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Aldershot Farnham Guildford

September 25, 2020

After working in the garden, raking up leaves from last winter which have destroyed all the grass, grass seed sown, a very busy afternoon.

Bus to Aldershot. Bus empty.

I wished to eat at Indonesian restaurant. Closed. No indication if open.

Bus to Farnham.

Hop off and visit Coffee Gems. Pick up a couple of bags of coffee.

Pass by Krema, I am surprised to find open, but no time to stop. I notice door is open.

To the butcher, pick up bacon, pork chop, potatoes, large mushroom.

Train to Guildford.

No ticket, no problem, explain I have no ticket and buy return ticket, at least usually no problem. But a jumped up arsehole decides to give me grief, why do you not have a ticket. I explain I am in a hurry, I am trying to buy a ticket and I am being given grief and have my time wasted. Idiot refuses to accept rail card and charges full price for tickets.

I Have never had this problem before. If no ticket, I simply buy the required tickets.

People with time on their hand, bullshit jobs, trying to justify their existence. Instead of hassling me, treating passengers as criminals, why not do something useful, enforce wearing of masks?

I decided to eat at Meat the Greek. Poor quality Greek food but needs must and I am hungry.

What to expect for a fiver?

To the market. Top fruit and vegetable stall has changed layout again. An improvement and more or less back to how it was.

Walking through jeffies Passage very depressing to see Bambo Shoots clsoed and gutted.

Pass by what was Surrey Hills Coffee a change of name, new owners or a re-branding exercusie. I am suprsied to find they still exists.

In tunsgate surpised to find Love Brownies ahs not clsoed. Crap coffee crap bowinues.

Jut make Krema maybe yem minutes efore it clsoed.

Order a cappuccino. Excellent. Pick up a bag of coffee. Tempted by Perus but Kenya more frshly roasted.

To Waitrose. Inconeviant have to walk the legth of the store to enter by car park entarnce,and gtaert risk.

Walking doen the the station, almos blow over such the strenth of the widn.

— to be continued –

Lincoln Autumn Equinox

September 22, 2020

Autumn Equinox a hot and sunny day.

— to be continued —

Coronavirus travelling circus street food market

September 19, 2020

Heading into second lockdown with new coronavirus cases doubling every few days let’s bring it on hold a travelling circus street food market in Lincoln High Street.

Stalls from outside the county, disgusting junk food, constrict access within High Street, attract people, then sit back and watch a sharp spike in new covid-19 cases. The only time I have felt the need to wear a face mask in the street.

Should covid-19 deaths be linked back to this market those responsible should face manslaughter charges.

This festival of disgusting junk food should not take place at the best of times, no way should it take places during coronavirus pandemic as we head into a second wave.

Watch a sharp rise in coronavirus cases in a couple of weeks. If lockdown follows, many businesses will not re-open again.

But, the market had an impact today. Businesses in the town centre have to pay a compulsory levy to Lincoln BIG even though they see little if any benefit. Is it an appropriate use of public money to subside this junk food jamboree which gives street food a bad name?

By all means hold a street food festival, but attract quality stalls not invite a junk food travelling circus. And do not hold in the middle of a pandemic.

Loud music from stalls. Why no enforcement?

Saturday one coffee shop saw takings fall by £200. How many other businesses saw a hit to revenue?

What brain-dead jobsworth thought what a wheeze, hold a junk food market in the middle of a pandemic? Christmas market cancelled, Steam Punk Bank Holiday weekend cancelled, South Common fun fair cancelled. Why did this junk food jamboree go ahead?

Why has the director of public health not acted to shut down the market?

It was criminal negligence this disgusting travelling circus of junk food went ahead.

Stalls bringing covid-19 into Lincoln from outside the county, loud music blasting out from stalls, stallholders preparing and serving food not wearing masks, no social distancing at the stalls, High Street jam packed with people.

Christmas market, Steam Punk Festival, South Common fun fair, all cancelled. A travelling circus of junk food as we head into a second wave goes ahead.

Walking through the High Street I was horrified by what I saw. I do not like wearing a mask, but for the very first time I wore a mask in the street, such was the high risk in the High Street.

Local businesses do their best, they limit numbers, all for nothing. A kick in the teeth, local businesses subsidised this covid-19 super spreader through mandatory levy to Lincoln BIG.

Local businesses were hit by loss of trade. One coffee shop I looked in was empty, another told me they lost £200 worth of business on Saturday.

