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Brighton coronavirus lockdown Tuesday

November 17, 2020

Awoke barely able to move. Pain worse today than day before. Each day worse than day before. Not good.

Rail staff at Gatwick and Brighton not wearing masks, lack of social distancing.

Train to Brighton empty.

Arrive Brighton late, mid-afternoon. I set off late.

Nothing to eat Grocer and Grain. I take a different route into North Laine.

Loud music blasting out from Wai Kika Moo Kau.

Shops I expect to find closed, for example Resident, are open. They appear to be exploiting a loophole, cannot enter the store, but nothing to say cannot sell across the open door.

I decide coffee at Bond Street Coffee. Too many people waiting.

Wolfox take away soup. Not hot, warm. but tasty. Not the weather for sitting in the street with a takeaway.

Now too late for Bond Street.

Try my luck at Coffee Soho.

I found open a couple of days ago. Yesterday I was too late, it was closed. Today I am in luck.

Coffee supplied by Union. No guarantee of excellent coffee as Union supply anyone.

My coffee reasonable, not in the same league as the best in Brighton.

Loud music blasting out.

Wander through The Lanes and down to the seafront. I have never before seen Brighton Pier in darkness. The day before in partial darkness.

A burger from Honest Burgers. Not worth missing a train for.

At a guess, grilled from frozen. Stratified layers, outer layers cooked if not overcooked, the centre undercooked and raw. Served with disgusting chips.

Honest Burgers a chain, which explains the poor quality. I have eaten at Honest Burgers in Reading. It was disgusting. Brighton was not as bad, but not good either.

The place for a burger, a shed outside a pub opposite Grocer and Grain, a little way down from Brighton Station (used to be under the station).

Gatwick deserted, South Terminal closed, only half a dozen flights from North Terminal.

I set off in pain. During the day pain eases.

I learn from a pharmacist that one of the side effects of one of the drugs in my cocktail is drowsiness.

Brighton coronavirus lockdown Monday

November 16, 2020

Awoke barely able to move in pain.

Deserted train to Brighton.

Forecast cloudy. Sun began to break through. Not as cold as Sunday.

Lunch and coffee from Coffee at 33, soup from The North Laine Deli.

I walked to a park, if a paved-over area can be classed as a park.

Too cold to eat outside, but lock down no choice.

Pop in Hisbe. I used to enjoy Hisbe. It has changed since my last visit and not for the better.

The dispensers and a touch screen to price not acceptable during coronavirus pandemic.

In Athens be it a shop or the stalls at Central market, dried fruits, nuts, chocolates etc loose, staff shovel out selection, bag and weigh. A far better system, and less risk of infection.

Faith in Nature, wide range in bottles, but not in bulk for refill.

When I visited A&E and caught taxi to the station I passed a coffee shop. I tried to find. No luck. Maybe it was further along London Road, maybe a different road, maybe I dreamt it.

Now raining.

Pop in Barney’s Deli. Used to be cheese, but has expanded beyond cheese to other Sussex produce. An example would be chocolate from Rowdy and Fancy’s which I noticed on Saturday and had not encountered before.

Claimed to be artisan chocolate, as meaningless as gourmet. Not quality chocolate when contaminated with additives. Quality chocolate is bean-to-bar craft chocolate. It is difficult to see what is artisan buying in chocolate, moulding then packaging. The only ones not contaminated with additives, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. The white chocolate on tasting, reasonable, a hint of fruits, on a par with white chocolate from Hotel Chocolat.

Packaging resembles a cigarette package with the chocolate inside wrapped in what I thought was plastic. on checking, not plastic, compostable, made from wood pulp. A new one on me and I would like to know more.

I recommended stock Bare Bones, Bullion and Luisa’s if wish to stock quality chocolate (though not local). Yes, commendable to stock local, but not at expense of quality.

I had hoped for a coffee at Bond Street Coffee. Closed.

Wander through The Lanes.

I try Cafe Coho. Closed.

I was not going to visit the seafront. Change my mind.

Hop on the bus to Brighton Station.

The Waiting Room not open. Flying Coffee Bean kiosk open. I have a takeaway coffee. It is not good. This is the problem with FCB, employ people who cannot make coffee.

Third evening staff not social distancing or wearing masks at Brighton Station. I was tipped off last night they are exempt. This is not acceptable.

Gatwick South Terminal closed. Gatwick North Terminal deserted.

