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Dinner at Restaurant Plaka

May 13, 2019

Vegetable soup.

Followed by moussaka with an added side dish of salad.

Followed by a glass of red wine.

The moussaka was excellent.

I then visited nearby ice cream parlour.

Moussaka at Restaurant Plaka

October 16, 2018

Excellent moussaka at Restaurant Plaka in the heart of Plaka.

For starters vegetable soup.

Red wine to accompany the moussaka.

The best moussaka I have ever had.

I never look at the menu. I go to the kitchen and ask what they have.

I thought it would be too cold to sit outside, but no, pleasantly cool. But by eleven turning cold and cold walking through Plaka half past eleven.

Open air theatre had a film starting 22-15. Maybe tomorrow.

Juice at nova gea

October 19, 2016
white pomegranate

white pomegranate

green juice

green juice


Tuesday afternoon two juices  at nova gea.

White pomegranate from three pomegranates picked fresh from the trees in Cyprus a couple of weeks ago.

Green juice, not sure of exact composition but included spinach, lemon, half a stick of celery, ginger.


October 18, 2016




Aretha’s a wonderful little shop in Plaka, dried fruits, herbs, soap, coffee beans, music …

Where else would you find pure Lesbian soap?

Try the dried Greek apricots. On the outside, dry, dusty, but bite into them and release the most delicious flavours.

Why buy tourist tat, when you can take home something special.

Run by the helpful and knowledgeable Yannis.

Girls in Plaka Restaurant

October 17, 2016

girls in Plaka Restaurant


girls in Plaka Restaurant

Sunday night, four girls having a night out in Plaka Restaurant.

Garden Roof Cinema

October 12, 2016

Garden Roof Cinema is breathtaking.

Up two flights of stairs, one side a stunning  view of The Acropolis, rows of director’s chairs, an open air cinema.

It was the last night.

Film The Girl on the Train, an adaptation of the book of the same name.

Previous night I had seen people leaving in stunned silence. It was easy to see why.

Previous night it had been warm. Not tonight, cold.

Dinner in Plaka

October 12, 2016

Excellent pork souvlaki with salad at Plaka Restaurant. 

For starters vegetable soup.

Plate of chips at Restaurant Plaka

November 18, 2015
Restaurant Plaka 20

Restaurant Plaka

I had left my main dish at Avocado, I was hungry.

Restaurant Plaka was in the direction in which I was heading,  a quick plate of chips, a piece of bread, and a bottle of beer.

When they brought the plate of chips and bread, I was told ‘on the house’, I assumed the bread. It pleasant surprise therefore when only charged for the beer.

For dessert, ice cream from Coco’s ice cream, then on to The Acropolis Museum.

Dinner at Restaurant Plaka

October 19, 2015

Vegetable soup excellent. Served piping hot. Delicious.

Contrast with soup at Liopetro a few nighst ago. Not very good and served look warm.

Pork souvlaki was good. Not as good as Strofi, but still good.

My main gripe, where was the salad, or at least vegetables. I was told served with salad.

At 11.80 euros, two euros dearer than the restaurant on the corner at the end of the street. Why the difference? I assumed because of the non-existent salad. Maybe becuase live music.

Live music was dire. At least it was. The more beer they consumed, the better the music. Late night, when almost empty, the music changed and was much better.

For dessert, I went in search of ice cream.

Located in Plaka.

Takis Moraitis

March 22, 2013
Takis Moraitis

Takis Moraitis

Wandering through Plaka, , the old part of Athens below the Acropolis, I came across the studio of Takis Moraitis.

Takis Moraitis hails from Cephallonia and Milos, taking up residence in Piraeus at the end of the sixties. A student of Greece, Rome and Paris, his obvious talent was soon recognized by such famous art figures as George Kouzounis, Spiros Vasilliou and Yannis Tsarouhis, each of whom helped the budding painter develop his own individualistic style with colors and lines.

The lonian Islands and the Kyklades form much of his landscape subjects, where he pays special attention to the pure blue of the Mediterranean sky, the bright sunlight and the white buildings. His has a distinctive style of fusing color and light in a dramatic evocation of romantic settings. Downstairs in the Archipelago Restaurant you will find a very different painting on the theme of “Eat, Drink and be Merry”, but again his usage of blues and golds lend a unique flavor to the hedonistic portrayal.

Moraitis has held Exhibitions in many parts of the world including Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, Romania, Australia, Dubai and the Middle East, as well as Cyprus. He has also held many personal exhibitions in many parts of Greece and the Greek Islands, and his paintings have been collected for many important private collections. His works decorate palaces in the Middle East, the Presidential Palace in Cyprus, the Cyprus State Gallery and the Municipality buildings of Piraeus, Crete and Syros.

Throughout his career he has been presented with a number of awards, including those from the International Academy of Dioskouri, Italy. Today you will find Moraitis busy re-building an old house in the Plaka area of Athens, creating a special art center where he plans to host lovers of the art world and teach youngsters who a share his interest in painting Greek subjects.

I wish I had had more time to look at his works and have a chat.

He was most insistent that I look at his cellar. What he seemed to be wanting to show me, standing in the middle of what appeared to be an excavation, was a huge earthenware jar that looked like it something out of the Arabian Nights, wheich he saiod was 2,000 years old.