When coronavirus cases rise in a couple of weeks time and Lincoln forced into lockdown, it will be local businesses that will suffer, many fear they will not survive a second lockdown and will not re-open.

Heads should roll. If organise a large gathering will face a £10,000 fine. Those responsible for this coronavirus disaster should be fined. Should any covid-19 deaths be linked to this market those responsible should be charged with manslaughter.

Where were the police, where was the Director of Public Heath? Why was the market not shut down?

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and eighty

September 19, 2020

Heading into second lockdown with new coronavirus cases doubling every few days let’s bring it on hold a travelling circus street food market.

Stalls from outside the county, disgusting junk food, restrict access within High Street, attract people, sit back and watch a sharp spike in cases.

The only time I have felt need to wear a face mask in the street.

Should covid deaths be linked back to this market those responsible should face prosecution for manslaughter.

Hop on Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Castle Hill a farmers market. Relatively busy.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail, haddock and chips.

Walk round to Stokes at The Lawn. Very busy, decide not to stay.

Pass by The Victoria outside Westgate of Lincoln Castle. At least seven queuing to get in, lack of social distancing. Loud music outside.

Hop on the Walk and Ride back into town.

Cappuccino sat outside Madame Waffle.

Pleasant sitting in the sun. Less pleasant gangs of drunks passing by.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Afternoon in Nottingham

September 17, 2020

What a difference between days.

Tuesday in York a hot sunny day, evening very warm. Wednesday a chilly damp autumn day, evening heating turned on. Today air chilly from a cold night, but a lovely sunny day.

Failure to wear masks on train Lincoln to Nottingham. Always same age range, late teens twenties.

Lunch at Paste. Today surprisingly quite busy.

Paste is the only establishment I visit that consistently complies with track and trace, stopped at the entrance, temperature scanned, details logged.

Passing by The Thurland Hall, beautiful building, shame about the rowdy drunks outside, no social distancing. No enforcement. Easy to see why we are heading into a second wave.

Cappuccino at The Specialty Coffee Shop.

Pleasant to sit outside but on the corner of a busy main road, noisy and polluted.

Guest coffee today new to me Coffee Collective from Denmark.

I am recommended am Ethiopian coffee.

Tour group Nottingham University, led by a guide at least nine people. Once again, see why we are heading into a second wave

I wish I knew the name of the building one side of Market Square.

I ask a young lady. She called it the Council building but she is not local

Her and her friend from the Baltics. We have a long conversation Belarus and geo-politics.

Whilst we are chatting, a disturbance in the centre of Market Square, a gang of yobs, a fight breaks out, moments later two police arrive and chase two of the yobs, then a police patrol car. It is over as quick as it started.

My two new found friends shrug tell me violence in the city centre the norm for Nottingham.

Too late for coffee at Kigali. Neither have Cup of Excellence from Peru.

Not going to make 1627 train.

I head off to Luisa’s craft chocolate.

I try a chocolate from Ecuador.

I look in Neon Raptor and pick up a can of beer.

On my way I had passed a coffee shop Yolk. Not really got the time and had intended to visit Cartwheel Coffee but as not tried stop and have a cappuccino.

Mediocre at best, chocolate added, North Star coffee.

Vast room for improvement.

I hop on a tram one stop to Nottingham Station. I doubt would made yrain if walked.

Not obvious how to access station.

Many on platform not wearing masks.

Age range late teens twenties.

Covid-19 doubling every six to ten days.

— to be continued —-

Mid-September York

September 15, 2020

Mid-September, a hot sunny day in York.

Not a heatwave, a few hot days.

Lincoln Central Station still not woken up to split tickets. I am charged wrong price, then I am asked where I wish to split.

Doncaster Station always cold. Not today.

I pop into Doncaster. Grim.

Doncaster Station always busy. Not today. Few people, few trains.

LNER mandatory book a seat a farce.

I walk through the train through empty coaches to coach A to find crowded. I walk back to empty coach D.

No social distancing as alight from train at York. In addition to announcement to wear mask, maybe reminder to socially distance when leaving the train.

Few people about. Station usually busy a stream of people into the city centre. Maybe Tuesday, I usually visit Friday.

Walk along City Wall to River Ouse and Barker Tower.

The Perky Peacock not usually busy. Today busy. Maybe seats outside. Visible.

