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Redemption King’s Cross

April 29, 2023

No 259 bus Finsbury Park to King’s Cross Station. I decided to pay a visit to Redemption in Coal Drops Yard, a recently renovated area.

An interesting are, recently renovated, very few people around.

Redemption on the bottom level of Coal Drop  Yard. 

Excellent coffee.

Outside a bonus, a street market.

It was then walk over the canal to King’s Cross Station. I noticed Caravan was nearby, but no time to visit. Nor time for the street food market at the front of King’s Cross Station.

Salt the Radish

April 27, 2023

I visited a year ago. A lovely warm sunny day.

I revisited Friday of last week. Cold and raining.

Breakfast at Travelodge Finsbury Park disgusting. I walked to Fine and Grosso in the cold and rain for porridge. A big mistake as the porridge was inedible.

I retraced my steps to Travelodge Finsbury Park, checked out, then walked to Salt the Radish for a coffee. Luckily the rain had now eased off, but still very cold

Lunch, baked goods, bags of coffee beans.

I ordered a cappuccino. It was weak and insipid, the cup size too large.

I did not eat, I was off to Pizza Pilgrims for lunch

Fine and Grosso porridge

April 27, 2023

I called in Fine and Grosso year ago, a lovely warm sunny day, and had coffee.

Breakfast at Travelodge Finsbury Park very poor.  Friday of last week I decided to walk to Fine and Grosso, a coffee shop a few minutes walk away.  A horrible cold wet rainy day. A morning for porridge for breakfast. My mistake.

Either know how to make porridge, or don’t. At Fine and Grosso they don’t. My porridge indelible. 

Back to Travelodge to check out, then walk to Salt the Radish for a coffee.

200 Degrees cappuccino

March 23, 2023

Tuesday and Wednesday of last week, two days traveling, flight to Gatwick then train to Lincoln.

Feeling very tired, I popped into 200 Degrees for a coffee.

200 Degrees, a regional chain, marginally better than Costa, Starbucks or Caffè Nero. If lucky, may occasionally be served a drinkable coffee. Wednesday of last week was not one of those days.

House blend is undrinkable, cup size too large.

Cup size too large, order guest blend, flat white cup, then correct size cup for cappuccino. Maybe will be served a drinkable coffee.

First attempt sent back, blended with chocolate. Not asked did I wish for chocolate.

Second attempt, too hot, unpleasant taste. Even worse, vile taste lingered in my mouth.

Assemblage CO2

March 18, 2023

Assemblage CO2 a little coffeeshop in Plaka.

A lovely warm sunny walking to Warehouse CO2.
It was a choice, Warehouse CO2 in Plaka or Warehouse Assemblage in Mitropoleos Square. Both were equally distance.
A cappuccino, average, not exceptional.
I picked up a box of capsules.
I noticed well made reusable cups. Expensive.
Monday, in Cupaki, well made reusable cups.
Has the environmental surcharge on takeaway cups made a difference. Barista said not.
I have noticed people using reusable cups. Not often, but more often than I would see in the

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March 14, 2023

I had visited Cupaki on the third Sunday of February on my return from Exarchia Square. Cupaki the only coffee shop open.  Coffee ok, not great.
Monday evening, Kolor, Taf and Mr Bean closed.
If I wished for a coffee it was Cupaki or nothing.
I was pleasantly surprised. An excellent cappuccino, on a par with Mokka earlier.
Another suprise. As a cappuccino cools, not so good. This stayed good.
Tables and chairs down the street. I learnt in the morning busy, every table and chair occupied.
As I was leaving I noticed well made reusable cups.
Now late, nearly 8-30. I walked to Omonia and caught the Metro. Now very cold.


March 14, 2023

I jeaded to Kolor not knowing if closed at six or seven. Closed at five thisvweek.
Having missed a coffee, I was given a bag of beans.
No information, a qr code.
More information needed on the bag. Minimal name of the beans, farm, variety, processing. More information on the back. And for more information, a qr code.

Mokka takeaway coffee

March 14, 2023

Monday afternoon, I just made Mokka in time for a takeaway coffee.

Excellent cappuccini.

In Love Again coffee and dessert

March 12, 2023

Pear in Love dessert and cappuccino.

Picked up a copy of Fine No 1.

Morning was warm and sunny. Now very cold.

The Underdog

March 11, 2023

Having reached by climbing over the top of Hill of the Muses from Koukaki, I am very tired.

Cappuccino and flapjack.

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