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Kealan’s cat

April 29, 2014

Kealan Moore ‘s cat trying to find some peace to read. — Paulo Coelho

Kealan told his cat: Paulo Coelho’s books are not for you!” But the cat did not listen to his advice. — Paulo Coelho

Kealan’s cat shows remarkably good taste in reading material.

Guerrilla Translation Interview for Ouishare Fest 2014

April 29, 2014
Guerrilla Translation

Guerrilla Translation

Please go to the Ouishare voting area and support us there. NOTE – all you need to do is enter your email address and a “capcha” code – there’s no weird registration process (so it’s easy and non-creepy). And, if you’re among the community of people who plan to be at Ouishare Fest in Paris, you’ll see us there.

Guerrilla Translation is proud to be among the nominees for the 2014 Ouishare Awards. If you’re not already familiar, Ouishare is an organization that, in their own words, “is a think and do-tank with the mission to empower citizens, public institutions and companies to create a collaborative economy: an economy based on sharing, collaboration and openness, relying on horizontal networks and communities.” The following short interview was originally published on the Ouishare Fest 2014 Blog, and we hope it helps explain more about our project and long-term vision.

What got you started with your initiative?

We all belong to at least one community. The intersections between our communities make the world seem a little smaller every day. But the lack of a shared language is still a major barrier between people and communities who would otherwise share ideas and collaborate on common solutions to widespread problems.

Guerrilla Translation was born of a love of sharing. The world of information has changed with the Internet – we share access to a tremendous and ever-increasing information stream. And everything else seems to be changing rapidly, too – in our economies, food and energy industries, and political systems, just to name a few. In order to be an active part of these changes, we have to operate in community.

Guerrilla Translation is building bridges between cultures, starting with Spanish and English. We select written and video pieces with a focus on constructive change and long-range analysis, translate them, and share them. We’re connecting authors with new audiences, and people with new ideas, shared through technology but created in a very personal, artisanal way. We feel strongly that translation is best handled not by software, but instead, by committed and passionate translators working together to achieve the highest level of professional quality in our work.

What are your hopes for the rest of 2014?

For the rest of 2014, we’re committed to growing our model through team building, and plan to expand our services and form a cooperative. We work closely with the P2P Foundation and will continue our efforts with them in developing an innovative publishing model within the commons-oriented sphere. Our own webpage is also about to undergo major changes in design, including a more reader-friendly interface making the material in each language easier to find.

Finally, we’re very proud to be included in the Ouishare competition among friends and associates from our own communities, and feel that if we all stand to benefit from the opportunity to share what we’re doing, and learn from each other, we all win.

Originally published on the Ouishare Fest 2014 Blog, reposted Guerrilla Translation.

Putting the local community first

April 29, 2014
Farnborough's pride ---> Farnborough's  shame

Farnborough’s pride —> Farnborough’s shame

Plans to destroy Firgrove Parade and Firgrove Green, and even more so plans to destroy The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s, opened the eyes of the local community that they had a dysfunctional local council, out of control and unaccountable, local councillors who were unfit for purpose, who held the local community in contempt.

A head of planning lied that the trees at Firgrove Green were in poor state of health. This was seen not to be true when the trees were cut down.

The Tumbledown Dick demolition

The Tumbledown Dick demolition

A head of planning who lied that The Tumbledown Dick was being saved. As passers by have noticed, it is being demolished.

A head of planning who claimed there would be no litter, no anti-social behaviour, no gridlocked roads, when a 200+ seater Drive-Thru McDonald’s opened. Local residents will be able to see for themselves.

The local councillors who should have been acting for the local community, showed nothing but contempt for the local community.

£1 million has been squandered on repaving Queensmead. According to the imbecile leader of the council, this would bring shoppers into Farnborough. He also welcomed that tax dodger Starbucks had opened a coffee shop in Farnborough.

Brian Parker had a secret behind closed doors meeting with McDonald’s to stitch up a deal to demolish The Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s. At the planning meeting to demolish The Tumbledown Dick, Brian Parker made derogatory comments about the local community, made sexist comments about females involved in the campaign to save The Tumbledown Dick. Brian Parker voted to destroy The Tumbledown Dick

Brian Parker has shown he is unfit to be a councillor. Brian Parker is up re-election in the May local elections. It is time Brian Parker was kicked out of office as he is a disgrace.

Rod Cooper was a member of the planning committee that decided the fate of the Tumbledown Dick. Rod Cooper made derogatory comments about the local community who were fighting hard to save The Tumbledown Dick, who unlike Rod Cooper were working on behalf of the local community. Rod Cooper voted to destroy The Tumbledown Dick. Later that evening Rod Cooper showed up with a couple of his planning cronies at the Tilly Shilling. They were asked to explain their behaviour. Their response was sickening. They did not understand what was going on, and so all they could do was vote how officials told them to vote.

They do not know know what is going on, could sum up most Rushmoor councillors, clueless idiots, but they are more than happy to collect over quarter of a million pounds in expenses. Snouts in the trough, the snouts are well and truly in the trough.

Rod Cooper has shown he is unfit to be a councillor. Rod Cooper is up re-election in the May local elections. It is time Rod Cooper was kicked out of office as he is a disgrace.

These are by no means the only councillors who need to be removed. These are those currently up for re-election should they stand again, who need to be removed from office.

If we look at the recently restored Queen Hotel in Aldershot, we see what The Tumbledown Dick could have been. The local community were willing to buy, restore and run The Tumbledown Dick. Local councillors, who are elected to represent the local community, far from giving their support, kicked the local community in the teeth.

