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In Love Again cappuccino and dessert

March 2, 2023

Foolish of me to drop in when heavy rain threatens.

I leave to find pouring down.

No choice but to remain else be soaked.

A couple of hours later I venture out to find it has finally stopped. It must have been a heavy downpour as the streets awash with water.

Now eight o’clock.

I cross the street to Baba au Rum. Already starting to fill. I should have crossed the street at seven when opened. I am curious to try a cocktail.

The Underdog

February 16, 2023

After exploring The Acropolis, cappuccino at The Underdog.

Then on to Diporto for soup with a break at Mokka for coffee.

The Underdog cappuccino

February 15, 2023

On leaving Wisecup walked to The Underdog.

Cappuccino and a flapjack.

Not busy, but more people than the last time I visited mid-week.

Then walked through Monastiraki and on to Plaka.

Madame Waffle

December 14, 2022

Coffee in Athens, coffee in England I think what am I drinking.

Only now I find what I am drinking undrinkable.

Cappuccino at Madame Waffle I found to be drinkable.

The Underdog cappuccino

November 9, 2022

Walked around The Acropolis from Acropoli Metro Station to The Underdog.

The Underdog is never busy midweek, but I have never seen this quiet. Even lockdown was not this quiet.

Excellent cappuccino.

New, bean-to-bar craft chocolate.

On leaving The Underdog, a stunning view of The Acropolis.

Cappuccino at Angel Coffee House

June 7, 2021

A cappuccino at Angel Coffee House. It changed hands a while back. I have had a takeaway since it changed hands, not good.

Today, able to sit outside and have a cappuccino. Not good, completely clueless on coffee.

First I am served with chocolate sprinkled on top.

I send it back. The waitress tells me that is how we serve it. I cannot be bothered to tell her, no that is not how to serve a cappuccino.

Second cappuccino served. It looks disgusting tastes disgusting. Too hot, all froth and foam, the cup size not the correct size for a cappuccino, far too large.

No water brought to the table.

Coffee is Ozone. I have not yet been anywhere where the coffee is Ozone and I can say have had a great coffee. The Angel Coffee House no exception.

I left my cappuccino untouched.

Why do people bother to run a coffee shop if cannot be bothered to brew decent coffee, cannot be bothered to source quality coffee beans?

There are only two coffee shops in Lincoln worth a visit, Coffee Aroma and Madame Waffle.

Espresso-based coffee

May 6, 2021

Excellent guide by European Coffee Trip to espresso-based coffee.

Walk into a coffee shop and two things will possibly catch your eye, an espresso machine and all too often a bewildering array of different espresso-based coffee to choose from, and to add to that confusion no consistency on how made or even on what they are called.

But first, what is espresso, what does it mean?

An espresso is finely ground coffee, water forced through the coffee at high pressure, nominally nine bars.

If thinking of home espresso, think again, a lot of work for a mug of coffee, not unless wish to have as a time consuming hobby. There are easier ways to make coffee at home.

If do wish to brew espresso at home, then look to a semi-professional machine, Rocket, Olympia Cremina, La Marzocco Linea Mini. An alternative is the 9Barista. Forget cheap domestic machines.

Espresso drinks explained

April 11, 2021

Walk into an indie coffee shop and we are faced with a confusing array of different coffee drinks.

There are espresso-based drinks, starting with a single shot or double shot espresso. Milk-based espresso drinks. Pour over filter coffee, V60, Chemex or Origami. And these are only the hot coffee drinks. We then have served cold espresso-based drinks, freddo espresso, freddo cappuccino. Cold brew coffee, immersion and cold drip. Japanese cold drip coffee.

To add further complexity, for the pour over filter coffee, we may be offered a choice of different coffee beans from different farms, different processing, different countries. My solution, I ask the barista to choose, and to explain their choice.

European Coffee Trip have provided a helpful overview of espresso-based coffees. But heed their warning, names can differ.

Personally, a cappuccino, occasionally an espresso if exceptional coffee. If not a cappuccino, a V60 pour over or in hot weather a cold brew coffee. There is also a choice of single shot or double shot.

Try espresso flight – single shot espresso – single shot cappuccino – glass of water – in line.