Rough looking character travelling on airport shuttle. Clearly not a passenger or an airport worker.

Cocktail of drugs but still in pain. Not good.

Brighton coronavirus lockdown Sunday

November 15, 2020

Pain worse today, with cocktail of drugs bearable.

Weather forecast rain, strong winds.

Why are staff working at Gatwick clueless on social distancing? On shuttle between terminals, I and a family are in an otherwise empty coach on a three-coach deserted shuttle. Two Border Force guards stand between us, no social distancing, they could have stood at the rear of the coach.

Deserted train to Brighton. Sunny start to the day. Black clouds on approach to Brighton. Not long before it rains.

Coffee at 33 a queue. I head off down the street, maybe look in later.

I had intended to pop in Bread & Milk and pick up a bag of coffee from Pharmacie, if recent roast date, but decide not.

Pelicano closed.

It starts to rain. Pop in the Roastery to avoid the rain.

Chips from fish n chips shop.

Pop in Black Mocha. I promised yesterday I would give them a second try.

Pick up a bag of of coffee from Cast Iron Roasters. I am asked of chocolate. I again recommend Bare Bones, Bullion and Luisa’s. Local? No. Local has merit but never at expense of quality.

Bond Street closed. I learn not only Horsham Coffee, there is a second investor who has started roasting coffee, hence a choice of roasteries on sale.

Wolfox Coffee. New. I have never noticed before. I saw their coffee in nearby Infinity Foods on Saturday. Claimed to be specialty coffee. Girl did not know q grade. But she brewed an excellent coffee.

The walnut coffee cake looked good. It was not. I should have known better. It was vegan and vegan cakes are nearly always disgusting.

Walk through The Lanes.

I foolishly head to the sea front. The heavens open, wind drives the rain. I take shelter.

Rain eases off. I try again, though still heavy rain. As I near the sea front I am nearly blown off my feet. Pointless trying to get to the seafront.

I turn around and head for the station.

Heavy rain. I seek shelter outside coffee shop Cafe Coho. One of the few open.

Catch a bus to the station. Now once again bucketing it down.

Good timing. Ten minutes before train leaves and train is in the station.

Gatwick Airport, only North Terminal open and it is deserted.

Cocktail of drugs work. I am able to walk with normal gait. Occasional sharp pain. By end of the day in pain. Being out in the cold and wet probably did not help.

An early night called for.

Brighton coronavirus lockdown Saturday

November 14, 2020

A cool miserable day. Strong wind blowing. Rain stops for awhile.

Friday 13th easyJet flight Athens to Gawick, no social distancing, packed in like sardines, take off delayed by an hour and forty minutes due to problems with ice on the wings. Plane arrives late, I have bad back pain, no option other than to spend the night at Gatwick.

When I awake in the morning, back pain worse, no option other than to stay for a couple more nights, I ask to see a doctor. No doctor at Gatwick, nearest Redhill or Crawley. Not knowing either and with a regular train service best option take a train to Brighton and visit the walk in centre a couple of minutes down from the station, on the left of the main road heading to the seafront.

Train to Brighton empty.

Bad back pain. Walk in medical centre close to Brighton Station. Cannot walk in, have to make an appointment. Ok, make an appointment. No, can not see anyone. Why? Covid protocol. That explains why two receptionists, one nurse, no social distancing, no wearing of masks. My only option, visit A&E.

Pop over to Grocer and Grain. Enjoy an excellent toasted bread with tomato and Mozzarella cheese.

Back track to Coffee at 33. Closed at three.

I once decided not to have a coffee at Bread & Milk, I cannot recall why. Coffee from Pharmacie. A good sign. Loud music not. Covid-19 death trap. I tell girl too loud. She cannot hear me.

Girl clueless on coffee. Chocolate dumped on top. I take it back. She argues with me. My fault for not telling her. My fault that she is clueless on coffee and I failed to second guess. Coffee hot, too much froth and foam. Quality of beans manages to prevail but not doing Pharmacie any favours.

Note: As I learnt the following day, I mixed with a different place similar name, Milk Not Sugar. Not specialty coffee as sign says, once was, now Vietnamese food and coffee Vietnamese style with condensed milk (yuk).

Pelicano closed.

The Roastery open. All blends. They are trialling a single origin. Robusta. That is to take the piss.

