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Church of the Metamorphosis (Kottakis)

March 18, 2023

Church in Plaka.

Ionos restaurant late Tuesday morning

March 17, 2023

Passing by Ionos late Tuesday morning an entirely different clientele to evening.

The sun shining, pleasantly warm, locals relaxed in the sun, enjoying a coffee, reading their morning newspaper.

Ionos moussaka and salad

March 12, 2023

Left half eaten, not very well.

Glass of red wine.

Cocktail: mastika peach pineapple lemon  Ionos restaurant. Too sweet. Assuming ratio equal parts 1:1:1:1 ,  I would change 2:1:1:2 originally too sweet, add a shot of lemon juice too sour, add a shot of mastica, about right.

From where to get these shot glasses? I should have asked the bar.

Diogenes restaurant vegetable soup and pork chop

March 11, 2023

Old Ithaki or Diogenes? Old Ithaki packed, Diogenes it was to be.

The difference a couple of days make. My last visit, very cold, sat inside, heavy rain, today outside albeit with heaters.

Only 20% of tables occupied, when everywhere packed, Saturday night. Easy to see why, expensive.

I explained, plates and bowls should be hot.

Soup bowl too hot to touch, though quickly cooled.

Weird, barely cooked vegetables in the corner of the bowl, then pour piping hot soup from a jug. The vegetables: peas, sweetcorn, baby carrots, asparagus tips, plus a couple of vegetables I could not identify. The soup the same?

As soon as the pork chop arrived, I knew I had made a mistake. Not a quality pork, though tasted better than I expected. Potatoes nearly cold, puree vegetables cold.

Serving on wood a good idea? How kept clean?

After my meal, complimentary mastika.

Attic Moon Chinese restaurant

March 11, 2023

I stumbled across on leaving the tram at Syntagma and cutting through the back streets to Plaka.

I stopped and had wonton soup.

On leaving, I noticed many Chinese restaurants.

I was then lost.

Diogenes restaurant

March 7, 2023

Cold all day, late afternoon raining, evening cold.

As I was already out, I decided to eat out early.

It would be pleasant in the summer to eat outside overlooking the square. But not tonight, cold and raining.

Choice of vegetable soup or vegetable soup. The vegetables? Not known.

Weirdest way I have ever seen soup served. A mix of vegetables in the corner of the bowl, then piping hot soup poured at the side of the bowl. I assume the vegetables are the same as the soup, but I may be wrong. The vegetables lukewarm, half raw, but tasty. The soup tasty. The bowl stone cold. Colder than room temperature.

Very limited menu choice. Which is good, as may know how to cook.

I did not look at the menu, I knew what I wanted, lamb shank. Very skinny bone for lamb shank. Mustard overdone in the mashed potatoes. Could have done with more vegetables. Served in a stone cold bowl.

My worry was that the food would be cold. The kitchen is not in the restaurant. It is down the street, around the corner. Surprisingly it was served hot. The problem was the stone cold bowls.

I was sat in a corner. I do not know where it was coming from. Cold air blowing over me.

Red wine inferior to the red wine served in Ionos.

Annoying a restaurant serves bottled water to hike the bill.

Restaurant empty. Of nine tables only four occupied. But a cold wet miserable night.

When I had finished my meal and dishes cleared away, brought a complimentary mastika, a Greek liqueur.

I got a shock when the bill came, €44.

Ionos chicken and vegetable soup

March 5, 2023

I was going to bed, very tired, then decided, walk to Ionos, a bowl of soup.

Soup? Chicken soup. The last time the chicken soup was not good. A plate of chips.

The chips were not good.

Chicken and vegetable soup was excellent.

Later a glass of red wine.

Plaka street scene

March 5, 2023

Sunday in Plaka.

One street.

Diogenes restaurant yoghurt bowl

March 5, 2023

I am still suffering from a visit to Evangelismos General Hospital on Friday, not feeling well, I did not wake until eleven, and as a result, missed breakfast.

I decided to walk to Diogenes restaurant and take a yogurt bowl with honey, dried fruit and nuts.

Not a single spare table and for perverse reasons known only to themselves will not allow to sit at empty tables with white table cloths.

Eventually a table came free.

Followed yogurt bowl with a pot of tea.

Pleasant sat in the sun

Ionos moussaka and red wine

March 2, 2023

The streets awash with water, rain has stopped, I decide to eat early at Ionos.

I leave close to midnight. Very very tired.

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