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Coffee by the Arch 20 minutes queue for bad takeaway coffee

June 27, 2020

Stokes at The Lawn closed at three, Misto not open never appears to be open, twenty minute queue at Coffee at the Arch for bad coffee.


It actually seemed like half an hour, but maybe no more than twenty minutes.

Are people in a queue because they see a queue?

I hate queues, I will usually walk away and go elsewhere or go without than stand in a queue, especially stand in a queue for bad coffee.

But beggars cannot be choosers, neither Stokes or Misto open, thus no choice but to stand in the queue.

I knew it would be bad coffee, I had a coffee when they changed hands early this spring, but glutton for punishment and you never know, maybe they have improved, got their act together, sourced quality beans, employed baristas.

Sadly not, the beans badged with their own name, but still poor quality beans.

And was the coffee bad? Unfortunately yes.

I walked through Newport Arch back into Bailgate, sat on a wall and took a sip. It burnt my tongue. It was scalding hot.

A cappuccino should not be scalding hot. I was at least asked did I want chocolate? I should not be asked. That is not to suggest it should have chocolate dumped on top. A cappuccino does not have chocolate. Why do cafes masquerading as coffee shops not understand, a cappuccino is not served scalding hot, the milk is burnt, chocolate is not dumped on top. Although the row of syrups is at least a warning sign the coffee we serve is not good.

There was a hint, the coffee may have been bitter, if made by a barista would have been an improvement. But better still, source quality beans and employ baristas.

I walked to a little square and poured on a garden.

And no, Coffee by the Arch has not improved since I had a coffee early spring.

Why do people open a coffee shop or buy a coffee shop if they know nothing about coffee?

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day ninety six

June 27, 2020

The last few days very hot.

Today heavy rain showers, very warm.

Three passengers on the bus.

Too many people in town, worse so far.

Queuing outside Primark, no social distancing.

Why is Primark allowed to obstruct the High Street whereas Stokes on High Bridge and Coffee Aroma around the corner are not allowed to place tables in the street?

Half way up Steep Hill it starts to rain.

Appalling behaviour members of Bailgate Guild bad-mouthing owner of Bailgate Deli for having the audacity to highlight on BBC Look North, dysfunctional Lincoln City Council, encourage visitors to the city but fail to open public toilets and refuse to open until 6 July. Maybe they think visitors will not notice the lack of toilets, for example Canadian visitors who vowed to never visit Lincoln again or the five different people who asked a pub could they use the toilets, or the people complaining, or the previous weekend a pregnant young lady pleading with a tea shop to use their toilets.

Maybe they are the same members of Bailgate Guild who oppose the pedestrianisation of Bailgate long overdue, which would enable indie coffee shops and tea shops and restaurants to spread their tables in the street.

Misto new coffee shop not open. Second visit this week to find not open. People will visit once, twice, maybe three times, then not bother again. I later spoke with a lady living nearby. She said rarely open, maybe a couple of times a week. How not to run a businesses.

Pizza from Prince of Wales. Good, but not suitable for eating in the street. Too messy. Neither their burger, good but even less suitable for eating in the street.

Tried Stokes at the Lawn. Closed at three.

Cannot walk back through the Lincoln Castle due to the crass stupidity of their one way system. Could drive a coach and horses through the gates.

Little choice, queue at Coffee by the Arch. And sadly their coffee no better than when I tried early spring.

On the way up Steep Hill I noticed Imperial Teas had a new bean-to-bar chocolate. I inquired on the way down. I learnt two new chocolates

Good deed of the day, arrange for green beans to be shipped from a family farm in Cameroon to Imperial Tea.

Three passengers on the return bus.

Stokes on High Bridge re-opens takeaway only

June 17, 2020

Day eighty five of lockdown, first day Stokes on High Bridge open.

Being their first day after closed for several weeks I expected a very long queue. No queue.

Hand sanitiser outside the store for customers to use.

Serving coffee and toasties. Only one lady serving, brewing coffee, making toasties.

I thought have a coffee, maybe a cheese and ham toasty. Not possible, card only.

Stokes need to think again card only. Everywhere else preference for contactless card, but accepting cash. They are going to lose many of their elderly customers. Maybe that explains no queue.

A large empty sterile space in front of Stokes on High Bridge, more than sufficient space for Stokes to spread their tables in the street. This is being blocked by intransigence of local councils.

The local councils have had weeks during lockdown to have in place plans for indie coffee shops, tea shops and restaurants to park their tables in the street, to enable them to open whilst maintaining two metres social distancing. Win win for everyone. It could have happened in May. Revitalises the High Street, helps local businesses back on their feet, improves the city centre ambience.

Without tables in the street many local businesses will die. They are too small to meet socials distancing rules. Takeaway coffee is not a viable option. OK for a kiosk, but not for a coffee shop or restaurant with higher overheads. They  are surviving currently with staff on furlough, rent deferred. But what then when these schemes end?

Stokes at the Lawn currently not open.

Coffee Aroma will open on the first of July, takeaway only. They asked to put tables in the street. An emphatic no from County Hall, not even the courtesy of an explanation.

Madame Waffle not open any time soon.

Bookstop Cafe open, had tables outside, ordered by City Council to remove.


Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day eighty five

June 16, 2020

A very murky misty start to the day, high humidity, once the sun came out, hot.

Three passengers on the bus. Masks are now mandatory, have been since Monday, £100 fine. What has changed, nothing. Very unpleasant wearing a cloth mask. It should be as in Scotland advisory.

No hand sanitiser at entrance to bus station. Nor free masks being handed out.

Popped over to the train station, asked were the trains now running normally? No, more frequent trains, but not back to normal. Wearing of mask mandatory and cannot even enter the station without. Free masks are available. To travel on a train for an hour or more, forced to wear a mask, is going to be very very unpleasant.

