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Mokka coffee shop

December 4, 2019

Having looked in their retail shop next door, which is also where the coffee is roasted, it is to Mokka for a coffee.

I watch Greek coffee brewed on a hot bed of sand.

Excellent cappuccino.

It is a pity the coffee shop does not at least have the single origin coffee on sale.

The retail shop closes early at 3-30 in the afternoon. I asked why so early? No demand later.

Located on a busy main road outside Athens Central Market in Omonia.

Very professional staff who take a pride in their coffee.

How many coffee shops visit where grinders dismantled and cleaned every two days, coffee vacuumed out every night, coffee beans put to bed and sealed every night.

Mokka fourth generation founded in the mid-1920s.

Mokka retail shop

December 4, 2019

Usually I am lucky to find Mokka coffee shop open.

As I am earlier than usual and find their retail shop is open, I first look in Mokka shop, it closes at 1530 and this is the only visit I find open.

Massive industrial grinders for their coffee fed from a large roasting machine above, also single origin on a smaller roaster though still large compared to most roasteries in England.

When I asked abut the single origin coffee, I found the staff to be very knowledgeable and helpful.

I chose a Costa Rican single origin coffee.

Then to Mokka coffee shop.

Mokka fourth generation founded in the mid-1920s.


November 26, 2019

Mokka at Central Market. Too late for a coffee.

State of the art equipment.

One of the few places where Ibrik coffee aka Greek coffee is brewed on a bed of hot sand.

I am always impressed by the level of professionalism.

Where else, dismantle and clean the grinders every two days, empty the beans into a sealed bag, hoover out the grindeer every evening?

Greek coffee heated in hot sand at Mokka

October 24, 2018

At Mokka, Greek coffee is heated in hot sand not over a naked flame.

The Ibrik is half immersed in the sand. This provides heat around as well as from below.

The sand is moved around the Ibrik, as well as the Ibrik being moved around the sand.

The coffee sits atop the water until engulfed by the hot water.

When the brewed coffee rises to the top it is withdrawn, then half poured, served with a glass of water.

Contrast with Turkish coffee, rises to the top, withdrawn from the flame, put back over the flame,  withdrawn. This is done three times.

The coffee is very finely ground, consistency of talcum powder. A light roast, lighter than for filter coffee.

The bed of sand is heated by a flame beneath.

Mokka coffee shop and roastery is located outside Athens Central Market.


October 24, 2018

Third time lucky.

I tried to find Mokka on Saturday, back and forth, round and round, I could  not find. Eventually I did find, but invisible due to shutters down.

I tried again Monday.  I arrived on the dot of five to be told they were closed.

I tried again today. I arrived an hour before they closed.

I ordered a cappuccino whilst watched a Greek coffee being prepared. Hot sand is used to heat the pot, not a flame. Other difference, ground coffee is sitting atop the water. As the water heats up, if engulfs the ground coffee.

I then ordered a cold brew, made using their cold brew drip tower.  Ice cold water, one drip a second

Very neat, ice is in a tiny ice bucket with tongs to add the ice to the cold brew.

Mokka is located outside the Athens Central Market, opens at six, closes at five, to serve the market traders.

At the end of the day, beans taken out of hopper, grinders cleaned with vacuum cleaner, then dismantled and cleaned with fine brush.

Big investment in equipment, all the more surprising when their customer base the market traders. Anywhere else it would be a greasy spoon cafe.

I then popped into the cheese shop around the corner. Ouzo, very high quality ouzo from Lesbos, 1-30 euros a litre. Bring your own bottle.

Cheese and coffee no, cheese and wine yes. By accident, I discovered cheese and cold brew go well together.

The cold brew I did not like, too acidic.

Mokka roast their own coffee upstairs. Several single origins. My cold brew Kenyan.

The beans are on sale, but not in the coffee shop, in the shop next door, which closes at three thirty.

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