IOrder from a table in the street. I lace my order. I asked do I want sprinkles on my cappuccino? WTF are sprinkles? Appraentlly chocolate. Why insult clientele when serve coffee from Origin?

Avocado on sourdough toast followed by cappuccino.

Young guy taking order pleasant but completely clueless. Working in a coffee shop in York, but unaware of coffee shops in York. He offers another customer syrup in their coffee.

Please please, either educate this guy or lose him as he will very quickly destroy the reputation of The Perky Peacock.

Queue outside Brew and Bake. Not usually a queue, not many people about about, but limited seating.

I ask in Tourist Information Independent Life? Sadly not. I am offered as recompense and map of indie businesses in York.

Burr Coffee, a coffee shop I have eaten in the past in Lendal no more. Sorry to see gone. Coffee was not good but reasonable to eat. But no outside seating.

Look in Spring Espresso Lendal. Depressing sold to Coffee Smith which in turn sold, coffee Small Batch, used to be Square Mile.

Interesting chat with barista. I try the cold drip cold brew.

I buy a copy of Independent Guide to Coffee Shops. A waste of money as alsyt years’s coppy and I already have. I assumed new edition as many on the shelves. Er no, indicates it does not sell.

Find me way to a bookshop. Buy a book by Ursula le Guin, Earthsea which is actually three books. Given a map of York showing indie bookshops.

Find my way to Fossgate.

Very disappointed to find Kiosk not open today and inside gutted.

It look like gutted to turn into takeaway only. Open from Wednesday, morning until not busy.

In the window single origin from Dark Woods, including a Panama Geisha Ninety Plus.

Spring Espresso Fossgate. No cold brew. No V60. I learnt the little cold brew drip tower is from Hario. I am told around £100. If only, a couple of hundred pounds.

Find my way back to Spring Espresso Lendal. Time for a cold brew, but no time to drink. Poured into a takeway cup, with ice.

Walk at leisure to station.

Again I find the mandatory booking I am in a crowded coach. Walk through train to find less crowded coach.

The train for King’s Cross must have been running late, though I had not noticed. Due Newark 1718, which gives a few minutes to catch the 1723 to Lincoln. Only have to cross the platform, but if runnin late, miss the train for Lincoln and have to walk through Newark to catch a train from Newark North Gate. Train must hav ebene running late as 30 seconds to ctach the train for Lincoln.

But not a problem if missed as LNER train to Lincioln at 1736. SEcond coach was relatively empty. If full I woul dhav eewaited for the next trainm as arrives in Lincoln only a few minutes aprt.

Just make train at Newark.

Gang of yons hanging about across from the staion. I speak to Coop security. They tell eme a regular plroblemm they call the police, the poilce fail to respond.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and seventy three

September 12, 2020

Bus into town not busy.

Top up Faith in Nature shampoo.

I was suprised to learn the shed by the level cossing has been there for weeks. I had only noticed a couple of days ago. Why does the council permit selling disgusting junk food, the stomack chrurning stench from across the road. Why permit a stall serving in polystyrene boxes?

Never before heard the peeling St Matry le Wigford bells.

A couple of days ago looked in St Mary le Wigford Church where a medieval market was being set up. It was not then worth a visit. Today looking better and maybe worth a vist. Many of the stallholders in medieval attire. On the plus side, at least an atempt at quality, which is more than can be said of the annual Christmas market.

Outside a stall with what was claimed to be medieval food. I reluctantly tried a sample of what I think was bread and butter pudding. It was disgusting.

High Street busy, but not as busy as last Saturday.

Binge drinking bars not yet full of drunks.

No Walk and Ride. Or at least there was but driver said he was having his lunch, catch the next bus.

Walked up Steep Hill.

Kids running up and down 22 times.

Many visitlors about, restaurants busy, pubs busy.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail. It too was busy.

Walking to Stokes at The Lawn, car parks were full. No idea why.

Cappuccino at Stokes at The Lawn using Ethiopian guest coffee from Cartwheel Coffee.

Walk through grounds of Lincoln Castle and down Steep Hill back into town centre.

Rugby players running up and down Steep Hill 22 times.

I have a chat. A walk

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and seventy one

September 10, 2020

Cool when sun popped behind a cloud otherwise pleasantly warm.

Bus into town packed.

Shed by level crossing selling disgusting junk food back. Why?

Far fewer people in town centre. Are people finally waking up to pandemic?