An espresso, fine ground coffee, extracted under 9 bars of pressure, typical dose 18g dose in the basket, 36g of espresso, 27–29 seconds, 12% extraction.

An espresso or cold brew can also be used as a base for elixirs, and cocktails.

When next in a coffee shop and asked what size cappuccino, respond the correct size. Too often, clueless on coffee, no idea how to serve a cappuccino. And no, cappuccino does not have chocolate dumped on top. The only reason chocolate dumped on top, to hide being served bad coffee.

Two excellent books with illustrated guides to espresso based drinks:

  • London Coffee
  • The World Atlas of Coffee

A better fake milk?

January 11, 2021

Eating avocados on toast and drinking almond milk won’t save the world. — Glen Burrows

Plant-based food. The latest Big Business con, peddling ultra-processed crap at massive profit, putting family farms out of business.

Do not take my word for it, take a long hard look at the long list of ingredients.

Occasionally I try. I tried fake-meat cocktail sausages from M&S, only because reduced. They were disgusting, one bite was enough to turn stomach over. Thrown out for the wildlife. Even after days of hard frost, food scarce, remained untouched.

Food scientists devise novel ways of peddling cheap ingredients laced with additives.

We are into second week of the gimmick of Veganuary. Always hyped how many signed up, rarely mentioned the numbers that drop out. And it is neither healthy nor good for the planet.

Vegetarian even vegan, can be healthy, delicious, it does not have to be over-processed meat imitations, unhealthy alternatives.

For many years I used to eat in Food For Thought in Covent Garden, excellent food, sadly no more, forced out of business by greedy landlords.

Fake milks cause environmental damage. Soy destruction of rainforests, almonds grown in California drain the water table, then consider the pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilisers, water run off, flash floods.

Fake milk makes disgusting coffee. Of all the fake milks, oat-based marginally better, Minor Figures cheap and nasty. When seen in a coffee shop is because they are not willing to spend the money on a superior alternative. Oatly marginally better, the best of a bad lot, but now owned by Vulture Capitalists and thus not an ethical choice. None of these fake milks will make a decent cappuccino. The best that can be done blend the milk in with the coffee to make a muddy brown singularly unappealing coffee.

Somewhat ironic, lesswastelaura, posts her ethical concerns on Instagram.

If do not wish for milk, real milk, for whatever reason in your coffee, ethical, lactose intolerant, then drink V60 pour over in a speciality coffee shop.

Support regenerative agriculture, agroforestry. Grass-fed cows, the grass is a carbon sink, improves soil structure, good for wildlife, reduces runoff and flash flooding. Contrast with rows of monoculture crops, poor soil structure, runoff and flash floods, bad for wildlife, no carbon capture. The artificial fertilizers, which run off into our rivers, are manufactured from fossil fuels.

Replacing factory-farmed meat with processed vegan food, is not solving a problem, it’s shifting it somewhere else.

If like me, enjoy a cappuccino, then maybe, and it is a Big if, I have yet to try, then maybe Rebel Kitchen Mylk for Baristas.

Rebel Kitchen claim a better fake milk for baristas. Is it? Is it good for the environment?

Rebel Kitchen do at least appear to be making an effort to be environmentally sustainable. It was also interesting to hear an explanation and rationale for each of their ingredients. How many food scientists would have the honesty and integrity to offer an explanation for each of their ingredients?

Nothing beats raw unpasteurised milk off a farmers market added to muesli in the morning.

Ethiopia Arsosala WS

September 1, 2020

A pleasantly warm afternoon. I walk around Lincoln Castle to Stokes at The Lawn, but too late, to catch the sun on the terrace.

Mike too busy to try a coffee. I have a cappuccino.

As I am leaving, he wishes to try Ethiopia Arsosala WS, an Ethiopian coffee I had picked up from Cartwheel Coffee.

I would have suggested V60, Mike says no, an espresso. He is impressed the bag lists brew ratio for espresso and filter, which gives a good starting point. Something more coffee roasteries should list.

We try espresso, or at least Mike tries espresso, for me he adds hot water a sort of Americano, though I would have preferred to try espresso. We are both impressed. Very fruity.

— to be continued —

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