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Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and fifty-four

June 17, 2021

Cooled than yesterday when reached 27C, misty and muggy.

Anticipated thunderstorm over night did not happen, it did though rain and gave the garden a good soaking.

On bus into town I alighted south of the railway line, to save trip to bus station all round the houses.

Two options, walk over railway line over footbridge over the station which brings out by bus station and Sincil Street, or alight and walk up the High Street.

I chose the latter, walk up the High Street.

High Street south of the level crossing quiet. But cars and delivery people passing through. Why no enforcement?

Pino closed, changed hands, has now reopened. I looked inside. Shrink-wrapped sandwiches, poor choice of cakes, over-roasted crap corporate Italian coffee. Why bother? A street with two greasy spoon cafes opposite, two corporate chain coffee shops around the corner, poor location with low footfall.

Talked to a black girl having a break. She said she worked for a charity. I was baffled, even more baffled when I asked was she a volunteer and she said paid commission.

No, one of these pop up scams where stood in the street. Never pay a penny. They rarely work for the charity.

She had come all the way from Sheffield, different city each day, depends on where she is sent.

Walk and Ride failed to show. Catch the next one.

Too late to eat in Bailgate. Sausage roll from Redhill Farm. I also bought extra virgin olive oil from Lesbos. Very expensive but one of the best. Although first of the season would be last season. When in Athens in the autumn it is first of the season. And this was only a 50ml bottle. I also bought 50ml of rape seed oil.

And 750 g of minced pork. No too much 500g. I thought I can always buy 250g if I have got it wrong. I had got it wrong. I only needed 250g.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

Cappuccino at Madame Waffle. I did wish for espresso.

Butstook over 25 minutes to get out of the City centre. Usually a coupe of minutes.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and fifty-two

June 15, 2021

Not as hot as last few days, but sunny and warm.

Luckily a P C Coaches small bus, into the city by going around Lincoln and approaching from the North.

Sincil Street busy. I expected with the chaos, few people in town.

Back way up Steep Hill, I am surprised number of people on Steep Hill, Castle Hill and Bailgate.

Baffled, last week walking down Steep Hill, Bookstop Cafe appeared to have closed, other passers by thought so too, not open, and the sign had gone. Today, open and yes, there was a sign.

Sadly fish n chips at Elite on the Bail still not up to standard. Fish excellent, chips not so, though an improvement on what has been served of late. I thought serving old chips, maybe, but I think more fundamental either different cooking oil, different cooking or maybe different potatoes.

Walking back down Steep Hill, Bookstop Cafe closed, no sign. All very odd.

Back down in town, a cold brew at Coffee Aroma. Not very good, not of the standard of their espresso or cappuccino.

I look in Hotel Chocolat, manager not there. [see The Eco Press]

Usually sat outside Coffee Aroma, cold or at least chilly. Not today, late afternoon sat in the sun, too hot.

Massive M&S lorry came through what is a pedestrian street. Nearly took the tables, at least a metre to spare the other side of the lorry. Either deliberate by the driver, or not fit to drive, either way should be disciplined. Why not at least an hour later? The High was packed with people. But at fault, the dysfunctional local council allowing traffic through a pedestrianised city centre.

Nightmare getting out of the city. What should have taken a couple of minutes, twenty to twenty five minutes.

Speaking to the driver when I alighted from the bus, he said even worse yesterday.

Relax in the garden with an espresso tonic.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and forty-seven

June 10, 2021

Not so bad going into the city today, did not have to wait too long for a bus, but took at least twice as long to get into the city centre, no direct route with road closed for ten weeks. .

More people around than Monday but not as bad as it has been.

I am at a loss why Seven Districts coffee on sale in Curtis.

Advise zero waste stall in Central Market stock coffee capsules, either aluminium or computable. It is ridiculous to be selling coffee beans loose which are oxidising and going stale.

Something going wrong at Elite on the Bail, not up to their usual standard. Fish excellent, chips not good.

Not many people around in Bailgate.

Before fish n chips, picked up a couple of plants from the greengrocer, two tomato, two pepper. Not looking very good, I hope they pick up. Tomato var Alissa Craig, pepper var romano. Will the peppers ripen? I have no idea.

Walking down Steep Hill, Bookstop Cafe in the undercroft beneath Imperial Teas in Norman House appears to have closed as not open and the sign has gone.

From April Coffee, Costa Rica Volcan Azul as guest coffee V60 at Madame Waffle.

Catch before they close, cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

In M&S they tell me very quiet, people avoiding the city centre unless they have to travel in.

Bus on time. Not too bad leaving town.

A very warm day. I make myself an espresso tonic.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and thirty-eight

June 1, 2021

A hot day, not a day for vising a city, a day to sit under trees in the garden.

Packed bus into Lincoln, twenty passengers.

City centre too many people,

Bailgate busy.