How many council workers to stick up a poster outside Lincoln Central Market? Two. Irony is not dead. Poster wear a mask to enter market.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail. Only one eating.

Walk around to Stokes at The Lawn. Change my mind, hop onto Walk and Ride. Change my mind again. Hop back off to cross the road to Stokes at The Lawn.

Too cool to sit outside, walk through grounds of Lincoln Castle to Castle Hill and down Steep Hill back into town centre.

Stop at Madame Waffle.

About to walk into Waterstone’s and threatened by thug. Torrent of  abuse. Drug crazed nutter?

I am asked by passers by am I ok.

Pick up Another Now from Waterstone’s.

Appalling service at M&S ratchets into another league.

Gone the cleaned trolleys. I look. I ask a member of staff. Over there clean it yourself.

— to be continued —

Afternoon in Nottingham

September 8, 2020

An hour earlier to Nottingham, left an hour later.

A warm morning, then sun came out.

Able to catch a train an hour earlier now normal service resumed. Train not busy.

People are ignoring wear mask nor being enforced.

Tall black guy shaven head wandering through train, no mask.

Guard shown ticket. He takes out of my hand to examine even though I presented to enable to read. I note does this to everyone. Do they have no understanding how coronavirus spreads?

Head to Paste for lunch.

This week I choose correct dish, deep fried crispy chicken with a sauce.

VAT was over 20%, now 5%. Why are Paste ripping off their customers not passing on the reduction?

I am zigzagging. Head through Market Square to The Specialty Coffee Shop.

Sun out, turned hot. It is as though I am in Tenerife.

Outside seating The Specialty Coffee Shop. I sit outside. A pity though busy polluted main road.

Michelangelo brews me an excellent cappuccino.

The Speciality coffee Shop offering 15% discount for Tuesday and Wednesday in September (not open Monday. This is a good idea dn ,ore should follow their lead. A slight nudge to the beginning of the week but not leading to packed then empty the end of the week, which was the impact of the crass Eat Out to Help Out.

Retrace my steps to Kigali. Arrive after closed but not yet closed.

A rare treat. Outpost Coffee Cup of Excellence from Peru brewed as V60. Expensive beans.

Cup of Excellence Peru lot 10, £10 for a glass jar of 100g of benas.

Again no time for Luisa’s craft chocolate.

I head to station. Touch and go if I make the train. I decide not to try.

Stop at Cartwheel Coffee sit outside with a cappuccino.

A pity people think ok to litter the street with
dog ends. Outside tables should be treated as No Smoking. Probably are, hence the cigarette ends on the street.

Now heading for rush hour train. Not good.

A three coach train. I ask to verify as usually two coach train.

Not crowded.

On platform no masks. OK outside but rules are rules.

Nor acceptable passengers on trains not wearing masks.

— to be continued —

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and fifty-six

September 5, 2020

Cooler, sun came out I was warm, went in I was cool.

Third weekend seafood stall outside Lincoln Central Market. First weekend I find.

Bored stallholder.

I asked bored stallholder when he finally noticed a potential customer, no customers, is this your entire stock or am I late in the day? It was lunchtime. I could not believe how limited the stock. No surprise no customers.

Stallholder could not hear me or failed to comprehend. I suggested he turned down the noise if he could not hear.

He then turned very unpleasant, ordered me to get away from his stall.

Behind his display I noticed very tiny crabs. Far too small to be on sale. Illegal? Certainly not good for conservation.

As I walked away, man shouted at me he did not want my custom.

Once again questions raised useless jobsworths who mismanages the market. No vetting, no due diligence. Having already done best to destroy the market by kicking out a popular fruit and vegetable stall, now trying to destroy the existing fishmonger inside Lincoln Central Market.

I visited the stall inside the market. Unlike the stall outside a quality fishmonger with good range of seafood.

The tiny crabs on the outside stall £6-50, fishmonger £4-50 for a crab twice the size

Each visit into town, more and more people, too many people.

Sincil Street very busy. High Street packed with people.

Hopped on Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral. Walked through to Bailgate.

Craft market in Castle Hill.

Bailgate busy.

Haddock and chips at Elite on the Bail. Easy to see why their tea and coffee so bad, source from Lincoln tea and coffee.

If had been warmer, I would have walked around Lincoln Castle to Stokes at the Lawn for a tea or coffee, but too cool to sit on the terrace.

Walked down Steep Hill back into town centre

Usual Saturday afternoon drunks in the binge drinking bars.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

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