Two veterans of Firgrove Parade and Tumbledown Dick Campaign, have agreed to stand for election. They are backed by the Green Party as it tallies with their philosophy of local accountability, councillors working hard on behalf of their local community, not on behalf of greedy developers.

Donna Wallace is standing in Empress.

Carl Hewitt is standing in St Mark’s aka North Camp.

A council in the pocket of Big Business, in bed with greedy developers.

Councillors who are more than happy to claim expenses, but less than happy to do the work, who fail to act for the local community, who fail to scrutinise what is put before them, who like mindless sheep, rubber-stamp all that officials put before them.

It is time for change. Time to put the community first.

Note: Brian Parker and Rod Cooper are not standing for re-election. Good riddance, their track record would not have withstood public scrutiny.

The problem is civil obedience

April 27, 2014
civil disobedience

civil disobedience

chemical control

chemical control

Our problem is not civil disobedience. Our problem is civil obedience.

The Alchemist: three hundred weeks in New York Times best-seller list

April 27, 2014
The Alchemist three hundred weeks New York Times best-seller list

The Alchemist three hundred weeks New York Times best-seller list

Congratulations Paulo Coelho, today The Alchemist three hundred continuous weeks in New York Times best-seller list. And it is at No 3.

Not bad for a book that was first published twenty six years ago.

Saturday afternoon in Farnham

April 27, 2014
River Wey

River Wey

Bach rehearsals in Farnham Parish Church

Bach rehearsals in Farnham Parish Church

A diversion to Aldershot to look at an international market (as it was billed). A waste of time and space.

As two week earlier, I alighted off the bus before the town centre, and walked along the River Wey and through Gostrey Meadow into the town centre.

River Wey running fast and high. A week of rain, ground saturated and water running straight off the and into the rivers.

Candle lit and prayer card writ for Christobella.

A group rehearsing in the church. A stringed instrument, the like of which I have never seen before.

The rain arrives.

The Barn yet again not open, second Saturday in a row.


April 27, 2014

Until my ghastly tale is told, this heart within me burns. — Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Midway, an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 2000 km from any coastline, seeming unspoilt, only it is not.

Tragic, almost too unbearable to watch. These birds would have died a terrible death. And the killer, Man.

There is no excuse for waste, we buy tat we do not want, we fail to close the loops, fail to recycle, all so greedy Big Business can carry on making a quick buck.

International market Aldershot

April 27, 2014
Aldershot international market

Aldershot international market

We are really looking forward to welcoming this three-day market into Aldershot town centre for the first time. A wide variety of products will be on offer and there should be something for everyone. We hope that shoppers enjoy it. — David Phillips, town centre and cultural manager, Rushmoor Borough Council

Friday through to Sunday, what was billed as an International market, fewer stalls than the regular Thursday market, tat, and the only international element (and that is stretching to breaking point) three stalls, one selling Jamaican food, another Greek cakes and olives and another selling coffee.

In Guildford, at their regular Friday and Saturday market, even more so in Winchester on a Friday, but they do not bill it as an International market.

In reality, what was in Aldershot, a travelling circus of stalls that travels around the country from town to town.

Gripes of the stall holders, lack of publicity, the cost and that they had been conned into going to Aldershot.

As the coffee stall was told, you’re wasting your time mate in Aldershot, you’d be better off in Guildford (or Winchester, or anywhere other than Aldershot).

We were promised publicity by the council.

Ha, ha, that was a laugh. Nothing in the street other than a poster in Holland & Barrett.

No consultation with the local retailers. Did they really want a market selling tat on the streets Friday through to Sunday? Every fiver spent on the market, a fiver not going through their tills.

The local council claimed they organised the market. The market organisers would beg to differ. And if the council did organise, why a complete lack of consultation with local retailers and the local community?

It begs the question: who was conning who, the travelling circus that it was an international market or that Aldershot was a town worth visiting?

Town centre manager is yet another example of a council created none job.

Union Street closed. Closed for the benefit of this market, and yet a pedestrianised street not normally closed for the benefit of locals.

For quality international, and local organic, visit Just Shop, more or less opposite Vero coffee shop, top of Union Street. And if you want coffee, Vero roast their own coffee.

A pity that once again, local council not acting in the best interest of the local community and local businesses, promoting the recycling of money in the local economy. Instead they bring in unwanted markets and promote Wastegate.

Não Pare Na Pista

April 26, 2014

A cinebiografia conta a história do autor brasileiro mais lido no mundo.”Não Pare Na Pista – A melhor história de Paulo Coelho” é um filme de ficção baseado em depoimentos de Paulo Coelho.

A film documenting the life of Paulo Coelho.

Sales fall at tax dodger Starbucks

April 25, 2014
Starbucks protest

Starbucks protest

Excellent news, the Starbucks boycott is working, sales are falling at Starbucks.

I would be ashamed to be seen dead in Starbucks, and shame on those who still drink coffee in Starbucks.

Shame too on those who drink coffee in Caffe Nero and Costa.

Caffe Nero is also a tax dodger.

Starbucks have announced they are moving their corporate headquarters from Netherlands to the UK, but this should be seen for what it is, greenwash, they will still be dodging tax.

Disgusting the rubbish piled up outside tax dodger Caffe Nero, North Street, Guildford. Why no action by the local council?

tax dodger Caffe Nero rubbish piled in the street

tax dodger Caffe Nero rubbish piled in the street

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