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The Place

March 8, 2023

Several years ago I used to see wooden bicycles around Athens. Even copies of. But not for the last couple of years.

The wooden bicycles were made of bamboo. Made by Coco Mat. They make beds, own a hotel at Acropoli, and The Place.

The Place is a coffeeshop cum cocktail bar located in a rough area of Athens.

I had looked in last year on my way to Wisecup but no time to stop.

Today, following a visit to Wisecup, I decided to drop in.

As walk in, gets bigger and bigger.

I ordered a cappuccino. It was disgusting. Cheap crap catering supply coffee.

Baba au Rum

March 2, 2023

Stranded In Love Again heavy downpour.

The rain has stopped, I cross the street to Baba au Rum.

Baba au Rum, listed in Top 50 cocktail bars in the World. I am curious to try a cocktail. But has been open for an hour, already idiots are lining the bar.

I decide not to chance my luck, the heavy downpour has stopped.

The streets awash with water.

The Curiosity Shop

February 17, 2022

Popular Lincoln gin and cocktail bar The Curiosity Shop will close this weekend as it has not been able to renew its lease. — The Lincolnite

Curiosity killed the cat.

The Old Curiosity Shop located at the top of Lincoln High Street. I have never passed by and found busy, apart from on a Saturday afternoon, though not having ventured inside it could be busy inside.

The last day Saturday, not wishing to be in a busy bar, I paid a visit two days before it closed, it was raining.

The interior belies the frontage. Quite large inside.

A man spoke to me as I walked in, said it was larger than it looked. Apart from him, two girls at the bar who then disappeared, one and half barmen (one made an occasional appearance), it was deserted.

Loud music, far too loud, and out of kilter with the quirky interior. Loud music not conducive to relaxation with a drink or meeting with friends to engage in conversation.

Shoddy reporting by The Lincolnite (nothing new), why not investigate why the lease is not being renewed?

Lincolnshire Live part of failing Reach Group little better (again nothing new).

A popular venue on Lincoln High Street is set to close this weekend. The Curiosity Shop, located just at the bottom of Steep Hill.

Lazy journalism, post picture scraped from Google Maps, regurgitate what is posted on facebook. No, it cannot be on the High Street and at the bottom of Steep Hill. It is located at the top of the High Street, at the beginning of The Strait, It is NOT located at the bottom of Steep Hill.

I assume the Lincolnshire Live scribbler did not visit, did not carry out real journalism, if had, would know where located, and would have posted a picture from the visit.

Strange use of ‘popular’. If a popular venue deserted, what does an unpopular venue look like?

Not bad tenants, not causing a nuisance in the High Street, the same cannot be said of the binge drinking bars in the High Street and the drunken scum they attract. Barman confirmed, it was very rare they had trouble. I guess overpriced cocktails not somewhere the drunken scum will visit when all they want is cheap booze to get pissed.

I asked why was the lease not being renewed? Either did not know, or told to keep quiet. But at a guess did not know, sadly it is the norm for employees to be kept in the dark.

Why is the lease not being renewed? At a guess, greedy landlord has a better offer and quite happy to destroy a local business.

The word on the street is All Bar One has acquired the lease. Bad news if true, a crap corporate chain kills a local businesses.

Note: All Bar One deny they are opening in Lincoln.

Quirky bar, steam punk gear in the window, made to look like an old tavern on the interior, books stuck to the ceiling.

I decided to stay. Ordered an espresso martini. Not very good. £7-50. Ouch. The barman was helpful, talked me through the making and kindly wrote out the recipe.

As I was thinking of leaving, a pretentious group walked in. The usual clientele? I do not know, but time to leave.

I walked down to Madame Waffle for an espresso.

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