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Hermaphrodites Child

November 7, 2021

Three guys incredible musicians in their late teens early twenties, rock and roll band.

Authentic sound using instruments from the 1960s or as.

They looked the part, dressed the part, sounded the part.

A lot of pleasure to those watching or walking down the street, kids dancing.

Contrast with the moronic music too often found.

I was on my way somewhere, walking around The Acropolis, but stopped, sat on the wall and stayed.

They gathered quite a crowd.

Passers by would move to the music. Kids were captivated, would stop and dance

I usually give my loose change. No loose change. Well worth five euros.

When they finished and were packing up, I joined them and had a chat, thanked them for their excellent music. They are four, but one could not make it today.

A trip to The Acropolis

November 30, 2019

Today a visit to The Acroplis, but first find an art museum.

The museum I was looking for National Museum of Contemporary Art, Whether or not the correct museum, as many with art, I do not know, but correct or not, it was closed.

En route I passed an interesting modern hotel, Coco-Mat. I actually thought it a furniture shop that makes wooden beds, which also makes wooden bicycles, but no it was a very modern hotel with wooden bicycles parked outside.

I also passed an interesting bar with a wide range of craft beer.

In the same street, more or less opposite, a derelict mansion.

A slightly different route back, stopped at a falafel bar and had falafel and salad.

Now maybe too late for The Acropolis as late afternoon, but decided to visit anyway.

But why were they charging 30 euros for a season ticket? Novevber it should be half price and I had been told last week at Ancient Agora half price for November, as it has been in the past. No they were adamant, 30 euros but half price for The Acroplis, 10 euros not 20 eros. I grudgingly paid 10 euros.

Areopagus, a rocky outcrop on the western side of The Acropolis.

Sun was setting as I left The Acropolis. As it is nearby I climbed the rock.

There are steps carved into the rock, dodgy to ascend, now barred off and an ugly stairs adjacent.

Walked to The Underdog, had a cappuccino.

Once the sun goes down it is cold.

I decided too cold to walk back caught the Metro at Thisio. Very rough characters on the train, not been on this line before, Green Line. Maybe a line to avoid.

Dinner in Plaka.

Little Tree Books and Coffee

October 31, 2017

Little Tree Books and Coffee is a lovely little bookshop behind the Acropolis Museum.

Excellent selection of books.

It is also a coffee shop.

They use coffee supplied by Taf, but unfortunately only their catering supply coffee. They would do better if they used their competition blend, and maybe a single origin for V60.

To make best advantage of a better coffee, assuming Taf would supply, they would need to upgrade their equipment and have skilled baristas.

I also tried their excellent pumpkin soup.

When I visited surprisingly busy, busy with locals.

It is run as a workers cooperative which may explain the delightful Bohemian atmosphere.

Athens needs more cooperatives and especially  open coops, which then as in Catalonia network and support each other, and act as a counter to the EU economic destruction of the country.

If visiting The Acropolis or Acropolis Museum, then a visit to this little bookshop cum coffee shop is recommended.

Coffee Dive

October 21, 2017

According to Alexia Amvrazi writing in Greek City Times

Athenians these days take coffee drinking very seriously, and as a result of top quality coffee shops mushrooming in every corner, they are spoilt for choice.

Well actually they do not, which is why wandering around Athens all you find is rubbish coffee.

Neither do you find that there are ‘top quality coffee shops mushrooming in every corner’ or that ‘spoilt for choice’.

Not that there are not ‘top quality coffee shops’ but they are a rarity.

Times they are a changing, and slowly slowly, specialty coffee shops are being established, but they are still a rarity.

One of the recommendations by Alexia Amvrazi Coffee Dive is not a top quality coffee shop, but then neither is Coffee Berry which she also recommends.

This sadly is what happens when someone who knows nothing about coffee recommends coffee shops. That she is writing in a section lifestyle says it all.

Coffee Dive is located near The Acropolis, a few minutes walk from Metro Station and and Museum, in a side street, a side street that is used as short cut by tour companies.

For such a location, I found empty. Only too easy to see why.

Different brew gadgets on display, but seem to be just that, display not for use.

Factory cakes shrink wrapped.

Bagged coffee on sale, only not in bags in glass jars.


I ordered a cappuccino.

It was not good.

I asked to look at the beans.

Stored in plastic, not good, no aroma, not good.

I suspect old beans, not a clue on roasting and buying poor quality beans.

A little coffee roaster tucked in the corner.

They have a Mahlkönig EK43 coffee grinder, which was apparently new and had just been delivered.

As I was explaining how to adjust the grind setting, a scruffy ignorant man pushed past me, clasped his hands around the machine and demanded to know why I was touching his machine.

I was not.

I asked if he moved his hands, I could explain, but he became more aggressive and threatening.

That he was scruffy showed contempt for customers, even worse his aggressive behavior.

I sat by the window chatting to a fellow customer, the only customer other than myself.

The owner came over, even more aggressive, demanding to stop discussing him.

We were not, we were discussing other coffee shops,  and the one and only customer asked what coffee shops were like in England.

An owner with a  serious problem.

A coffee shop to be avoided.

On leaving, I thanked the staff for being helpful.

Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

October 16, 2016


Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus

Theatre of Dionysus Eleuthereus is located on the southern slope of The Acropolis.

Breakfast with a view

October 12, 2016

Stunning view of The Acropolis whilst eating breakfast. 

Breakfast with a view

October 30, 2015

breakfast with a view

breakfast with a view

Wednesday of last week. day started raining, misty, but soon cleared up, but what a view for breakfast.

Along past The Acropolis and The Acropolis Museum,  the gypsy street musicians and other street musicians, along the pedestrianised street, past the tourist buses and trains, then as I thought, but was not sure, along pedestrianised street by the entrance to the wooded hills with the nymphs, which I thought would take me where I wished to be, past the Sanctuary of Pan, then along below the north slope of The Acropolis, and my bearings were correct, explore below the northern slope, where a covered water channel, a wild tortoise, The Panathenaic Way, and below the Ancient Agora of Athens, where can easily spend a day exploring.

The Acropolis Museum

October 27, 2015

The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum

The Caryatids

The Caryatids

The Acropolis Museum is an absolute must visit.

Several levels, walk in on a glass ramp and can see the excavations beneath.

In the foyer, before have to pay to gain entry, several scale models showing how The Acropolis developed over time. Also a short film, well worth watching.

The top floor, is a 1:1 model of The Parthenon.

Nearest Metro station Akropoli.

Odeon of Herodes Atticus

October 20, 2015

Natural ampitheatre on the south slope of The Acropolis.

The seating is being renovated with new marble seating.

The Acropolis

October 19, 2015

Most of the day at The Acropolis, but first The Acropolis Museum to look at models as to how The Acropolis deveoped over time.

Within the museum an interesting animation of how the stones were cut, transported and hauled into postion.

Before climbing up to The Acropolis, an exploration of the south slope.

Here a natural ampitheatre, Theatre of Dionysos.

Under the Ancient Greeks, theatre, democracy. In England neither, austerity used as an excuse for shock doctrine, cuts to the arts, mass closure of public libraries. And as for democracy,  try telling that to Greeks of today, under occupation by the Fourth Reich.

Much recontruction is taking place.

From The Acropolis, stunning views over Athens.

Entry fee 12 euros. Bets by access ticket for al sites, 12 euros, but only valid for four days.

Next year entry will be 20 euros. Blame the Fourth Reich.

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