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Afternoon in Lincoln

September 15, 2022

Autumanal weather , cold.

Late lunch. Needed

– watercress

– chicken thighs

– flour

For chicken and mushroom puff pastry pie.

I also needed a warm autumn coat

But first, pick up a bank card.

Not happy. Front blank. Card details on the back, not embossed. The three digit security code alongside. Apart from legibility, the three digit card is on the back to be separate from other digits. Now on one side. How is this secure?

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

I am pleases they have turned off the outside heating. Unaffordable and bad for climate. Blankets are available. Or sit inside.

Late afternoon Lincoln

September 12, 2022

Heavy rain from mid-afternoon.

Late afternoon, rain eased off a little, I decided to pop into Lincoln for a coffee.

Walking through the High Street, idiot on an e-scooter nearly knocked over a lady. I spoke with her. Apart from a little shaken, she was ok.

Looked in Primark and M&S. I want a light, lined, summer jacket. Of course all they have are winter coats. Why do shops not stock what is the season, not the next season?

Cappuccino sat outside Coffee Aroma.

Junk food travelling circus

September 9, 2022

The junk food travelling circus is back.

My relief Tuesday, the Cornhill Cove finally dismantled, somewhat short-lived as already replaced by a junk food travelling circus.

Both are an example of Lincoln BIG squanders money squandered from local businesses.

The stench of junk food mingling with fumes from diesel generators.

Factory cheese. Visit The Cheese Society, too of the High Street, turn left.

Flavoured coffee. Visit Coffee Aroma or Madame Waffle


September 9, 2022

Bus failed to turn up, starting to rain.

Heavy torrential rain as I leave the Bus Station.

Luckily I was in a shop when it poured. I waited until it stopped.

Tuesday, Cornhill Cove eyesore dismantled. Only to be replaced by a junk food travelling circus. Stench of the junk food mixed with diesel fumes from the generators.

Walk & Ride to Lincoln Cathedral. Road closed but not at the entrance to the road. This caused problems for the bus.

I wished for lunch at Olé Olé but far too late. I thought to wait until re-opened for lunch, but feeling hungry, I ate at Elite in the Bail.

From Redhill Farm belly pork. This I will roll and adapt a recipe from Jamie Oliver.

Earlier, fennel from the market stall in the city centre. I have never tried fennel. I may have been served fennel as a mash in Athens. This too for Jamie Oliver rolled belly pork recipe.

Recommended to an American tourist places to eat and drink. Suggested she visited York.

Cappuccino from Coffee Aroma.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 6, 2022

At long last eyesore Cornhill Cove has gone. An example of how Lincoln BIG squanders BID Levy extorted from struggling local businesses.

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral. Walk through Lincoln Castle to Olé Olé for lunch.

Why oh why do Nonna Juana Deli refuse to use Twitter. Third wasted visit, nothing I want. That is the problem with limited fresh batch pasta. But if used Twitter, could tweet each morning the pasta available that day.

Walking to and from Nonna Joana Deli, not only a waste of my time, adverse effect of coronavirus vaccine kicking in.

I look up and see dark clouds. It will rain. It rains, it pours.

Bailgate Deli, afogato.

Shocked to find the ice cream parlor in Bailgate closing. Why do they not try and find someone to buy the business? Maybe they have tried. Not as good as ice cream in Athens, but for England reasonable. Popular, always a long queue outside. But I wish they would not stick tatty bits of paper on the building.

Walk down Steep Hill.

Coffee Aroma now open until six. I stop and have an espresso.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 2, 2022

Last night. Adverse reaction to Moderna. Last night ice cold.

This morning feeling very rough.

I would wish to rest not go out.

Walk & Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail. Not visited for a while. Quality has not been good. And eaten out. I am pleased to say lunch was excellent.

Steampunk Festival 2022 day zero

August 25, 2022

Not quite what I planned today.

I had planned lunch in Castle Hill, spot a few early arrivals for the Steampunk Festival.

Weather forecast last night 23C for today. Heavy rain and cool.

Afternoon, torrential rain.

Not the weather for walking around in heavy Victorian clothing.

Late afternoon, rain stopped and the sun came out.

A few steampunk souls wandering around.

Teething problems with organisation. No one knew where to pick up tickets. 

Steampunk Festival runs over the Bank Holiday weekend, Friday through to Monday. There will be a charge to enter the Castle grounds (usually free entry). This has not gone down well with locals or local businesses. Crowd capacity is a red herring. If you hold a season ticket or have bought a ticket to walk the Castle walls can still enter. Numbers are monitored by a count at the West Gate and East Gate.

Ukraine Independence Day

August 24, 2022

Walk from Mary le Wigford Church through the High Street up Steep Hill to Lincoln Cathedral to mark Ukraine Independence Day and six months since war criminal Mafiosi thug Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine.

After walking up Steep Hill, a pause in Castle Square to gather everyone together, then through Exchequer Gate to Lincoln Cathedral.

Form a circle. A line of tiny shoes with a white balloon attached. A mother and a child walked through, one at a time, released the balloons, then picked up the shoes, and carried on walking. The act was a symbol of innocent lives lost, Vladimir Putin’s war crimes.

Exactly six months since Putin attacked Ukraine.

In Kiev, Independence Day marked with captured Russian tanks. Not quite the military parade Putin planned.

War criminal Vladimir Putin marked the day by launching a rocket attack on a railway station, deliberately targeting civilians.

Across Russia and in occupied Ukraine, Crimea and Donbas, loudspeakers were hacked.

And back in the UK, Army musicians marked Ukraine Independence Day.

… to be continued ….

Castle Hill farmers market

August 20, 2022

Street theatre in Sincil Street. No idea what. I did not stop as wished to catch the Walk & Ride.

Fewer and fewer stalks.

No raw milk cheese stall.

Purchase from fruit and veg stall and seafood stall. Will look back later to collect.

Walk through grounds of Lincoln Castle to Olé Olé. I am surprised to find the Brian grass turning green Grounds busy , busier than during Picnic Social.

Lunch at Ole Olé. Very busy but no queue. No problem obtaining a table. Greeted by and escorted to a table by who I assume yo be the owner.

Albondigas. I wished for bread to soak up the tomato sauce. Brought a basket of bread.

Walk back through Castle grounds. Farmers market packing up. Cheese stall has little of what I want.

Quick shop in Bailgate then walk back down Steep Hill.

A beer at Coffee Aroma.

Olé Olé comida costilla chimichurri

August 16, 2022

Tuesday lunchtime, Olé Olé mid-week, to my surprise a queue.

Was there a coach party? Staff say no, twenty minutes ago quiet, then a mad rush of people.

Was I to have creamy mushrooms champiñones a la crema con ajo or meatballs in tomato sauce albóndigas en salsa de tomate? My eye was caught by the specials. Slow roast belly pork, costilla chimichurri o costilla con salsa chimichurri.

A long time coming. Maybe because busy, maybe because I ordered a special.

Worth the wait, excellent.

If I was to have this dish again, I would take someone with me, then two dishes, including potatoes, share.

Beer on draft from Galicia.

I had intended to visit on Saturday. Staff say no, too busy.

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