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The Underdog

March 11, 2023

Having reached by climbing over the top of Hill of the Muses from Koukaki, I am very tired.

Cappuccino and flapjack.

The Underdog

February 16, 2023

After exploring The Acropolis, cappuccino at The Underdog.

Then on to Diporto for soup with a break at Mokka for coffee.

The Underdog cappuccino

February 15, 2023

On leaving Wisecup walked to The Underdog.

Cappuccino and a flapjack.

Not busy, but more people than the last time I visited mid-week.

Then walked through Monastiraki and on to Plaka.

The Underdog

November 24, 2022

After a walk along the Koile Valley I looked in The Underdog.

I wasn’t going to stop but stayed and had a cappuccino.

The Underdog espresso and coffee cupping

November 11, 2022

Walk around The Acropolis to The Underdog.

Preparations were in place for coffee cupping. Could I please participate. No.

One would have thought they’d be pleased to have someone join them. Unfortunately there no longer appears to be anyone I know at The Underdog. Otherwise it would have been a different story and I would have been made welcome.

I ordered an espresso and settled down down to observe the cupping session.

V60 geisha NinetyPlus experimental processing The Underdog

November 9, 2022

V60 experimental processing Panama geisha from NinetyPlus.

Unusual red colour.

NinetyPlus is one of three farms for Panama geisha, the other two Finca Deberah and Hacienda Esmeralda.

Synchronicity: Only yesterday a message from NinetyPlus thanking me.

The Underdog cappuccino

November 9, 2022

Walked around The Acropolis from Acropoli Metro Station to The Underdog.

The Underdog is never busy midweek, but I have never seen this quiet. Even lockdown was not this quiet.

Excellent cappuccino.

New, bean-to-bar craft chocolate.

On leaving The Underdog, a stunning view of The Acropolis.

Top Coffee Shops in Athens

April 11, 2021

I would hasten to add these four not my choice, nevertheless I agree, at least the three I know, o.kokkos I do not know and will have to try on my next visit to Athens post coronavirus pandemic.

Good to see my friends in two of the locations.

I was in Athens November of last year during lockdown, very little was open, restaurants were closed, a few coffee shops were open for takeaway and saw a slow but steady trickle of customers.


A coffee shop I have not visited, have not heard of. I will have to check it out.

dyo goulies & dyo boukies

Excellent coffee shop, though not easy to find, and impossible to find when closed and the shutters down.

Tania the coffee, Nikos the food, though if Tania not there, Nikos more than capable with the coffee.

Used to serve Taf coffee. Now changed to a better roastery, Roller Roasters.

Peak a Bloom

Hidden down an alley very difficult to find if do not know where it is.

Was not open during lockdown.

Peak a Bloom have sister coffee shop, Mind the Cup, a Metro ride away from the centre.

Opposite Mind the Cup, Manor House also worth a visit.

The Underdog

The Underdog an excellent coffee shop, one of my favourite coffee shops in Athens.

Takeaway coffee The Underdog

November 30, 2020

Athens Sunday three weeks ago, Athens in second day of lockdown.

Walked around The Acropolis to Thissio, then to Sticky Rice n friends Filipino street food for a bowl of lunch, deep fried chicken, stir fried vegetables and steamed rice which I ate in the little square overlooking Thissio Metro Station.

Then back tracked to The Underdog.

Usually on a Sunday, many people about, stalls, but now second day of lockdown, few people on the streets though more than Saturday, first day of lockdown.

The Underdog is usually ram packed on a Sunday horrendous noise, today me and the barista.

My cappuccino an improvement on Saturday, but that was my fault, I allowed it to cool down.

Takeaway coffee The Underdog

November 8, 2020

Night time curfew. Tuesday bars, restaurants and coffee shops closed. Saturday first day of lockdown.

Only allowed out with special papers. Luckily I have.

I take a walk around The Acropolis. Allowed out for exercise. Not specified for how far or for how long, other than short near home or accommodation.

A detour to The Underdog. I was very surprised to find open. Me, a barista and somewhere a chef. Usually on a weekend The Underdog would be heaving.

Chef? For deliveries.

They have now expanded their choice of coffee in Nespresso capsules. The day before I noticed Kudu and Mind the Cup were offering Nespresso capsules. Even Panama Geisha sourced from 90 Plus in Nespresso capsules.

Buy a 60 euro Nespresso machine and coffee from quality coffee roasteries, for example The Underdog, Kudu, Mind the Cup, but never ever use Nespresso capsules.

I came away with a takeaway coffee. Not great, though my fault, I allowed it to cool. Not the same though as sitting in The Underdog.

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