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Afternoon in Lincoln

September 17, 2017

Yesterday was cold, barely above ten degrees, heavy rain all afternoon. Today was several degrees warmer, it was forecast hazy sun afternoon, started warm and sunny, a pleasant change to yesterday, but no sooner had I set foot in Lincoln very heavy rain, and heavy rain on and off all afternoon.

Not far away Scampton, wettest place in the country 30.2 mm of rain, ie over an inch of rain.

Roast Sunday lunch, roast leg of pork with all the trimming, at Butcher and Beast in Heighington.  Excellent, good size portions, my only criticism, the potatoes cold and the restaurant somewhat grim, and with an outside door open, cold.

Then into Lincoln

A noticeable police present in the High Street.

A quick look in Waterstone’s, a mistake, as heavy rain, it eased off and I made Madame Waffle.

As always, excellent cappuccino in Madame Waffle.

I noticed the third edition of The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide on sale. I picked up two copies.

Rain eased off. I made it to Makushi.

Excellent cappuccino in Makushi.

Then made it to Lincoln Castle, before it poured.  En route, more miniature Knights found

The lawn a quagmire, from what I could see of a Food and Drink Festival,  junk food, little evidence of quality, for which an entrance fee of ten pounds.

A completely over the top security presence. And why were private security directing traffic in Castle Hill?

Inside, then outside, armed police.


Lincoln Coop hates coffee drinkers

September 14, 2017

It would appear from the coffee machines being installed and the ugly eyesore signs installed recently outside their stores, that Lincoln Coop hates coffee drinkers.

Why else install Costa inside their stores?

This is to insult coffee drinkers.

It also exposes the crass hypocrisy of the Coop when they claim they support local communities.

Look at Sincil Street, many businesses driven out by the Coop.

Green Dragon closed thanks to Cooop.

In Washingborough, local businesses forced out of business by the Coop.

Latest is a newsagent. The newsagent wishes to sell his business and retire. Buyers were lined up, Coop is blocking the sale of alcohol.

Should not the Coop be supporting and encouraging local businesses?

Should they not be supporting indy coffee shops in Lincoln?

But no they support Costa, force the closure of local businesses.

Morning in Lincoln

September 12, 2017

A pleasant change to heavy rain of Monday, but tonight a storm and more heavy rain.

I occasionally walk by Caffè Portico, but until today I have never looked in.

Pleasant ambience, but I do not recommend the coffee.


Up The Strait and Steep Hill.

Noticeably quiet since the Lincoln Knights were removed last week.

Through Bailgate, around Lincoln Castle to The Lawn, then through Lincoln Castle and back down Steep Hill.

I popped in Lincoln Archaeological Society and thanked them for the guided walk of The Battle of Lincoln at the weekend during Lincoln Heritage Day.

Cappuccino at Madame Waffle

September 8, 2017

Excellent cappuccino at Madame Waffle.

Cappuccino is consistently good at Madame Waffle.

Puts to shame the undrinkable house blend at Stokes.

Cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Café

September 6, 2017

A cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Café. Their Guatemalan is barely drinkable, the house blend undrinkable.

The house blend, previously labelled espresso, has now been renamed as Jumping Beans.

I learnt why so bad, it was as I suspected, includes Robusta and is over roasted.

Coffee is now on sale at The Lawn.

Something I noticed, which I had not noticed before, Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee is shipped in wooden barrels not hessian sacks.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 4, 2017

A pleasant warm if dull afternoon.

A tour around the half-complete International Bomber Command Centre courtesy of the director and the contractors. Currently a hard hat area.

Then into Lincoln, cappuccino at Madame Waffle and walk up Steep Hill.

It was very depressing seeing the Lincoln Knights being removed , especially as completely unnecessary.

The Lincoln Knights have generated massive public interest and their premature removal one huge mistake. I have yet to meet a single person, whether visitor, local resident or independent business who are pleased to see their removal.

The Knights should have been kept in the street until at least the end of September, if not longer.

The miniature Knights remain in shop windows, a reminder of the cultural vandalism removing the Knights from the streets.

And Knight Ale is still available.

Appalling service in Poundland at the top of the High Street. Refusal to man a till and forced to use a self-service till.

Evensong at Lincoln Cathedral

September 2, 2017

I walked through the Nave and joined the choir for evensong.

I prefered the Nave to sitting with the choir.

Victorian Prison in Lincoln Castle

September 2, 2017

Originally Georgian Prison, which was demolished for the Victorian Prison.

Several  of the inmates sentenced to hang.

Prior to the building of the Georgian Prison, inmates were held in dungeons.

Men, women and children as young as eight were held here from 1848 to 1878 for crimes ranging from stealing a waistcoat and Bible, to highway robbery and murder. During this time seven murderers were hanged at the castle and their bodies buried in Lucy Tower where their graves can still be seen today.

Videos are playing ina few of the cells showing the lifes of individual prionsers.

Very grim tales. A boy of nine, had set fire to hay. A girl, pregnat, had poisned her child.

Offences could be a serving girl getting pregnat.

Knight’s duel

September 2, 2017

A fascinating talk preceded the knight’s duel.

When William defeated the Saxons, he toured the north of England. Lincoln was ideal location for a castle, as commanded views of the surrounding countryside. The Romans also saw it importance, the intersection of routes by by water and road.

The Knight is a Saxon word. In Europe they have a different word.

Knights were the enforcers of a local lord. Village pessnt were of little use, lacked fighting skills and were likley to run if trouble, mecenaries were capapable at firthing, but expnsive.

Knights pledged loyalty to the local lord, in return the lord fed, clothed and housed, paid for armoury and weapons, a horse, maybe even provided land a wife.

The knights wear a padded tunic, on top of which the mail. Not chain mail. It functions like a net, stops a sword slicing through. is made of many tiny rings. Expensive to make, but relatively cheap to repair. In battle, fallen knights would be stripped of their chain.

The helmet conical. A sword blow would slide of the head.

Over time, the swords got longer, sharper.

Duels would be three short bouts.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 2, 2017

A pleasant sunny afternoon.

Town centre very busy, even more so than last Saturday which was a Bank Holiday Weekend.

Looked in The Collection. I had intended to pop into an exhibition, but was not free, and I lacked the time.

Up Steep Hill to Castle Hill. Popped in Bird’s Yard and Makushi on the way but no time for a coffee.

En route, more Knights encountered.

In Castle Hill a market. Nowhere near as busy as last week for Steampunk Festival, nor as interesting. A craft market. I learnt it takes place the first Saturday of the month.

To a stallholder selling pens, I suggested check out Montegrappa and The Alchemist pen.

Into Lincoln Castle.

I have still not been able to resolve their entrance scam.

Usually access to the Castle grounds is free, pay to access certain areas. Last weekend during the Steam Punk Festival I had to pay. Understandable if a concert, but not for a few stalls. I reluctantly paid, having been told ticket was valid for six months. Mid-week, I tried to access a building, to be told I was re-entering. Er no, I had yet to enter. I had paid to access the Castle grounds which is normally free.

I required access to the Victorian Prison. In the Prison Exercise Yard, a knights duel. It was preceded by a fascinating talk on knights.

Knights introduced chivalry. If in combat, one fell, his surrender would be accepted.

Most of the afternoon spend exploring the Victorian Prison.

Then down into a vault where held Magna Carta, Charter of the Forest and the Domesday Book.

Close to closing time, just time to walk around the Castle walls.

I would have exited the West Gate and visited Stokes Lawn Cafe, too late, gate already closed.

Evensong in Lincoln Cathedral, sat with the choir.

A strange steampunk machine encountered on leaving. I asked, but no one knew.