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Dinner with a view

December 3, 2019

Last night in Athens, dinner with a view.

Cold brew in The Underdog

December 3, 2019

Cold brew in The Underdog, only not cold brew, a filter coffee put in the fridge.

Why? Better consistency than using a cold drip tower.

Athens First Saturday in November

November 30, 2019

Since the clocks went back the previous weekend a noticeable change in the weather.

Very much like late autumn in England, cold in the morning, warm and sunny in the afternoon, clear blue skies, temperature drops as soon as the sun goes down, cold at night, very cold late at night.

Today a visit to The Acropolis, but first find an art museum.

The museum I was looking for National Museum of Contemporary Art, Whether or not the correct museum, as many with art, I do not know, but correct or not, it was closed.

En route I passed an interesting modern hotel. I actually thought it a furniture shop that makes wooden beds, which also makes wooden bicycles, but no it was a very modern hotel Coco-Mat with wooden bicycles parked outside.

I also passed an interesting bar with a wide range of craft beer.

In the same street, more or less opposite, a derelict mansion.

A slightly different route back, stopped at a falafel bar and had falafel and salad.

Making this quality of falafel in North Laine in Brighton would do very well.

An amazing sight, a scooter piled high with eggs then more added.

Now maybe too late for The Acropolis as late afternoon, but decided to visit anyway.

But why were they charging 30 euros for a season ticket? November it should be half price and I had been told last week at Ancient Agora half price for November, as it has been in the past. No they were adamant, 30 euros but half price for The Acropolis, 10 euros not 20 euros. I grudgingly paid 10 euros.

Areopagus, a rocky outcrop on the western side of The Acropolis.

Sun was setting as I left The Acropolis. As it was nearby I climbed the rock.

There are steps carved into the rock, dodgy to ascend, now barred off and an ugly stairs adjacent.

A popular site for watching the sun set.

Walked to The Underdog, had a cappuccino.

I now notice Nespresso capsules with Brazilian coffee, 20 euros for 18 capsules.

Once the sun goes down it is cold.

I decided too cold to walk back caught the Metro at Thisio. Very rough character on the train, not been on this line before. Maybe a line to avoid.

Dinner in Plaka.

Turkish sisters who were there the night before, one sister again joined the musicians to sing. She was good.

Foyer espresso bar

November 28, 2019

After Philos and Graffito on to Foyer espresso bar. It has now turned cold.

Look in sister shop next door, bought nuts and dried figs.

Excellent coffee in Foyer espresso bar.

Foyer espresso bar has guest coffees. I recommended for them a few roasteries I was familiar with.

It has tuned cold. I take the Metro to Acropoli.


November 28, 2019

After a coffee at Taresso, went off in search of Graffito a few minuses walk away.

I learnt no coffee shop, closed at least two years ago. Strange how no one had ever mentioned. Now I know why, it no longer exists.

An interesting shop, well designed. Could be summed up as style, slow fashion.

I passed by Philos, sympathetic restoration of an old building, a pity they serve Illy coffee.

When Graffito hosted a coffee shop, they sourced coffee from Kudo. I suggested they may wish to recommend Kudo to Philos next door.


November 28, 2019

In search of Grafitto, I passed by Philos, sympathetic restoration of an old building, a pity they serve Illy coffee.

On sale magazines, only one of quality, Cereal.

I suggested drop the rest, choose Standart, Drift, Ambrosia.

I also suggested dump Illy coffee and source coffee from a local coffee roaster, Taresso, Taf, Kudos, Mr Bean, Safid.

Helpful lady told me depends on the machine, freshly ground coffee, skilled barista.

I agree, therefore please do not insult with Illy coffee.

Philos has the potential to be be an excellent coffee shop, and I would have loved to have stopped for a coffee, as the ambience was excellent, but let down by the coffee.

Improve the coffee, focus on quality magazines.

Graffito which I found next door, style and slow fashion.

King’s Cross food market

November 28, 2019

When passing through or by King’s Cross Station it is always worth having an extra half an hour to spare to visit the excellent food market located outside the front of the station.

Spoilt for choice, cakes, cheese, savouries.

Excellent Comte cheese off one stall, Cheddar off another.

Then when perused the food stalls, wander down the side of the station to find Craft Coffee, serving some of the best coffee in London.

Souvlaki at Avra traditional Greek-Cypriot restaurant in Ayia Napa

November 4, 2019

I had passed this traditional Greek-Cypriot restaurant earlier, walking through Ayia Napa en route from Larnaca. The streets were closed due to Ayia Napa Medieval Festival.

I attended the festival, too late to eat anywhere else, I walked back to this restaurant.

My intitial impression on handling the menu, not good, it was dirty and greasy, too many filthy hands had handled it. These menus should be burnt at end of season and replaced.

Wiped were brought to clean my hands, and aplogies offered.

Chicken soup for strtaer. It was good.

The souvlalki was not tough as No I Restaurant the Monday of the week before.

Waiters over attentive. Whether I was selected or restaurant near empty I do not know.

I asked the man who appaeared to be in chargem were they being hit by all-inclusive? He said no, but he belived yes, others were. He survived by offereing qualikty. I was suprised to learn offered kleftiko, he draw my attention to the wood-fired clay oven, which he said they fired up at 1130 in the morning. He also pointed to the open kitchen where he said they grilled over charcoal.

Yogurt followed by a cappuccino at Lazaris Bakery

November 4, 2019

A yogurt followed by a cappuccino at Lazaris Bakery.

Yogurt excellent, cappuccino in a league of it own for disgusting undrinkable coffee.

I have had a coffee before and knew it not to be good, but I do not recall it being this bad.

I left untouched after one sip.

Every mistake made, served scalding hot, cheap low quality coffee.

That it was served with two packets of sugar in the saucer sasy all you need to know. Sugar served as a warning sign. Our coffee is so bad you will need this sugar to mask the vile taste.

The rude guy who made the cappuccino, it would be an insult to baristas to call him a barista, was showing a girl how to make coffee. What was it, a demonstration of how to make bad coffee. Not helped by using cheap crap coffee beans.

I did not watch, but, but no attempt at precision, the beans at a guess over roasted.

Why oh why drinking outside from takeaway cups.

To sit outside pleasant but for the smoking and traffic fumes.

Needs to be No Smoking and the area pedestrianised and traffic free.

Lazaris is a sympathetic restoration of a old building. It would make an excellent coffee shop if only they served drinkable coffee.

A good place to eat, but not for coffee.

It was then on to Paul’s Coffee Roasters where at least guaranteed decent coffee.

Greek-Cypriot wedding Church of St Lazarus

November 4, 2019

Hearing music, I found a wedding party outside Church of St Lazarus.

Then what appeared to be spontaneous, to the delight of everyone the bride and groom danced to the music. Then the little bridesmaids joined in.

Very moving.