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Mastica Tonic

March 27, 2023

A couple of years ago a friend introduced me to In Love Again, but we’re too late for a coffee.

I revisited last year. On display copies of Fine. Editor and publisher owns In Love Again and the bar polite, Baba au Rum.

This year I picked up two more issues.

Flipping through a recipke for Skinos Tonic. I came across Skinos at HoReC where they are me a tonic.

I have use Roots instead of Skinos for the matica.

mastica tonic

– 50ml Roots mastic
– 100ml Fever Tree Premium Indian tonic water
– ice
– stir
– garnish with a stick of celery

Stirring with a bar spoon andrakingasio, not impressed. But adding teceleydickstir, oeaaigrhigcoctaik

#mastica #mastiha #tonic #cocktails

Mastika spritz

March 15, 2023

Greek cocktail, mastika spritz.

– mastika

– Prosecco

– Fever Tree premium Indian tonic water

– ice

Served in a goblet, stir.


Ionos moussaka and salad

March 12, 2023

Left half eaten, not very well.

Glass of red wine.

Cocktail: mastika peach pineapple lemon  Ionos restaurant. Too sweet. Assuming ratio equal parts 1:1:1:1 ,  I would change 2:1:1:2 originally too sweet, add a shot of lemon juice too sour, add a shot of mastica, about right.

From where to get these shot glasses? I should have asked the bar.


March 11, 2023

Pagκaki, anarchist cooperative in Koukaki.

I learnt how to make a cocktail, Peppered Spiced Lemon

– three shots of mastica 75ml

– juice of half a lemon

– sprinkle a little pepper on top

The Place

March 8, 2023

Several years ago I used to see wooden bicycles around Athens. Even copies of. But not for the last couple of years.

The wooden bicycles were made of bamboo. Made by Coco Mat. They make beds, own a hotel at Acropoli, and The Place.

The Place is a coffeeshop cum cocktail bar located in a rough area of Athens.

I had looked in last year on my way to Wisecup but no time to stop.

Today, following a visit to Wisecup, I decided to drop in.

As walk in, gets bigger and bigger.

I ordered a cappuccino. It was disgusting. Cheap crap catering supply coffee.

Baba au Rum

March 2, 2023

Stranded In Love Again heavy downpour.

The rain has stopped, I cross the street to Baba au Rum.

Baba au Rum, listed in Top 50 cocktail bars in the World. I am curious to try a cocktail. But has been open for an hour, already idiots are lining the bar.

I decide not to chance my luck, the heavy downpour has stopped.

The streets awash with water.

Injured in the street

February 21, 2023

On my leaving Little Tree my foot fell into a broken manhole cover. I fell.

Badly cut, bleeding.

I was lucky I did not break my leg.

I hobbled back to Little Tree. To warn them to warn their clientele. They did not wish to know. Not their problem.

I then warned the adjacent hotel. They thanked me. In ited me in,ave me ice to be stop swelling.

Secret service types milling around

Many more outside.

I learnt I had accidentally gate crashed a party for the Prime Minister.

Bikos party HoReCa

February 13, 2023

Bikos party HoReCa Athens

End of HoReCa it went crazy on the Bikos cocktail bar.

#cocktails #HoReCa #Athens

HoReCa day four

February 13, 2023

Most of the time SCA barista and brewers cup final.

Went to visit master pizza maker.

Excellent cocktail from Salty Skin from The Greek Bar Hospitality Concept.

HoReCa closed, stalls packing up, it went crazy on the Bika cocktail bar.

When I finally left, last coach had long gone.

HoReCa day one

February 10, 2023

Hotel Restaurant Cafe

Held at Millennium Expo near Athens International Airport in the flight path.

Initial impressions, never seen so much low quality coffee in one location.

The only quality coffee Taf and taresso. If there was and I missed, I stand corrected.

A couple of cocktails off one stall. Nothing special.

Negroni off the Campari stall awful. Posers propping up the bar blocking access.

At the far end, if made it that far, SCA Greek coffee competition finals.

– Monday – finals

– Friday – coffee tasting

– Saturday – barista

– Sunday – brewers cup

One large hall devoted to coffee and drinks. Three more large halls not yet explored.

Location out of the way near the airport. Metro to airport from Syntagma then bus then 17 minutes walk. Or if official delegate, Metro then coach to Millennium Expo.

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