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Lincoln farmers market Castle Hill

May 20, 2023

A lovely warm sunny day.

Farmers market busy.

I walked through the grounds of Lincoln Castle, out the East Gate to Olé Olé at The Lawn for lunch.

Back through the castle grounds, raw milk and a dressed crab off the farmers market.

Why are stalls being turned away from the farmers market? To be viable, it needs more stalls, it also needs to be open later. To close at three in a lovely warm sunny day is madness.

Walked back down Steep Hill.

Late Saturday afternoon, gangs of drunken scum roaming the streets.

Espresso martini in Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln farmers market Castle Hill

April 15, 2023

One of those days, dress for winter or for spring?

City centre packed, Walk & Ride to Lincoln Cathedral, walk through Exchequer Gate to the farmers market in Castle Hill.

Too few stalls, but at least open an hour later.

Cheese stall had very little left. Picked up cheese and butter.

From the fishmonger, salmon.

The only stall that does well. Lincoln Gin, and if consider the cost of a bottle of gin c £40 then very well.

Lunch at Dough LoCo. Pizza was disappointing, too doughy and soggy.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

Once I reached the High Street, not good, drunken scum.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma.

Lincoln farmers market

March 25, 2023

Saturday a week ago, third Saturday of the month, farmers market.

City centre packed.

Long wait for Walk and Ride, city centre gridlocked.

Eventually turned up Out of Service, but driver offered to give it a go. Quicker to have walked.

A long chat with an organic stall about honey and Honey Festival in Athens autumn last autumn. I picked up not sure what, turnip, parsnip. They reminded me of the market closed at two. It was already two.

Last market there was a new stall, honey. Saturday not there, in its place another new stall, coffee.

Not impressed by the coffee stall.

Fresh salmon, but no crab. Raw milk, Poacher cheese, butter , but no creme fraiche

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Looked in Dough Loco. Will drop by one day and pass on what I learned of pizza making from world champion pizza maker at HoReCa.

Walking down Steep Hill, Base Camp their window smashed. It will be expensive to repair, old building.

Back down in the city centre late afternoon, drunken scum roaming the streets.

Castle Hill farmers market

January 21, 2023

A cold frosty morning.

I have tried to obtain short back ribs for weeks. I did not notice in the butcher until some one asked for, then it was too late.

Sincil Street packed, High Street packed.

Walk & Ride to Lincoln Cathedral.

Castle Hill very busy, as was Bailgate.

Very few stalls. I was surprised no Lincoln Gin.

My purchases off the fishmonger and the cheese stall.

Crass stupidity the farmers market packs up at two in the afternoon.

Lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walking down Steep Hill, it was very busy.

Once down in the city centre, drunken scum.

Cappuccino at Coffee Aroma. Busy, busy all day.

I decided to revisit magic coffee in M&S. A blend of four beans, over roasted, not ground for ristretto, not fresh ground or weighed, same shot as espresso, thus not a ristretto shot.

Down in the Food Hall, M&S price scam, canned soups which were 50p and £1 being promoted as a bargain at £1-20.

Olivares tapas bar

December 24, 2022

Lincoln on Christmas Eve, I would have eaten was looking forward to slow roast belly pork Stokes on High Bridge, restaurant closed.

Bailgate little open. Not wishing to walk to Olé Olé, I decide to eat at Olivares on Castle Hill.

It looks closed, Open sign on the door assures me it is open.

Three floors, very tiny, dark, and nearly empty.

I am led to a tiny corner on the first floor.

Tables are crammed in and yet it does not feel cramped.

Warm and cosy.

Carpets on the stairs a very bad idea. Easier to ascend and descend the narrow steep stairs bare wood.

I order albondigas, meatballs in tomato sauce.

Lincoln farmers market

December 17, 2022

Warmer than has been for several days. Warm being relative, three degrees not sub zero.

Hard frost in the morning, by late morning frost had melted.

City centre busy though not as busy as last weekend.

Early in the week I had looked in Redhill Farm shop. No olive oil. From where to obtain quality olive oil?

I asked in the zero waste shop in the retro shop just past Coffee Aroma. Lady picked up a 5l can of olive oil. Er, no. She then showed me she had in refillable bottles.

Honest Toil olive oil. Green, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from Greece.

Farmers market, initially felt warm, then very cold, wind blowing and damp.

Half a dozen stalls, pathetic but for Lincoln in the winter quite good.

Bloody ridiculous the market closed at two.

Very quiet, not many people milling about.

Jam, cheese, raw milk, butter and salmon.

Haddock and chips in Elite on the Bail. I should have asked what had changed. The chips were excellent, of late poor quality.

I looked in Redhill Farm shop, asked of olive oil. Wasn’t selling, have not restocked. I mentioned where can obtain quality olive, if customers ask.

Waking back down into the city centre, full of drunken scum.

Feeling cold, popped in Madame Waffle for a coffee.

Lincoln Cathedral winter sun

December 15, 2022

Yesterday afternoon, mid-afternoon winter sun Castle Hill and Lincoln Cathedral.

Rock Choir

September 17, 2022

Rock Choir performing on Castle Hill outside Lincoln Castle .

A pleasant change from the usual noise nuisance in this area and down in the city centre.

Castle Hill farmers market

August 20, 2022

Street theatre in Sincil Street. No idea what. I did not stop as wished to catch the Walk & Ride.

Fewer and fewer stalks.

No raw milk cheese stall.

Purchase from fruit and veg stall and seafood stall. Will look back later to collect.

Walk through grounds of Lincoln Castle to Olé Olé. I am surprised to find the Brian grass turning green Grounds busy , busier than during Picnic Social.

Lunch at Ole Olé. Very busy but no queue. No problem obtaining a table. Greeted by and escorted to a table by who I assume yo be the owner.

Albondigas. I wished for bread to soak up the tomato sauce. Brought a basket of bread.

Walk back through Castle grounds. Farmers market packing up. Cheese stall has little of what I want.

Quick shop in Bailgate then walk back down Steep Hill.

A beer at Coffee Aroma.

1940s Weekend

July 23, 2022

A weekend of 1940s events in Bailgate.

Last week town centre busy, Castle Hill busy for the farmers market. It was nothing to today. City centre ram packed, Castle Hill ram packed.

Walk & Ride could not drop off at Lincoln Cathedral, had to go on a detour. This proved a plus, luxury cars parked at East Gate Hotel where dropped off, and walking through Minster Yard to learn why road closed, found vintage cars, part of the 1940s Weekend.

People walking around dressed of the period. A 1940s mini version of the Steam Punk Festival.

I learnt of the 1940s Weekend when I picked up a couple of bottles of beer from Steep Hill Wines and they dropped a flier in my bag.

Lincoln BIG either organised or sponsored or maybe both as their name was on the flier. For once they are to be complimented.

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