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Rugby Go Go Red Power(less) Rangers

May 13, 2023

This is far worse than the guy who made the video may realise.

Unregulated unlicenced unaccountable private security roaming the streets , tooled up as though for a war zone, deployed by a BID.

Where was the public consultation for private security roaming the streets of Rugby?

Use What Do They Know to file two FoI requests to Rugby Council.

Request a copy of the operating agreement bewteen local council and the BID.

Ask what public consultation for private security to patrol the streets?

Rugby BID, not the only BID deploying unlicenced unaccountable unregulated private security to patrol the streets.

Experience Guildford, dressed to look like police, private security roam the streets. Camera shy and rarely seen.

In York, Yorkshire Police have granted the toy town rangers limited policing powers.

Assaults by BID private security not uncommon. In Chichester a teenager was assaulted by BID security. In Guildford an assault on a local business owner, an outspoken critic of the BID. In Guildford a kid knocked off a skateboard by BID security.

BIDs extract a levy from businesses within the defined area. It is collected and enforced by the local council.  The BID Levy, anything from  two to six per cent of rateable value, is killing struggling local businesses.

The BID, a self perpetuating entity, undemocratic, unaccountable.

BIDs are accross the country. Many deploy private security.

#Rugby #BIDs #BIDLevy

What is the point of a BID?

May 6, 2023

Across the country, Business Improvement Districts. Do they do what it says on the tin?

Businesses within the designated area pay a levy on top of their business rates. Value for money or an extortion racket that is killing struggling local businesses?

Lincoln BIG is typical of unaccountable BIDs across the country.

A sizable chunk of the BID Levy goes on the BID itself, a self-perpetuating entity.

Events, the sole purpose of which is for the BID to give the impression it is doing something.

A Facebook page, every day promotional drivel for a business. Does this generate any income, interest in the business? No.

Tap & Tonic opened its doors at four o’clock on Wednesday. Heavily promoted by Lincoln BIG. Not a soul to be seen. To put in context, when a new venue opens in Lincoln, there will be a queue down the street.

BIDs #BIDLevy #LincolnBIG #Lincoln

Lincoln’s Cocktail Trail

April 11, 2023

From the Tourist Information in Castle Hill, Lincoln’s Cocktail Trail.

A list of every binge drinking bar, corporate chains.

Early Saturday afternoon not a problem, late Saturday afternoon the bars attract the drunken scum. Do they need encouragement?

Local businesses are suffering, a trail of smashed windows is one result of the failure to deal with the drunken scum roaming the streets.

Everywhere serves cocktails, not a clue how to mix, cheap ingredients, high price, big markup. It used to be gin, now cocktails.

Only two places where they know cocktails, a coffee shop and a jazz club.

Two of the listed venues are closed.

Steep Hill Wines, excellent for wines but not a cocktail bar.

The Whisky Shop, the clue is in the name.

Cocktail Shop, ready mix cocktails in a bottle.

A guide should be of places worth visiting. Yet another example of Lincoln BIG squandering the BID Levy to give the impression of doing something.

A guide should be to places worth visiting, otherwise what’s the point?

And if that is not bad enough, the cocktail trail is a scam to encourage use of LoyalFreeApp, a bottom feeder BID parasite. Do not install and use, not if you value your personal data.

Experience Guildford private security rifling through rubbish bags

February 4, 2023

Not the first time Experience Guildford private unregulated unlicensed security have been caught rifling through the rubbish bags that businesses have put out for collection by the Council.

Until the rubbish is collected, it is the responsibility and property of the businesses. No consent has been granted to rifle through this rubbish.

Town centre clowns. Rarely seen. If anyone sees these clown , take a photo, post on social media, date and time where seen.

Rifling through rubbish bags has been raised in the past with arrogant BID CEO Amanda Masters.

One of many examples of how Experience Guildford squanders the BID Levy.

Experience Guildford rigged Consumer Service Awards

September 5, 2022

Who was covering the costs of the Experience Guildford rigged Consumer Service Awards held this evening?

Was this a ticketed event? Could anyone attend? If there was no ticket price, who was paying? Another abuse of the BID Levy extorted from local business?

The British would trade with foreign lands, but the natives with a few brightly coloured baubles.

Experience Guildford buys with worthless Consumer Service Awards and an invite where everyone pats everyone on the back and they get the opportunity to dress up in their finery and made to feel important.

If we look at the shortlist we find

– board members (at least two)

– tenants of a board member (at least two)

– promoter of the award

– award hosted by board member

Those shortlisted are with many examples not the best businesses in Guildford, not businesses would wish to showcase as an example of standards for others to strive to.

It is the norm with any award

– not associated with the award

– not promoting the award

If applied to these worthless Consumer Service Awards many would be automatically disqualified from the shortlist.

Terminating a BID mid-term

August 25, 2022

Excellent guidance to winding up a BID mid-term.