I look in Black Mocha. I tried a coffee a couple of years ago when they opened. It was disappointing. May be time to try again. Their specialty chocolate not coffee. I recommend they stock Bare Bones, Bullion and Luisa’s.

Streets are deserted, starting to rain, cold.

I look in Barney’s Deli. Chocolate Rowdy and Fancy’s I have not seen before. But not a chocolate maker to be taken seriously when most of their chocolate has additives. Not seen before Philosophy of Cheese. Part of a series from British Library, or example Philosophy of Coffee.  I recommend stock Re-Inventing the Wheel, the book on cheese.

Look in Infinity Foods. Copying from Hisbe, zero waste, loose nuts, rice, cereals and dried fruits in plastic tubes. But not covid-19 secure when everyone handling and touching a touch screen.

Infinity Foods not a place for coffee, especially when spoilt for choice locally and cay buy freshly roasted coffee beans in coffee shops. Coffee dispended in the plastic tubes a very bad idea. No idea of roast date, coffee beans will oxidise. A coffee I had not heard of or seen before Wolfox.

I notice as leaving, a hand sanitiser hidden behind the door. A dumb location.

Turning cold, starting to rain, turning dark. I give the seafront a miss and catch No 7 bus to hospital.

Not too long in A&E. May be three hours max. Nothing serious. Maybe strained muscles. Cocktail of drugs, codeine and paracetamol.

Bucketing it down with rain. Catch taxi to station.

Brighton Station, staff outnumber passengers. No social distancing, no wearing of masks. When challenged claim only on a train which is not true.

At Gatwick staff not wearing masks, lack of social distancing.

EasyJet Friday the 13th flight

November 14, 2020

I am running late, artive at check in with barely an hour to spare. I am told go straight to Gate for boarding. Not that anything is open.

At Gate, too many people. No social distancing. When I booked flight, two rows in front two behind empty.

Friday the 13th flight. Packed in like sardines. Plane unable to take off, ice on the wings. Take off an hour and forty minutes to take off waiting for ice to melt.

Every day since message last Sunday my lower back aches from walking. I rest, shower and recover. I am aching by mid-afternoon. Worse on Metro to Airport.

On flight I am in pain. I have missed my train due to late arrival. Check in hotel at airport. By now I can barely move.

I hope a night’s sleep I will be ok. I am worse. No choice than to seek a doctor.

— to be continued —

Athens coronavirus lockdown day seven

November 14, 2020

A lovely warm summers day. The cold wind has gone.

I walk past Little Tree thinking it open. No, it is the sun shining through the windows.

Wander through the pine woodland At foot of Hill of the Muses. It is very tempting to climb to the top but I lack the time.

Deep fried chicken in batter with stir fried vegetables and rice from Sticky Rice n friends.

Take away coffee from The Underdog

I give Athens in a Cup a trial run. An app, follow a route from The Underdog. Their claim the first guide not true.

No time left.

Metro to Airport, I am running late, as is Metro. I make check in with barely an hour to spare.

At Gate, too many people. No social distancing. When I booked flight, two rows in front two behind empty.

Friday the 13th flight. Packed in like sardines. Plane unable to take off, ice on the wings. Take off an hour and forty minutes to take off waiting for ice to melt.

Every day since message last Sunday my lower back aches from walking. I rest, shower and recover. I am aching by mid-afternoon. Worse on Metro.

On flight I am in pain. I have missed my train due to late arrival. Check in hotel at airport. By now I can barely move.

I hope s nights sleep I will be ok. I am worse. No choice than to seek a doctor.

— to be continued —

Athens coronavirus lockdown day six

November 12, 2020

Each day fewer ople around.

The wind has dropped, does not feel so cold. Day stats off col and cloudy, turns wam once the sun comes out.

National Garden closed bot Ordeer of the Police. I hav eto walk arond the perimter.

At British Embassy I am greeted by name, please come in. Somewhat different to my reception a wseek ago.

Having benentold in personm and twice in telephone convesration we do not issue Emergency Passporst, I ma issued with an Emeregncy Passport

Afternoon a walk to The Rabbit Punch. Each time never again. This the third time. Is it worth thr ckimb?

I sit outside with a takeaway cifee.

At ast not as polluted wsith little traffic.

The sanme came nt be said f the nain roads.

To Plaka, hen o to ferouz.

I look n ctaft bee shop.

4 Seasons is an exampke f greenwash wri largd. Procalims environamntally frindxly, thethe shkeves tell a different story.

