Kitvceh.

Veey cold wakking uo the slope to South Park Flats where Sount Park Kitchen nestles at the foot of the flats.

Not very warm isnide South Street Kitchen where for some pevesre raeson the dorr is proped open.

OI order falafel warp. I also add a slad as side dish.

Flafel wrap wa sexcellent, thes di esale less so. Cualflower cooked then left tio go cold. I would have preferred raw cualiflower.

I order a cappuccuno. A mistake. No better tahn last visit, weak and isnpepid.

Problem is too fold, lack of skill of basrta and suing poor quality Dark Woods espresso belnd. The Great Taste award meansingless. Dark Woods raost excelelnt single origin coffee, but not espresso belnds.

It is thenn to Maramadukes we I nokw I will guaranteed an excellnt coffee.

— to b e continued —

— to b e continued —

Afternoon in Sheffield

September 17, 2019

Sunny day but cool in the shade.

Not a refurbished Northern Fail two-coach train but did have added usb charging points and wifi. The usb charging worked but very very slow, the wifi did not connect to anything.

Once again train arrives Sheffield Station several minutes earlym thne sits outside for sevearl minutes, with net result ararives sevearl minutes late.

I was going ti eat at Matamadukes, but decided I will walk uop to Park Hill Flats an deat at South Street Kitchen.

I wondered why I had brouught a coat. I was plesaed I had walking uo the slope, with views over the cnetre of Sheffuiieldm it was very cold.

Excellent lunch.

I finsihed off witha cappuccino. Weak and isnpeid.

To Maramadukes. There may have been a more direct route but I desviced to walk through thes tarion to ass by Morore Cafe.

Passed by Motore Cafe packing up. I am surpised they pack uo so early, or neot ven wai to cat the commutter going home but they tell me no bisinesse later.

Excellent cappuccino at Maramadukes, one of the best coffee shops in Shegffield, makes up for the poor quality coffee at South Park Kitchen.

Will the basrta then tries the Coffee Gems Kenuyan. Best so far, excelelnt.

I deiced to vist Upshot Coffee, no time fora coffee, but I wish to check out … in the same parade of shops. Very annoyed to find clsoed, the second time closed. I learn they are very unrelaible and rarely open.

Sadly no time fora coffee at Upshot Espresso Espreoss. Not taht I wa sgoing to stop, I wished to vist Steamyard. But I see they have a coffee I hav enot encountered before, but no time to try.

Sadly no time either to visit Steamyard.

I hop ona bus, hop off in city cente and wal to thre station.

— to b e continued —

Springs Coffee Lounge

September 16, 2019

Two bags of coffee. An excellent espresso blend roasted for Refinery by Bonanza, Springs Coffee Lounge an omni roast for Two Gingers roasted by The Blending Room.

Of the two, which to choose? The aroma was excellent. Not my choice, that of Mike head barista at Stokes at The Lawn.

Mike chose the Springs Coffee Lounge, a Costa Rican that I had picked up from Two Gingers in Hull at the weekend.

For me a cappuccino, for himself brewed using a Canadiano.

At Two Gingers the cappuccino was excellent. Not so with Mike. Not bad, but not as good, though as cooled notes of fruit.

This to be expected. Two Ginger had the blend selected for them, were experienced with the coffee.

Canadiano, again as cooled a noticeable improvement.

The jury is out on the Candadiano. For home use very easy to brew a coffee, provides a very cloudy coffee, and for me, when I have done a comparison, I have prefered a V60.

It will depend though on the coffee. For example a cold brew at Krema is always cloudy and usually excellent.

Springs Coffee Lounge roasted by The Blending Room for Two Gingers, El Perozoso Las Lomas, this is the third or fourth roast each with its own label, variety … taste notes mango, orange, marmalade and honey, altitude …

Omni Roast: Is There One Roast to Rule Them All?

— to be continued —