If a BID Ballot coming up, that is best chance to terminate a BID, put as much effort in as possible to secure a No Vote.

Towns that have managed to kick out their BIDs early include Dartmouth, Hexham, Abingdon and Colwyn.

Yorkshire Coast BID may be on its way out, following a Vote of Confidence by Scarborough Borough Council, and calls for the directors to resign and the BID to be wound up.

Failing that, try to get the BID wound up mid-term.

I would disagree BID boards act in the interest of the locality or local businesses. From what I have seen they squander the money collected to justify their existence, act to feather their own nest, all hidden behind a veil of secrecy and lack of accountability.

The best option, do not let a BID be formed, do not fall for the bullshit, look at the experience of local businesses elsewhere that are being killed by the BID Levy. Once a BID is formed, it is an uphill struggle, though not impossible, to get rid of the BID.

Friday, we see the price cap for domestic fuel users rise to unaffordable levels. For local businesses there is no price cap. Unless action is taken, we are going to see small businesses wiped out of town centres. Already many are failing, unable to afford fuel bills.

The very least that can be done is to wind up BIDs, kill the BID Levy.

Big Business ‘bribed’ to secure a BID Yes Vote

August 23, 2022

This is corruption writ large.

Large corporate chains, to secure a YES Vote, get a substantial discount on the BID Levy they pay.

The same chains who quite likely are giving donations to the Tory Party.

Struggling local businesses are hit with a double whammy. Not only are they hit with a BID Levy, which they cannot afford, they are subsidising corporate chains, thus paying a higher levy than need be. But it’s even worse, had they not been offered a discount for a YES Vote, there would be No BID, no BID Levy.

It is not only chains, shopping centres too pay a reduced BID Levy.

Let’s take a look at Guildford.

The head of the Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre sits on the board of Experience Guildford. Not only sits on the board, is the chair. What can be the contribution of a failing shopping centre? But then could ask the same of the chair of Bury St Edmunds BID, what has to offer with at least two failed businesses?

The rigged Experince Guildford Consumer Service Awards, at least two of the tenants of Tunsgate Quarter shortlisted.

White Lion Walk and The Friary Guildford, two more shopping centres, shortlisted for an award.

Guildford Institute, that happens to be a board member, shortlisted for an award.

The award ceremony to be held at Ivonne Arnaud Theatre. You’ve guessed it, another board member. And for good measure, also shortlisted for an award.

Last year the AGM held at Harbour Hotel. Surprise surprise, another board member.

This though is not the only way BID Ballots are rigged

Casting of multiple votes: Car parks, public toilets given a vote.

Gerrymandering: BID area redrawn to exclude those who may vote No.

Counting of Votes: Businesses not aware of a ballot, not receiving ballot papers, count held in secrecy behind closed doors.

Misuse of BID Levy: BID Levy used to secure a Yes Vote.

Local businesses suffering

August 19, 2022

With no sense of irony, CEO of Bury Beyond Parody tweets local businesses are being squeezed.

No mention of BID Levy killing local businesses.


Bury Beyond Parody Food and Drinks Festival promotion

August 15, 2022

Post aย  picture of a dish at your favourite restaurant, win a ยฃ50 gift voucher that few businesses accept.

Only it is rigged. If Bury St Edmunds BID do not like you, they block from posting a picture. Not that would win if were able to post a picture.

If find somewhere where you can spend a pound, does one get forty-nine pounds in real money in change from use of the voucher?

Bury St Edmunds is the foodie capital of er, Bury St Edmunds. We know it must be true as Bury Beyond Parody tells us it is so.

To prove the point, a trip around the world, places to eat in Bury St Edmunds (well actually two countries in Europe).

๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท French

  • Cรดte Brasserie
  • Maison Bleue – Bury St Edmunds

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡น Italian

  • Rustico Bury St Edmunds
  • Carluccio’s
  • DOUGH&co Woodfired Pizza
  • PizzaExpress

One comment on the facebook post raises missed out Prezzo. Maybe they were taking the piss.

It is embarrassing. Is this the best Bury Beyond Parody can do with the money they extort from local businesses? Why would anyone wish to visit Bury St Edmunds for the same corporate chain eateries found anywhere and everywhere?

The only surprise, the restaurant belonging to the chair of Bury BID not given a plug.

If this is meant to attract visitors to Bury St Edmunds for a Food and Drinks Festival, it has failed miserably.

If I wanted Pizza

  • Home Slice — Covent Garden
  • Slow Rise — Lincoln
  • Dough LoCo — Lincoln

If I wanted tapas

  • Ole Ole — Lincoln

A recent Which survey ranked York as the best town to visit for a short break. Why?

Cobbled alleys, medieval stained glass windows and a mixture of independent shops and restaurants are just some of the reasons whyย Yorkย has been ranked as the best city for a short break. Not to dine out in the same chain eateries to be found anywhere and everywhere.

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