Monday was the first day shops could open, today the second day, many people about, too many.

The tat now open in Lincoln Central Market. It was better when they were all closed.

Long chat with the zero waste stall due to open in Lincoln Central Market, the sooner the better.

Decided to have a coffee at Stokes on High Bridge, maybe something to eat, expected a queue. No queue. Only one person serving and making toasties and serving coffee. Only accept contactless cards, no cash.

A large empty space in front of Stokes on High Bridge, more than sufficient space for Stokes to spread their tables in the streets. This is being blocked by intransigence of local councils.

Stokes at the Lawn not open for the foreseeable future.

Chocolate and ice cream from Hotel Chocolat. Ice cream disgusting. No idea what it was supposed to be, I expected a choice. The choice, salted caramel or pistachio, goo poured out of a bottle. This causes the ice cream to melt, runs down the ice cream, down ones hands and drips onto ones clothes. Quality ice cream it is not.

Many businesses had hand sanitiser at entrance and in store.

Coffee Aroma opens takeaway only on 1 July 2020. Several days yet fir coffee, real coffee.

200 Degrees opened a few weeks ago.

Looked in Waterstone’s. Empty.

Three passenger on return bus.

When I left lovely and sunny. An hour later, skies turned black, massive thunderstorm very heavy rain for an hour.



Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy eight

June 9, 2020

Three passengers on the bus into Lincoln. Al wearing mask apart from me. Next week it will be mandatory.

Horrified the number of people around.

In M&S the obstacles through to Food Hall removed. No safeguards on the clothes. People trying on clothes, shoes, then putting back.

Next week when shops open it is going to be bad.

Only two passengers on return bus. Driver fails to turn off engine or open door when siting at bus stops. When asked why heating on, driver rude.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy

June 1, 2020

First day of June.

A hot sunny day.

Single decker bus. Four passengers. Driver fails to turn off engine, open door, when waiting at bus stops. Bus very hot.

Four trains as Lincoln Central Station, including LNER Azuma London train.

Bus station many buses, usually deserted. Bus station still deserted of people.

I learn buses now running every half hour as of first of June not once an hour.

Not been out for six days, more traffic, more people about.

Sterile space in front of Central Coffee House, 200 Degrees, should be used for tables and chairs. Tragic the behaviour of brain-dead local councils, who would rather see businesses fail than provide help, a win win for everyone as improves the street scene.

More shops open. Sweet shop now open.

I learn a zero waste stall will open in Lincoln Central Market. They have been working on the space last few weeks. Bizarre though laying new floor. It will be a welcome addition to the market, if well run and well stocked.

Two passengers on return bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day sixty four

May 26, 2020

Three people on the bus. A single decker. It was ludicrous last week a double decker. And with single decker, easier for people to keep apart.

In Sincil Street and the High Street more people about.

Sterile spaces in front of Grand Coffee House and 200 Degrees coffee shop could be given life, if the coffee shops were allowed to use for tables. Helps the coffee shops back into businesses, safeguards staff and clientele, and improves the street scene.

I discussed with both coffee shops. They thought an excellent idea. But, said backward council would not permit. It is up to them to demand, or are they going to continue allowing the local council kick small businesses in the teeth?

A coffee from 200 Degrees. Not good, I poured down the train.

How are M&S getting away with selling clothes on their ground floor. Even the sales counter is open. People are trying on clothes, shoes, then putting back.

Six passengers on return bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day fifty six

May 18, 2020

Passengers on the bus, three or four, some got off some got on.

Shocked to find the wooden sculpture of a Lancaster bomber outside Lincoln Central Bus Station smashed. Wings broken off, all that is left, a broken fuselage. Mindless thugs. Hopefully caught on CCTV. Last week marked VE Day 75, the weekend the Dambusters Raid.

The last few weeks during lockdown only one train at Lincoln Central Station. Today three, including LNER Azuma London train. But still highly restrictive to travel by train. LNER have introduced mandatory reservations.

One week on from the insanity of Stay Alert, more traffic, many more people on the streets, lockdown is breaking down. At the weekend visitors flooded to coastal resorts, but will be as nothing when the weather warms up. We are now more or less guaranteed a second wave of covid-19 infections, a sharp rise in cases.

In M&S more obstruction of the corridor leading through to the Food Hall, they no longer bother to curtail off the clothes section, people trying on shoes.

Easy to see why M&S a failing retailer and now marked down to junk bond status.

Six passengers on return bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day forty seven

May 9, 2020

A hot day.

One passenger on the bus.

Why oh why do bus drivers not turn off engine when ahead of schedule sitting at a bus stop?

Passing through villages occasional houses with flags flying.

An example of crass stupid of local council. Toilets at Lincoln Central Bus Station, alternate wash basins taped out of use. Why? It places people at greater risk as more people using any individual wash basins.

More and more businesses are opening.

Sign of the Fish open in Sincil Street, I would not recommend, very poo quality, No sign of a queue, no one buying.

Why no traffic wardens dealing with illegal parking? It is worse on each visit into town.

M&S once again have put obstacles in the corridor leading through to food hall, people forced closer together and thus at greater risk.

A couple of people on return bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day twenty four

April 17, 2020

Thursday 16 April, coronavirus lockdown day twenty four.

I was the only passenger on the bus.

Working from home has become something of a joke. Gardening leave would be more apt. As I pass through villages, I see people out walking, cycling, working in their gardens.

Lincoln deserted, no traffic.

I do not usually wish to visit Wilkinson’s, today maybe pick up runner beans to sow. A queue. I did not bother.

M&S need to get their act together. They have created a corridor through their store through to the Food Hall at the rear. This now blocked with displays, forcing people close together as walk through.

Only two passengers on return bus.

—- to be continued —-