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Live music at Sfinx

May 19, 2016


Lithos, four peice rock band, only they were three and on Sunday they are five.


Me too.

Sfinx was empty, but then so was every other bar, few people on the street, restaurants already closed, assuming they had even opened.

Ghetto Cocktail Bar that I had looked in earlier had live music. It too was empty.


Live music at Ghetto Cocktail Bar

May 19, 2016


The Dingleberry live acoustic at Ghetto Cocktail Bar.

Walking there, few on the street, bars almost empty, restaurants already closed.

Having looked in, crossed the road to Sfinx where there was also live music.

Live music at Q club

May 17, 2016

Q club live music

Excellent live music at Q club in Protaras in Cyprus.

A duo, female singer, guy on keyboard.

A pity Guru did  their best to drown out with their moronic noise.

I suggested they record an album, place on bandcamp, also that they played at Sirena Bay.

A pleasant change, real live music, not some fake Lady Gaga and other rubbish, or the moronic thud, thud, thud, from Guru.

Cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

September 12, 2014
cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

A pleasant afternoon, luckily Caffe Macchiato was still open and it was possible to sit outside and enjoy a cappuccino.

Caffe Macchiato has occasional live music in the evening and tonight was one of those nights.

The musician was setting up, and I was able to hear the music drifting out of the open door.

A set menu on music nights, each table was laid out, a wine glass or beer glass, a candle, a specially printed menu.

Many of the starters were already prepared, a bread basket with bread and olives.

The food looked good, and was very nicely presented.

Indeed, hard to believe this was Aldershot (where both service and food is dreadful) rather than somewhere in a continental side street, or at the very least nearby Godalming or Guildford or Farnham, but no, it was Aldershot.

Sat outside, a pedestrian street, and yet vehicles are allowed through. Earlier, cars were racing through.

The street should be vehicle free, 24 hours a day seven days a week, deliveries by hand cart, a pedestrian crossing at the top of the street, but no, instead the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has decided to waste £4.5 million repaving the streets, with the associated damaging impact it will have on local businesses.

As the West End Centre is a cultural oasis in the Philistine wasteland of Aldershot, so Caffe Macchiato is a culinary oasis in the wasteland of junk food outlets for which Aldershot is infamous.

Jewelia and Andy at The Keystone

August 22, 2014
Jewelia and Andy at The Keystone

Jewelia and Andy at The Keystone

Excellent performance by Jewelia and Andy at The Keystone.

Monsters and Masks and Scars from her recently released album Monsters (which can be found on bandcamp). Spine chilling renditions of Beatles cum Paul McCartney classic Yesterday and Nina Simone classic You Know How I Feel.

The Keystone is not a venue for quality live music.

I thought only Jewelia, but it was something called Emerging Talent, where they were emerging from, I do not know, and talent was stretching the definition of talent to breaking point. Jewelia preceded by someone who was like a late night bad karaoke act. Basically it was an Open Mic night under any other name.

Her first song, Jewelia stunned them into silence, she was then drowned by rowdy drunks on a nearby table. Why they could not have had the courtesy to move around the bar into the corner, or maybe had the good manners to keep quiet. Why bother going to a live music night? You Know How I Feel stunned them into silence again. Jewelia was very professional and carried on.

Why do people behave like this, why a pub book live music? Maybe, it is that the pub has moronic music playing all day long (no lessons learnt from J D Wetherspoon), and for regulars, it is music something always there, always in the background, an annoying mush, something to be ignored.

One reason not to have background music, music is then valued, something to be listened to.

The Keystone clueless in their use of social media. No mention of Jewelia playing on their twitter feed, and yet repetition ad nauseam of a jazz night.

Jewelia and Andy deserved better and The Keystone needs to give a serious rethink how they do their live music nights.

Jewelia and Andy played an acoustic set at Staycation Live 2014.

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Music in the High Street

June 13, 2014
Tomm Blackwood

Tomm Blackwood

Tomm Blackwood

Tomm Blackwood

I came across these guys a couple of weeks ago.

At least I now know who they are, Tomm Blackwood.

When I last spoke with them, they told me they were hoping to release on bandcamp.

Guildford is slowly slowly, acquiring the same reputation as Brighton for live music on the street.

As noted before, ideal for a gig one night in Harris + Hoole.