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Ionos restaurant late Tuesday morning

March 17, 2023

Passing by Ionos late Tuesday morning an entirely different clientele to evening.

The sun shining, pleasantly warm, locals relaxed in the sun, enjoying a coffee, reading their morning newspaper.

Diogenes restaurant vegetable soup and pork chop

March 11, 2023

Old Ithaki or Diogenes? Old Ithaki packed, Diogenes it was to be.

The difference a couple of days make. My last visit, very cold, sat inside, heavy rain, today outside albeit with heaters.

Only 20% of tables occupied, when everywhere packed, Saturday night. Easy to see why, expensive.

I explained, plates and bowls should be hot.

Soup bowl too hot to touch, though quickly cooled.

Weird, barely cooked vegetables in the corner of the bowl, then pour piping hot soup from a jug. The vegetables: peas, sweetcorn, baby carrots, asparagus tips, plus a couple of vegetables I could not identify. The soup the same?

As soon as the pork chop arrived, I knew I had made a mistake. Not a quality pork, though tasted better than I expected. Potatoes nearly cold, puree vegetables cold.

Serving on wood a good idea? How kept clean?

After my meal, complimentary mastika.

Old Ithaki mushroom risotto

March 8, 2023

Mushroom ravioli was excellent.

A glass of red wine.

Diporto restaurant

March 7, 2023

Diporto restaurant, a simple peasant restaurant hidden in a cellar beneath a derelict mansion behind the fruit and vegetable market of Athens Central Market.

Today bean soup.

Ionos moussaka and red wine

March 2, 2023

The streets awash with water, rain has stopped, I decide to eat early at Ionos.

I leave close to midnight. Very very tired.


February 19, 2023

I made the mistake of stopping for lunch.

Roast lamb was excellent though a little salty, roast potatoes not good as too salty.

Too cold sat outside in the shade. I had not been well, my core body temperature dropped.

Bel Paese Italian restaurant

February 17, 2023

Second visit.

Very long wait, an hour, before food served.

Sea bass and risotto.

I did not try the sea bass. The risotto, tasty. I can make it better.

Tiramisu average.

Limoncello as apology for long delay before we are.


February 17, 2023

Cafe cum restaurant in a quiet square in Plaka.

Greek yogurt with granola. It would have been better with fresh fruit and nuts. Generous portion size, pricey.

Far better Greek yoghurt at Little Tree behind the Acropolis Museum

Late morning, pleasant in the sun, cold in the shade. When asked if we could relocate to the tables in the sun, the waiter said no. The tables sat empty all the time we were there.

Not a place to eat hot food. As we were leaving, we noticed hot food being brought from a kitchen around the corner. It would have been cold before it reached the table.


February 16, 2023

Diporto is for the adventurous, a cellar beneath a derelict mansion behind the fruit and vegetable market at Athens Central Market.

Excellent bean soup and chickpea soup served with a hunk of rough bread and white wine served in a copper jug.

A peasant restaurant, very basic.

HoReCa day two

February 11, 2023

HoReCa hotel restaurant cafe

I was warned weekend was bad. Metro Syntagma to airport, the train enpriod and everyone piled on the coach for HoReCa.

The halls were packed.

I divided my time between SCA Greek semi final barista and Hall 2 catering equipment.

A computer controlled oven. Digital readout of the temperate. Open the door and the temperature drops, the oven automatically adjusts the cooking time to compensate.

I tried sea bream with rice. It was excellent.

Later a pizza cooked in a large pizza oven, two minutes at 360C. What was interesting, the dough not rolled. A heavy press, first flour pressed , then the dough, a perfect pizza base. I asked the guy, a world championship pizza maker. He said rolling the dough squeezed out the air. Bad. I tried the pizza. Excellent. In another league to pizza I have ever tried before.

Millennium Expo only one toilet in each hall. Long queues. Not acceptable.

On my way there, I bought a ticket, 10+1 trips €12. In my return, the ticket blank. On my way out the machine issued three tickets.

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