Elite on the Bail once again not busy. My fish excellent, chips mediocre.

Sanctuary on the Bail, secret garden out the back.

A shop called Lifestyle. As expected, tat.

Disappointed to find Madame Waffle not open.

Cappuccino sat outside Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and thirty-three

May 27, 2021

The first warm day in I don’t know how many weeks. The day started off dull, mid-afternoon the sun came out. And it was dry and did not rain.

The bus into Lincoln too many passengers, and no windows open.

Moron in a white van, drove through Sincil Street, a pedestrianised street full of people, turned around, stopped outside a fish n chip shop, went in, came back out with fish n chips, drove off with on his lap, one hand on steering wheel, the other eating his fish n chips.

From Lincoln Central Market I found all that I needed for Risotto Primavera. Well almost I did not get white wine or cheese.

Fish n chips from Elite on the Bail a grave disappointment. It was not good, chips were old, not fresh. Empty. If serve food like today, they will remain empty.

Passing by a whisky shop in Bailgate, a cut glass tumbler in the window. Just what I am looking for. But not 350ml, at a guess 200 ml. pop in. Never seen such a large slection of whisky, not even in Granton-on-Spey. No, did not have.

Suggested a few shops in Bailgate to try. No luck. It was suggested House of Fraser, which I had alraedy intended to visit.

I did though buy a bottle of Fevertree Indian tonic water.

Half way down Steep Hill, almost opposite Imperial Teas a wine shop. Large selection of wine. No luck either. I was tempted to buy a bottle of white wine. Thought through may get better deal in M%S.

Ha, ha, writing on the door of Imperial Teas has changed. No longer making customers unwelcome. But, the door still not open. Coronavirus death trap.

Excellent espresso sat outside Madame Waffle.

Look in House of Fraser. What a dump. No surprise went bankrupt a couple of years ago. Was the liquidators now running. No, it had been bought within minutes of going bankrupt, thus at a strike shedding all the debt.

On the second floor a range of cut glass, and 20% off. Did not have what I was looking for, Settled for crystal glass.

I was thinking of popping back and getting cut glass, but I d not think offer will be on.

In M&S same price, a tenner for a bottle of same grape variety. The trick in M&S, or any supermarket, never buy the cheapest wines and always look for a special deal. So far the red whine has always been excellent.

I miss the bus.

Reteace my steps and sit Cornhill. Very pleasant in the evening, quiet, few people about.

Catch the klst bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty-eight

May 22, 2021

First weekend pubs fully open. Far worse than I expected, city centre, gangs of marauding drunken scum.

Hopped on Walk and Ride, hopped off at Lincoln Cathedral.

Whilst waiting for Walk and Ride running late, moron pulls up and parks on pavement, hazard lights flashing, whilst passenger jumps out to visit a shop.

As hopped off bus, lucky not to be run down by moron who drives wrong side of bus, wrong way down a one way street.

Look in the charity shop in Bailgate. Until a couple of weeks ago when they stuck a sign in the street, no one knew it was a charity shop. Only works part-time, a very pleasant young woman.

Late lunch at Elite on the Bail, worse from their viewpoint than Tuesday, first day they were open. I am their only customer. Unlike Tuesday, fewer staff. Only one waiter, a guy I had never seen before.

Look in Bailgate Deli, yes, two pieces of cheesecake left.  I am surprised bought in, I assumed they had made. I comment on falafel and salad last week, leave out the strips of bread, serve olives in a dish. I also recommend, ditch the disgusting coffee from Lincoln Tea and Coffee  and source instead from Seven Districts.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

I try an espresso at Madame Waffle, now roasting their own coffee. It is excellent, cannot believe how good.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma before they close.

On my way in, after hopping off the bus, I look in Lakeland. I decide to buy gadget that extracts spent coffee from aluminium coffee capsules.

I now have three. The one I bought a couple of days ago from Hotel Chocolat does not work. They say bring it back. I will also drop off the coffee capsule. I actually prefer it to the one from Lakeland, maybe give it another try.

A very cold and damp day. Last week of May and it is like winter.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty-five

May 19, 2021

A fleeting late afternoon visit into Lincoln.

Heavy rain had stopped, I decided to make the most of a break in the rain with a late afternoon trip into Lincoln.

Bus station busy, busiest have seen, but the town empty.

I looked in Hotel Chocolat, they now sell coffee, I said I would pop back.

My reason for a visit, Madame Waffle opened today. I was surprised to find no coffee from Square Mile, they are now roasting their own.

It was then back to Hotel Chocolat. An e-mail a couple of days ago, they are roasting their own coffee, available as bags of coffee beans and as aluminium coffee capsules, plus a gadget to extract spent coffee grounds. Somewhat disingenuous to claim unique to Hotel Chocolat as Dualit extractor gadget on sale in Lakeland and on Amazon. The information on their website on coffee freshness incorrect.

