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Morning Bar

March 11, 2023

Morning Bar, Google maps 10 minutes from Acropoli Metro Station. No fifteen minutes.

I passed This is Loco on the way. Packed. Loud music thudding out. Not pleasant.

Morning Bar also very noisy.

Cappuccino in a takeaway cup. No, I did not want takeaway.

Area 51, not very pleasant taste. as Lot  51.

I ask are there more interesting places further down the street. Yes, and if I turn right.

#coffee #coffeeshop #Athens

Alimos Marina

March 11, 2023

Last stop, the terminus of tram from Syntagma.

Signs everywhere No Photos. Does anyone take any notice?

Syntagma tram to the coast

March 11, 2023

I tried Thursday, no trams. Tried again Friday. Only had about minute to wait from Zappeion (one stop down from Syntagma)

No sooner had we set off, then an announcement to disembark. Did we have to change trams? No. An announcement every stop to say which side leave the tram.

Terminus nowhere. What now? I watched a woman slip through a gap in the fence. I followed. It led to Alimos Marina.

I walked through Alimos Marina. Signs No Photos ignored.

Continued along the coast, not a pleasant walk as alongside a busy main road to the next stop Edem tram station. This would be a better stop to slight Descended to a beach and a fish restaurant of the same name.

Edem fish restaurant overlooking the sea, excellent sea bream.

Walked a little way along the coast. Not pleasant, alongside a busy main road.

I thought I was at Glyfada. No, further down the coast.

Hopped on a tram to Glyfada.

Glyfada ugly urban sprawl. Athens is not dominated by corporate chains. Glyfada makes up for it, more like Cyprus than Athens.

Frenzy, indie coffee shop in Glyfada.

Hopped on a tram to the interchange, changed for a tram to Syntagma.

Cutting through the back streets, stumbled across Attic Moon a Chinese restaurant. Stopped for wonton soup.

On leaving, found I was in an area of Chinese restaurants. I was lost

Later, Bel Paese Italian restaurant, excellent pizza.

The tourist map for Glyfada wrong. Cannot take a direct tram from Syntagma, have to change at the interchange. If alight the stop before, Edem, then worth a trip to Edem fish restaurant.

Old Ithaki chicken soup

March 7, 2023

Too late to eat. I settled for a bowl of chicken soup.

Disappointed, not as good as what I had at Ionos on Sunday night.

Just Made 33 espresso

March 7, 2023

Passing by Just Made 33 I saw the owner.

We had not seen each other for a couple of years. He was pleased to see me.

Times are hard, business only starting to pick up after lockdown, hard to find and keep good staff.

He treated me to an espresso and something to eat. But I could not eat, too painful sore throat.

Feyrouz chicken and red lentil soup

March 7, 2023

Popped in for their excellent chicken and lentil soup. I wish though it was hotter than lukewarm.

Anana coffee magazines

March 7, 2023

Previous visit coffee magazines I had not seen before.

I did not buy, threatened rain.

Monday I picked up two issues. €15 each.

Philos closed?

March 7, 2023

I passed by Philos on Monday. It looked closed and derelict.

A shame if it has closed, a lovely little coffee shop, magazines on sale, shame though about the poor quality catering supply coffee.


March 7, 2023

Walking from Cocona to Samba, I passed by Terrafresh, I decided to look in.

I found myself in a delightful little deli.

At the rear a coffee shop and little restaurant.

There appeared to be craft beer in tap. I did not inquire.

A shame let down by poor quality catering supply coffee.

Cocona beef giozleme

March 7, 2023

After a visit to Giorgio barber shop, Cocona for lunch.

No lamb, never had lamb, only beef.

Why did I think they had lamb

Beef giozleme, excellent.

Then to Samba for a coffee.

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