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Cappuccino by candlelight

October 22, 2017

It was pleasantly warm. I decided on a cappuccino sat outside Just Made 33.

What a  difference a weekend makes. Friday early afternoon Just Made 33 very busy, Sunday early evening all but empty.

Cappuccino served with one of their peanut butter bars with chocolate and almond flakes.

I learned they make their own cakes and open sandwiches.

Ibrik coffee, generic term for Greek coffee aka Turkish coffee.


Cappuccino in Krema

September 23, 2017

Krema is one of those coffee coffee shops where guaranteed a consistently good cappuccino.

Today, no exception. Indeed one of the best cappuccinos I have had in Krema.

Horsham Pioneer v 5.0.

A new espresso blend from Horsham, which may in part explain why my cappuccino was so good today.

Cappuccino in Madame Waffle

September 19, 2017

Having been offered at Stokes on High Bridge Ethiopian coffee beans roasted in April, which I wisely declined, it was to Madame Waffle to buy coffee and a cappuccino.

Cappuccino in Madame Waffle is always excellent, consistently so, no matter who brews it, all that more curious as different depending on who brews it.

I also picked up a bag of single origin Kayon Mountain beans from Ethiopia roasted by Square Mile on 24 August 2017.

Madame Waffle has on sale The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide (in which they are featured), Standart, and Caffeine available free.

They also serve waffles.

On leaving, a chat with a girl from Lithuania who had been served a waffle with strawberries. It looked delicious, though I am not into waffles. She wanted to know what was the cream.

I suggested she explored all three floors and tried the coffee, and suggested other coffee shops she may wish to try.

Cappuccino in Makushi

September 17, 2017

In between the very heavy showers, with water running down Steep Hill, I made it to Makushi without getting wet.

As always, an excellent cappuccino.

Two baristas have left, I was therefore wary. I was pleased to see, still high quality coffee.

Having just picked up The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide on sale in Madame Waffle, I was surprised to find Makushi not listed. A major omission by the contributors. Something they need to correct for the next edition.

Cappuccino in Caffè Portico

September 12, 2017

Until today, I had walked by Caffè Portico but never looked in, let alone had a coffee.

Today, I decided to look in.

I was not going to stay, but decided to have  a cappuccino.

It was not good, too hot with chocolate dumped on top.

Pleasant interior and ambience, pleasant and helpful staff, occasional live music,  spoilt by lousy coffee.

Lack of skill of ‘barisita’.

The coffee an espresso blend Tonto from Roost Coffee.

The coffee did at least have roast date and when at its optimum.

On the website, the information would expect from a coffee roaster who cares about coffee.  But, and a big but, a dark roast, and no one who wishes to bring out the best does a dark roast.

Cappuccino at Madame Waffle

September 8, 2017

Excellent cappuccino at Madame Waffle.

Cappuccino is consistently good at Madame Waffle.

Puts to shame the undrinkable house blend at Stokes.

Cappuccino and cake in Bailgate Deli

September 7, 2017

Having walked around Lincoln Cathedral and into Bailgate I  popped in Bailgate Deli.

I decided to have a cappuccino and a cake.

The coffee was drinkable, but not great. The best I could say of it was that it was better than the undrinkable house blend in Stokes.

I looked at the coffee beans. Poor quality beans, many defects, over-roasted, the aroma disgusting, that of burnt coffee.

No self-respecting roaster would supply such poor quality beans.

The coffee supplied by Lincoln Tea and Coffee, a catering supply outfit.

Bailgate Deli need to find a better supplier, as with poor quality catering supply beans never going to be able to make decent coffee.

There are many good coffee roasters not too far away. Pick up a copy of Northern Independent Coffee Guide, now its second edition, which lists coffee roasters as well as coffee shops.

Would not go far wrong trying North Star based in Leeds.

Many things being done wrong, too large coffee cups (and not nice cups at that), served too hot, coffee not ground fresh for each cup, lack of skills of ‘barista’.

If wish to make a decent cup of coffee, false economy to cut corners, and that starts with not buying poor quality coffee beans.

The cake, chocolate and coconut, was excellent. The first time I have had a vegan cake that was edible.

The mistake that is always made, take a cake made with dairy products then substitute. It does not work.

Bailgate Deli told me they had after much experimentation developed the cakes from scratch.

Pleasant staff serving.

Cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Café

September 6, 2017

A cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Café. Their Guatemalan is barely drinkable, the house blend undrinkable.

The house blend, previously labelled espresso, has now been renamed as Jumping Beans.

I learnt why so bad, it was as I suspected, includes Robusta and is over roasted.

Coffee is now on sale at The Lawn.

Something I noticed, which I had not noticed before, Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee is shipped in wooden barrels not hessian sacks.

Cappuccino in Madame Waffle

September 1, 2017

Most of the afternoon spent in Madame Waffle.

Excellent cappuccino, far better than the undrinkable cappuccino in Stokes on High Bridge a couple of days ago.

Cappuccino brewed using Red Brick, a house blend from Square Mile.

It was then a V60 using the Martin Hudak Signature Geisha that I had brought along as a guest coffee.

Cappuccino at Stokes Lawn Café

August 31, 2017

Cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Café.

I again chose their Guatemalan blend. It was far superior to the undrinkable cappuccino from their house blend served at Stokes on High Bridge yesterday.

I was pleased they have followed my suggestion, now a menu with some information on the coffees they serve, but what they need is a lot more information on each coffee.

Part of the decor, maybe not intentional, is steampunk themed, for example the lamps and the metal piping for the shelves.

In a way as the steam punk festival had it origins at The Lawn a pity not more of a steampunk theme.

The exhibition in Lincoln Castle for The Imaginarium, the display had similar in copper piping.

I learnt they have a small theatre, the Blue Room, which is being used for external events.  The lamps came from the theatre.