As a VIP customer, with a five pound voucher to spend, I bought three packs of coffee capsules and the extractor tool.

Looking in M&S Food Hall I was pleasantry surprised to find yogurt in glass jars, especially as M&S together with Waitrose one of the worst offenders for overpackaging and obscene use of plastic. I tapped the jar, yes it was glass.  I raised with one of the girls. She said no, not new, but agreed a step in the right direction.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty-four

May 18, 2021

Not raining in the morning, heavy rain late afternoon. Lunchtime pleasantly warm, rain arrived and turned cold.

Further relaxation of lockdown on Monday, restaurants and coffee shop and pubs may now open indoors.

I expected the town to be busy, the exact opposite, very quiet.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail, I was reluctant to go this week, I thought would be packed, it was empty, even though first day open for months (though has been open most of lockdown around the back for takeaway).

My haddock and chips excellent, though I would expect no less from Elite on the Bail, one of the best fish restaurants in the country.

Looking across at The Lion and Snake, deserted, though could be indoors.

On leaving Elite on the Bail it started to rain. Do I visit a few shops and hope it would pass, or walk down Steep Hill?

I deiced to walk down Steep Hill. It had now turned cold.

By the time I reached Coffee Aroma it was heavy rain and cold. I had intended to sit outside, but too cold, I sat in one of the tiny rooms on the first floor

Lincoln farmers market Castle Hill

May 15, 2021

A cold, wet miserable day, mid-May but feels like winter. Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and twenty-one.

Farmers market in Lincoln, like everything in Lincoln, something of a disaster, few stalls, and only the cheese stall worth a visit.

Stomach-churning stench from the doughnut stall outside Central Market. 

In the city centre, too many people, horrendous. I walked up Steep Hill; it too was busy. The famers market though deserted.

The writing on the door of Imperial Teas ridiculous. Why not simply write, Customers Not Welcome, as that is what they are effectively saying. Yes, we all need to be careful, especially with Indian mutation spreading like wildfire and already in Lincolnshire. And yet the most important measure they can take, keep well ventilated, their door is always closed. It has already been drawn to their attention, keep the door open, for at least one day, the door was open, but always closed when I pass by. 

A cold, wet, not very pleasant day.

A few plants from greengrocer around the back of Bailgate, a courgette and runner beans. I learnt the shop now closes early at three o’clock on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I would have walked back down Steep Hill, but it started to rain. I ate outside a little deli off Bailgate, Bailgate Deli. It was cold, as cold as when I sat outside Coffee Aroma Wednesday of last week. Somewhere to sit outside on a pleasant warm day. The food though was excellent, a bowl of falafel and salad.

To take home, I bought cheesecake. It was delicious.

Looked in Lincoln Eco Pantry. An improvement in their offering of cholate, a chocolate I had not heard of before, Cox & Co. I picked up a bar of each on offer.

Walking back down Steep Hill, the rain must have cleared everyone off the streets. No one about.

Coffee outside Coffee Aroma. As I arrived, a massive M&S lorry nearly damaged the tables at Coffee Aroma, either the driver did this deliberately or should not be driving, as a wide gap the other side of the lorry.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day one hundred and eighteen

May 12, 2021

Pleasant afternoon in Lincoln, it did not rain.

Bus was almost empty, only two passengers.

Not acceptable, a public space only recently created off Sincil Street hijacked by the Botanist, a corporate chain.

Passing by Stokes on High Bridge, opening next week, Grand Opening on Tuesday

I hopped on the Walk and Ride bus to save time walking up Steep Hill. A larger bus. Why, when rarely any passengers?

Bailgate Deli revamped inside. I learn from the girl serving, Mindful Chef has a bad reputation. She did not know owned by Nestle.

I had fish n chips sat in the little square at Bailgate. Square deserted. Elite on the Bail open next week their restaurant.

I had looked in the greengrocer, but as no queue for fish n chips, I say I will pop back later. I pop back later to find closed.

Double check in Redhill Farm shop, yes there will be a famers market on Caste Hlll on Saturday, the third Saturday of the month.

I learn the little Post Office in Bailgate had changed hands. I thought maybe it has as the man I usually see no longer there. Those who have taken it over, useless.

TGI Friday, has either opened or about to open. Another crap corporate chain for Lincoln.

More or less opposite, another binge drinking bar to open.

A coffee outside Coffee Aroma. Unlike last week, I was not frozen.

Service in M&S Food Hall, the usual piss poor service, no tills open. This is the third visit no tills open. The first time, I complained to a suit, to be told it was my fault for not doing his job and finding a member of staff to open a till. Second time I found a member of staff to open a till. Today, no staff to be seen. A lady beckoned me over the the automated tills. I refused to use, a lady behind me also refused to use.

At the weekend, all Debenhams stores will close. Many already have closed. How long before failing M&S goes the same way as Debenhams?

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