Everywherenutsansdried loose, picxj wha want. Not in 4 Seasonsm everythibg oacjakeage din plastic. Coconut with shel hacked off, shrink wrapped in plastic.

Products from Big Business, Whele Earth i sni quality.




be coninued —-

— to

Athens coronavirus lockdown day two

November 8, 2020

Athens night-time curfew. From Tuesday of last week bars, coffee shops and restaurants closed. From Saturday first day of lockdown. Not allowed out unless have special permission. Luckily I have papers, special permission to go out.

More people around than day before, but still very quiet.

Walked around The Acropolis to Thissio, then along a road to find Sticky Rice n friends, a Filipino takeaway I had encountered the day before. Previous day at least half a dozen Filipinos, today two and a not very helpful Greek guy who claimed to be in charge.

I explained what I wanted. I did not want full portion, I would be eating later. No, argued Greek guy. I drew attention to empty street that we were in lockdown.

I talked to the Filipinos They prepared what I asked for.

Reasonable portion size, tasty, but not great, chicken deep fried, stir fried vegetables and steamed white rice. No brown rice. Excessive use of plastic packaging.

Back tracjed to The Underdog. A takeeazy , a cappuccino. Different barstas. What a disggerence a day makes. I drak as soon as I legft.

Walked through Monastairaki to Plaka. Deserted.

I took a little detour. Found Turkish Baths Al Hammam. Stopped and had much needed massage.

— to b econinued —

Athens coronavirus lockdown day one

November 7, 2020

Athens night-time curfew. From Tuesday of this week bars, coffee shops and restaurants closed. From today first day of lockdown. Not allowed out unless have special permission.

Luckily I have papers, special permission to go out. Contrary to false reporting by Independent that I saw previous evening claiming British not allowed out in Greece, no, it is not true, not allowed out of hotel. But would require special permission.

Beginning of lockdown in Lincoln, very little traffic on the roads. I am surprised the traffic I am seeing in Athens, but a tiny fraction of what would usually be seen.

I had a wander from Acropli, around the Acropolis to Thissio, to Monastiraki, to Ermou to Plaka. 

Everywhere deserted. 

A detour down the side of Acropolis Museum to Little Tree a book shop cum coffee shop.

Looked in a couple of food shops and a derelict mansion.

Little Tree closed.

A detour to The Underdog. I was very surprised to find open. Me, a barista and somewhere a chef. Usually on a weekend The Underdog would be heaving.

Chef? For deliveries.

They have now expanded their choice of coffee in Nespresso capsules. The day before I noticed Kudu and Mind the Cup were offering Nespresso capsules. Even Panama Geisha sourced from 90 Plus in Nespresso capsules.

Buy a 60 euros Nespresso machine and coffee from quality coffee roasteries, for example The Underdog, Kudu, Mind the Cup, but never ever use Nespresso capsules.

I came away with a takeaway coffee. Not great, but my fault, I allowed it to cool. Not the same though as sitting in The Underdog.

Monastiraki deserted. Usually very busy.

I found a little Filipino takeaway. They only opened a couple of weeks ago, to thnen be hit by lockdown. Maybe visit another day. One of the few food places open.

Ermou deserted. Ermou the equivalent of Oxford Street in London.

Back through Plaka. Deserted.

— to be continued —

Afternoon Kolonaki

November 5, 2020

Around Temple of Zeus, past Hadrian’s Gate, through Nationa;l Garen to a part of Kolonaki I am not famlar wih.

Past War Museum to British Embassy.

British Embassy an ugle builin gaurded like afortress. Ca\n only talk to security officials through a security gat, No one avable. Hnaded a leaflet to report loss of passpot.

On wa to Redd pass a coffee shop με. Very busy.

Onward to REdd, who tell me με busy for food not coffee,

From Redd cold brew coffee from cold drip coffee. I choose Kenyan. Excellent.

I cannot drink outsde coffee, walk to Kolonakiou where I sit and ealx with my cold brew.

Onward to Taressom but d nt sop.

I deiced to climb Lycabettus.

On my way down, I am lost, I do not know wherre I am.

Evetually I find myself cross he road to National Garden. S lon was from where I thought I was.

I decide to make my way t Just Made 33. Only to arrive a sclising.

I try Oeek a Bloom, only to find cosed.

A seak or Crops Roasterym a ittlke coffee kiosk I found the previous day.
continued —
— to be

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